Storm Warning 2

What follows is the Interpretation of the Dream entitled Storm Warning, outlined in the previous post:

 Now The Breakdown:

I like to step back from Godly or Biblical Dreams and determine exactly what the big ticket item or major theme elements are. There are different kinds of dreams that the Lord gives us and sometimes there are several different sorts of dreams swirling around a common theme.

So, the main theme in my estimation, is that there is a really nasty storm coming. Storm can be literal or figurative. I’m guessing this is Spiritual/Supernatural and it’s BIG and it’s BAD. Judging by the visceral reaction of the pastor as he looks out the window, it scares him to death.

Timing: I think it is significant that Chris received this dream on the morning after the National Election. This event could be setting into motion a national “storm” or profound shaking, or repercussions that are even now on the horizon, but as yet is mostly unseen.

Participants: It is important to note that often in dreams people participating within those dreams are merely there because their name (first or last) actually means something significant and it that meaning that has a role in the message. However, I believe that in this dream Jay is really Jay- the pastor of your Gunnison church. The dream includes Chris, but it is essentially a message—a specific wake-up call or warning message to his pastor.

So, let’s look at the various elements in this important dream:

As my friend enters the church he sees that the entire aisle is covered in what appears to be white cottonwood fuzz: I believe that this is important on several levels. White is a picture of purity, holiness or righteousness. These cottonwoods grow along the river or waterways. You don’t find them thriving anywhere there is not a source of consistent water which is a profound spiritual picture in scripture beginning in Psalms 1.

Secondly, the seeds are released by cottonwoods- as anyone in Lake City knows only in a specific season- (here it is the end of June into the first weeks of July) and are carried by the wind where ever it takes them. Another deeply beautiful picture of the work of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 13) Seeds are what a picture of the possibility of new growth of a new generation of equally well-planted trees taking their sustenance from the Rivers of Living Water.

To have such a powerful symbol lining the center aisle of your church, in my mind, is a very good thing! It means that you are doing something right and it is very pleasing to God.

The 2×4 clean spot:

Numbers, of course, have consistent meaning in Scripture. Most Christians are familiar with 7 being a number associated with Messianic fulfillment. 7 is the number for divine perfection, Rest, Spiritual completion. We are to rest on the 7th day, the 7th year. Every Shemitah cycle is 7 x7 then the Jubilee is the following year. The 7th month in Judaism hold all the final three Feasts of the Lord—Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles. You get what I am saying. Numbers matter. And, Ancient Hebrew was once a pictographic language. Easy to read and heavy with symbolism. Every Hebrew letter correlates to a corresponding number, by the way. See if this is new information to you

Two is a number which aligns with the second Hebrew letter Bet which means house. It also is a number with is associated with witness or agreement or testimony. Wherever two or more are gathered together…. You get the idea.

Four is a number which in Hebrew lines up with letter number four is Dalet. The Hebrew picture looks like a little closed tent. The bent shape of the dalet is said to symbolize the needy or impoverished person.

If you multiply that equation which our dreamer saw- he stated it as 2×4 which equals # 8 !

The number 8 in Hebrew is Chet. It looks like a little doorway or Portal. The letter of life. The word Chayim means life. It is also the number for New Beginnings. You will recall that Jesus was brought to the temple in Jerusalem on the 8th day which is commonly a reference to the last Sabbath day of the Feast of Tabernacles.   Also a number associated with Grace and wisdom. Chet is also the letter of light. According to Hebrew4Christians,” Chet is also the letter of light since Vav represents the yasher-or light that descends from God and Zayin is the Chozer the light that ascends or returns to God. Ancient rabbis considered that letter, Chet the doorway of Light from heaven. John 17:22-23

A picture version or numerical recap might read: Entering the House of the needy or impoverished multiplies or equals the doorway to life and light. Aha! Lest we forget, Hebrew reads the opposite direction: Light and Life are multiplied when the impoverished and needy enter the His House.

I just love that kind of thing so I tossed it in for free- because I think it shows how awesome our Lord is!

Most often the #8 is associated with New Beginnings and as I see this pathway of white fuzzy seeds with a totally-clean-vacuumed clean spot I see that as—you and your church are on a Godly-righteous path but have now arrived at that spot of NEW BEGINNING.

In his dream there is a vacuum cleaner sitting there. To operate a vacuum cleaner- which is a mechanism for achieving cleanliness- in this case within your church- then in order to function and work properly, it must be plugged in at all times, to a power source. The power source is the Holy Spirit.

If the overall theme is: There is a HUGE SCARY STORM A-COMING then a complimentary theme would be: In order to step into that New Beginning- Are you completely plugged in to THE power source?

Windows– In life, windows are clear panes to look from the outside in or the inside out. They allow us to SEE stuff.

In dreams, windows are indicative of the same. They are an avenue for GODLY REVELATION. Little windows equal small revelation, while big windows equate to Big Revelation.

Here we have two big windows. Or, Godly Revelation squared! You may want to re-read the portion above on the # two. Two is a witness or testimony. For instance, if in God’s word, he repeats something several times – One should take copious notes because it is confirmed to be a vital Biblical prophecy, truth or principle. Seeing double windows is a repetitive, confirming “visual” that it is either going to happen or it is VERY IMPORTANT, or probably both!

Note, later in the dream, the entire congregation is driving around surveying the aftermath of the storm in a vehicle made entirely of glass windows. This dream message therefore, is expected to be understood and important to the entire body of your congregation and possibly for the Body of Christ at large as on-going- on the move-revelation.

Chris arrives just as worship is ending and Jay is just stepping up to preach. Good time to mention that it is worship that ushers us into the throne-room of God which is the best place for clear and awesome revelation!

Jay, the pastor, then steps to the podium to preach buy then goes and sits in the drummer’s seat and looks out the window.  He is wearing a telephone head set. The Revelation of God (times 2) he is seeing clearly out those windows takes precedent over whatever he had planned for that sermon. Excellent secondary theme to live by: Always follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

The Drummer’s seat: I don’t want to put too fine a point on this. Not every single element in a Godly dream needs to mean something. However, historically, the drummer in battle would set the pace for the marching army. Recall if you will the old movie, Ben Hur where Charlton Heston was a galley slave rowing for the Roman Empire. The drummer set the pace depending on what was happening on the sea battle and to achieve success–the rowers were to follow that signal drum based on what was happening in the battle.

For believers, God is the one who sets the timing. He is the leader who sets the heartbeat of what is to happen in Spiritual warfare. Pastors need to remember they are sitting in God’s Drummer’s seat.

Chis tells us that as Jay sits in this drummer’s seat he immediately takes in the scene thru the 2 big windows. HORRENDOUS is the how he expressed the STORM.

Jay can suddenly can see what is coming and Chis tells us that the congregation can’t see what the pastor is seeing in that moment. Chris only sees that sweat is suddenly pouring off of his pastor.

The Horrible Storm: I’m going to say this is a dark, Supernatural warfare of a storm with the proviso that Spiritual Storms can and do often arrive in tandem with equally terrible circumstances in the natural.

This storm is bearing down and Chris just “knows in the dream” that Jay is not expecting this and Jay also knows that he has not adequately prepared his congregation for this eventuality. (It is always very handy in Godly dreams when the participant just KNOWS something, the only thing better is when there is a Voice Over telling you something to accompany the scene!)

* Here is the warning and the big take-away from this dream: Jay sees the coming storm. Jay, the pastor, recognizes it immediately for what it truly is and means. Concurrently, he belatedly realized he had not done the groundwork of preparation for his flock!

He is sweating bullets. Fear, Regret, worry, anxiety over not really being prepared or having been taken by surprise? Yes, but let’s take note and see what he immediately does:

He calls on his headset–asking for an IMMEDIATE Weather Report. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate spiritual weatherman. Jay is now completely reliant on the Expertise and Leading of the Spiritual Weatherman. We have to know where to turn for answers when we are faced with crazy, bad, horrific, unexpected spiritual warfare.

Too many pastors and spiritual leaders don’t want to appear negative, or scare their congregations.  Perhaps they rationalize, “Hey we are going to be raptured out before anything really bad happens so therefore, I don’t need to focus on scary Revelation or the possibility of persecution or bad things happening.” Until we get orders otherwise, we are ON the Battlefield and we better be armored up and plugged in to THE source of power.

Change of scene—As the scene switches we now see the entire congregation along with Chris and Pastor Jay who is driving them around town looking at the aftermath of the storm damage.

I have already discussed the significance of the glass vehicle: Vehicles, cars, boats, trains, ocean liners or tricycles can all represent your ministry or your life or the mission of the church. A row boat or bicycle may represent a small or more personal ministry whereas a train or huge vehicle represents something which impacts or moves a lot more people.

Now, this glass  ministry vehicle is seen motoring around what Chris believes to be Gunnison. I don’t necessarily believe this has to be THAT town, but is more than likely representative of something broader. ( I didn’t get anything specific on exactly where or how widespread the coming storm was.)

Buildings (foundational structures) are down and trees are uprooted. Something serious has happened here- and everything has been turned topsy-turvy! However, look what happens now!! The church, your church is NOT DAMAGED, adversely impacted nor affected. Watch this! Just the opposite! NOW that entire body is MOVING TOGETHER in REVELATION Knowledge. Thru the storm and after the storm, you are moving!!

AND– What is happening while this move is happening? Chris and Jay and perhaps the others, are ordering cocktails all over the place. Wherever they go they order drinks!

When you stop laughing, don’t get confused and please don’t misunderstand this type of seemingly ungodly reference. In “dream language”- this is a picture or euphemism- of the Holy SPIRIT.

As your church body is MOVING thru this Storm Damage you are constantly dependent, reliant and ordering more and more of the Holy Spirit. You must stay topped off. (Notice neither of the men are seen holding or drinking actual intoxicating beverages). WE are called not to be drunk with wine but TO BE FILLED by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is much more important to be so sloppy, over-filled while in the midst of something horrendous than when everything is hunky-dory!

During this time we see that the State Trooper is watching and looks to be disapproving. I can go two ways with this element of the dream. The “state trooper” I think, could represent the accepted governmental or “state” authority. They don’t approve and they don’t get us. They, in the world, have no understanding of the power source you depend on and it makes you suspect in a dark world.

OR—It could be representative of people who frequent your church OR members of other mainline churches who may be legalistic, are under the influence of religious spirits and are always disapproving or suspicious of things of the Holy Spirit. Could be both.

But, please note that everyone who wasn’t reliant on the Holy Spirit incurred damage or was uprooted. They may “state” or verbalize that they are “troopers” or Christians and part of “the army” but really have no true understanding of what things or weapons of the Spirit are. This is pretty serious stuff!

We see the State Trooper in two different scenes where there is potential “ordering of lots of Spirits” happening. Which, as I said before, really flags this dream element’s importance. This “trooper” is watching how you move and react and operate in the aftermath of the coming storm. He does not appear until after the storm. He wants to see how you “drive” after being under the influence of the Spirit.

This is something to definitely keep in mind.   When the lukewarm church or those who have been stuck believing pervasive bad doctrine that the Holy Spirit and His gifts are not necessary or important come thru that “coming horrendous storm” one of 2 things is likely to happen.

One– They will either fall away in great numbers from the Church (which is prophetically accurate according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; and 1 Tim 4:1)  OR they will watch and witness those that are operating in actual HOLY SPIRIT POWER as did the First Church in Acts and fall in love with King Jesus in a totally new way.

Some Christians who have never seen anything powerful have absolutely no expectation of what being attuned and really plugged in to the Power source can do for people in REAL LIFE application.

I think it is important to note that in this dream, Jay knew that state trooper fellow and said, “Sometimes he comes here.” Some folks like to flirt with the Holy Spirit but are merely curious or are not fully committed…or, have not asked for or yet received the Baptism in the Spirit.

The pastor was concerned that Chris was “under the influence” and shouldn’t drive with the “trooper” watching. Sometimes we are reluctant to operate in the gifts around those Believers who don’t believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. We don’t want to make others uncomfortable or perhaps we just don’t want to have to go there. I think we are missing a powerful, illustrative, teaching moment for those who just don’t know what they don’t know!

Chris replies that if he can’t drive, he will call his father in law. In reality Chris’ father-in-law, Adrian Finlayson, has been dead and gone for 35 years. I think in this instance this element means that Chris will rely on his Father (in the Law) that is a complicated “dream” way of saying The Lord. Calling on the Lord.

However, the dreamer, loved and respected his real life father-in-law and thus, it made this reference easily recognizable for him. By the way, that name, Finlayson, means son of the light-haired warrior. It’s another warfare reference.

Another subtle, yet important element involved is that after the viewing of the devastating storm damage Chris and Pastor Jay are at the Coffee Machine in the place of fellowship at your church. What does coffee do? It wakes you up it gets you moving and keeps you from falling asleep! A coffee machine is a mechanism which causes all that to occur and can keep lots of people bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a Spiritual “java” sort of way!

So let’s review:

There is lots of Holy Spirit revelation to be had here: Confirmed and double portions of it.

Pastorally, it is your-and our- responsibility to teach- NO HOLDS BARRED- preparedness and readiness for MAJOR prophetic, incoming spiritual warfare “storms” so that you can MOVE powerfully in the aftermath with Holy Spirit revelation. We should be aware that other folks of varying spiritual awareness will be watching how we react in the tough times as well as the good ones. And, we need rely on His voice and let God set the pace for the battle. We are to remain under the influence of the Spirit- totally saturated.

** This is not the time for anyone in the body of Christ to be dithering about in things that have no eternal purpose. Be watching and remain wide awake so that you will see when the horrendous storm is coming!!!

A new (and thankfully shorter) DREAM will be posted on Sunday! Hope you will be watching for that!

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