The One with the Yellow Jackets

In the early morning hours of February 4th I had a very vivid, Godly dream:

In the first scene, I saw from afar, my OHV ( Off Highway All-Terrain Vehicle) driving slowly along a farm trail .  On one side a barbed wire fence was visible such as you would see along the edge of someone’s property.  Bordered  on the other side by a large field of what looked from my somewhat distant perspective, some sort of grain.  The vehicle slowed to a stop alongside this beautiful field.

In the next scene : My Point of View has changed, now I am sitting by myself, in the passenger seat inside the OHV.  Suddenly there are hoards of swarming yellow jackets covering the windshield, and presumably the rest of the OHV.

Then, because this vehicle has a removable cover and doors,( not tightly constructed like a jeep) the yellow jackets began to find ways inside the vehicle.  Along the edge of the windshield there came burrowing inside,hundreds of yellow jackets, buzzing furiously and glomming up on top of each other as they entered my vehicle.  I don’t mind telling you that I was starting to freak out!

I was sitting there, a mass of indecision.  As yet, there had been no direct attack  or stinging…just the horrible noise of agitated, buzzing insects.  In my mind I am picturing massive attack followed by fatal, anaphylactic shock, I was considering my limited options:  Just open the door and run like crazy!  Or start swatting bugs as fast as possible. Stay really, really still and don’t move until they lose interest and go away. My sitelines were diminishing as they covered the windshield.  However, it was the noise which was dreadful. Immediate “bolt and run” seemed my best option.

Before I could take any decisive action, I heard a voice (always helpful in dreams and definitely cuts down on any interpretive confusion!)

“Don’t Move!” says the authoritative voice, of what I assume is the Lord or a messenger thereof.  ” Just open the door and command them all to leave.”

 I must have done exactly what The Voice told me to do, although I have no memory of taking this action in my dream. In that moment all I felt was immense relief and immediate quiet.  No more threatening buzzing!

Next thing I know,  I hear and receive further explanation: ” It is the workers coming to the harvest field  that have stirred up all the yellow jackets, the demonic!”

In the next scene, there is a tall and narrow canvas possibly 2x 6 feet tall. ( just guessing)  It was a big picture painted on the canvas.  So, here’s the BIG PICTURE:

Painted with a brilliant blue background was a tall, powerfully, athletic woman in very shiny, full-body armor.  Bearing no resemblance to my 60-year-old grandmotherly self, this picture was painted in a Marvel Comics animation style of a tall female ready and waiting for battle, completely outfitted in armor glowing in the sunlight, and carrying a huge shield emblazoned with a red cross on the front.  The other hand was resting on the hilt of a very long, very huge sword and the woman was standing in thigh high ripe wheat.

The final words I heard, clearly stated by the very loud voice announced, ” Warrior Woman!”

I sat straight up in the bed and stayed wide awake for a very long time!

Is this a dream telling us that time is short to share the Good News of Jesus and Gospel of the Kingdom?  Yes!

Is this a dream which enforces who we are in Christ and how we need to operate?  Yes

Is this a dream that reminds us that the demonic has only what power that we offer them in fear or ignorance?  Absolutely!

Is this a dream which should encourage us into authoritative action in whatever field of influence we are dropped?  Yes, Indeed.!

Should we expect a rising up-tick in demonic activity as we prepare for the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world?  You betcha!

Big Picture?   As Warrior Men and Women we are driving up and wading into the greatest harvest of souls ever seen, we need to understand that the demonic doesn’t always wear a red suit and carry a pitchfork. We need to get serious about our mission while operating our Father’s Business, remember who we are, and keep our heads on a swivel!



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4 Responses to The One with the Yellow Jackets

  1. Patti says:

    Thank you for sharing this dream. It is very helpful and encouraging.

  2. Donna Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing Sally. Have really been praying and believing for second Great Awakening. So many with no knowledge of the Saviour. Thanking God for an Administration, President and Vice-President speaking freely about the Lord. It is very soon to be upon us. Bless your continued faithful ministry.

    • says:

      Yep, we are living in very exciting times. As that dream illustrates, the drive for the finish line harvest is stirring up a mass of darkness into a feeding frenzy. Appreciate you following along so faithfully!

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