Storm Warning

Here’s the Deal:

Regular followers of know that I often write about dreams the Lord has given me. Other times, folks send me dreams that they have had and ask me to interpret them or confirm to them what they are thinking that the dream means.

I consider it a privilege and love to do so as it always exhibits the enormous heart of God for his people. If they give me their permission, those dreams may wind up as a blog post for your enlightenment.

The following is a dream that was sent to me by a local, long-time Feverseason reader. I have changed the names at his request. This amazing detailed dream should be a heads up to all of us, especially those in leadership, pastoring or teaching roles in the body of Christ:

Chris’s Dream 11-9-16 (Early Morning after the National Election) 

The Dream as reported to me:

In the dream, Chris walked into his actual Spirit-filled church in Gunnison. The long walkway (center aisle) was covered thickly with lots of cottonwood fuzz (seeds). There was one clean portion about 2×4 ft. vacuumed and perfectly clean. This element jumped out at him because everything else was a mess with the cottonwood fuzz. The vacuum cleaner was sitting there in the clean spot.

Chris arrived there just as worship was ending and Jay, his pastor, got up to preach. He first stood at the podium to preach as usual and then sat down in the “drummer’s seat” where he could easily see out of the two windows in his line of sight.

Jay was wearing a telephone head set and was looking directly out of two big windows (which are not there in real life). Through these windows he could see a HORRENDOUS STORM COMING.

Sweat was pouring off of Jay as he saw what was coming. Immediately he called for a weather report on his headset to determine the magnitude of the storm he saw coming.

Chris “knew” in his dream that Jay was sweating because he had not prepared the church for this kind of storm. The situation/Storm was totally unexpected and the pastor was taken by surprise.

Change of scene:

The scene changes to after “The Storm”—the entire church is driving around in a huge glassed in vehicle. Jay is driving. They are looking at the storm damage.

There is lots of damage—buildings down, trees uprooted.

Jay and our dreamer, Chis are ordering lots of cocktails. They are never seen drinking or even holding these beverages, but there is lots of requesting or ordering going on.

Chris notices that there is a “State Trooper” watching them, and looking very serious- from a distance.

Change of scene:

The scene changes and Everyone is back at the church. Just Chris and Jay are at the coffee machine talking, although others members are around.

However, they are at the coffee machine in the fellowship area.

Not drinking coffee but instead ordering 2 more cocktails.

The “state trooper” is still watching and giving Chris a “look”

Jay expresses concern about Chris driving (presumably after all these cocktails!)

Chris responds “If I can’t drive, I’ll call my father-in-law. (in actuality, Chris’s father-in -aw has been dead 35 years, his name is Adrian Finlayson and Chris always really liked him and got on well with him-back in the day!)

Chris then inquired of Jay if, “The state trooper comes here often?” It looks like Pastor Jay knows or recognizes the State Trooper because he replies, “He comes sometimes.”


End of Dream



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