Summer’s Done


Look at me!

Look at me!

I looked up today and realized that somehow this summer is gone!  These months have flown by in a fast-forward blur of activity.  This has been a season of enormous extremes.  A giant pendulum that rhythmically swings, on one side, to the great joy of fresh beginnings and amazing possibilities. Downward it swings to feeling that weighty, spiritual burden of enormous, serious issues from friends and loved ones involving intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare of the highest order.  On the opposite side of the pendulum swing I feel that prickle of rising awareness.  The prophetic push of world events and Holy Spirit knowledge that time is very short. This has me evaluating every word, every decision in that scale of eternal value vs. frivolous pursuit.

The news broadcasts these past few weeks has carried St. Louis riots, the march of Islamic armies complete with cruel beheadings, Israel at war, while the West Coast and Peru have had devastating earthquakes and potential volcanic eruption in Iceland.  Watching the encroaching miasma of drought, earthquake, wars, ungodly leadership and the feeling that our economy is teetering on a perilous precipice is a constant reminder to me never to slow down and to keep running the race- full out!

untitled (5)As I saw the news  of the Napa, California quake,I was reminded of the brief flash, a vivid vision I had a few years ago about a coming, specific San Francisco earthquake.  This latest quake was NOT it.  Not even close!

Keeping my head on a swivel and my armor well-fitted, I recall that  exciting show from my childhood, and reprized by Tom Cruise a few times of Mission Impossible.thNCXCPR4IThey would receive a mysterious communication that stated:  This is your mission if you choose to accept it.  Jesus gave us our mission, and the Kingdom authority to get the job done. ( Acts 1:8) It is, however, our choice.  Remember how the Mission Statement tape would always self destruct in 30 seconds?

Our task is not an Impossible Mission, or a hopeless task.  Although we are involved in serious supernatural warfare with a determined Satanic foe,  it is an extremely lopsided supernatural battle where the endgame is certain and the Victory is sure!( Romans 14:11, Phil 2:10, Revelation 20:10)  Never believe the lie that this is an equal battle. In truth the battle is won!  We serve the Lord of Hosts and we have superior firepower! The only variables we need to concern ourselves with is how long we need to hold the battlefield and how many will be standing with us when Jesus returns!  And, live or die, our hope is in Heaven, our security is in Jesus.

I am weary of folks ,who should know better, who believe that “the Lord will rapture them away before anything remotely uncomfortable might happen to them”.  They are not students of history, much less the Bible. thO1QN4EFD James Foley, the unfortunate, headless reporter, may not be involved in the GREAT Tribulation spoken of in Daniel, but he was certainly going through some intense, personal tribulation at the hand of ISIS this past week!  Things can get very bad before we arrive at the Great Tribulation.  Read your history.  Study God’s Word.

I am deeply concerned about friends and relatives who, ignoring world news, scriptural, and economic signs and signals blithely assume that life will always march on as it always has. How many 9/11’s or, Great Depressions or Hurricane Katrina’s , drought warning and large earthquakes do you need to see in your lifetime to shake you from your complacency? I am not screaming that the sky is falling. thMX1ABH8B I am not setting dates or times.  I am merely pointing out the very real possibility that life as we know it can change on a dime, in a heartbeat.  It would behoove us all to hope for the best but be prepared for anything and get our spiritual house in order!

Once again, I strongly encourage my readers to: * Have cash on hand  * Have your pantry stocked to the max and much more.  Lots of food!  * Have heirloom seeds and all necessary implements to go into self-sustaining garden mode quickly if the situation calls for it. th1LPOEO4Y

* Have a solid exit strategy if you live in an urban or dense pack community. Take a clue from Ferguson, MO: Things can get crazy in a mob very quickly thHWV62OT9 * Think about how you will flush toilets and have potable water if the power goes off for any length of time

* Have walking shoes and good hiking socks in your car all the time  * Be able to defend yourself, sustain yourself and get around in pioneer-mode for a long time. th (33)* Have firewood, charcoal, matches and canisters of stabilized gasoline and a good bicycle or two on hand.  * Be prepared to shift into barter-mode from a cash system if need be  * You need tools.  Old school non- electric tools and extra parts.

Matthew 24 outlines a sobering time of drought, famine (no food) earthquakes, pestilence (disease), wars and rumors of wars.  All these are described as just the early stages of labor pains, the opening bell.untitled (6)  These are all things we are seeing right now!  Someone always argues that these things have been happening since time began.  True. However, Biblical prophecy must be judged thru the prism of the Promised Landand all these things have not all been happening since Israel became a nation and prophetically Jewish people from all over the world began to return there in record numbers!

In The Holiday is Over post I outlined a vivid Biblical dream.  This dream showed a coming dangerous time, validated by scripture as well as world events.  The era of carefree ease closed very quickly. Barring massive national repentance at the highest levels, which we should all be praying for, I don’t see this changing. (1 Peter 5:8)

We have spoken  recently of opening doors to the demonic through our foolish actions.  Americans have taken on thinly cloaked ancient pagan rites on the altar of “A Woman’s Right to Choose”.   I’m going to call it what it is.  The result of prideful rebellion on a  massive scale is the pagan th40YI2293

blood sacrifice of millions upon millions of our innocent babies since the early 1970’s.  Through our National, legally upheld abortion legislation this blood of innocent’s  has been ringing a very large dinner bell for the demonic. thEVJLU022We are seeing  the result of demonic activity on a scale never experienced in our country before.  There is no need to wonder why.  We opened this hateful door and propped it open with the blood of generations of our unwanted (11)

Today we call it Abortion but call it what you will, Leviticus 18:21 clearly forbids the idol worship of Molech/Baal  and the passing of the his beloved children through the fire to Molech.

In order to turn this train around We desperately need National repentance and Holy Spirit revival!  It is time to hit our knees!

Being prepared for any eventuality does not mean that I don’t trust the Lord to food 2take care of me or that I do not believe in His Rapture of the Church as prophesied in scripture(1 Thess 4:16).  It does mean that I am being obedient to the revelation I have had and to the very obvious signs and signals in the world today. Please remember the story of Joseph and how the Lord arranged for him to rise to power in Egypt ( through Biblical dream interpretation) years in advance of terrible drought. Gen 41- 43:1

thYFWTFCQUTimes of trouble need to be a time where we can be in tune to and used by God.  I don’t want to be in a constant state of anxiety about survival.  I want to be a blessing and free to be used of God when things get hard and people are looking for serious, eternal, spiritual answers.

Get ready!  Summer is Over.  It is Harvest time!thHCAZ26ES




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  1. ebooksannie says:

    You are sounding a clarion call, an alarm. In reading your blog, this old song continues to echo in my head like dental music just heard, Go Light Your World, by Kathy Troccoli. You are sounding the alarm, and you are a ‘Joseph’ who sees what is coming and making preparation, NOT for yourself, but for a Kingdom of people to help THEM during times of much needed provision. The Lord says to you, Take up our cross daily and follow Me.

    The cross is not about saving our lives but losing our lives for Him. I will forever run into the darkness, into the epicenter to share the love of God with those who have not the revelation of Jesus Christ. An evangelist once said, ” I will stake my tent two feet from the pit of hell, to save those who are perishing.” May God open the eyes of the blind to see Him who was pierced that all might know Him. In the movie, Schindler’s List (, a vain, glorious and greedy German businessman, gets wrecked with compassion on the one, to save “just one more.” His heart is Jesus’s heart. As Schindler said when the Jews gave him a ring from the gold fillings melted down as a remembrance, he was wrecked with love for the ONE, saying in simple words, he needs not the ring but one more Jew, crying out for just one more Jew to be saved. May we likewise, not save ourselves but lose ourselves for His sake. In doing so , we find LIFE.

    Thank you, oh my thank you for writing with such passion, tenacity, clarity and vision. May His love continue to overwhelm you minute by minute to love even more those He so loves. Love costs us everything, EVERY THING.

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