The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou Part 2

Proverbs 25:2 says “It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out.”  If you are reasoning,”Well, I’m not royalty, so perhaps I shouldn’t try to ferret out the meanings of things which the Lord has concealed. Scripture also proceeds to identify believers in Jesus as priests and kings: 1 Peter 2:9; Rev. 5:10; Rev. 1:6 to name a few.  Now that we are qualified, let the search begin!

Biblical Dreams can often be puzzling for this  very reason, they are concealing a  mysterious “matter.” They are intended to be. These dreams originate in heaven and the interpretation is sourced there as well. The joy of discovering both- of seeking His face- can be like striking a match in a dark room and suddenly finding a treasure!  It was right there and you just didn’t realize it. Personal messages delivered in the dead of night from the King of Kings should get Christians extremely excited not skeptical!

 In the previous post I laid out a seemingly “nutty dream” which was sent to me by my sister. If you missed it, you need to back up and check out the “The crazy dream of Amy Lou” or you won’t know what on earth is going on! allows you to scroll forward and back.

We will pick up the thread of the meanings where we left off in the lingerie department!

As you recall, the ONLY requested gift by the King was said to be red silk, ruffled underwear!  Keep your mind out of the gutter and let’s sort this out.

RUFFLED– I see this as a description of something completely outrageous! Also noted, is that one generally only sees ruffled panties in toddlers. Rhumba panties or bloomers. So, speaks of childlike quality.

RED is a symbolic color that speaks of the redeeming blood or power of Jesus, but can represent sin or anger depending on the context.

SILK- fancy, rich, expensive, opulent. This is not a description of utilitarian, or plain-Jane, Granny panties!

PANTIES– or underwear in dreams is a metaphor for intimacy. Underwear is generally unseen by the world. Its covers our most vulnerable parts. In a marriage scenario for instance, this sort of attire or lack thereof is only revealed to one’s spouse.

In a dream, if we see grandpa wearing bright blue, long-johns it may be speaking of historic or generational, prophetic or revelatory intimacy, if we are seeing filthy dirty underwear this may be a call for cleansing power of Mr. Clean- the Holy Spirit, so that intimacy with the Lord can be restored. Little kid, cotton, training underwear speaks of basic, first steps of intimacy that probably needs maturity. You get the idea.

SIZE 6– Six is the number of man or humanity. Man was created on the 6th day of Creation. (Genesis 1:26)  The entirety of day six brought us to the unveiling of the day of Rest on Day 7. A gorgeous introduction to the Messiah.

Let me pause here to dive a little deeper on this number. I often teach on the Feasts of the Lord and Feast #6 is Yom Kippur.  That is a feast of judgment. The one day of the year where the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies and sprinkle the Blood on the Mercy Seat for Israel.  It did nationally what Passover did on a personal level.  At Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement or Covering…the people waited outside, fasting and hopefully repentant to see if the sacrifice and the blood would “cover” their sins for another year.  When Jesus died on the cross, he became our Passover Lamb, and his blood was the only accepted covering on the Mercy Seat.  In Amy’s dream, the Bridegroom -the King is telling us that the only gift, the only covering or sacrifice he wants or will accept is a covering of open intimacy-true relationship. Intimacy so close that one cannot tell where one starts and the other stops.

We can extrapolate this dream concept out and wonder, if the only appropriate, acceptable gift isn’t forthcoming then will that wedding take place? Hum? Something to think on.

1 Cor. 1:20 tells us that the wisdom of God seems crazy to those who don’t know him. Hearing this dream without breaking it down with prayerful consideration, certainly could make one think “Silly ol dream, I must have eaten some funky cheese or just watched a Victoria’s Secret ad  on TV right before bed or something!”

Not unlike a TV commercial which grabs our attention with unbelievably loud music, I believe the striking setting and outrageous aspects of Amy’s dream also served to etch it into her memory. It was so kooky and out there- it hooked her so that she would remember it with absolute clarity.


What is LILY, RULER OF THE PEOPLE-The KING really telling his BELOVED  church in order to be ready for the impending marriage? Marriage in Hebrew is contractually, a blood covenant, where two become so close they are one flesh. Inseparable. It’s a very powerful picture of how the Lord feels about us. So, we need to pay particular attention here:


In the dream, BELOVED is not climbing or taking advantage of the power/ mountain. She is happy to stay put, mingle with the other looky-loo tourists and window shop. She knows what is             ”in-store”, and what is available should she finally make up her mind. She clearly recognizes what an earlier generation gave/taught/passed along her is clothed in traditional dressing.

Suddenly, she is made aware- hearing the news that the wedding which she never really thought would happen- is about to be happen!  Beloved and Princess are to host a pre-wedding, bridal “shower” a really lovely symbol of the Holy Spirit all thru scripture.

BELOVED- is aghast by the request for this shocking, highly personal, possibly inappropriate, rather out of control-out of the box “gift” request of ruffled, red silk underwear!

There was no gift registry, no other gift options or compromises were provided. The gift was to be these ruffled red silk fancy pants or nothing. Nothing  whatsoever was left to the discretion of the hostess.

Size 6 was specified for the purchase: indicating a svelte, fit, killer-body would be the recipient!!  I tossed in a few other ideas on #6 above which all build together to create a very fit, strong body of Christ.

Beloved, in the dream, is so shocked by all this information she forgets to be grateful she doesn’t have to guess at acceptable ideas. Beloved begins to ask other questions in order to avoid saying, “This is soooo simple! All we have to do is obey and do what the King wants and asked us for!”  It has to be this simple, doesn’t it?

Final Analysis:

This was Amy’s dream and she was an active participant. In this instance, I was the Princess and seemed to just be the narrator passing along the pertinent information. So, the dream was sent for and the message which I consider extremely important was crafted and  delivered especially for Amy Lou.  However, it  could and should have much wider, “wake up and smell the coffee” – ” get in the game” implications for the modern day church.

The Princess is one who understands her Royal relationship and authority to the King.

The Groom- Jesus is the sweet smelling Lily and the King of Kings. He is telling us the wedding is coming up quickly. Princess is joyful and matter of fact. Beloved is shocked beyond words!

The bridegroom is telling her/us something vital. Please hear Him: “Beloved, in order to participate in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit- the Bridal Shower- you need to bring the only appropriate gift I find acceptable- RELATIONSHIP!!! ”  Only outrageous, Opulent, child-like, rich redemptive intimacy with him will do! This opportunity for closeness, acceptance and intimacy was purchased at a great price on a big ugly cross!

No more looking in the windows and flirting around the edges. No more explaining away the Holy Spirit or why we no longer need to fully embrace and step into His power.

Because of the names of the characters involved this reminds me of the passage in Song of Solomon 5 and 6. The bride groom has been away a long time. He returns and starts banging on the door. The bride is sound asleep – like in a coma-and won’t rouse herself to let him in. She throws many lame excuses while he’s knocking. Finally hauling herself out of bed, she opens the door only to find he’s gone! This, belatedly, throws her into a frenzy, running up and down asking folks if they have seen him!

It’s a really scary tale. Just as the more commonly known, Parable of the 10 Virgins. Jesus shares this story in Matthew 25 just after his answer to what will be the signs of your return. Oil/rain, obedience and preparedness play into all of these scenarios as well as Amy’s dream!

It is time for all the individual “Beloveds” to enter into the full power and Kingdom governmental authority (The MOUNTAIN of the Lord.)  Our inheritance requires POWER! Our mission requires POWER!  It requires a willingness to change and a teachable spirit! It calls you to be sopping wet in the rain of the Holy Spirit. It shouldn’t be shocking. It shouldn’t be laughable- it shouldn’t make us uncomfortable.

A good friend called me the other morning, after reading part one.  An avid researcher, she pointed out that before Zermatt was called Zermatt it had a different name, Praborgne. It means essentially the same thing, but rolls off the tongue more beautifully.  Early on a “romance language” was spoken there ( French?)- before the German colonists came and renamed it Zermatt.  The operative word which fits nicely into the dream breakdown, is “romance”. Romance which yearns for that soulmate,  closeness of hearts, the one-ness of spirit with the husband/lover/ King and the intimate awareness of that powerful mountain. Early on the church did have that heart and relationship and fully embraced His power.  It was later that the “language” began to change, things were renamed, explained into a box or became just a memory on the shelf.  A powerful little message derived just from the name of a small town in a country known for it’s non-committal behavior….and nice watches.(It is getting late!)

From that easy, level meadow in Zermatt you will never get the full effect of The Matterhorn- unless and until you put on the gear, and embrace the supernatural strength and power to climb it!

There is no more time. No more fence sitting, no more window shopping or prim” church as usual”. It’s time to enter in and fully commit to our ENTIRE inheritance. To grab hold of everything available and in store for you to have. He has told you what you need. Now, you/we/ the body of Christ all need to go get the outrageous, misunderstood GIFT of the Holy Spirit in order to be ready for the wedding!

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  1. Anne says:

    This is one of the most powerful dreams I’ve read this year. No, this was not a “nutty dream.” This dream reveals the heart of Jesus’ longing for intimacy, returning to meet His Bride who likewise longs for Him…cannot wait to be with Him. Nothing else matters but Him…Him alone is Who her heart beats for. Thank you Amy Lou for sharing this with all of us. May this year be a year of relationship and intimacy with your Beloved!

    • says:

      Thanks so much, Anne. Yes, for what could have seemed on the surface a frivolous thing it was really a rich and important message. Thanks for contributing and for dropping by! S

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