Remember Who You Are

In the South there has ever been an emphasis on complex family connections.  ” Who are your people?”  ” Where do you come from?” 

  Whether we find ourselves in high cotton or genteel poverty these familial webs weave within us a sense of place and belonging.

Patrick Henry

This purpose was not lost on my mother, Marjorie M. Rutledge.  She had two life-long passions: Genealogy and Bible Study.  As an unexpected byproduct of these years of painstaking family research, she simultaneously instilled within all her children a love of history. 

Richard the Lionheart

She interjected a personal connection into any boring, school history lesson or historically- based movie or book  transforming it into a a technicolor real-life drama featuring someone to whom we were genetically linked. 

Davey Crockett

Not all our people signed important documents or led legions off to the Crusades.  However, according to Mom, they were all fine upstanding, God-fearing patriotic folks. ( Slave-owners notwithstanding…don’t get me started!)

George Washington

  There didn’t seem to be a slouch, meanie, dog-kicker or horse thief hanging from any branch of our family tree.  All this to say that she was very proud of that heritage.


My younger brother, Daniel, recently reminded me that as a teen, anytime I left on a date or to meet with friends, Mom’s parting words to me were ” Sally, remember who you are!”

Meriwether Lewis

As proud as she was of those aforementioned characters in the family tree, this is not what she was talking about.  In “secret-mom-code” she was conveying instead, that I was a child of The King.  With that simple phrase, she was telling me that even as a 16- year-old girl.  I was a Royal Ambassador for Christ as I stepped out from her safe haven into the wicked new world.

It was an important message.  She was a great mom.

Royal Crown

While I may not have always been a perfect little Princess, this lesson on Identity and Royal Authority stuck with me.  When I became a Believer in Jesus, in addition to getting the eternal “Heaven Ticket” punched, I also received a ” Diplomatic Passport”.  I am an unlikely inheritor of His Kingdom authority.  The authority- by His Name- to set people free from torment and disease.  I am authorized to use His Light, His power, to destroy the works of darkness.

This Royal Passport authorizes little ol’ me to bring Heaven and  all of it’s resources down to earth in order to meet very real and immediate needs, wherever I find them.  Amazing Love!

Crown and Scepter

This is my premier familial connection, my Royal Identity.  It is a passport to be used wherever and whenever He calls.  I serve at the pleasure of my King. 

Do you know who you are?  Who are your people?


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6 Responses to Remember Who You Are

  1. Nan Garvin says:

    Love your story Sally.

  2. Beth Middleton says:

    Yes, I know my identity – I am a child of the One True God! As for genealogy – After the genealogy of Jesus Christ, there is no need for another genealogy. Now, God is the Father of all who receive new life in Christ. Jesus Christ died and rose again on behalf of sinful people. When you believe and receive Him as Lord, He is “not ashamed” to call you His brother or sister. Through faith in Christ you become a “child of God” and a member of God’s new humanity. John 14:6-14, Romans 10:9-10, Hebrews 2:11, John 1:12-13

  3. Daniel says:

    It’s when you have to ask your kids, “remind me who you are?” that you’re in trouble. Good stuff.

  4. juliette Balabanian says:

    Well thought through and written. I also loved your mom. Back an hour ago after a week of vacation, I got hit in the face by a scammer telling me there’s a warrant out for our arrest by the IRS. Does it ever stop??? It’s all the more reason to remember every single minute of every single day, who’s got your back. It’s all just too much. I’m just waiting for Jesus to come back. Hoping to make it to Dallas in October and seeing you at the reunion.


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