The Rollercoaster Ride

We have been watching for a week now the worldwide whiplash of stock market reactions and sorting through the rumor and speculation of  network financial talking heads and experts. I is exhausting. Those of us who have lived longer than a few decades have learned that life can be a rollercoaster ride. Regardless of Faith or denomination, anyone who has a pulse knows thKZ7C02O1 that love, family, economy, career and politics can and will have volatile ups and downs! It is part of living and to expect otherwise means that we may be existing in a Disney cartoon dream- world. th5Z1I1O3J Those folks perhaps need to wake up and smell some coffee!  I am not advocating that it is good to be pessimistic or focus on- or react solely to encroaching  gloom or darkness. However, situational awareness is always a good thing.  thMM0YUHSHContinued, Happy-talking avoidance of obvious rising floodwaters is dangerous and not a good way to get through life nor is it a Biblical approach.

In Genesis 41 we see a vivid example of God preparing folks for tough times to come.  The Pharoah of Egypt had a weird dream.  Joseph, in previous chapters and through a series of pretty bad circumstances, was on-hand to interpret the King’s bad dream.  It wasn’t a greasy slice of pizza or a glass of sour milk that gave Pharoah a thNSWDB206disturbing dream.  It was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who was moving to preserve his chosen people….and the Egyptian folks, by proxy, as well.  This wasn’t an immediate warning, it came well in advance of the trouble to come. It involved a rather large element of trust in the Almighty as well as what must have been a very memorable dream.  I am sure that Joseph had a lot of cranky Egyptians second-guessing or protesting his decisions during that Seven Year time of  uber-abundance where he was in charge of saving all the extra crops and making financial decisions that impacted their lives rather harshly.  God gave specific prophetic warning for them to Prepare and raised up someone with faith and a backbone to see it through.  That was how God took care of the folks.

It was via this God-given dream to a pagan king– so that he could give a God-given interpretation through a Hebrew Kid who had a God-given Spiritual/Prophetic gift, that God chose to preserve and prepare for his people. There, in that dream, was news of coming abundance and then a stark warning of extreme famine coming way down the road.  PREPAREDNESS was the theme of the dream. This wasn’t the only time we see this sort of Godly heads up in scripture.thDRHKBN30 Life does have it’s roller-coaster ups and downs- but Godly Judgment never comes without a period of  Grace and warning and a call to turn back, change your heart, Return to ME!! I think, personally, that our particular window of Grace and warning is  just about over. If you are going to heed this call for Preparedness both physically or Spiritually, you had best get cracking!

Perhaps you are saying to yourself , pish- posh Miss Sally, this Bible Story was a long, long time ago! Perhaps you acknowledge that things may get bad…but that” the Lord will take care of me” or maybe you have adopted the popular mantra that it will not/ cannot happen again.  Famine and thGS8HNGBRdrought, after all, only happen over in Africa, the American dream will always be there and I refuse to consider anything else. Preparing for a negative outcome may invite trouble!  Believe me, I hear these excuses and others, a lot. Often times it is the Christian friends and family members that are stubbornly adamant about this “see no evil” attitude: clinging blindly to a “God would never let anything bad happen to his little children” mentality. Hence the scriptural references: Maybe the Old Testament is too old for you. We read in Acts 11:28 of a man called Agabus delivering a  prophetic wordthEBFE1RYF of knowledge regarding widespread famine years( in advance of the fact) and believers believing this to be an actual Word given from the Holy Spirit, chipped in to help out those affected.  Why, pray tell, should we consider ourselves immune from economic downturns or Holy Spirit delivered warnings of such?  What about in more recent American History?

During the crushing days of  financial chaos that we now call the Great Depression, my grandfather, John Carroll Rutledge, lost his position at the old Cotton Exchange in Downtown Dallas.  He moved his small family back to the family farm in Terrell, Texas to keep body and soul together. thR9NJ7J3YThey lived there with my Great Grandparents and were able to have enough to eat and a secure roof overhead as my granddad car-pooled into Dallas to find other work.  Later, he was able to find a permanent position at the Cotton Exchange in Galveston, Texas and they moved to that bustling port city on the Gulf of Mexico.  My family was very fortunate.  They had a family farm to run to and ride out the hard times.  My family story is not unique, many in that day, did just that.th8G7XOUME  I have heard many stories from that generation selling butter and eggs from their homestead to make it through that desperate time.  With the skimpy history emphasis in our schools, it is only a distant memory of old TheWalton’s TV episodes that may illustrate  “The Depression” for many today.  For some, only a random viewing of a  Discovery Channel show featuring the terrors of the th (200)Dust Bowl is the only exposure to that chilling time our younger generations may know; or a discussion in American Lit. on John Stienbeck’s, The Grapes of Wrath. Those bad times, like the Bible stories we referenced, seem very far removed and almost fictional. Today, that precious security net, the family farm, is a distant memory.  Somehow, our grandmother’s practical skills that routinely prepared and preserved the harvest against lean times, or salted and smoked the fish or pork, is now not regarded as prudent but instead considered mock-able or extreme!

Lest readers think that I may be a lone voice suggesting financial upheaval could lead to a colorful assortment of bad repercussions and instability in global society. Or that only crazy “Aunt Sally” is beating her drum” again” and consistently urging readers to prepare with excessive amounts of food, water, cash and thWHQT3F7Qsupplies just in case things get crazy; I found the following article in the Business Insider today. This reporter seems to have abdicated any rule of Objectivity learned in Journalism school and is mocking Damian McBride. I would encourage reporter Mike Bird that even if one is not a Christian with the knowledge of Biblical Prophetic verses to look to, thSCJR6T14that a good look at world history will reveal a link between  geo-physical/financial instability and social unrest.  I wrote a post called KA-BOOM in June that outlines this very scenario.  I encourage Mr. Bird, and you, to review it!

Business Insider Finance writer Mike Bird reported this 8-24-15:

Former adviser to British PM, Gordon Brown extremely concerned over ripples from China’s Black Monday:

Damian McBride, a former special adviser to Gordon Brown, is not at all happy with the news that stocks are falling around the world this morning.

McBride resigned in 2009 after a scandal involving emails that suggested smearing senior members of the Conservative party. He was formerly head of communications at the British Treasury, and was one of the Prime Minister’s inner circle at the time of the 2008 financial crisis.

He’s seriously worried about China’s stock market crash, and has some bizarre prepper-style advice for people to protect themselves.

Here are some of his tweets on Monday:

Advice on looming Crash #1: Get hard cash in a safe place now–don’t assume that banks and cashpoints will be open or bank cards will work.

Advice on looming Crash #2: Do you have enough bottled water, tinned goods and other essentials at home to live a month indoors?  If not -get shopping

Advice on looming Crash #3: Agree on a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off somewhere you can all head to.

It doesn’t seem to be an isolated thought on McBride’s part. A string of previous tweets, including a positive endorsement of a Zero Hedge link, suggests this is an entirely genuine view on his part.

For what it’s worth, analysts at Capital Economics took a much less fretful view of China’s impact on the British economy in a recent note. Here’s what they say:

The UK’s direct export exposure to China is fairly small. Granted, import prices may be pushed down, increasing the risk that deflation becomes ingrained. However, time lags mean we are unlikely to see the recent exchange rate moves reflected in consumer prices until next year. Given this limited impact, the slowdown in China is unlikely to be serious enough to influence the timing of the first rise in UK interest rates or the subsequent pace of tightening.

Read more:

Many smart experts, who do not have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo or squelching financial or political unrest, are predicting a very rocky and prolonged road ahead for our country.  I do not know whether it will be as bad financially as some are predicting  or just a gradual inflationary shrinking of the economy. Historically, I know that countries often jump into big wars to get out of dire financial/debt woes.

th (198) Without dragging any pesky Biblical “signs of the end-times” into the discussion, my situation or yours could suddenly  get very ugly if stock market losses erase your 401K( again), if our economy tanks, if political unrest expands along with the worsening drought in California. I am not an expert, only someone who reads a lot of books, newspapers and knows something of  history.  So, I am just asking you, what you think, as a reasonable person: If food shortages ensue and prices go crazy and then we happen to have a bad hurricane or an earthquake or two get thrown into the mix, do you think that things might come unglued, that services could be suspended, that the lights could go out for a while or that communications could go down indefinitely?  Are you and your family ready for this Roller Coaster?  I think it is going to be a wild ride!

Tell me what you think?  Tell me why you have not prepared or why you have? Tell me the reasoning behind your decision.  What are you doing to get ready for the coming roller coaster?



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  1. Patti says:

    I don’t know why people think there cannot be another great depression? Plus I have seen several government sponsored commercials warning people to have food and water supplies on hand for emergencies. Recently I saw one where the family was in the shelter and they were all freaking out because they could not find one of their children at the shelter. At the end of the commercial it said that every family should have a meeting place in case of separation during an emergency. This commercial aired in Denver Colorado. I could see it being aired on the coastal cities where hurricanes happen. Is the government trying to warn us about something? Just my thoughts. Sally thank you for the warning.good job. Now it is up to us to decide what we will do.

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