The Mine Field

I often blog about deep spiritual topics. I frequently write about dream interpretation or prophetic End Times news unfolding in our lives every day. I was about th4ITKPTYIto say that this is NOT to be one of those days. But maybe, upon closer examination- it really is!

I have been on emergency “Grandmother Duty” for a month now, as many of you know. While there have been a few opportunities to get out of the house with the kids and go to the park, for the most part the cold, the snow, and extenuating circumstances have kept us cooped up in the house. By any one’s definition: Three kids under the age of 10 plus anyone else is a very full house!

Amidst the homework, the errands, the scout meetings and cookie sales, snow shoveling and school runs we have been watching an inordinate amount of TV.

Do not misunderstand me.  I’m a child of the ‘50’s and I love my TV. As a kid I watched more than my fair share of cartoons. They were FUNNY back in the day and while some, like the Rocky and Bullwinkle show might have some quasi political cold-war undertones they were really funny! There may have been  dastardly villians trying to take over the world such as the Master Cylinder on Felix the Cat but the bad guys were whacked without virtue of black magic or demonic conjuring!

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I submit for your consideration, Tom and Jerry, Wile E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones and any number of Mickey Mouse spin offs that may well have been a waste of time, however,thJUAP3YV8 they were all designed to make us LAUGH! We watched for a little while on Saturday morning and then we went outside and played with real people…or hung upside down on real tree branches, drank from the hose and pedaled real bicycles around the neighborhood (sans helmets) in the hot heat and the bitter cold.

In the 21st century one has at their disposal 24 hour-a-day networks devoted to mindless viewing. For those who can afford the monthly price tag there are now a boat load of so-called kid friendly and “family channels” with programming for virtually any age group or interest you can think of, at all hours of the day or night. thVSHIN7AWIn addition to the old school networks and PBS programming, there are now downloadable Apps and games to play on phones, computers and any handy electronic gizmo. Netflix and like-programming makes every TV show or movie ever made (whether excellent or mind numbing), available for anytime viewing until the end of time!

A random sampling over the past few weeks here on the frontlines has been pretty alarming. My personal observation is that a huge proportion of “children’s” programming, movies, games and apps are infused with Pagan (idolatrous) religious overtones or th3OVZ2Z2K

storylines and most come with a side-car of blatant demonic themes.

In a society where it is common for all the parents to be working full-time running on hamster wheels as fast as they can to keep it all going- our lives are crazy busy! Family time can often be defined by a fast meal in front of the TV before carpooling to the next activitythTT3PMLQS or a quick kiss at bedime. Media is commonly used as a free babysitter (guilty of this myself, here lately!) Is it any wonder, in such a harried, hectic environment, that parents and care-givers don’t even comprehend what has been invited into their homes?

Many observant parents are watchful for extreme violence, sexual content or scary themes such as the ever popular Zombies- and this is all to the good. However, thinking this the only importantthVOXPCP5I screening needed is a common blunder. In the absence of those particular benchmarks, parents may be missing many more insidious items sliding past their filtering defenses and into their living rooms; thus allowing a huge influx of demonic themes to bombard their children on a dangerous, repetitive basis.

At the risk of sounding like the classic Old Saturday Night Live “Church Lady” skit and kill everybody’s fun,thMDXIBQ2M my point is here is simple.  The closer we get to the end times the greater the warfare.  Therefore, Christian parents, Grandparents and care givers need to be hyper-vigilant and aware of what is afoot. I know many mature, Believing Christians who do not  really believe or even consider that they and their families are susceptible to demonic influences. If this is not true, why would Paul write to us about the vital importance of always wearing Spiritual head to foot armor? (Ephesians 6). 1 Peter 5:8 Warns us to be on guard because Satan knows his time is short and is on the prowl seeking who he may destroy! He wants to steal, kill and destroy your family. He get’s the lateness of the hour and has his effective plan.  What is yours?

Satan is called by Jesus the Father of Lies. Satan operates from Genesis thru Revelation as a liar and deceiver. He would love for you to think that he is not real, or that the fact that you are a Christian makes you “untouchable” to him and his operatives. (John 8:44)


Satan is also the Prince of the Power of the Air and he is making extremely good use of the Airwaves and modern technology. (Ephesians 2:2)

Parents today are increasingly working themselves to death, over-scheduled and stressed out and/or glued to FaceBook or viewing equally sketchy “grown-up” shows so what are we to do?

The first hurdle is to be aware that Satan is real and operational. We need to really wrap our head around he fact that we and our families are involved in a fight to the death Spiritual War. Whether you believe in this or not does not change the scriptural basis and veracity nor the chaos potential for your family and loved ones. Parents need to have their head in the game. Be aware of the danger.

I don’t think it is realistic in the 21st century to be able to keep impressionable kids in a protective “media-free” bubble.thLZX438Z9 We can probably limit time exposure but let’s face it, the influence is here to stay. Rather than go off the grid or throw up our hands in despair, I think we need to become much more proactive and use these everyday examples as an intensive teaching opportunities.( Proverbs 22:6, Psalms 101:3, Ephesians 5:15)

Talk to your kids about what they are watching. Some parents are reluctant to broach topics like this with their kids for fear of scaring them.  Really?  I’ve been watching some really scary demonic stuff in cartoons and movies the past few weeks and the kids don’t even flinch! th9U7SMY52 I have a few theories on this 1)Parents either don’t know what the kids are watching or 2) they believe that because it is billed as fiction or is animated that it’s OK to absorb. 3) A third and likely option is that today’s parents have been so indoctrinated over the years with this insidious waterboarding that it doesn’t even register on their Internal Meter anymore.  Therein lies the real danger. 4)  Many may  want to wait until their kids are at a” certain age of understanding” or are waiting for the child to ask “faith” questions before giving them sound teaching on Jesus and the reality of Satan in the world today.  thLR28P3NXRespectfully, the world via the media has no such compulsions and has already been indoctrinating our kids for years. As spiritual leaders we need to get equally aggressive. Let children know, from a very young age, that there is a battle ongoing for their minds and their spirit. Tell them the truth. Give them their Armor!

Since we will not always be around and even if we were, we cannot shield them from every bad influence, it is critical to train our kids to identify, discern and sort the good from the bad in everything they are playing and watching. We need to teach them to successfully fight spiritual battles. Many believe, erroneously, that children’s cartoons are harmless because they are animated. Untrue. Games are not just games and visual things are quick to stick in their minds. (Matt 6:22-23)

For instance, based on current movie releases: explain how the Buddhist doctrine portrayed in the Star Wars “Force” differs fromthT1I9JU7P the power of the One True God. Kung Fu Panda one two and three are entertaining and funny but are conditioning your young children to become familiar and comfortable with thethXJ9BWAK7 tenets of Eastern Religions. This requires work on the part of parents and grandparents. Not only must you be filled with the Spirit and know your Bible–You probably should have a  working knowledge of other religions and be able to communicate to the short people in your life, why this is erroneous, and not compatible to our Christian Way. This should be an ongoing dialogue.

 Many of the Lego movies and toys the Ninja games the Spinjitsu figures and Pokemon so popular with the kids today are rife with ungodly themes and full of magic and the influence of the demonic and thW7QJ0BMCfamiliar spirits. Know what your kids are watching and downloading and playing on a regular basis. It’s important. Don’t be afraid to unplug stuff or delete APPS. But be prepared to clearly relate why it is important to do so!

These can all be obvious doorways for real demonic strongholds. Not explaining to your kids, giving them Biblical tools and putting them on a defensive mode is the equivalent of daily dropping them off in a park where drug dealers, thieves and pedophiles hang out. It is DANGEROUS and no loving parent would ever do such a thing! Why then, do we believe that sitting them down in a media minefield day after day is any less dangerous?

This sounds obvious but Christian parents need to be praying for their children. Ask the Lord to release warring angels to protect your kids. Ask him for a hedge of protection from the demonic for your home and family. Ask for a Godly shield for their minds. Plead the blood of Jesus over your home. Ask for wisdom for yourself in how to parent your little gifts of God and how to proceed! Is everything that you and your family are viewing and playing or spending time with honoring to God? Would you be embarrassed if Jesus walked into a room and saw what you or your children were involved with? That’s a pretty good qualifier for anything we have questions about.

 When you tuck your children in at night are you declaring and decreeing what sort of people that you want them to grow up to be?th (73) Are they hearing from you that you pray for help for them to make God-centered decisions in their lives? Is the last thing they hear from your lips at night that you pray they will Love God and that they will grow up to be the man or woman God wants them to be? Have they heard from your lips and seen evidenced in your life and example that Jesus is your MAIN priority, that he Loves them and you unconditionally and that He still performs miracles in peoples’ lives every day? They have to see and believe the power and viability in Jesus and in our Christianity or they will seek it out somewhere else.







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4 Responses to The Mine Field

  1. Donna Kress says:

    Thanks for an excellent article Sally. Sometimes I think the relating of the prophets of Baal and Elijah on Mount Carmel is a perfect type of where we are today. “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”
    Romans 13:1. If our young people don’t see power in the church, they will seek it elsewhere, and
    “14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” 11 Corinthians 11: 14-15. His fingerprints are all over all forms of media, the everyday conversations of men and pervading our educational system. It is “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. 12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. 13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. 14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.”
    Romans 13: 11-14
    Bless you and your ministry,
    Donna Kress

    • says:

      Hi Donna, Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes the hour is definitely late. With the lateness of the hour I see the warfare really ramping up in all areas. However, I think that the insidious media incursion has been so gradual and our lives have become so dictated by electronic gizmo’s that most don’t even notice and most don’t recognize it as a battlefield tactic of the enemy.
      Parental screening is really important but that has to start really young and parents have to understand the rules in this supernatural battle to “get” what is at stake.
      Good to hear from you!

  2. This is a fabulous, wonderful post. I remember attending the first Star Wars movie. After I saw it, many people asked how I liked it. They were utterly flummoxed that I thought it was a trivial plot with a sinister purpose. It was very clear to me that the whole point of the movie was to give people a dramatic substitute for God. I have watched some of the others in that family, but nothing recent. The comments I read and hear tell me that nothing has changed.
    Sadly, Christian people often say to me, “But it’s just a movie.” Unfortunately, it isn’t just a movie. It is a virus that moves into people’s heads. It finds company in the voices heard on TV talk shows. Those programs feature guest after guest who has discovered that he is his own god, that he doesn’t need the “trappings” of religion, because the spirits talk to him through incense and candles and bubble baths.
    We live in a dangerous world, and the most dangerous enemies are wrapped in the softest, silkiest sheepskins.

    • says:

      Hi Katherine, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think many see movies or cartoons as just a neutral. Anything you take in good or bad is leaving a mark on you somehow. Paul knew that it was a mine field…and a battlefield and that’s why we are cautioned in Phil. 4:4-9 to focus/think/meditate on the things that they had learned and received from him (scriptural truth) and then to use truth, goodness, justice, loveliness, virtuousness, praiseworthiness and worship as a filter to keep the Peace flowing in their homes.
      A lot of times when I bring this up people get annoyed with me. People don’t like to change. Really screening what family (including your spouse, unfortunately)is watching and playing on the computer or electronic gizmos is a lot of work and can turn into a huge controversy! I imagine if people understood that these viewings and activities are the doorways by which you are extending legal invitations to the demonic world to move right in that they would be much more prudent about many things.
      I love your parting line about the dangerous world and the softest silkiest sheepskins….so true.

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