Stranger than Fiction

E is for Evil Empire and K is for Kali :

Recently, I reported that the Empire State Building had been lit up in Bright Green to 000_Was8946738-635x357mark the end of the Muslim holy fasting days of Ramadan.  Now, just a few weeks later we see this homage of images of  Hindu, demonic goddess Kali.  She is the goddess of destruction and death.  In a blatant move by the artist to state that it will take such a turbulent force to save the planet …endangered species of animals are also pictured.  This is a good example of the Agenda 21 Sustainable development and Mother Earth Worship that has very deep, well-entrenched Demonic Roots:

Most Americans got their introduction to Kali Worship in the 1980’s blockbuster, Indiana Jones movie “Temple of Doom”.  th (175)thJHCNPU87

You can’t Make this Stuff up!

Please watch the whole thing it’s only 3:30 minutes:

 Matthew 24: 37– As it was in the days of Noah…

This is a very serious topic and really is much larger than just shock at how blatantly acceptable flaunting of Demonic/Pagan activity is in our society today.  I AM shocked- but that is not the point.  We are viewing the development of something much larger, and much darker here. Get the snorkel we are going deep today!

I am stepping way out a limb here and hoping that you will walk out there with me.  I have grave concerns that ‘the coming great deception’ which Jesus warned of in Matthew 24:24 – the one that Jesus says will be SO great that even the elect may be tricked -may well entail the confusion of Intergalactic Alien Life forms with that of Demonic Inter-Dimensional Beings…like Angels thJ57WYGUVand Demons and Fallen Angels (who have the capability of popping in and out of our dimension.)   Here in the west we like to categorize things neatly into fact and fiction. Natural or supernatural.  Entertainment is different than real life stuff.  Things are either religious, theoretical or divisively political.

th (183) However, all these areas become blended in a nefarious, end-times demonic plan as detailed in Daniel 7, 11 and Revelation 13,14,20.  Surely, if we look intently, we can see the value for Satan, as a th (181)master deceiver, and Prince of the Power of the Air,  prefering us to believe that his legions are the highly advanced, intelligent, all-knowing, benevolent beings from another galaxy and not Satan’s demons with end-game, desperate evil schemes?

What if “Alien’ beings arriving in those elusive UFO’s are not god-like creatures with answers to our issues, but those self-same Genesis 6 created  fallen-beings who have, for now, retained their ability to pop in and out of th (180)time here in the 2nd Heaven  inter-dimensionally as they did  when they were Angels? Not only is it deceitful to the nth degree but easy to see how after generations of careful preparation, we would fall for it hook, line and sinker: especially if things are going badly here on earth.

In Genesis, prior to the Flood there is described a pervasive Satanic, all- consuming desire to upset the plans of God by mucking about with the genetic code and thus derail the plan of God to have a sinless, righteous Messiah come to save the world. If Satan could prevent the Messiah from being born, or keep the chosen out of the Promised land, then he could maintain the ownership and worship of all on earth.  Before moving on I want to remind readers that as Genesis 6 sites, Nephilim, the demonic offspring of the fallen angels  and earth girls, were the easy to spot Mighty Men of Renown or Giants. Look no further than Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology.thOUGX2B7G

Only Noah was perfect in his generations.  This didn’t mean that he was good-looking or came from a nice family.  His was the only family  remaining not mixed and thOUOXYJDCintermingled genetically with the Nephilim. Nephilim genetics as we see from the Biblical flood account render them beyond redemption.  It is a problem that pops up yet again as the Hebrew people come out of bondage in Egypt and prepare to occupy the Promised land.  God has given them the land.  It is theirs if they will only trust him and take that leap of faith.  It was their inability to believe that God could whip the Giant Nephilim that resulted in the 40 year desert nature walk. Much later, the new generation of Hebrews led by Joshua and Caleb, crossed over the Jordan and faced those giants.  God will always give you the tools and go before you to whip Satan’s army- every time- if you will just trust him.  We can see this very thing a few generations later as the newly anointed, young David whipped  a big one with one rock and a sling shot in front of King Saul and the entire army. He had 4 more Rocks in his pocket because he knew Goliath had some brothers!

 Whenever you see God commanding the Israelites to kill everybody, men, women, children, their belongings, even the critters this isn’t the decree of a mean and heartless God.  It is the mercy and extreme blessing by God to preserve the human race: keeping us savable, redeemable, able to be covered by the blood of the Lamb. th0FIHME65Whenever we see a call for total annihilation: it is unmistakable Bible-code for Demonic, pagan, Nephilim infested populations: Different- non-human DNA and beyond  the only redemptive plan of Salvation.

Please hear me when I say that this is a totally different message than we see elsewhere in Scripture.  Over and over again, from Genesis to Revelation, we see that scarlet thread theme of Love written in the Blood of the Lamb.  Turn away from your sins, Repent,  Believe on me, I love you, I died to cover thA7FGD2ZByour sins forever, Whosoever will come, I am knocking, I am coming back for you,  I am the Messiah-Be the bride sorts of themes to any and all of the people who will turn to him.  However, now I am highlighting a very different program to deal with a very serious problem.

Since we see this concept of “absolutely no redemptive plan available for a particular group” several other places scripture. It will behoove us to take a look at them. If you recall it was the final straw for King Saul in 1 Samuel 15 when he did not obey the Lord and “utterly destroy” the Amalekites.thYMTM9S0Q  Saul lost not only his kingdom but he lost his anointing as well as his sanity. A cautionary tale!  Whenever we see the Lord repeating lessons it is in our collective interest to really pay attention: Revelations  13:16-18; Rev. 14:9-11, Rev. 20:4, Daniel 7, 2 Thess. 2:3-4,  outlines the rise of the coming Anti-Christ and False Prophet and underscores some alarming repercussions for those who take the Mark of the Beast.  Revelations 14: 9-11 is particular in the description that these folks are then beyond the plan, and off the human reservation so to speak in his Gospel Plan.

 So, is it just some sort of  magical tattoo-like mark or is it an RFIDth23398WYR chip that with it’s insertion begins to change people’s DNA to something other than human?  I don’t know. Along with a worshipful element, something  else does seem to come along with this “Mark”. thHRKDFAK5  Just as we saw in the days of Noah: Once that line is crossed there are no do-overs. No “let me repent and come on home” opportunities…is it because now, with that mark something has been genetically seeded in a new way that, alters DNA and pushes you into a Genesis 6 Nephilim group and out of the human category?  I believe it may be so; and, that this is why as you read through those scriptures you see that God makes it very, very clear not to take that mark.

I really think this could be Satan’s play, as the Great Counterfeiter, to offer people his  own special brand of eternal life in exchange for worship. This could explain that perplexing passage in Revelations 9:6 Devil 4where people wanted to die and couldn’t. th26ZJ7HKL The offering of the Mark of the Beast could be the Great Deception of Matthew 24.  I do know that people would leap towards a free an easy device (Alien or otherwise) that promised them perfect health, disease-free living and long life.  Especially if all that came bundled as the only way to buy and sell or to remain employed. Satan is after all the Father of Lies and his end game is always to steal, kill and destroy ( John 10:10) whereas Jesus says that  He came to give you life, and give it more abundantly…and eternally.  Never-ever take the mark of the Beast!

As we are seeing rising, undisguised demonic and pagan ritualistic activities abounding: Perhaps it is time to take the Biblical record out of the mythical or allegorical category and consider it literally.   I said that we would review all the passages where total annihilation was decreed: I believe that Genesis 18-19 describes nuclear-bombthat Sodom and Gomorrah had something going on deeper than just your mark one-mod one homosexuality.  While never a good thing, I believe that S&G had a serious Demonic, Nephilim issue that had morphed into something non-optional and very violent:  total rebellion in the eyes of God. It had to be completely expunged. As a personal favor to Abraham angels were sent to get his family members to safety before the total destruction commenced. Lot learned the hard way that you can’t lay down with demonic dogs and not pick up their “spiritual” fleas. That is a lesson that we need to take to heart.

I think that it is prudent to acknowledge that just as Satan’s desire to impede God plans  never ceases; Neither has the genetic ‘experimentation’  which we saw Satan and thCLFQR5LDhis fallen angels employ during Bible times. They have merely become much more subtle and sophisticated. Why? Because Goliath was, problematically, very easy for God’s army and David to spot in a crowd! The battle for souls is ongoing and we need to attune our spiritual eyes to see it for what it is!

thA41VX9CRYou armor up, and we will  continue this discussion in the next post!





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