The Red Door

Spring home improvement. This morning I painted my door red!  I taped off the trim and the doorknob and carefully covered the floor so that telltale droplets would not splat where they should not splat. thXOB2M2QZ I  put on my painting clothes, took my time and applied several coats giving each one ample time to dry.  The job is not perfect but looks pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself!   It put me in mind of a different kind of paint job back in the day:

Approximately 1260 BC: 40 years after he had left Egypt, Moses returned, at the invitation of I AM, to entreat Pharaoh to let the Hebrew slaves go free.  He had grown up with Ramses, knew him well and no doubt realized that the King was difficult to deal with.  The Lord warned Moses in advance that Pharaoh would not listen nor agree and that the Lord would intervene for His people and they would then get a real glimpse of who Yahweh was and how He operated.

Moses met repeatedly with Pharaoh and warned him that plagues from the Lord were coming.thWZG2VI07 Pharaoh didn’t like to be threatened and indeed, his own magicians were able to come up with some pretty impressive tricks themselves.  He wasn’t worried and dismissed his annoying, nutty, ‘cousin’ Moses who had apparently found religion and become a prophet of doom.

It is at the third interview recorded in Exodus 7 where Pharaoh again refuses to let the people go.  80 year-old Moses and his brother Aaron, th6FB8CRDYfollowing the Lord’s instructions, take the long rod, stretch it out over all the waters of Egypt and all the water from teapots to the mighty, worshipped Nile turned to actual blood. All the fish died, everything stank to high heavens and no one had anything to drink for an entire week.

In the coming weeks, further unproductive interviews were followed by more plagues: hoards of frogs, legions of lice, swarms of flies,  deadly Cattle disease, nasty boils on all the Egyptians and  all their animals, terrific thunder/ spooky hail mixed with fire on all the Egyptians smashing all their crops and trees. This was followed by clouds of locust that ate up everything that previous plagues hadn’t killed.  When this was unsuccessful a deep three day period of profound darkness fell on Egypt.( None of these terrible plagues befell the Hebrew people in their area, down in Goshen!)

thHLRVEWCYThis fact seemed to infuriate the King.  At last, Moses told him that he would not come again.  Pharaoh had squandered his last opportunity.  Now the negotiations were over and judgment was about to begin.

Exodus 11 shows us that the Lord shared with Moses the details of the last plague that would finally change the King’s mind. Moses was told to spread the word to his people exactly what to do so that the terrible judgment would not fall on them, as well.  This time, the Hebrew people were required to do something to be saved. Watch closely.

Each Hebrew household was instructed to slit the throat of a perfect, unblemished one year-old Lamb. thUUNWOTGG This was no careful paint job as I was doing this morning.  With a hyssop branch they were to splash the blood of the Lamb on the frame of their front door…in essence, splattering a big, red, bloody cross across each of their doors.

I’m sure it was a sticky mess.  When the Angel of Death came by that night he would see the Blood of the Lamb and pass them  by.  Any household not covered by the blood of the Lamb faced a terrible fate:  The firstborn of every household would die, as well as the firstborn of their animals.

thV4R3LK63The slaughtered Lamb was then to be roasted whole (no broken bones), eaten quickly with unleavened Matzah bread and a few other specified items and they should spend the rest of the Passover evening getting their belongings together because, finally, they were going to be freed from the bondage of their 400 year slavery.

Passover is still observed today.  It was ordained by the Lord in scripture as the first of seven Feasts of the Lord. Leviticus 23 outlines the details of the Feasts and declares that they should be kept forever.  Not only is it kept as the annual remembrance of this epic event in Jewish history. thS294ENE4 These are not just Jewish Feasts but they are listed in the scripture as the Lord’s Feasts.

 Passover as the first is a beautiful word picture of Jesus, the coming Messiah.  The Lamb of God who was worthy to be slain.  He is the door.  There is only one entry, one way to be saved.  If we are not covered by His blood we are destined to die. Eternity tormented and separated from God.  Jesus died on the cross on Passover at the exact moment of the evening Temple sacrifice.  Some have claimed that the Jews or Judas or the Romans killed Jesus.  Do not miss the point here: Jesus willingly, cross 6 gladly and intentionally laid down his life for Miss Sally and whomever happens to be reading this post, so that we could spend eternity in relationship with Him. It is this divinely planned, sacrificial act that breaks us free of our endless, awful slavery to sin and an inevitable death sentence.

Each Feast, and every aspect of each feast, is a detailed, prophetic picture of the Coming Messiah.  His First coming, as a Servant, was fulfilled with his death at Passover.  His burial was foretold in the Feast of Unleavened bread.  The Feast of Firstfruits is pictured three days later in his miraculous resurrection that Christians celebrate as Easter.  50 days later the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. Four down, Three left to go!


Remember and Celebrate his First Coming on Passover. Watch the beautiful Blood Moon that night and wonder what it will portend for Israel.  Wait and watch for the fulfillment of the next three Feasts and spread the news that the King is coming back any time now!


* For more information on the Feasts of the Lord I encourage everyone to study the Feasts of the Lord DVD series by Messianic Jewish pastor Mark Biltz:  Books, DVD’s and Jewish calendars are available for purchase at:



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    Very good!

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    Thanks Sally, You and Tom have a wonderful Passover and Easter. Chuck

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