String of Pearls

My grandfather was the sweetest man.  Roy Moreland was tall and lanky, and kind of quiet. I can’t recall a time when he wasn’t smiling or making others do the same.string-of-peals-1

He always could be counted on to keep the grandchildren laughing by telling funny stories or threats of “counting our ribs.”  Any time of the year, when they would come to visit us in Dallas, he would spend hours each day walking many miles for his health and entertainment…or perhaps to avoid an ever-growing honey-do list composed by my grandmother.

He enjoyed his solitary walks, and while I’m sure he kept note of his surroundings, he would also, watch his feet. At the family dinner table each evening, he would report how much money he had discovered during his daily constitutional.  Lots of spare change seemed to always be in Granddaddy’s path.  He wasn’t particularly seeking it, but he would always pause and pick it up as he went along. As a little kid, this seemed magical and the sums, which often added up to several dollars, were magnificent and motivational to my young ears!string-of-pearls-2

The other day  I was looking back through a big ol’ pile of dream journals and notes- dating back to 2010. I was looking for something specific at the time- which I eventually found. During the massive review, I realized I had missed something rather startling.  Viewed individually I had seen the dreams one way, viewed as a whole, I was now seeing themes and commonalities I had, heretofore, overlooked.

My “Miss Sally” dream review was quite educational.  I noticed that from time to time in my dreams, I was actually offered, discovered or given, “pearls”. string-of-pearls-4  Not all the time, and not in any regular distribution, but often enough to now catch my attention.  Once I even received an entire “dream” necklace.

Please don’t misunderstand.  This isn’t a prideful observation, or a proclamation of any sort that “I’m so spiritual, the Lord is sending me spiritual pearls of wisdom.”   Like my Granddaddy in the 1960’s, just out for some exercise, watching the path, he came across items of value.  He wasn’t on a treasure hunt, he wasn’t out with a metal detector, or panning for gold.  He was a retired Entomologist, who was trying to stay in shape.  But, he was cognizant enough on his travels around the neighborhood to be watchful of his footing.  He noticed, as he walked, glints of quarters and nickels and dimes on the pavement, as well as the occasional dollar bill, and stooped down and collected it.


Totally bypassing Miss Sally and her many foibles as I  snooze soundly; Dream Sally is actually paying attention! These pearls often were not the real focus of the message, but a little side treasure-bonus.  Once, while many other things were going on- a gigantic oyster opened up and a HUGE pearl was awaiting me as I walked by. I did note, each time I saw a pearl in a dream I’m moving, following, I’m watchful or seeking and I never pass it by un-noticed.string-of-pearls-6

I wish I could say the same thing about real life….but, Halleluiah, the Lord isn’t through with me yet!  The nice things about Dreams and Visions is that the Lord can skip over our objections, excuses or life’s many distractions and drop a large or small, fresh water or salt water- pearl of good stuff on us, which in wakeful reality we might just waltz right on by.

I told you all that- to tell you this: This very last day of the Feast of Tabernacles is a time of open heaven, of rejoicing for the Messianic King who is coming again soon.  As sunset approaches, this holiday is an actual pearl.  Jesus in scripture THE Pearl of Great Price of Matthew 12:45-46.string-of-pearls-10

The Feasts are not like an actual Thanksgiving Turkey day feast – but a “Hey, don’t miss it! Divine Appointment”.  These Big repetitive dates (which The Lord called HIS FEASTS) are all a  connected sequence of prophetic messages.  A fabulous string of  7 very large pearls for Believers- the Bride- to collect and thus avoid missing the first or second coming of Jesus, the Messiah- the Bridegroom.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be more important or carry more value than this particular string of pearls! No  current political drama or personal angst or travesty should overshadow the importance our carrying the message of  THE Pearl of Great Price.


Pearl one is Passover the actual day that Jesus was crucified- the Lamb of God.  Pearl two, is the Feast of Unleavened Bread when Jesus was put in the Grave.  Pearl three represents the Feast of Firstfruits, three days later, when Jesus was raised from the dead by the Power of the Holy Spirit,  Pearl four, the Feast of Pentecost the fulfillment of Jesus’ Promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out with fire on the people in Jerusalem and beyond.

We ought to be annually expectant for the arrival of the next enormous pearls 5,6, & 7 which will complete our unfinished String of Pearls: The Feast of Trumpets,string-of-pearls-5 Yom Kippur and Feast of Tabernacles which are a bright visual  prophetic picture of the Rapture of the Church, Judgment of Nations and the establishment of  Messiah’s Kingdom. Every single one is a message and promise of JESUS.

As Believers, we should be keeping our eyes peeled for those expected and beautiful events- those pearls to roll into view.  This loosely strung- string of pearls analogy is also a reminder to Believers that time is ticking and we want everyone to receive that message, and to see those pearls that are already strung while there is STILL TIME.

These Good News pearls aren’t for keeping – they are to share and give away to as many people as will look at them.

What a tragedy if there is someone I know who never had an opportunity to hear this story or claim this treasure trove of pearls or recognize these prophetic blood-bought pictures. I can’t control who will accept the Pearls. With an ever shortening time, all I can do is keep watching for the King and  asking the Holy Spirit to lead me to the ones who are seeking that String of Pearls and pray you do the same.

string-of-pearls-8For further study: Leviticus 23, John 3:14-21; John 7:37-43, The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard& Marvin Rosenthal.; Matt 13:45-46, Matthew 7:6; Rev. 21:21.  As I have stated in previous posts, there is not a more commonly discussed form of Godly communication than Dreams. Beginning in Genesis and continuing thru Revelation.  Godly dreams will always align with scripture.  If they don’t agree with the Word, then they are from a different source who loves to lie and counterfeit everything the Creator does.

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