The Transplant

I have a young friend in East Texas who will be having a kidney transplant in the next week or two.  Jason, young father of the beauteous Madison and sturdy little Jackson has finally found a suitable match for this much needed procedure.10309347_10101027231078444_2768880893213429350_n

I hope that you will join with me in the coming months to pray for strength for their family and speedy healing for all involved. It’s a tough hill to climb when all you want to do is raise your family and work hard, and be about the business of living. We are rooting for you! 

The initial donor process, begins with an online questionnaire to begin sorting the friends and relatives for the healthiest, and most compatible blood types and matches.  I didn’t get too far into this process as it kept kicking me out…I prefer to believe that my Lake City computer service was faulty and not that I am too old or too fat to share one of my kidneys with a friend. Perhaps the Good Lord knew that I was needed in other drama duty in Arizona this winter.  Or all of the above!  But, I digress.

Watching, even from afar, as Jason’s decrease in kidney health led to a more and more intense hunt for a donor has been very hard to watch.  However, thinking about the need for healthy organs and transplants has gotten me thinking.

When you get right down to it, we are all dying by inches, no matter our immediate age, or health, the condition of our heart, genetics or cancer risk or cholesterol levels.  As Jason and his sweet wife, Meredith, know, better than most, none of us, young or old, have a guaranteed life expectancy. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all in wheezing, critical condition and in desperate need of the most important transplant of all.  Every single one of  us.  Without the perfect donor, we not only will die, but we will be consigned to eternal damnation. We need to be covered by New Blood. We need a heart transplant. We must have that New Heart, to be covered by that New Blood to be eligible for the New Heaven and the New Earth. This transplant is freely given and comes with a side order of Joy and Peace.

Unlike the eligibility survey that I tried to take for Jason’s upcoming kidney transplant, which eventually did select and approve a former work friend of his; if you take a lengthy survey to see if you are a suitable donor for this new type of transplant that I am describing, you will fail miserably. No matter how kind, no matter how good, no matter how religious or how much money you donate to needy causes, you are incapable of working your own way into position for this transplant. John 3:14-18, John 6:47-51,

Jesus 5 We don’t just need a good match, we need The Perfect Match.  Jesus. Only Jesus.  Well, what about the Bhudda or Allah, or any other small” G” god?  Not the same. Not good enough, not even close.  Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.  All  but Jesus are poor imposters, put forth by their own raggedy efforts or by Satan in this supernatural chess game to lead folks astray and keep them from the True Donor, the one with the Perfect cleansing blood.( John10:1-18)  The Bible tells us that All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All means all.  Romans 3:23.

You may think that you are doing just fine on your own.  You don’t like people telling you what to do, how to do it, or what you need.  Maybe, as I hear pretty frequently, you think that “church folks” are hypocrites or judgmental or stuck up or no fun to be around.  That may or may not be true. It could be that you didn’t hang around long enough to get to know them.  And, it is just as probable that maybe, you haven’t understood that followers of Christ aren’t perfect. I know I’m not perfect!  Christians , in church and out of church, are just forgiven sinners  They have received their transplant of the new heart and the new blood but it takes a while for that personality transplant we all really need to kick in; for that needed transformation whereby we begin to take on the characteristics of Jesus to occur. (Romans 12:2)

Hearts 1 Love should be the calling card we drop on everyone we meet…unfortunately, it isn’t always what we exude!  We, without a doubt, need to be working on that….a lot!  John 13:34-35

Additionally, it is now up to each Christian believer to decide how much of themselves, the time and effort that they will invest in this new relationship with their Savior.  Relationships are not built in a day.  Many churches believe  and teach that the” anti-rejection measures” of the Holy Spirit baptism, taught in the book of Acts, are unnecessary in this day.  Many Believers never venture from their initial salvation experience and have no scriptural knowledge base to begin jumpstarting their faith. Like joining a gym.  Unless you actually go and spend some time on the equipment you are never going to change the way you look or feel.  Same principle.

We live in a sinful world and we each come to the table with a variety of serious baggage. Christians are only imperfect folks who have been forgiven of our sins. We are liable to make mistakes, believe lies that Satan tells us about ourselves and others, or stumble and fall and to react badly, sometimes very badly, in any given situation.  Forgive yourself, forgive others, dust yourself off, and get up and try again and again and again.  Thankfully, we follow Jesus, the Messiah, the anointed One…and not the people that you see in the Sunday School class or that stand behind the pulpit. If you place your faith in people, you will be let down.  Your faith and your eternal destiny MUST be entrusted only in Jesus.

Bible 2He left you a manual to learn how to take care of this New heart and this New Body. The Bible:  Read it, study it, treasure it. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  That’s why Jesus said we needed Him on this journey!  The King of your New Heart is a LIVING Donor and He is coming back soon.  Be Ready!


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8 Responses to The Transplant

  1. Eleanor says:

    So glad he found a match! That’s so exciting!

  2. Nancy Tackis says:

    What a lovely analogy, Sally! I’ll be praying for Jason and his family!

  3. Elizabeth smith says:

    You are so right. We all need heart transplants and the Holy Spirit anti rejection drug!! We are excited to see how God works!! And thankful he cares about the details of our life!! Loved seeing my sweet family on your blog.

  4. louis brock says:

    God is still in the healing business. This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. We Love you guys Louis Brock

  5. Lynn Bishop says:

    Sally, we’ll be thinking of and praying for your friend Jason and his family. By the way, I’ve had the “transplant,” and so very thankful I did! Love you and Tom so much. Lynn B.

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