The Revolution


I have been catching up on some back issues of while on EGD (Emergency Grandmother Duty!) and listened to an interview with noted historian David Barton regarding the dumbing down of educational standards, rampant revisionist history, the creepy roots of Common Core and so on and so forth:th (76) the story reported that all AP High School ( the best and the brightest)  students were recently administered a standardized “comprehensive” test on American History. There was absolutely no mention of America’s Founding Fathers, there was no questions at all with regard to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War nor the Second World War! Isn’t that amazing?

thYUTRO49NPerhaps a hard look at both the text book and testing selection process and a full review of the definition of the word “Comprehensive” needs to be explored.

Motives or goals by liberal educators and policy makers will be speculated upon until the cows come home. However, this  Huxley style, Brave New World where media, educators or politicians feel free to reinvent our past, as well as the  original intent of the Constitution to meet modern expectations is here. Details and entire chapters of our past are tweaked and revised, reinterpreted or dropped altogether, to either save time, prevent any conceivable offense or to conform to a new, politically correct, 21st Century conglomerate world view.

 President’s Day is imminent, a blend of both George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s birthdays,th (77) I thought this the perfect time to discuss their gradual evaporation from the text as well as the aforementioned test!  AsthEFEUW2O1 this is also an election year it is relevant to point out that this revisionist- editing practice is not only dangerous to the future voting populace, but it’s incredibly sad.  Has American History gone the way of cursive writing, the Dodo Bird and the decommissioned Planet Pluto!  Is the wisdom and experience born through the National Fire not worthy of our valuable time or is it just too boring to compete in the classroom with our all-eclipsing emphasis on Standardized Test preparation and incomprehensible Common Core math?

Somehow, we have landed in a world where our own history is no longer a fixed landmark, clearly flagged on a distant hill; an immutable turning point which set Americans on a certain course, gave us a national spine or a passionate mission. Now, those markers in our history must seemingly be obfuscated to please the masses, or appease the prickly– regardless of alignment with truth. History should stand whether it offends our delicate, modern sensibilities, whether we liked it or not, agreed with it or not – purely, because it happened!thUDYSTMZW

Any history, but especially those events creating our own, should be kept and viewed either as high water marks of independence and manifest destiny or testimonies revealing the blistering repercussions of forging bad or un-Godly decisions. America, in her varied history, has much of both! The good, the bad and the ugly should all be kept and revered as pristine in their brutal or beautiful honesty as explicit examples for reference to future generations.

Regardless of political leanings, ethnicity, or whether your people have been here for hundreds and hundreds of years or 15 minutes: We are all here because America is still the best place on th1O5DAQB1earth to be! It was created with Dreams and a definitive declaration of Inalienable Rights and Privileges that no man or government can infringe unless we choose to ignore the erosion and allow the termites to nibble away at our framework!

 That American seed of Revolution was sprouted by men who had much to lose.  Those men risked everything they owned so that we could be unencumbered, free from the dictates of an overbearing royal, elite class.  We were intended to be free.  Our American history, great and the small- the blunders and the blazing triumphs- tell our amazing story of a great and greatly blessed Republic. We should treasure and guard our National Story as a we would a sputtering flame in a continual blizzard of confusion and lies…because the survival of our unique American identity depends on the value we place on those roots, those precious embers of blood-bought truth.


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  1. I really like Uncle Sam and his message at the end of this post. A perfect summary and conclusion. It is terrifying to contemplate what is being done to suppress the truth of American history. This country exists, because a lot of people did things and endured things that today’s millenial children cannot even speak of. They would need a safe space somewhere to avoid knowing what it cost to bring this country to birth. It is time for Christians of all people to stop burying their heads in the sand. We are the people of Truth if anyone ever is. Speak Truth. Live by Truth. Resist tyranny and assert your God-given rights. NOW!

    • says:

      Yes, the more you think about this the more serious you realize the ripples can be. Thanks for dropping by Miss Katherine!

  2. Thanks for being a voice out there from the wilderness. Bless You, Marcia & John Miller

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