Special Delivery

I was coming home from an errand the other afternoon.  We had received a little snow the night before–nothing major this time, just an inch or two. th0BM0QT7B As I was coming up Water Street approaching my driveway, before me was the Big Brown UPS truck.  It was stuck in the middle of the road.  The steep incline of frozen dirt road with  some snow and ice had brought the big truck to a complete standstill.  My car has four wheel drive and a set of good tires, I had no trouble at all gaining traction.  Not so the UPS guy. th8I768S2T He was revving his engine. His tires were spinning.  His back end was swaying one way and then the other.  He backed up a little bit and tried again.  I stopped downhill and gave him plenty of room, watching to see what he would do. I wanted plenty of room for evasive maneuvers if he started sliding back towards me!

Like the Little Engine that Could, Bill the UPS guy finally inched along, slipping and sliding, throwing rocks from his spinning rear tires, creeping and clawing until he finally made it up and over the crest of Water Street!  It was pretty exciting to watch.

Our Christian lives are often like that.  Sometimes it isn’t what dumped on us this week.thLLENIXQA  Life has a way of bombarding us with one storm after another. We think maybe it’s all been plowed out and don’t even see the dangerous ice that lies just beneath the latest “no-big-deal” dusting.

Christians know we are called to do stuff.  Important life- changing  eternal stuff!  Like that Big Brown truck we are intended and expected to daily deliver the goods. Sometimes we deliver to our families sometimes across state lines.  Some of us have international routes!  If we try to get the job done with only our own well-intentioned power and are soon waylaid by sloppy muck or slippery ice patch and can’t see our way clear to get up and over and on our way!  Life or Spiritual Warfare will obstruct our way in a million different ways. We get a little ice on our bumpy road, or the slush freezes in our rutted road and all the sudden- even with the best of intentions- we are going no-where fast.  We are spinning our wheels, delivering nothing and wondering if our auto insurance will pay for a Tow Truck!

UPS Bill had a job to dothAD93DRGX He finally oochy-scooched his way out of his immediate problem and got going again.  Believers must understand that unlike the UPS Corporation, our CEO has given us every top of the line, state of the art,  climate-appropriate tool to get our job done. th1IVLHP2B  We are not expected or called to go forth and deliver  Good News without the right tools.

UPS Bill as the regular delivery guy in Lake City, Colorado desperately needs a more powerful engine, 4-wheel-drive and studded snow tires, long pants, along with some good windshield wipers and an industrial strength ice-scraper!

As a Spirit-filled Believer, I need to totally comprehend that I have all the tools necessary to overcome anything that the world, the flesh or the devil tosses in front of me and to therefore forge ahead successfully in my calling. thOQSZ0CJS There are tools in my belt, and gizmos in that vehicle that I may not even know how to use yet!  That being said; my 4-wheel-drive only works if I remember to engage it!  I have to turn it on to get all those heavy duty, studded tires working in unison!  This Supernaturally engaged power of the Holy Spirit  also comes with a credit card: the Authority of the King’s name- to use until His Return. thEJ07D0SK

Combined, they are more effective than a Snow Cat and will get the job done and get us up and over every hill, every single time!  We need only to remember that we OWN the right tools and we need to regularly read the instruction book to know what they are for and how they function!  Get out there and Deliver!

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6 Responses to Special Delivery

  1. Harold W. Korb says:

    Even being in Florida I got the “drift” . Thanks for a very meaningful message. I especially liked the reference to the credit card. Harold Korb

  2. Laverne Megee says:

    It seems like I’ve been slip-sliding all my life…trying to get something important done, but never achieving it. Right now, I see paths that allow me to get up that hill with no slipping….as long as I stay focused and obedient to exactly what I hear God speaking to me. Here’s to over-sized tire chains !

  3. Janet says:

    Great message. Sorry I missed you in Denver.

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