Staked Plains of the Comanche

With only days until the election the Lord gave me a word: “Staked Plains.”

This is not an unknown term to me. As a Texas native I grew up on stories of the Comanche. They were a wild and ferocious tribe renowned for their expert horsemanship, who didn’t play very well with others. Fictional stories of the Comanche Indians were nothing compared to the true tales of their raids recorded in early Texas history.


The Staked Plains, or Llano Estacado, refers to land the Comanche claimed early in the 18th Century. The “Staked” area which the ranging Comanche claimed and traversed is huge encompassing 44 counties in the West Texas panhandle, Oklahoma and Eastern New Mexico they would raid well out of their stomping grounds, then return to disappear into the vast grasslands, seemingly devoid of trees, water or landmarks, where few were willing to follow for reprisals. Robert G. Carter described it in 1871 while pursuing Quanah Parker with Ranald S. Mackensie, “…all were over and out of the canyon upon what appeared to be a vast, almost illimitable expanse of prairie. As far as the eye could reach, not a bush or tree, a twig or stone, not an object of any kind or a living thing, was in sight. It stretched out before us-one uninterrupted plain, only to be compared to the ocean in its vastness.”


The term “staked plains” can be traced to several roots. One is geological referencing the palisaded rock formations that line the uplifted geologic table rock, revealing escarpments which look like a fort or palisade walls in many areas where the uplift is obvious. Another meaning is the historic reference which recalls that the endless grasslands were marked with a series of long stakes or poles. The poles purportedly marked the Spanish Trail from South Central Texas to Santa Fe to lead those “in the know” from waterhole to waterhole in grasslands with extremely limited resources.

While it is unclear what these poles looked like or how closely they were positioned, this line of visible stakes were certainly a well-known warning sign to any wandering tribes or sod- busting pioneer letting them know they had entered into the plains territory claimed by the Comanche.

Now, perhaps by now you are saying to yourself, this is all very interesting Miss Sally but what does it have to do with the price of rice in China? Good Question. I hadn’t given any thought about Comanche’s or Staked Plains in many years- Not part of my day-to-day ruminations. However, last week as I was driving along, the term “staked plains” dropped with clarity into my head. The Holy Spirit regularly drops little pearls into my head to support this blog. When I receive one, I pay attention.

I began to ponder and pray about this and wonder what this term, “Staked Plains” was all about. I’ll break it down the way He led me through it:

The Llano Estacado is essentially an enormously large flat table-rock formation that has been lifted up. High and lifted up. Ok, moving on:

The Comanche were a small independent tribe of very focused warriors. They did not compromise. They did not back down and they did not change to suit the times. For a variety of reasons, their neighbors knew who they were and respected their power.


The Comanche “staked the plains” to clearly mark and identify their established territory to outsiders. They claimed it and defended it and held it. The Comanche didn’t stay put there in the safe lands. They could send out hunting or raiding parties who then returned to disappear into those deep invisible canyons of the Palo Duro to re-group and recharge.

These stakes which marked ownership of the land also led those who followed these tall poles to the watering places which were not obvious in the arid grasslands. Without the clear markings chances were good that they may lose their way in the wilderness and perish from lack of water.

While this example can only be carried so far, and is not intended as a digression about indigenous peoples or how mistreated they were by white folks. This term is an interesting pearl to now apply to our lives and examine here on the cusp of this election.

10410568_796008517134442_4638591922685716274_nBelievers, true believers, need to clearly stake their territory. We can view this personally or broaden our horizons to see the National slide from God over the years as erosion and encroachment into our “territory.” Either way, a Stake or Pole is a bold statement of ownership. This area of influence/ property/land as it pertains to Christians, is owned and controlled and under the dominion of a Child of the King. People who wander into my area need to know, in no uncertain terms, they have entered sacred ground. This territory is anointed, owned and operated by the Messiah. Unlike the Comanche who are reputed to have captured and tortured folks who entered their Staked Plains, my sphere of influence is Holy Spirit dominated and should have a powerful and captivating effect of a different sort. These sentiments stated, often and loudly, with other like- minded, dedicated Believers will exponentially ramp up the size of our real estate signage!

Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters

There should be no compromise with the darkness from the outside world. No ignorance or disinterest in the things of God. It is our responsibility, in tandem with the Church, to pronounce the Legacy of our Staked Plains to our children and grandchildren and to those we encounter along life’s path. It is non-optional.

The stakes driven into the grasslands of the disorienting Llano Estacado were a clear sign of ownership, but they were also signposts to life-giving resources—water. The Indians of that day knew they could follow those posts to the hidden rare sources of water. Likewise, the Holy Spirit urges us to be cognizant of the signs and the Word, He wants to lead us via those stakes from pool to pool….from glory to glory.

Just as the un-indoctrinated on the Plains in the 19th century wouldn’t see the poles if they didn’t know to look. Without that critical knowledge one could wander, hopelessly lost and thirsty. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say one must know the Lord, and be dependent on the Holy Spirit to recognize His daily, life-giving trail. You have to be actively seeking the refreshment He offers. Christianity is not a walk down the aisle as a kid and I’m done kind of thing. It’s a life-long active relationship. It’s a reliance on the power derived from a living, breathing, resurrected Lord. Once we forget the importance of those Biblical Stakes, and see no constant need to draw from those pools, it becomes increasingly easy to be deceived, to seek wrong priorities and follow blithely after corrupt leaders.

Our lives and inheritance, need to be staked deeply on the Word of God. I believe no matter who wins, this presidential election will usher in great change for our nation. One candidate offers a continuation of a determined march toward socialism and idolatrous, secular humanism. The other offers an opportunity, a chance, and a stated willingness to plug the gaping hole in our sinking national boat.

Alarm clocks 2

Spiritually, Believers need remain aware of the times. We must continue preparing for the End Times Harvest. From our Staked Plains, our expectation and readiness should be to ride up out of the wilderness of dying grasslands of the world on a tide of revival and power so amazing that we won’t have time nor inclination to be fearful of oppositional rising darkness. We should be prepared and we MUST Stake our Plains!

Too often today people can park in our churches and never hear Truth. Too often folks might work beside us, or live next door and never know that we are bearers of precious life-giving news. Too often our friends, neighbors and loved ones, suffer and even die because we are too timid to tell them that healing and deliverance are for today. Too often we tip-toe invisibly along the path of least resistance, self-satisfied with our own salvation and our personal relationship with Jesus, but have forgotten we were called to powerfully use it, share it and that full body armor would be essential against real supernatural enemies of darkness.thY7H0X6RR

Times are critical, my friends. On the brink of a critical election we must VOTE for the party that best represents the principles found in the Bible. Trump may be imperfect and controversial but he has publically promised to defend the churches from government persecution and he has publically come out against abortion and especially last minute, late-term abortion. He has publically stated that with the appointment of his published nominees for the Supreme Court that he will endeavor to repeal Roe vs. Wade. He promises to do something about our borders and to resolve the debt crisis which enslaves us and the generations to come to foreign powers.

People, now is the time to drive the stakes deep and boldly defend our God given territory. Have you driven a stake in the ground and declared that this is it, no retreat, no surrender? Do you believe that Jesus was the Messiah? That He really was who he claimed to be? Are you ferocious in your love for the unsaved? Are you telling others about the water holes and how to find them?

Without carrying this Indian metaphor too far, I want to note that they didn’t stay still. Their Comanche lifestyle was a mobile guerrilla force. They did not yearn for a house in the suburbs with a new car in the garage. The objective was to keep on the move, to follow the buffalo and extend their area of influence.comanche-warriors

I’m not advocating that we drag our teepee behind us, or tie our opponents to ant hills as we meander around the countryside. I am advocating the Biblical principle of trusting the Lord for our needs, and to be extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit in these prophetic times; and be willing to go where He leads, and stop when He tells you to. Like Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch in the book of Acts. If Phillip had not been paying attention, the gospel may not have made it to Ethiopia as quickly as it did. We are pilgrims passing through and the stakes we drive into this land are forged in heaven.

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I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me the word “Staked Plains” to remind me that we are on a battle field. We as American believers have given up much ground over the past 50 years without a fight, without a whimper. We ceded the land that the Lord has entrusted us with and it must stop. As the world chipped away at our foundation, the church sat silently as Prayer left our schools. We didn’t make a peep as Abortion laws were passed and expanded. 60 million dead babies are an enormous and constant blood sacrifice that has attracted and honored the demonic. Knowing we were created in His image, we stood in silence as marriage and gender identification has been redefined and crammed down our throats. Alarmingly, acceptance of all this has gained footing even in Christian circles. Our “loving tolerance” has become a condoning acceptance which no longer recognizes sin as abhorrent before Almighty God.

This election is a last opportunity to clean out the corruption that has infected our government, stem the tide, to turn the ship. We must honor the Stakes driven into this land by our Godly forefathers. We must never lose sight of those stakes leading us to the deep pools necessary to sustain us— if we only remember to honor and follow them.


Take the next 5 days to drive your Stakes deep- in His authority- and pray for America.


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