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The first week of March 2011 I had a very brief dream whereby I saw what looked like a movie screen with a skyline in sepia tones of San Francisco and bold Golden lettering that this was indeed: San Francisco. thOCR0HFFIThe screen dissolved to black and with it came a horrible sense of doom which woke me up.

A San Francisco earthquake. The very thought is horrible. Unfortunately, that was the extent of my dream. I woke up and was afraid to turn on the news! It seemed so real and so imminent!  As dreams sometimes are, this one was more of a flash or a still shot, vivid picture but it was powerful nonetheless, and it has stayed with me.

It was only a few days later, on March 11, 2011 that the huge 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami hit off the coast of Japan.thMMFY3Y2Z I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the ensuing 4 years.

I do check, every so often, on the USGS website for earthquake activity around the world. This may sound like a gruesome hobby but is it?thO8MH50M8  In Matthew 24: 6-8 Jesus gives us a short list of signs he calls the beginning of sorrows or precursors to His return and the End of the Age: and one of those signs is earthquakes in different places.  A quick google search shows that the number of notable earthquakes (over 5.0) have increased in a non-linear progression just in the past 25 years. Unlike in Jesus’s day it is ridiculously easy to keep an eye on earthquakes and related activity. If you aren’t following along how will you know when to look up? (Luke 21:28)

It was 109 years ago this week that the Great San Francisco Earthquake happened. That was a 7.8 earthquake which struck in the early morning hours of April 18th. thMSOLBUCH An estimated 3,000 people were lost but nobody is exactly sure in the aftermath of the devastating quake. Records, homes, businesses were totaled in a matter of minutes.  Buildings collapsed, roads were destroyed, railroad travel was disrupted, gas lines exploded sparking huge sweeping fires which were fed by the prevailing sea breezes. Food and water were scarce and people lived in tents for months as they waited for supplies to arrive and their lives to be rebuilt.

There has been only one major quake in the Bay area since the notable 1906 disaster. Many may remember the quake that struck on October 17, 1989 th9K391COLjust after 5 o’clock in the afternoon as folks were driving home from work.th6G6097XK Viewers of the 1989 World Series saw the stadium begin to shake on national television.

Anyone alive during that time was glued to their TV watching the amazing rescue efforts to save trapped drivers from their crushed cars after the double-decker highways had pancaked atop one another. More than 60 souls were lost, thousands injured and untold billions of property damage resulted.

I will admit that it is not very prophetic to predict a San Francisco Earthquake!  Little ones happen all the time, medium ones don’t even raise an eyebrow. However, I know, from what I saw in that dream that the big one is coming. I just don’t know when.

Well then, Sally, what IS your point and why are you even bringing this up? My point is that we need to be prepared. We all watched less than 10 years ago as it took our government four days to get  potable water to people trapped in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We cannot place our faith in the government. untitled (3) What if more than one disaster hits at the same time? I don’t want my friends, family or readers to be victims. I want my readers to be self-sufficient. We need to learn from past hurricanes, terrible tornados and the quake in Japan. Did you know that they have been having big earth quakes (between 5-6.2) regularly there ever since?

What will you do if the stores in your neighborhood can’t be resupplied for a week or two or three or four?  What if a big earthquake sets off a series of other quakes in other regions? untitled (5) What if the electricity goes down in the aftermath of a huge California Quake and it starts a rolling blackout halfway across the west? Get some batteries, get some candles.  Make sure you have matches. A generator could prove to be a prudent purchase.

When the New Madrid Quake cut loose in 1811 it shook so hard that the Mississippi River that it began to flow backwards for a time. It shook so hard that it formed Caddo Lake in Texas. It shook so hard that church bells in Philadelphia rang. There weren’t that many folks there to be inconvenienced in 1811 but there were almost constant, violent aftershocks for over a year. Are you ready?

We need to have food stored. We need to have water stored.bonfire We need to have tools and medical supplies on hand. Will you be alright if you can’t access the pharmacy for prescriptions for awhile? If a 9.0 earthquake hits in your neighborhood do you imagine that roads be accessible for new supplies to arrive? Will airplanes be able to fly in and out of your area to get folks to safety? Will there be nuclear issues or Tsunami likelihood in the area where you reside?food 2 Who knows? It is common for water, sewer and gas lines to rupture in that sort of event. What do you need to cook over a fire in the yard? What will you drink, what will your children drink? What will you do? Are you equipped to camp out if necessary as the San Francisco survivors did all those years ago?

I do not want to frighten people.(2 Tim 1:7)  The spirit of Fear is not from God.  It is certainly not my intent to freak people out. I do however, believe that it is preferable to think on these types of dramatic scenarios now and not 30 minutes after the fact!

I am not the only one predicting The Big One soon. Biblical prophets Rick Joyner, the recently deceased Bob Jones, and John Paul Jackson have all predicted a West Coast event but John Paul Jackson in his Prophetic Headlines has also seen another really large volcanic – earthquake event in Japan. I encourage you to google those voices if you want further information from more experienced prophetic voices than mine. I’m sure there are others as well.

Alarm clocks 3 As I mentioned, these are obvious and early signs of the times and we can all see from Mid-East developments of late that the prophetic clock is ticking.

Please get ready. Have a good pair of walking shoes and hiking socks in your car in case you have to hike home after an unexpected event. If you have little children that you routinely transport you may want to keep one of those umbrella strollers in your trunk. How far can you carry a tired, heavy grandbaby if trouble hits and you are  10 or 20 miles from home? Can the Lord multiply supplies and create food out of nothing for you? Yes, and no doubt things of that sort will happen.

However, He also send  dreams and visions to His loved ones as he did in Scripture to get the folks mentally and physically prepared for upcoming events. I am referring, of course, to Noah and Joseph as prime examples.th93TDZ1DX

I referenced Matthew 24 earlier in this post. Luke 21 is a parallel account and verse 11 gives a little different view. Luke says that Great Quakes shall be in different places. (at the same time? Who knows?) He also lists the famines, pestilences, as well as fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

We are less than a week from Passover and the third Blood Moon which definitely qualifies as a great sign from heaven. California is suffering from extreme and prolonged drought which is just a modern term for famine. untitled (6)This drought, to various extents, stretches across much of the West and Southwest.  It is already having an impact on food prices. No water no grass or grains results in historically high beef prices.  We are seeing various sorts of pestilence as well. A sweeping Bird Virus is attacking chicken and turkey farms in the Midwest America resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of birds. ( A serious virus called PED-V is also affecting large segments of the Pork industry.( country/)

Headlines just this week report a HIV AIDS (from dirty needles) outbreak in the Midwest with a hundred new cases reported in just one state.( Ebola and similar hemorrhagic viruses have eclipsed the HIV AIDS epidemic and are still virulently, ruthlessly afflicting Western Africa.  Other interesting” pestilence news” is the rise here in the states of serious Dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile mosquito borne fevers in warmer climates.  How much more serious could these types of things become in the aftermath of quake damage?

In a related story, encouraging you to keep watching the signs, just the other day in Japan there was a huge beaching of between 130-160 of melon-headed whales also known as electra dolphins. This has sparked th8JQPVO95 major earthquake worries there due to the fact that there was a similar beaching of only 50 dolphins just prior to the  9.0 quake in 2011.

It will be a great opportunity to bless others if we heed the warnings of scripture, and prophetic voices and are prepared.thMX1ABH8B Not so much of a blessing if we are just as frightened and clueless as those who have no idea of what is coming. When these things begin to happen we, as prepared Believers, won’t be running around saying “Woe is me! The sky is falling!” We can be standing by with a testimony of love that God has presented us with in tough times to offer help and provision for others.

untitled (7)

Revelations 19:10 reminds us that the Testimony of Jesus IS the Spirit of Prophecy. I believe that time is of the essence. Are you ready and prepared?

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  1. Laverne Megee says:

    PS. Don’t forget the Wasatch fault running through Salt Lake City. It’s predicted that it could be as big as the last big one there… about 7.0 … and could actually cause a tsunami in Salt Lake City from the Great Salt Lake. Also that towns as far away as Grand Junction, CO, could be flattened because of the unstable Mancos Shale on which the entire area is built.

    Like my mother says: “Wherever you live there’s something dangerous.” She lives in tornado alley in mid-America. Our only hope is in the Lord.

  2. Sue Tilley says:

    Who would have thought that I’d feel earthquakes at my house in Dallas. Sally, that means your childhood home shook too. Every time there’s at least a 3.0 in Irving where the old Texas Stadium was, I feel the house rattle. Truly we must be getting close to the end times.

  3. thanks for the lovely report. my knees are shaking. but then I become 89 the first part of May so how much more time have I on this old planet? Bob H. Thanks Sally.

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