The Holiday is Over

From time to time, this blog has discussed God’s use of dreams, visions and other means of communicating with us.

Sleepers 2Here is a dream that I was given some time ago that I have, here-to-fore, only shared with a few close friends.

In this dream:  I am walking along hand in hand with my granddaughter, Isabelle.  We are in an unspecified urban setting. I see a very tall skyscraper building with a large HOLIDAY INN sign on top.thDF3F2RWS

As we enter, Isabelle, without a word, leaves me and dives into the deep end of the hotel swimming pool where she stays.  I leave her- having an overwhelming, thU2324BY3consuming knowledge that something big and bad is coming soon and it is my responsibility to warn people.

While the tall building began as a hotel-as I went to the top and began to talk to people, it morphed alternately to an office building, shops and restaurantsthW4GIT4KN

–generally representative of life and our society.  I went from room to room, office to office, floor to floor warning people of the soon-coming disaster.  It was like herding cats!  Most paid no attention to me at all!  Others, initially, would jump up and follow only to soon become distracted and ask me to wait while they stopped to check out a good sale in one of the shops or stop for a bite to eat.


This frustrating activity went on for some time. Then all at once, I became AWARE that it was time to go-RIGHT NOW!  I ran thru a library room, grabbing two large, dusty, leather- bound volumes from a shelf.



I was suddenly reunited with Isabelle.  We ran for all we were worth thru parking lots and traffic jams,  hood-sliding over cars  like Bo and Luke Duke   (a la Dukes of Hazzard!)th7UWXI47C

We ran through the downtown streets, to put as much space between us and the building we had run from.  A moment later, we heard an ominous boom and looking back saw a huge cloud of dust and debris billowing forth behind us.

An audible “Voice Over” came at the end of this disturbing scene.  I heard the words: “ The Holiday is Over!

So, what does this all mean?  I will try to unpack this for you with the interpretation that the Lord has given to me.

In  Biblical dreams, people we know are not always who they appear to be.  They may be, but it can also be what their name means or an outstanding characteristic that they have.  Oft times in dreams, if you see your husband, it is representative of Christ.  In our example today, young girls are often a picture of the church/ or the Bride of Christ.  Isabelle’s name means Promise of God or Devoted to God.

She dives into the deep end of the pool and stays there. The pool is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.  We, the church/ believers need to be immersed in the Holy Spirit to be useful and effective.thU2324BY3

The Hotel-  The Holiday Inn represents our current lives/society/culture.  We here in America have enjoyed a long period of carefree holiday “blessing” th859M7MCULargely untouched by spiritual persecution , hardship, hunger or need.  It is therefore extremely difficult to spread a warning to shake folks from their ease and complacency.  They assume that they know it all.  No surprises.  Everything will go on as it always has.  We, as a society, don’t want to think that anything at all unpleasant may happen to disturb the status quo.

And, we as Christians have erroneously grown comfortable in the idea that we are totally immune from any sort of ugliness, disaster or persecution.

thQU8OYOFU  It is easy to be distracted by the allure of life as usual. The people in my dream preferred to focus on career, or to turn aside to shop for new clothes, or dine with friends rather than take heed of the urgent warning.

Dreams often have multilevel messages.  This dream was reinforcing for me what The Lord had previously told me in Ezekiel 3:10-11 ( see: The Voice post) Bible 3That my job is to go and tell people the wonderful news of John 3:16.  Jesus loves them and wants to save them not only from imminent danger of an certain event but also from eternal damnation in life.

And while it is personally heartbreaking, not everybody is going to listen.  Or some will come along for a little bit, but fall by the wayside, too easily distracted by shiny objects and the cares of this world.  ( Matt 13) My position is to be obedient.  My job is to go, warn the folks and let the Holy Spirit worry about who pays attention and takes action.

 It is critical in this dream, and in life, to remain focused on His Voice.  His leading.  And to know when it is time to drop everything and Exit- stage left!

The two big books I grabbed and clutched to my breast as I ran out are the Old and New Testaments.  They were dusty and unread, forgotten on a shelf when I found them. So, I took them with me.  I don’t want to be caught in the world without the Word.  No matter what happens or where I go, I will need the Word of God.

The “Voice over” at the end of my dream is the real point, isn’t it.  This audible exclamation woke me with its intensity.  The Holiday is Over!  I believe that the Lord was telling me that we are seeing the end of an era in our lives here.  A demarcation between this “holiday” time of security and easy living  and the time after the vacation.  This new reality where things are dark, things are dangerous.  Time is short.  Obedience to the Voice of the Lord is vital.  Dependence on the Word of Truth is critical.  Immersion in the Holy Spirit must be the preeminent goal for the end time church if we intend to be over-comers.  We know that in Matt 24 Jesus himself predicted very hard times as he described the end of the age…to include earthquakes, drought, pestilence. food 1 This author suggests, once more, that making substantial physical preparations for these eventualities as well as spiritual preparation for the days to come is a very wise idea.

Author’s note:  I caution readers not to receive this, or any other posted message in fear.  There is a wealth of scriptural evidence to support the claim that God gives us dreams and the like, to:  impart timely info, to shore us up, prepare us for things to come and get us moving ( see post Beautiful Dreamer)  1 John 4:1-2 warns not to believe every Spirit but to test them to make sure they are from God.  Godly visions, dreams, voices will not contradict scripture or tell you to do anything contrary to His Word.  If, for instance, you have visitations or voices telling you to drown your babies in the bathtub or shoot up the school lunchroom be assured, this is definitively NOT from God!!  You are in need of deliverance.

Devil 2Satan loves to masquerade as an Angel of Light and rip off the methods which God uses.  It is therefore imperative to be grounded in God’s Word.  1 John 4:2 tells us that every Spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.

What are you dreaming?





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