Return of the Nephilim

This is Part 2 of  The Nephilim series.  If you missed last time go back and read “What the Heck are Nephilim?”  Our strange tale really begins to get strange in Genesis 6. And the author tells us what is going on. 

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them …the “sons of God” (fallen angels) saw the daughters of men, that they were fair and then took them wives of all which they chose…..

Vs 4) And there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became MIGHTY men which were of old, men of renown.

And God saw that the wickedness of man WAS great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Lest there be any confusion. In these Nephilim posts I am doing my best not to be sexually inappropriate or graphic about the depth of nastiness happening in this factual account… it’s tricky to navigate.  Please do not mistake Texas folksiness as flippancy or as nonchalant comedy in this examination, I assure you I do not!

This is a seldom taught, often glossed over, or explained into the ether passage of Bible history. It is imperative to fully understood this Old Testament situation and  because Jesus was pretty explicit concerning the deceptive nature of what was coming in Matthew 24. An interesting  New Testament study would be to count how many times we are told to NOT be deceived and to keep watch!  If we don’t understand the” days of Noah” activity in the Old Testament we won’t have a prayer of  recognizing it here in the end.

The first hurtle Bible study students must jump is a belief that the book of Genesis is true. It isn’t a metaphor or an origin fable, it isn’t a belatedly created history of the Hebrew people. It is true.  Some details are a bit sparse, and we may not understand it in every detail, as yet, but I approach this account as absolute truth.

Second, one must grasp the supernatural aspects of this account. God is a supernatural, Eternal Being. He is All powerful, all knowing and Omni or all present. Satan/Lucifer and fallen angels are none of these things. It is important to point out the difference between Eternal, having no beginning or ending- and immortal or never dying. There is a vast difference between Creator and Created. Angels, both good and bad, were created by God to be immortal beings who have supernatural abilities designed to serve God effectively. They have abilities and knowledge which we don’t fully understand, but need to try to do so for this study.

 Jesus shared in Mark 12:15 that there is no marriage/sex in heaven. Answering a question, He stated folks in heaven will be as the angels in heaven are. This is often a penalty flag thrown at me early in any Nephilim discussions. “This can’t be correct, Miss Sally, as angels wouldn’t have been having sexual relations.  Jesus did not say angels were anatomically deficient. He did say the angels in heaven didn’t participate in those “marital” activities.

We are NOT discussing Heavenly Angels. Fallen angels clearly tossed the rule book out when they decided to rebel and follow Lucifer.  Just like these created, fallen beings; when we, as humans, enter into rebellion and step away from any memory of the love, promises and Glory of God, it becomes increasingly easy to talk ourselves into anything! Freed from any restrictions known in their previous abode, with legal dominion restored to Satan and his cohorts- and with lots of  free time on their hands, I think they plugged in the Marvin Gaye, 8-track tapes and had a good ol’ time.

In this study I refer to the Book of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees which are quoted in the New Testament, and corroborate Dead Sea Scroll finds. I prefer when possible to stick to the Bible but do use these Apocryphal sources as supplemental, historic reference.  Enoch offers details on this portion of history and says only a certain number of fallen angels were involved with this activity.  The other fallen ones, however were freely sharing supernatural “magic” and all sorts of ” mysterious knowledge” with the new neighbors. Jubilees 5:12 and I Enoch 7:1 both include the disturbing fact that Nephilim are devouring “flesh” and drinking blood. Innocent shed blood always sends a cry to heaven as we saw in the Cain and Abel murder.

Terrifying in its brevity Genesis 6: 4  gives a description of the goings on. The text underlines Giants, Mighty Men Old and Men  of Renown and” great wickedness” which turned the stomach of Almighty God.

The word interpreted here as Giants, ( Strong’s #5303 Nephilim) carries with it a broader meaning in Hebrew. The root word, Nephal means fallen or cast down. This has led to confusion that Nephilim were also fallen angels.  I believe this term means that the offspring of the bad angels and the daughter of human men were now equally as fallen as the “B’nai Elohim” (sons of God Strongs #1121,#430 ) or their angel daddies.

Mighty Men of Old and Men of Renown indicates they set themselves up as demi gods. Pagan stories and legends emanating from Greek, Roman, Viking and Egyptian mythology likely are not complete works of fiction but pre-flood tales remembered of Fallen Angels and their strange offspring, the Nephilim. Hercules is said to be the son of Zeus and mortal woman, Alcmene, who caught the lustful eye of this mighty one.  If we look at legend some were worshipped,  some consulted while others were isolated and feared by all.  Many of the half man-half animal “gods” of Egypt, and Greek Mythology- I believe are not just some product of a freakish imagination but a horrid genetic mutation born of Fallen Angel lust meeting animal DNA.

Vs. 8 Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord

In vs. 9 we see why! Noah was a just man (this is a legal term) and “perfect in his generations!”

This doesn’t only mean that he was a nice fellow and not participating in the neighborhood shenanigans. It means that he and his immediate family had not been polluted by this “otherworldly” genetic problem. It wasn’t just genetic–it descended into stomach curdling sin, lawlessness and violence.  It was a HUGE, PERVASIVE GENETIC PROBLEM!

God created Adam in HIS OWN IMAGE. This is why Lucifer hates mankind. WE have something he did not. Understanding that polluting the DNA pool would damn creation just as it had Lucifer and his fallen co-horts, these dark beings got very busy. Misery loves company.

Additionally, Lucifer, once an archangel, was no dummy. As I stated in the previous post He heard that first Messianic prophecy in Genesis 3:15  from the Lord’s own mouth: that the “Seed of a Woman” was coming to destroy him! The counter-plan must then be to destroy, manipulate or eradicate the “seeds” to throw a wrench in the works the Creator’s Messianic plan of redemption.! Its a military strategy which Satan employs over and over as time goes on.

When God said the wickedness was GREAT, he wasn’t whistling Dixie, nor was he exaggerating or being heartless and mean. He had a nasty, growing problem running amok on this earth. Vs. 11 says the earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence. Something had to be done.

We know angels were created, immortal spirit beings. They were not made, as humans were, in the Image of God. Humans defiled by fallen-angel DNA become something altogether different than human. They are, as such and under this Genesis 6 plan, NOT REDEEMABLE: Not eligible for the plan of salvation. File this thought away, as it becomes important later on in this study!

Noah and his family were the last remaining ones on earth who were NOT defiled by pervasive, otherworldly genetics. The Ark was the “salvation plan” to carry the remnant through- only for those still created in the image of God and the animals not yet defiled. Eeew.

Still, Noah preached for over 100 years while he and his son’s obeyed the Lord and build the ark to the Lord’s specific instructions. No one listened. No one repented, No one cared. Jesus tells us in Matthew the neighbors went on with their lives as usual, going to work, having dinner parties, getting marrying etc. They had been told. Aside from Noah, I think it was common knowledge and EVERYBODY was aware, that Methusalah’s name meant “When he dies it will come.” That’s why the Lord allowed that fellow to live longer than anyone else ever had! It is always God’s heart for people to be saved, and move into a place of relationship, safety and kinship with him!

Remember these people were living extraordinarily long lives. You can do the math on the roster given in Genesis. There is massive overlap between these generations. They knew folks who had personally heard Adams stories. They weren’t stupid or without knowledge of what was right, they just decided to do their own thing and were extremely attracted to the power they saw in the fallen angels.

Most are familiar with the  story of the flood.  At 600 years old Noah and his family have completed the ark and prepared for the critters. When all was loaded God verbally told Noah and family to go aboard, then He sealed them in. Don’t miss the powerful imagery. Only God knows the timing. There is only one door, one way to salvation and The LORD and only the Lord can make that promise watertight! The family was in the ark for a week before it began to rain. There is always a point where God turns folks over to their own reprobate minds. Based on what we have been learning, I think this is the very thing Paul is referring to in Romans 1:17-28

A horrendous flood ensues and the world as they knew it was over! Interestingly, the Genesis flood account adds no helpful information as to what happened to the fallen angels at this point.  We have scripture in the New Testament assuring us that these bad actors are now in chains in Tartarus awaiting judgment.(Jude 1:6;1 Peter 3:19-21; 2 Peter 2:4-5) But, it doesn’t give us an actual time when this incarceration began.

Supernatural beings are not subject to flood waters. All that was destroyed in this world-wide flood were the offspring with the polluted DNA and everything and everyone who had fallen into their violent, wicked influence. Meantime, this is the point where the Lord shortens the human life of men to 120 years, so mankind hopefully won’t get into so much trouble.

This is not the end of our Nephilim trail, however.  Remember- Genesis 6:4 says there were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that! The search continues and the story gets stranger in the next post- “Oh Where Oh Where did the Nephilim Go?”


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