The Show to Come

I had a dream a few weeks ago, just at the end of September.  It was long and detailed and has been flirting at the edge of my consciousness ever since.Sleepers 2  Periodically, I come back to those carefully recorded “dream notes” and go over it all again, hoping the Holy Spirit will continue to reveal more fully the meaning of it all.

While I won’t share the entire thing at this juncture.  I will say that the  oft repeated phrase in the dream was “the show to come.”  In the dream, there was a lot going on- with most of it geared to the preparations for an exciting, soon-coming event.  The expectation and thrill was contagious.  In one of the scenes, I realized that my clothes were much too plain and ordinary for this event and so I unfurl my full length, voluminous skirt on the table and began to paint it with flowers.  I had a vague creative plan to start at the top with a narrow floral thing and broaden it as I swooped downward across the front– but as I picked up the brush, dipped it in the paint and got the project under way, it soon began to paint itself!painting-2

Without benefit of the unnecessary brush, pictures and shapes I could never imagine began to blossom amongst the simple flowers I had started to paint.  Eventually, the entire garment was completely, fully embellished, supernaturally in fantastic technicolor. I knew, in this dream that I had little to do with this project- but I was fully aware that it wouldn’t have happened had I not initially picked up that brush and begun to move.


As so often happens in dreams: Then, I just knew somehow, that on top of all this color and beauty, I needed to splatter it all in bright blue paint.  As I did this, it splatted all over the beautiful fabric and all over me, and all over the people who were gathered around to watch as I decorated my outfit for this “show to come.”


Dreams from God, just like those we see in the scripture are mysterious. As the most recorded means of communication between God and man in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, we should not be surprised to receive them and should treasure them when they come to us. Ordinarily, you have to sort them out. Sometimes with prayer the meaning can immediately jump out.  Sometimes, when reviewed many months or years later, the notes from a long ago dream may reveal something totally new to the recipient, even when we thought we had the meaning at the get-go!  Scripture tells us that in the end times that everyone is going to be receiving prophetic dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit- so it would behoove us to begin to be receptive and get around the learning curve on this topic. (Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:16-18)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.  One of those 7 feasts of the Lord which I often teach on from Leviticus 23.  I often say that these 7 Feasts are the framework or tent poles for the entire fabric of Messianic Prophecy. thN5ZJDNUK Tabernacles or Sukkot is without a doubt, the ultimate Show to Come.  It is the Feast that celebrates the restoration of the Messianic Kingdom.  It is a weeklong joyful party bookended by two Sabbath days..  At Yom Kippur He was our atoning Lamb.  At Sukkot Jesus is our Joy and he is our Sabbath Rest.  Everything, as one studies this amazing holiday, is wrapped in incredible Joy, celebration and light.  Jesus is the Light of the World!   I welcome you to go into the fall archives and read past posts from Tabernacles I have written if this is a topic new to you.

The “show to come” in my dream was not identified.  It could be preparation for the Rapture – the marriage supper of the Lamb or it could be some earthly extravaganza, of which I can only imagine.  I knew that I needed to be prepared, I knew everyone was extremely excited, I knew that I needed to be expectant, and, just like we read outlined in Matthew 22- I needed to have the appropriate clothing for this gig. Ultimately, I knew that without the bright blue spatter all over it, my outfit wasn’t complete.paint-4

Like Joseph’s coat of many colors in the Bible, a multi-colored garment can be a symbol of prophetic anointing or a representation of the Glory or Promise of The Lord, as we see with the rainbow to reassure Noah after the worldwide cleansing of the flood. It can be all of the above. Blue is a color of royalty and heavenly revelation.

I like the idea that I was tossing it around like confetti.  It stuck to me, to my clothing and got all over everyone that was near me.  Everyone was delighted to see the glorious splatter happen, and no one moved to wipe their faces or clean their clothes of these droplets in my dream. It fell like blessings.

There IS a show to come. The King is coming back and he’s coming soon. And while we wait for the ultimate show- every day should be “showtime” for each of us.  Who will notice our fabulous supernatural adornments, the unique heavenly colors emblazoned on our lives as we wait with expectation for Jesus to return as promised?  Who  in our sphere of influence will be hit with glorious, Holy Spirit spatter paint as we go about our day to day lives and accomplish what we are called to do – To preach the gospel of the Kingdom ( much more than salvation) as we cast out demons ( yes, Christians can have demons) and heal the sick!  We are each called and imbued to be a glorious, “package deal” while we await the fulfillment of these final three Feasts of the Lord: Trumpets, Yom Kippur and the Big #7– Tabernacles.

It IS all about the Joy!

th29CQNWITFor additional study:

The Divinity Code by Adam F Thompson and Adrian Beale; The Feasts of the Lord DVD’s by Mark Biltz; Mark 16:16-18, Matt. 10:1,8 ; the Book of Acts, Matthew 22.

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If you have been dreaming, would like to share it or just need some help or a sounding board, I am happy to help!





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