The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou

Amy is my big sister. She called recently with a crazy dream. It was so fantastic and strange as she received it, she awoke laughing. She relayed it to me to see what, if anything, I could make of the dream.

First, for new readers, let me just say dreams and dream interpretation are probably the most frequent means of Godly communication that we see in the Bible. I am not saying that every dream has the same Prophetic stature of Daniel, Joseph or David, only that we should deem them important and the source is the same and supported by LOTS of scripture. God doesn’t change and He still chooses to operate this way. The only time of absolute quiet in our lives is when we are sleeping. It is then the Lord can speak without fear of interruption.

Second, as with all Gifts of the Holy Spirit they have nothing to do with me. I receive dreams and interpret dreams as a function of my willingness to have the Holy Spirit working thru me. Before that time, I could never recall dreams if my life depended on it. I’m not super spiritual or holier than thou…I’m just willing to be used and this dream thing is apparently important to Him so it’s important to me.

Third item and important in this particular dream: When you see someone, pop up in a dream who isn’t generally on your radar, chances are this is a red flag that their NAME has meaning for your dream interpretation. It’s not personal. Usually the first thing I do is lay out all the characters and look up their names.

Now let’s take a look at Amy’s dream which she considered beyond ridiculous:

Amy and I are in Zermatt, Switzerland. (We actually went there together once in 1977)  There were many tourists meandering around the picturesque alpine town and the two of us are looking around and window shopping. Amy saw a doll just like the one that our grandmother had brought us from her European trip when we were kids.

As we were shopping, Sally tells me, matter of factly that our mutual friend, Sue T. is going to be married! Amy is astounded at this joyous news and Sally tells her,” It’s true, and we are going to throw her a bridal shower!”

Amy is really surprised and taken aback and wants to know what we should get her as a present. Sally replies, “I know what to get her. I have spoken to her and she told me EXACTLY what to get:  All she wants is bright red silk panties with ruffles. She could care less about the traditional gifts like china or kitchen stuff—Sue already had all that. All she wanted was the red silk underwear!”

Flabbergasted, Amy can’t believe it. She asks, “Well, how would we even know what size to buy?”

I reply, “Sue already told me the size, Size 6”

Amy is asking where this wedding is to take place or where the shower is to be. Who are we to ask ? Will the people come to Switzerland or what? I don’t answer any of these details and just keep repeating, “Sue told me exactly what to get—or exactly what she wanted.”  The End

Amy said that whole thing was so goofy, she woke up laughing as this dream came to an end.

Let’s break this down:

Setting: We are in Zermatt, Switzerland. Switzerland is known for its neutrality. (And, for secure banking.) I am going to scoot out a limb here and also note that John Calvin who was influential during the Protestant Reformation was born in France, but lived and died in Switzerland. With the absence of financial dealings in this dream, I am focusing on the neutrality of Switzerland and speaking to a generalized peek at Protestant “traditions” that have arisen out of protestant “Calvinist” teachings.  Primarily, Switzerland doesn’t get involved. They don’t make commitments in conflicts or wars. They stay off the battle field. That is their overshadowing claim to fame. Zermatt is a scenic little meadow town at the base of a towering fourteener called the Matterhorn. This is the starting place, the jumping off place for folks who want to or are inclined to climb that mountain- or you could say, for those interested in climbing to greater heights.  In real life, people who come to Zermatt fall into two main groups- the looky-loo tourists or serious mountain climbers!

Bridal Shower: Though not featured, it is a major point of discussion. A bridal shower is a celebration of the impending wedding. This is a specific and common, end-times reference.  A Shower is an unexpected, rain event and pictures the necessity of being drenched by the Holy Spirit prior to the full -blown Wedding Event.

Name meanings:

Sue- short for Susan, means LILY

T. ( sorry, I redacted the surname name to protect her privacy)– Her last name is a derivative meaning Ruler of the People

Amy means BELOVED and thus symbolic of Believers or “The Church”

Sally means PRINCESS

If we remove the personalities from the mix with no gender, no personal history. Sue is no longer my school chum,  orFeverseason reader- she is just LILY, the Ruler of the People. So what does LILY tell us? We are all familiar with the hymn lyric, Jesus is the LILY of the Valley and the Bright and Morning Star. This could be the recognizable dream reference. Lily’s are very sweet smelling flowers which Jesus tells us to consider in the book of Luke. In 2 Corinthians 2:14-15 Paul says our goal is to be so close to Jesus that we start smelling just like him!

“Thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession to Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. For we are to God the aroma of Christ.”

However, the surname specifically identified is T. According to my resources the last name is a derivative of Theodoric which means RULER OF THE PEOPLE (King) SUE in the context of this dream, because of her name, represents KING JESUS!

AMY is no longer my big sister, she is BELOVED. 1 John 41-8; 1 John 3:1-2; 3 John 1:2, Romans 1:7; James 2:6, 1 Cor 15:58– all use “Beloved “ as an endearing synonym for the Church- for Believers.

Sally is no longer the goofy little sister, shopping buddy or neighbor and school friend of Sue. Sally is a nickname of Sarah means PRINCESS. A princess is a child of the King. A princess understands who she is and who she represents, and also should be a member of the family of believers.

As I go thru the dream again, I will jettison the original names, genders etc… and use the Meanings:

Set in Switzerland which is known for its neutrality, Beloved and Princess are walking around and window shopping at the base of the high mountain. Beloved recognizes and recounts the memory of the doll – something she received from a previous generation.

Windows are divine revelation. We’ve talked about that in previous dream discussions.

“Window shopping” speaks of being on the street-in the world- while peeking in at the richness, resources and wares available in the stores. Part of the understanding of window shopping is that you are not entering in-for whatever reason- to commit, or take advantage of what you are seeing or looking for.

Beloved – is looking in, but never making a purchase. She sees and recognizes a doll as identical to the gift the gift as identical to the one her grandmother in a previous generation gave her. Grandmother, though not seen in this scenario is a picture of previous generation of the Church or Body of Christ. (Our Grandmother was also named Sarah=Princess, by the way)

A doll is ordinarily something little girls are given in their youth to play act, practice to be a mommy in training. The dolls Amy/Beloved is referring to were actually little dolls dressed in native costume from. Dolls dressed in “traditional” costumes.

I really believe that this particular sliver of the dream means that we were given something really, really important from the early church, an “old” loved generation of the body of Christ and we put it on the shelf and didn’t play with it.  We closed the door of the doll cabinet and forgot about it. Or,  one could look at it a different way and consider, that a more recent generation of our forefathers in the church gave us a gift- a  “tradition of men” to play with and we took that and cherished the thing dressed in traditional dress clothes more than the purpose of the Gifts found in the Bible. We set the Holy Spirit on the shelf and only take him down when it suits us.  Either interpretation is incredibly sad and heartbreaking. With that gift originating from Neutral Territory- the power component of the Bride of Christ began to go down the drain, to Satan’s delight!

Princess soon tells her the joyous news- LILY-Ruler of the People is soon to be married. And, we are hosting the bridal shower!

Totally flabbergasted by this impending news, BELOVED is at once concerned about what to offer LILY- Ruler of the People- as a gift.

 Miss Princess states-rather emphatically that she has it right from the source, the only gift required or wanted is: Ruffled, Red Silk panties!

We will check out the meaning of the shocking and expensive red panties in the next post called the The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou Part 2!











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    Maybe Jesus just wants some sexy bloomers.

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      Hey there! Well, part two comes out on Wednesday and with the rest of the story! Thanks for dropping by! S

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