The Devil Never Sleeps

It has been a full week since the Paris terror attacks. th (14) We have been bombarded with images, and reports of the deeds, the plots, players and planning, the hunt for the perpetrators.  Yesterday we saw more in Mali at an “American” hotel.  The Devil  never sleeps. The week before it was a downed Russian airliner. Lots of innocent victims.

Politicians and Media pundits like to talk this problem to death.  Expert Analysts try to make us believe that terror grows from lack of education, poverty or a twisting of a peaceful religion or climate change. I am not going to become entangled in politics or arguments that pit our historic opened armed compassion and American Values with realities  or vagaries of modern terror and technology. This is a different day.  The battle is with Powers and Principalities that most chose to deny or ignore.


Without us at least considering the Biblical concept that there is something otherworldly going on here we will never “get the big picture”.  Americans have, by in large, stepped out of agreement with the word of God.  They may have an historic memory of “Christianity” in their lives; but it is ever so easy to walk down a particular road so far, that you can’t see your home on the horizon anymore. We have tried to understand the “terror” problem from a rational, educational, logical editorial viewpoint. Why don’t these Islamists play well with others?  Why can’t we all just get along?  Why don’t these folks just get a job and go on about their lives ?thBEC0KHIF

We tippy-toe around, nicely, foolishly, try our best not to be offensive until we finally become unrecognizable as what we once were. Then we are surprised when the Muslim world is still mean and cranky with all things Western.

thJBKAT82H They don’t want to stay put and fix what they’ve got at home and they don’t want to come over to the West and change or become “Free”.  We can’t make them happy nor can we figure them out!

From this ground floor, earthly perspective we will never figure it out. This isn’t a social studies project,  a comparative religions course or even a philosophical battle of cultures.  It is a Spiritual battle that is Prophectic in Nature and mostly supernatural and unseen.  This is why it cannot be squelched with more money or reasoned into submission. It is The Darkness beginning it’s final push against the Light. John 1:5

Devil 4Satan knows that his time is limited.  His apperature of opportunity is closing.  He has nothing to lose by stirring up as much chaos and controversy as he can.  There is a palpable spirit of rising lawlessness, a spirit of chaos, fear and darkness that even hapless, unbelieving bystanders can feel. Change is in the air.

Satan never sleeps and nor should we.  We need to awaken to the times and sound the warning. Armor ourselves for the coming ratcheting up on the supernatural battlefield.  Satan knows, I would imagine, that he looses in the end.  Therefore he, like a cornered  Wolverine, is all the more vicious. Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:8

We, while recognizing the serious times and the danger, need to comprehend that this is not an evenly pitched battle. th0TS5OFZZ Satan is not all- powerful no matter how Hollywood portrays him.  We have THE power in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, to  successfully take on the demonic when we meet them in our lives.  Christians need to believe it. Learn to tap it and use it or get out of my way. 1 John 4:4-5

We have the knowledge if we care to study the Bible to know what is soon coming down our road and what we need to be doing to prepare for it.  That menu never changes and we see it plainly patterned in the life of Jesus and those in the early First church. John 14:11-15

Repent. Acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah he claimed to be.  Get baptized in Water and then pray for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.thY7H0X6RR  One is for salvation, the other is for empowerment to operate effectively in this dark and sinful world. Then Preach it: Jesus told us to get out there and spread the Good News, shine a light in the darkness. Love people like He did.  How did he show his love? By feeding the poor, Raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out the very real and active demonic entities that afflict this world and keep us in bondage. We have and hold His supernatural authority. and if we choose not to use it to beat back the darkness, then we are not doing our job as Followers of Jesus.th0XKRC1HJ

Whether we know it, or acknowledge it or not, we are all of us on a limited, ticking, Biblical Clock.  Everything else is just distracting jibber-jabber. We are burning daylight and Christianity is, after all, an action word.

Satan never sleeps and as long as that is true we need to stay alert and very, very busy!



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  1. Don Korb says:

    What a day! Joy, excitement, Gospel truth preached in Church this morning, then this “on TARGET” blog to encourage us. Sally does what a Spirit filled Christian friend of mine preaches: “Open your mouth and let the Lion out!”

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