Road Damage Ahead

I live at the top of a steep road in a little mountain town. th09BUEDCWth97L0824E Not only is this street steep it is unpaved and has several blind turns before one arrives at our driveway…which is equally steep and unpaved.  Recently, as routine maintenance dictates, a tractor ascended Water Street and “graded” our road that had become rather rugged from winter snow and the spring run off.  The large, loud machinery went up and down all afternoon in clouds of dust.  When it was done, it didn’t look as though things were any different but, we had high hopes.  Driving back up the hill the next day however, we discovered that it was now completely ridged like an old timey-wash board.  It had gone from a crummy road to a rough jeep trail!  Neighbors reported multiple flat tires.  Everyone was rattled by the time they were finally able to get out of their cars.  It was rough.  Really Rough!

Representatives were gathered from the neighborhood and attended the next town th0W7GIUW3meeting to see what could be done.  All agreed that our street was a liability (especially in winter),  and needed to be paved but, alas, fund-age was non-existent.  They would however, send the crew back to re-grade the road.

First, the Road Damage Ahead sign went up at the bottom of the hill complete with complementary, eye-catching, orange cones! Hopes were raised! th (137)

Several days after the fourth of July here came the big tractor/ grader again. This was to be no hit and miss, lightweight job.  This time he dug in deeply, well below the rough ridges.  This time he plowed up, turned over some serious dirt on that entire road. The process took a goodly while and was soon followed by the gigantic roller thNGS948FBthingy! This mashed it all down over and over in uniform fashion.  Gone, at least till the next hard rains, are the ruts and the bosom-bouncing, teeth-rattling sharp edges!

So, Miss Sally, what’s the point to your story?  Well, the point of the story is that when your road gets rough- and believe me, it th8XX0NYIEwill- sometimes you have to go ask the Lord to pull out the Holy Spirit Steam Roller to get it fixed.  It can be very uncomfortable to get the hard ridges of your heart smoothed out.  Sometimes some big, sharp stones in the middle have to be uprooted and removed before your journey can continue. First, all this plowing up has to happen. This process can be thHERTVSU2deep before it’s time for the mashing and molding can begin.  More than likely, you are not going to be motivated to admit that your road is crumbling and eroded and ASK for His Anointed help until your tires are totally flat and you have been jolted and rattled to the core.

In a related vein, I had a Lake City Feverseason reader contact me this week with a marvelous dream which they had from God on June 30. This is a good th3YXPKGQOfollow-up dream to the one I had and wrote about in Foot Stamping Tantrums following the recent Supreme Court Rulings.  I will record this dream as it was given to me. I feel it is a cautionary warning not only to our nation, but on a personal level to complacent Believers, and to the apostate Church at large:

June 30,2015:

I dreamed that there were all these people sitting around a huge-cavernous  (I couldn’t see the bottom) hole in the ground.  They were th71F2RQHRsitting, encircled around this gigantic hole, in their lawn chairs like people sitting around a friendly campfire, no worries, no anxiety just being entertained by what they were watching.  They watched, mesmerized, as big chunks of dirt fell away from the edges and broke off , dropping away into the hole. 


The hole grew and grew, with dirt and clods breaking off all around the edges.  Entertained as they were by the continuing erosion the folks in the front row of chairs didn’t seem alarmed at all.  No one stood up in alarm.  No one left or called for help.  No one even scooted their chairs back.  They all just sat and watched and watched as the NOW the hole had dropped away right up to the edges of their feet!thO63RCFJS

Our dreamer thought from their observation point:” If I were those people, I would move away from the edge!  Because, where they are sitting they could fall right off into that hole!”th5YPWZS4R

Thank you very much for sharing this with the group!  I love it when folks share with me what they are dreaming. God is trying his best to wake us up and warn us of the impending danger.  In this dream as we see in life  we see folks, sitting around casually, in folding thCDN9KQF0chairs watching things crumble and the danger creep nearer and nearer and though they are looking they don’t see the danger.  They are staring right at it and don’t recognize it for what it is!

Several observations:  People are comfortable and happy to be sitting around the darkness- deep, deep darkness.  These folks are staring at a potentially life threatening th9YW13JYHsituation yet, entertained and chatty about the continual erosion and breaking away of the rim of this whole.  The dark hole is growing bigger by the minute and if these folks care they don’t seem to express it or acknowledge the danger.

This is a serious warning dream.  This is a scary, cautionary tale.  The people…our nation, our churches, our families and children have all grown so accustomed to and comfortable with the  creeping, ever widening, deep darkness of sin in th54MR7IDWour lives and experience that we no longer SEE the danger. We enjoy the flirtation with danger, we enjoy the familiar camaraderie of sin we see in the world. Like Lot’s wife: the folks in this dream can’t wrap their heads around their complicity in to the coming destruction. 84052736 Even while teetering on the brink of certain death, they seem totally oblivious to their precarious position .

Once the edge crumbles and you fall into that bottomless sinkhole it is too late!

It is well past time for each of us, the Church, and our Nation to Stop sitting silently watching, being perfectly happy staring at and talking about the BIG DARK PIT.  It is time to stand up, armor up and get on firm ground.  If you are not standing on and clinging to the ROCK you need to get there at once!  thM2U0HXBO

The rim of that pit, of your normal life as usual, is crumbling faster into end-times prophecy than we can report on it.  It is beyond time to get over this attraction to all the world says is good, fine, necessary and focus on what Jesus says is good, fine and necessary and vital for your eternal existence.  Lawn chairs are light-22720196weight, temporary seating: easy and convenient to move. We need to jump up, fold them up or kick them over, move quickly, vocally and decidedly away from the looming rim, the gaping, deep darkness. We are th (136)called to flip on all the LIGHT we can,  and set up the ROAD DAMAGE AHEAD SIGN to keep our nation, our friends, neighbors and loved ones from dropping into the black abyss.


Verses to ponder on:  Matt 7:13-14, Revelation 3:14-22,  Luke 16:19-31, John 1:6-14, John 3:16-17, Revelation 9:1-2,           1 John 4:3-4, Isaiah 60:2, 1 John 1:5-7, Ephesians 6:12, Proverbs 4:19





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