Shake it off!

We have been exploring that pesky problem of  Christian believers who are tired of waiting,untitled (8) watching the clock, tapping their foot, waiting for (who they perceive) as a tardy and overdue Jesus to come for them! This exhaustion is only trumped by their embarrassment of having announced his arrival to their companions only to find that he has not come!  Oh, the drama and loss of face! How can one recover?

 This is the Last of a multi part series so you if you have just stumbled into you will want to back up a few posts and catch up!

This brings us to the concept I want to really emphasize. I quoted a verse last time that Moses knew the Ways of God while the people only saw the Acts of God.  Psalm 103:7. We need to understand that while nothing blew up on Wall Street nor did an Asteroid land on the White House lawn we have been seeing a palatable shift:


Here at home we have seen a shift in volatility in the stock market. All around the end of the Shemitah year here in the US we saw huge losses and shifts in the markets. Massive uncapped US debt exceeds $18 trillion and no one seems to care.

Shemitah cycles while very interesting to watch here at home, are historically Israeli centric.  Israeli’s have seen a vicious uptick in violence just in the past month with rocket launches and riots in the streets.

There is a  scary and serious worldwide monetary Banking crisis that media persists in ignoring.china-down_0 This is a big one to watch, folks. It will not end well.

We are seeing shifts in Mid East with the Israelis and the Palestinians and the knife attacks, rising hostile rhetoric and the burning of Biblical gravesites.

Russia has set up camp in Syria at Israel’s northern border and is propping up Assad, they have drafted several hundred thousand new soldiers and invited Iranian military into the mix there as well. Russia has had ships in our waters off the coast of th (250)Alaska and buzzed the west coast of California with fighter jets. Russia has taken back the Crimea from Ukraine under the nose of NATO, virtually unopposed.

ISIS is annihilating Christians men, women and children, murdering Muslims who argue with them and destroying Christian historic sites.  They are selling women into sex slavery and beheading everyone they dislike with impunity.  Perhaps due to the fact that they have beheaded a few journalists, this situation is largely unreported and the World Media is practically silent.

We have seen an almost crazy diplomatic rhetoric worldwide where everyone seems blind to real and rising threats. th (11)World leaders choose to discuss our climate to the exclusion of much else. It is weird and it doesn’t make sense.

Massive, unprecedented Islamic populations are on the move threatening to up-end not only domestic demographics but topple delicate economies in Europe and they are coming this way. safe_image (8) Strangely, rather than nip this in the bud and do something to keep the Muslims closer to home all the leaders are capitulating to this crazy, angry migration.  It is weird and it doesn’t make sense.

We have a current administrationthCQDQMOKL that makes no effort to disguise their revulsion of our Israeli ties of allegiance to the only democracy in the Middle East.

America is making nuclear treaties with Iran that has already flaunted and cheated on the agreement, they have continued to declare their hatred towards America, kept the American hostages, and leadership publically threatens the existence of Israel and hostile intentions toward us. It is weird and it doesn’t even make sense.

We, in America, have seen a growing acceptance, legalization and willingness for heinous acts that are upheld by our Supreme Court.  Our Congress seems unwilling to legislate and our leadership smells very rotten at it’s core.thLZ88LT5T No one in Government seems to be held accountable or is prosecuted when they lie, cheat or steal. This sets a dangerous precedent for lawlessness in this country. It is weird and sad and this is what happens when a Godly nation walks away from God.  According to Biblical history, the next step is judgment so be looking for that, as well!

China is rattling it’s sabers in the South China Sea and it has incredibly massive- shaky financial situation brewing at home. They have bought up much of our US debt and will want it back at some point.

In Review:

We have discussed some signs today,th92AIFY53 all of which are happening right now, worldwide.  In the last post I discussed some major, weird and recent significant shifts in the worldwide outlook just in the past month or six weeks.

Many folks may have gotten weary of  talking about and awaiting the Messiah’s return. However, it is clear to me that they have not given the matter too much study or they wouldn’t have begun to get really riled up until just lately!

I don’t think that the Biblical clock really began ticking until the Israeli’s won back Jerusalem in the (157)  People began to get interested in Bible Prophecy when Israel became a nation again in 1948.  It isn’t really Israel until Jerusalem came back into the mix.  Many End-time prophetic things happen within Israel and in Jerusalem.  So, that was a huge sign!

Well, you may be saying it has been a long time since 1967. And nothing has happened. I wholeheartedly disagree. Lets look at the world since the late 60’s:

The most important element in this puzzle is the Aliyah:  The return of the Jewish people from all over the world which really began in earnest once the Cold War ended. th (20)Ezekiel 11:17-19, Ezk 34:13, Ezk 36:24, Amos 9:14-15, Is 11:11-12, Psm 107:2-3. Zeph. 3:8-10, Hosea 3:4-5  This is a huge prophectic fulfillment.  If we see theisrael 9 economy crater in the US we may see a huge exodus of Jews leaving from our shores as well.

Since the late 60’s we have seen the fall of Communism, shifting empires, the meteoric rise of “democratic socialism”, ongoing sexual revolution with a requisite increase in sexually transmitted disease.  We have seen huge shifts in divorce rates, and unprecedented rates childrenthVSHIN7AW born out of wedlock. With the rise of technology we are seeing ease of information access which is awesome as well as huge portions of the world populations addicted to pornography and exploitation of women and children.

Did you know that 2/3rds of the world’s population is now estimated to be infected with the incurable Herpes Virus?  Additionally, in one generation the legalization of abortion just in America has caused the death of nearly 70 million precious, un-mourned lives sacrificed on the altar of convenience and a Woman’s Right to Choose.  In those passing years we have seen the rise of AIDS, spread and kill millions in Africa and worldwide. doctor-with-stethoscope-health-careLittle is heard of this lately but, the incurable AIDS and HIV silently continues to ravage populations which cannot afford expensive treatments or understand the consequences of immorality.  Keep your eye on Ebola I don’t think that we have seen the last of that one.

We have more recently seen explicit videos of Planned Parenthood selling these aborted Baby parts for profit and yet we refuse as a nation to even cut off their Government funding. I don’t know the status of some of these things in other countries but only know how far my nation has shifted into blinding numbness and hard heartedness to our collective sin.

Since the late 60’s we have seen the shift and realignment of Middle East Countries. The Shah was run out of Iran in the late 70’s and the world suddenly was introduced to the Ayatollah and heard the word radical Islam.thDG37LRAS At the risk of over-simplification, since that time we have seen  the growing cancer of Islam, which has as it’s pulsating core, hatred of Israel. Americans have been slow to recognize the danger nor have they amended their immigration policies to deal with the threat.  Add to this disturbing rise of Islam,thF2B6YKIJ that we currently have an American President who was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim ( though he purports to be a Christian), his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim raised in Iran and  credible sources indicate that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, may be a practicing Muslim as well.  This is America and we do have freedom of religion.  However,  we have to realize that this is a big, big shifting away from Christian roots and toward Idolatry.

I think that now is the time to start to pull out your spiritual binoculars and start watching.thSWO26CP6 While many of these signs could arguably have happened at any point in the past 2000 years, there has been a  perceptible shift, combining, and a recognizable intensification of these signs that has every indication of continuing.

There is no remedy for Believers’ burnout folks have identified in the past and that you may well have suffered from yourself! I cannot help thatth4FPS01ZO your expectations, like those of my 90-year-old friend, were heightened prior to a thorough consultation of the Biblical schedule. To coin a phrase from my earlier reference to a GPS when you miss the turn you were looking for: it is time to be ” Recalculating“!

 2 Peter 3 speaks to those that are weary as well as the scoffers poking fun and asking where is this returning Jesus you keep talking about?  Peter reminds us that it is an act of divine patience and grace toward us because He is not willing that anyone should perish but that ALL should come to repentance!thY2HGYA6T

So shake off your malaise, get over your disillusionment! Drink some spiritual java and wake up, study up and get cracking! Find a church that really teaches about the Holy Spirit, Bible Prophecy and Hebrew Roots, get in the Word of God and stay there! Sign up for the Bible Study Notes for Miss Sally’s The Gospel Road.  It will do you good to get in the deep end of the pool!

 I am not parked bag and baggage doing nothing but waiting for Jesus to haul me out of this terrible mess we call life.   I have a job to do- and so do you- until that time when Messiah returns.  My oil lamp is full, and I am keeping an eye on those signs I am taking advantage of the extra blessing of time and working thing that harvest field before the weather shifts.


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  1. Laverne Megee says:

    There are still many Biblical prophecies left and it looks like we may have to go through a whole lot more before we get out of here, so we need to knuckle down and work and pray for the revival that comes first. If Christians are gone, who’s to lead the lost to Christ? We have yet to do the “greater works” that Jesus talked about us doing after he left Earth. What we’ve seen so far is just the Beginnings of sorrow.
    My local Body of Believers has been hammered from every direction and we take comfort in the knowing that we are not alone and know that Satan is furious and more vicious than ever because he knows he has only a little time left.
    It’s time to rally around each other, encourage one another, pray for one another, and watch the plan of God unfold in these last days. These last days may last a few more years, but that doesn’t mean Easy Street for anyone. We have to quit looking at our own frustration and pain and the “God, get me out of here” attitude and start helping those who have no hope at all….
    After all, why did God work so hard on us to get us to where we are? For ourselves? Nope. Think about it.

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