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Recently, I mentioned that I once lived in El Paso a long time ago. Unlike any other part of Texas,thB3QWJDL5 El Paso sits high in the Chihuahuan desert having grown up around the sleepy Rio Grande River and the well-traveled pass through the Franklin mountains.  El Paso has been a hub of activity on the well-traveled route North from Mexico, or West to California for Indians, Spanish explorers, traders and hearty pioneers.  There, 30 miles outside of town, is a place called the Hueco Tanks.  This was a known place; An ancient place of shelter and refreshing. Naturally hollowed out rock formations formed protective tanques, which are surrounded by high rock walls had long been advertised by word of mouth by a variety of different Indian tribes.  Kiowa, Mescalero Apache, Comanche, Tigua and the people of the Isleta del Norte Native-American_81 all knew that they could count on the overhanging rocks and caves as they traveled for shelter and depended on this dependable water source.thACIIA6AG I remember this place so distinctly because it was the first time I had ever seen real petroglyphs…or tanks for that matter. We visited this State Park a time or two when guests would come to visit because they were easily accessible with no hiking involved and vivid drawings on the rock walls had remained protected from the thUFJ8ZSOIelements by the natural overhangs.  They could have been messages telling of hunting victories, acts of worship, warning to rival tribes or they may have served as a large coloring book to keep the kids thRJNDOSOFbusy while mom cooked dinner.  Who knows?   Later this lush place in the desert was used during the 1880’s, briefly, as a relay station for a Butterfield Overland stagecoach stop as well as a ranch all because of the dependable water892ce3fb-a5d3-4b57-9a7a-2e767b98c9e0 source. Today it is a prime rock climbing area and tourist destination while still considered an important sight for the indigenous peoples.c25192e6-d186-41c2-a078-64955855ee2b

Admiring the basic beauty of these primitive drawings left behind it is easy to see that folks everywhere have long appreciated the lasting value of the Graphic Arts- Advertising business!

More recently in our American history, bold images have been used with regularity to inform ‘We the People’, rally the troops or convince us of the superiority of a product or candidate. thBSBAXK0RBrilliant images printed in Boston, Philadelphia and New York newspapers of the Tea Party sparked a firestorm of anger at the British and rallied Americans around the “No Taxation without Representation” concept that fueled the Revolutionary War. thYUB8Q3E3 Harriet Beecher Stowe’s popular novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin is largely credited with shocking sensibilities, raising awareness and coalescing negative, Northern public opinion of slavery in the United States in the mid 1800’s.  Iconic WWII images are now part of our popular culture and are unforgettable in their simplicity. While this has obviously become much more sophisticated and pervasive over the thE1ERFMOQgenerations progressing from sketches in newspapers to the modern slick and digital-age advertisements which bombard us round the clock; it still boils down to the same concepts.thE92S1YQH Catchy visuals, a snappy song or jingle, a memorable slogan have long th029RL4JFbeen used to drive a point home, help us remember things, and to be easily recognizable. It’s a great idea and we learned it from the best.  God was the first Public Relations Ad man.  Let me explain!

From Genesis to Revelations we see wonderful, memorable advertisements given to us by the Lord. He tells us in Gen. 1:14 that the Sun and the Moon are there for signs and signals the same word th4F5LGFK1 used in the appointment-feast list of Leviticus 23.thBIB4NQV4 What about Lot’s unfortunate, disobedient wife?  Has anyone ever looked at salt the same way again?  There is no doubt in my mind that the rising specter of the gigantic Ark under construction in Noah’s front yard for over 100 years held unbelievable silent advertising value.  The following Rainbow ‘phenomenon’ was his visible Promise to a shaken family to never to destroy the earth with a flood again. thW1YI0IZJ Every time we see one in the sky it is an opportunity to tell our kids or neighbors all about it.  We call it advertising.  God calls them signs and wonders!

We have recently been exploring those huge redundant signs and signals that the Lord has left for us in scripture as we approach the fourth Feast of the Lord, Pentecost.  Each of the Feasts described in Leviticus 23  is rich and sobering in its symbolism.  As we discussed in my previous post, The Big Picture, each feast was intended to herald in some way Jesus’ first arrival as the long awaited Messiah, the dramatic arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost thEEMFDWBXand the yet to be fulfilled appointments pictured in the 3 Fall Feasts of Jesus’ Coming as the King of Kings pictured in the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur-the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles picturing the Joy of Life in His Kingdom.

In addition to a whole host of additional prophetic scriptures, these Seven important prophetic appointments are intended as unmistakable flashing signals to the Lord’s faithful.  The Lord repeated that the people were to keep or remember these annual feasts forever!  Admittedly, Jesus has fulfilled all the  required sacrificial elements described in the Feasts. And, although the Temple was destroyed and folks can’t congregate at the there. Now, as Paul clearly states in 1 Cor. 3:16, we are the temple, God’s chosen resting place! Emanuel-God with us! The pictures remain and intensify: He was the perfect Lamb. thF4PPK27M
thBRWDIBIE  He was the unleavened bread, etc… Truly every aspect of the Temple and earlier Tabernacle was a picture of Him-laid out in carefully given instructions to Moses.  He was the Only gate for entrance into the outer court.  He was the fiery altar where the sacrifices were made. He was the Laver where cleansing needed to happen before anyone could enter the Holy place.  The Holy Spirit was the sweet smelling savor rising up and filling the Holy Place. thTGPJWDVX He is our Table of showbread and Lampstand that never ran out of oil…always a light in the darkness.thC0GX4F3S

He was pictured in each specific layer covering the Tabernacle.  His righteousness was portrayed in each silver implement used in even the hooks and latchets for constructing the Tabernacle.  His holiness and royalty were shown with the golden metals used for pitchers and the Temple furnishings.  The specific measurements are beautiful in their precision.  10 x 10 in the holy of holies.  Perfection cubed and amplified. Ark of Covenant 2 The Testimony of everything in the Feasts as well as the Tabernacle tell us what we need to know about the nature and character of the King and how we must then approach Him.  Hidden under the Golden Mercy Seat The Ark of Testimony carried the various items of His Covenant designed to remind the people of how The Lord had provided for them.   And, just as the Feast of Pentecost had a tri-fold meaning of Provision through the wheat harvest, the arrival of the Power of God thru thMB09NI58the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai; so the Ark of the Covenant carries that pot of Manna which was to be a reminder of Yahweh’s complete provision for the people He loves. The Rod of Aaron had characteristics that represented the complete authority of the Godhead and was used repeatedly in miracles – reveals the supernatural Power of God , and the Stone Tablets of the Commandments represent the perfection of His Word!

Just as it was common knowledge in the American Southwest that Hueco Tanks was a place where water could be counted on and pictures could be left for others; So too, are the beautiful “Advertising” pictures of the Feasts that lead us inevitably to theBride Groom.  He desperately wants us to see the picture trail of Messiah’s blood that connects His Divinely appointed feasts. He wants us to always have access to the Power and refreshing of the Living Water that Jesus explained in John 4, to the  lonely woman at the well.  The Holy Spirit has huge aquifers of kingdom resources which we need for Spiritual hydration- all readily available for us in His deep tanks. They are always full when we are dry and thU2324BY3thirsty.  We know those early paths to the source and where to find that promised outpouring, yet may have been reluctant to step into this unexplored territory. It is time to step out in faith and obedience to receive all the riches of this refreshing.  Shavuot or Pentecost also brings an understanding that the seasons of seedtime and harvest connect us not only to His divine time-table but,to our earthly purpose and identity as Believers. th9EI80JZC We know now, that the Seven Feasts of the Lord are prophetic signposts, and we have seen more than half completed to the letter.  Let us not lose the message of these feasts by becoming side-tracked with either fear or amazement.  The soon-coming arrival of the Bride Groom for his waiting bride should not induce Prophetic funnel-vision. It should instead, be our warning flag that the final lap of the race has begun. While I read the Big Signs and KNOW that he is scheduled for an unknown Feast of Trumpets and this is a marvelous tool to use in ministry to others, I am not distracted.  No matter when His Divine Day- planner shows Him scheduled, I have a job to complete until His arrival!

Remember, Jesus gave us the signs of the times in Matthew 24 and then immediately went into the story of the 10 Virgins watching for the Bride Groom with their oil lamps. thUAJM2U3UKnowledge, you see, is not enough. All Ten Virgins knew who was coming.  They knew, pretty much, when He was coming. The theme of this story found in Matthew 25 is Empowered Readiness. This is the message of Pentecost.  This is the message for the Bride. thDYPV41HT The Holy Spirit is our anointing Lamp oil. It is the critical ingredient necessary for us prior to his coming. We must acknowledge that we need all that He is, all that He has to offer…all that scripture describes to us.thV2XREOI5 Don’t be like those sad little girls, who believed that they were set and had enough to get by on or that they had all of him that they required. We must never be satisfied with the minimum requirements when there are deep wells and tanks of refreshing to draw from. We must not grow complacent nor ignore the necessity of the Lamp oil of the Spirit. Like the Ark of the Covenant elements and the Pentecost meanings described earlier, Jesus too needed that same winning Tri-Fecta!  Jesus had the Word-He was the Word! He had the Provision as the Bread of Life- Yet he still had to have the full immersion of the Holy Spirit  as he launched His Power ministry. Can we, possibly, need any less?

We must understand the necessity of this Empowered Readiness.  The critical, yet often overlooked, import of remaining filled to overflowing, totally immersed in his transformational love.thX01KU3P8 These are the elements needed to be ready and empowered as the time comes for Jesus to return.  Let us be clear as we explore this story; Lamps in real life, as well as in Jesus’ story, are needed to see.  They are needed to light our spiritual senses, awaken and amplify our giftings, keep us all on the path and be able make our way in the dark, th2AVX8WGAdark world. Lanterns also enable others to see us…to be attractive and a beacon to those who are struggling and stumbling, lost in the dark.  As we continue to Count the Omer in the remaining days approaching the Feast of Pentecost on the 24th- make sure that you have all the oil you were intended to have.  Are you full and overflowing?  Can you see with the spiritual eyes that the Lord intended, Can you hear with spiritual ears as he speaks?  Can you feel the mighty rushing wind of His Presence?
Gift of the Holy Spirit 3


 Prophecy Watch:thSWO26CP6

This week rather than report on specific items which I believe have prophetic significance to some degree or another, I just wanted to include some curious items that I ran across and see what you, my very astute readers, think?

This video was reported on May 13, 2014 and the French foreign minister clearly makes the statement that” we have 500 days until climate chaos”.  To be sure, this statement is extremely curious.  500 days from the date of his statement brings us to 2015 September’s Feast of the Lord -Yom Kippur and a week in front of the final Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles. Various internet sites are also reporting a 2.5 mile asteroid is scheduled to impact earth on that day.  I am pleased to report that I can find no corroborating scientific evidence of this rumor and suspect that such an event would be more “climate chaos” than the French could manage even on their best day!!  I am including an additional link by the Weekly Standard on this speech.   Do you think perhaps the French Minister knows something that we don’t?

This, I just thought was funny and ironic so decided to include it this week’s oddities.11150552_406944902820797_1562238171417214291_n


This next video is one that I came across some time ago, I believe it was reported last July.  And, I include it now because it is an actual news broadcast and all happens on camera. The reporter had been sent out to do a piece on President’s Grants death and over-the -top strange stuff ensued. There are many rumors afoot on the internet and in the news- regarding reopening of FEMA camps, mysterious Walmart closings and the very controversial Jade Helm military exercises that are slated for mid July through Mid September.  While not totally on board with the many conspiracy theorists- I am prepared to move into my undisclosed bunker and am keeping my tin foil hat within grasp!  I am watchful, and questioning of all these sundry happenings and do see a gaping opportunity for an excess of governmental power. Easy to see how this could morph into something more sinister than what they are claiming it is at the moment.  The sheer scope and duration of these exercises is mind-boggling to me! I also haven’t heard anyone say how much this exercise is going to cost the tax-payers. Anyway, let me know what you think of this fascinating video and what you think is going on at this “abandoned” facility in Upstate New York.

In other weird and whacky Prophetic news this week th0ENPZGYR The Pope was widely reported to have acknowledged Palestine as it’s own state in a recently penned Vatican treaty. Pope Francis also received Mr. Abbas at the Vatican this week and publically called him an Angel of Peace!!! ***I encourage the Pope to review Genesis 12:3, Genesis 15:18, Genesis 32:28, Numbers 34:1-12, Joshua 15:20-47 among others.



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