The Bibi Effect

History matters.  Whether we are talking American History, World or Biblical History or your own genealogy it is purposeful for study and review from time to time in order clarify and understand our roots (or someone else’s !)  How did we all get to this spot.  Why do we react or believe a certain way.untitled What is the foundational basis for this holiday, or that legal precedent? It is always an interesting enterprise, but in these times, this Feverseason, it is vital for us to return to the source whether it be the Bible, the Magna Charta or the U.S. Constitution and know and remember our roots. And remember them accurately.

I can’t remember if it was Brave New World or Aldous Huxley’s 1984 wherein one of the character’s employment was to constantly be rewriting events in their history.thV1A3VQKV  If something unpleasant or politically incorrect happened, it was only a matter of time before the public record was expunged, fictionally corrected, and spoken into reality to meet the current ideology. That particular fictional society, denied their freedom of the press and freedom of speech, was never allowed by the new totalitarian rulers, to evaluate their history nor to apply lessons learned to future actions, legislation or treaties.  Beyond valuing our own free speech, it is a cautionary tale for us to always keep, protect and train an objective, free and independent press and keep our politicians honest. thR58VE81O Our hard-won civil rights should not be sacrificed or eroded at the altar of fear, political correctness and irrational tolerance. Truthfulness and Fine Character should not be lost traits for ourselves or for our elected officials.  Ethics are not situational, and should be modeled for future generations.  There are baseline issues that shouldn’t be compromised, no matter what.  Our alliance and relationship with Israel is one of them. Sacred ground.  Untouchable territory and regardless of leadership likeability factors.  This is a hot-button issue just now but it should float above partisan politics as alliances with Israel are rooted and blessed in scripture and, therefore, Spiritual in nature: however, the repercussions are very real.

I try to remain politically neutral with in this blog unless the topic relates to Biblical Prophecy and those Feverseason Signs that we are toppling into the End-times.  I can and have been equally critical of Democrats and Republicans if they need to be taken to the woodshed or spurred to action:

I have reported that various administrations, red and blue, have been complicit in their efforts over the years to pressure Israel to trade land  for the promise of peace.Israel 30  I have encouraged Feverseason followers to read William Koenig’s excellent book, Eye for an Eye ( and do so, again). He persuasively outlines the unmistakable link between disastrous happenings in America to each U.S. insistence that Israel split her land. This is a relevant, serious topic and ought to motivate us to solidify our alliance with Israel.  Genesis 12:1-3 is very clear and has no expiration date. When the Lord, in Genesis 15, cut this covenant of the land with Abraham and walked between the bloody pieces of meat, ol’ Abe was sound asleep and therefore exempt from any  human cancellation conditions.  We, as individuals and as a nation, want to be on the blessing side of this equation.Israel 22

Currently, we are witnessing a trend by this administration to habitually turn from our longstanding friendship with Israel.  Reporter Hana Levi Julian of the Jewish Press was just one of many sources who reported on March 20th, just this week,th3U4BOSU1 that President Obama appears to be rushing to the United Nations to force a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  That reporter stated, “It is another nail in the coffin, replacing the trust Israeli’s once had in American presidents.”

In what looks like retribution for Netanyahu’s speech that embarrassed the administration by revealing the spurious nature and intent of the Iranians; it was reported this morning by Arutz Sheva, an Israeli National news outlet, That the U.S. is now declassifying documents revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program!   What message does this send to our other allies?  What message does it send to our enemies? What does it teach our children about loyalty and freedom through strength?

Reports of recurrent and unbelievably rude behavior by numerous high- ranking staff members toward the Israeli Prime Minister have been widely reported over past years.  The deteriorating relationship was hard to ignore as the White House and many Democrats snubbed Netanyahu’s recent visit.  Ironically, after loudly claiming that the Administration did not want”to influence the upcoming election in Israel” by showing favoritism toward Netanyahu so close to those elections:thTXR28HMB Now, rumors abound, that in a petty effort to oust the current Prime Minister, our administration was complicit and moved American tax dollars through non-profit organizations to fund a campaign called V15 against P.M. Netanyahu. I hope, with my whole heart, that this is not found to be true, but I am fearful that it is… and it sends a chill of foreboding down my spine for our nation.

Equally baffling  to all patriotic observers, is why there is a continuing, stuttering hesitation by any administration officials to accurately, verbally identify the true nature of  Islamic terrorists, much less do anything substantive to cope with the problem. Everyone knows it is a deep and slippery political, religious problem but anyone with eyes and a modicum of common sense should be able to identify Islamic terrorism. ( Spiritual blindness and pride is a related issue and a concern that we should be praying about for our leadership.)

A continuing, related problem is the universal inability of anyone in Washington to close our porous borders.  In a post 9-11 world it is important for both Democrats, Republicans and Independents to know, at all times, exactly who is crossing into our country.thCJPKBTTY This is a totally separate bag of cats than the Immigration Amnesty thing and should not be entangled in a hope to attract and acquire future constituents. This is not racism, or Islamaphobia.  It is an obvious recognition that we live in a dangerous world and to ignore this critical, border safety issue is to court certain disaster on our own shores.

March 3, 2015, amidst a deluge of controversy, American’s were able to witness an incredibly important speech. Benjamin Netanyahu, came and spoke before both houses of congress to express his opinion and grave concerns of the Iranian Nuclear talks currently being negotiated.  Many  Americans are blissfully unaware, that these talks have been ongoing for many months. Following repeated  Obama State Department flubs all over the Mid-East,th42Z1TLFD  John Kerry’s high-anxiety has been almost palpable as each fruitless session with Iran closed. Noting this administration’s unapologetic anti-Semitism and the scanty details being released regarding the interminable, ongoing Iranian negotiations, I was deeply curious to hear what the Israeli Prime Minister had to say about this topic. He  does have a dog in this hunt, after all!

Whether you aware or not, we are this week, March 20 at the exact half way point of the seven year Shemitah year ( to be followed this fall by the Jubilee or super Shemitah) which reckons blessing or judgment every seven cycles. ( This noteworthy, half-way marker came with a solar eclipse, a supermoon and the Spring Equinox. Gen. 1:14, Luke 21:25)  Everything, that concerns Israel,Moses with Torah begins to take on greater significance in light of the Lord’s divine appointments. The Prime minister made this historic address to both houses of Congress on the eve of the Fast of Esther.  This is an annual remembrance for Jewish folks, preceding Purim, to remember when a past Persian enemy conspired to completely destroy Israel.  Queen Esther was used by God to stand in the gap for her people,” for such a time as this”.  I encourage you to read the short and very timely book of Esther.  We are also, now, days away from the April 4th  Feast of Passover, and the next Blood Moon.  It is a good time to recall that God has ever had his hand on the nation of Israel.  Those who forget this or challenge the ownership of His land do so at their own risk.

Israel is a small, stable democratic nation with open, fair and regular elections for all their people. Jews and Arabs.  They are surrounded by Islamic enemies. They are a major player in the Bible and End-times prophecy.  America has been their stalwart ally since their nation was re-birthed in 1948.  We do not. israel 9 I repeat DO NOT want to get on the wrong side of this issue. ( Please read Mazel Tov 1 and 2 in the archives for more scriptural reasons to support Israel)  As a nation, we may not agree with every move that their government makes. That is fine.  However, it is important to respect and strongly, publically, support our ally in the face of their Islamic enemies, the U.N and  to the world.  Like the playground bully waiting to beat up the scawny , friendless kid all these players are are watching and assessing American resolve.  I can, if I choose, be philosophic in my approach to Israeli attitudes, politics and issues.  thVRRLGL90 I am far from that hotbed of  deadly activities of Isis, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and irrational Syrian or Iranian leaders. th59W3H7BC

The Israeli people and Benjamin Netanyahu do not have the luxury of casual, coffeehouse “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along-in-the-sandbox philosophy”.  It is a very small sandbox and the last time they ignored rising anti-semitic rhetoric, Adolf Hitler taught them a hard, cruel lesson that cost upwards of 7 million Jewish lives.

I have written at length about these negotiations with Iran. ( You may want to go into the archives and read the Letter to President Obama.) While I applaud his desire for peace I find it foolish in the extreme to negotiate with habitual liars and cheats and expect

thZ2SKWCRTa positive result. 1 Thessalonians 5:3-5  is a  prophetic verse our leaders may want to keep in mind when striving for peace at any cost.  Many have criticized the recent letter, thinking it was disloyal, that was sent by a group in Congress to the Iranian hierarchy. I, personally, think it a useful time-saving measure which merely reminds and informs all parties at the negotiating table that our Constitution was designed to have a tri-fold balance of power: and, that no matter how eager this administration is to have some sort of legacy foreign policy; our Constitution in Article II, Section II, Clause II requires that treaties (and this is a treaty) be trotted by the Legislative Branch for confirmation.  I, as a tax-paying, citizen of these United States, regardless of party affiliation, certainly want to know what sort of shenanigans that this administration, or any other, is promising the Iranians: A nation who funds terrorism, names us the Great Satan and routinely calls for our immediate demise!

Don’t you want to know?  Full disclosure before a deal is struck is always a good idea.  We all remember Nancy Pelosi famously stating that,thP5HDCMVO “We need to pass Obamacare so that we can see what’s in it!”  It didn’t make sense then, and it doesn’t make sense now with the ill- considered Iranian Nuclear dealings. I pray that our administration is not so prideful, obstinate, arrogant or rebellious as to ignore, yet again, the Constitutional balances of power that keep each branch in check.

I entitled this post The Bibi Effect. Away from the posturing fog of network commentary and political cold-shoulders I wanted to post his speech.  It does have a profound and sobering effect. He was repeatedly, very gracious to an administration that was AWOL and direct in his objective to shine a true light, for any who would listen, on the serious repercussions of a allowing a Nuclear Iran. He struck me as sincere, informed and genuinely alarmed at the tenor of these negotiations. Israel 10 I believe it is historic, wise and worthy of a second look.  Many only heard out-takes or highlights of the speech and I feel that the entire thing was outstanding. I have no idea what Mr. Netanyahu’s religious beliefs really are and it doesn’t matter: I only know that he seems to grasp the gravity of his situation. Consequently, he is deeply aware that he has no margin for error.  He takes the safety and actual survival of his country seriously. While he seems to be an excellent judge of character,thQBXS2AHN I am sure he has flaws.  I do not impute to him nor expect perfection. He speaks from long  personal experience. As a veteran, he has been wounded in defense of  his country and lost his brother during the historic 1977 Raid on Entebbe, Uganda to free Israeli hostages. Unlike some, he has no problem believing the Islamic rhetoric and identifying his enemies.  When we forget, he reminds us of the true character of those with whom we have chosen to treat. I hope that, at some point if not today, you will take the 42 minutes and watch. Listen again and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee!  Psalm 122:6

*Need more information on Passover and other Hebrew Feasts of the Lord?:  Exodus 11-13, Leviticus 23,  The Feasts of the Lord by Howard & Rosenthal. Additional good reading on the important Shemitah cycles in scripture and coming Blood Moons, I recommend Blood Moons by Mark Biltz and the Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn as a good starting point.

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  1. Beth says:

    This post and Netanyahu’s speech definitely have a sobering affect! I agree wholeheartedly. It just proves too that what’s in the Bible is true.

    • says:

      Yes it is sobering. So many don’t understand how the Covenant relationship works. It’s a wonderful study. Some Covenants require obedience or certain action. Others do not. As I mentioned in the post,Back in the day when a covenant was agreed upon both parties would walk between the bloodied pieces of meat…in essence saying that if either party breaks this agreement there will be blood! In this agreement, when God cut that Covenant with Abraham he put Abe into a deep sleep. Only the Lord walked between the pieces. All the conditions, then were on the Lord. Which takes care of any arguments by parties saying that this is null and void because Israel was out of the land, or they misbehaved and now the church has supplanted any “chosen people” promises etc…

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