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I haven’t posted for awhile and I appreciate your patience. I am so grateful for all those who wrote, asking when I would be back:thSWO26CP6

Any time trouble, terrorism or trauma pops up at home or abroad, everyone quickly retreats to their various political corners and begins making arguments, hurling accusations or loudly calling for immediate infringements of civil liberties.
Here’s the truth. Whether it is happening on the streets of Charlottesville, Chicago  –London, Syria or North Korea- the source is identical.
As members of the human race we like to keep everything in our lives easily labeled. Naughty or Nice; Alt- Right, Alt Left—Liberal or Conservative, Libertarian;  old -school Fascists or Communists. Our categorical system makes us feel organized and secure, but the premise is a spun sugar mirage.
As Christians, you and I need to work really hard to maintain a Biblical worldview.
That doesn’t mean we expect everyone around us to blindly fall in line with what is preached—but, it ought to be the preeminent paradigm lens, the viewfinder through which we personally evaluate the sticky bits of life and our messy world. (The only proviso being, to have a Biblical Worldview one must know the Bible!)
We may sit in our living rooms or coffee shops and debate swamp conditions, elite pedophilia exposed in Pizzagate, crazy racists, revisionist history and potential global nuclear war from the ground level but as Christians it is essential we maintain that Biblical POV from a higher and broader and much more stable perch.
Current world-wide and homegrown political upheaval is a serious stress fracture spreading like a subterranean fault line. These headlines are the physical symptoms of a spiritual issue deeper and more serious than what the news brokers bombard us with nightly.
A Biblical Worldview shouldn’t need definition nor explanation, but I feel that it must in the current climate:
I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.
I believe that it is true and given to us to be followed as a workbook for life until Christ returns.
I believe that belief in Jesus is the only way to achieve eternal life. He is God- He died for me- He rose again and He lives.
I further believe that we need to ask for and receive the Baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit which empowers and authorizes Believers to achieve the work that every Christian is called to do until Christ returns.
I believe that miracles, signs and wonders and every single gift of the Holy Spirit is for today and essential to our Christian lives and testimony.
I believe, whether we acknowledge it or not, that we are involved in supernatural warfare. Satan is real, he knows his time is limited and he doesn’t want anyone—including you- to be a successful, soul winning, miracle working Believer. He hates you and me and wants us all to either die or go back to sleep and continue to be useless!
Because I actually believe the Bible, I believe what Jesus and Paul and John and Peter all said would happen as the end of the age approaches. You should too!
In Matthew 24:10- 12 Jesus says something very chilling in his answer to the disciples following a laundry list of serious geo-physical and worldwide signs he shifts to: And many will be offended, and will betray one another, and will HATE one another. He mentions many false prophets and that many will be deceived. And because iniquity or lawlessness will abound, the love of many will wax (gradually grow) cold.
A secret power of lawlessness is described by Paul in II Timothy 3 and he hits it again in II Thess. 2:7. He hammers home the hard truth and serious signs. Note that this Timothy passage begins with KNOW THIS when it begins to talk about perilous times and rampant, unmistakable signs in society to watch for in the last days. KNOW THIS! Read it memorize it and teach on it! These are supposed to be easily recognizable to those IN THE KNOW!
Paul and Jesus were not talking to the world at large, they were talking to believers, the faithful, to the church folks: This is what it is going to look like when that time is approaching.
Here’s the point folks: Time is short. I believe it’s really short. We must grasp and understand that things worldwide will have to be really, really bad on a number of fronts for a deceptive world leader to be ever be accepted.
I can wring my hands and talk till the cows come home about the ineffectiveness of a do-nothing congress, and then gear up for pre-season football or plan my next vacation and check my 401K as though everything will go on forever just as it always has…yawn.
OR, I can act like NOAH who also found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He looked past what was considered normal by his neighbors and saw what was happening in his society.  He identified massive supernatural, spiritual rebellion, depravity and lawlessness. He didn’t just look away or throw up his hands and say, “Oh well, everybody else is doing it, I guess they were just born that way. Ya can’t fight city hall!”
Noah saw the pervasive, fallen-angel genetic manipulation occurring, recognized it for the life-ending cataclysm of humanity it truly was, believed God and obeyed when he was told to act. It took him over 100 years to get the job done. He kept to his course, preaching repentance all along the way. He maintained his Godly POV and kept his alignment with the truth God told him, accepted it as such and therefore, at the end his entire family walked off the boat…they weren’t perfect but they were preserved.
I am an American, I have certain rights and liberties which I hold very dearly. I believe that the government needs to live within its means and protect our citizens, and stay as small as possible. I think abortion is murder and I’m not afraid to say that the practice is barbaric and pagan at its core. I pray, daily and sincerely for whatever President and leaders are in office and I continue to vote for the ones most likely to agree with me on those points I listed above.
However, this is not my home. As a pilgrim passing through- my home is with the Lord. I am called to spread the Good News of Jesus, and share with people every aspect of this amazing hope and blessing.  Our faith is not in any particular place, specific earthly leaders.  Our hope and faith rest solely in THE ARK, Jesus the Messiah.   Like Noah, we as Christians all have a powerful calling but not necessarily a popular one. .
Christians are supposed to be doing stuff! Big stuff– and we are to stay attuned to the supernatural/ spiritual because we are supernatural beings having a very temporary human experience!
In light of that:
A Spirit of Lawlessness is not just evidence of nutty, angry or immature people running amok in the streets. It is a release of a demonic spirits on any land which has willfully and vociferously stepped away from the Laws, teaching and Word of God. A Spirit of Lawlessness is sourced from the pit of hell and plugs the ears of people so that they cannot hear or receive truth, it travels with a twisting leviathan spirit that takes everything rational or reasonable said and twists and spins it into lies and propaganda. Its blinding power is so pervasive those in its clutches no longer recognize sin for the killer it is, nor or able to recognize the road home.
This Spirit of Lawlessness is the same one who slithered into the Garden and skillfully asked, “Did God really say that? Is that what he really meant? Well, that’s just mean!”
If scripture is to be believed, this Spirit of Lawlessness is going to get worse and we need to armor up, plant our feet and get ready.
I don’t say any of this to scare people.  I say this to wake up Believers who are more concerned with summer entertainments or home décor than they are with repentance or the eternal destination of their own children. Recognize the times. Recognize the signs and the signals. WAKE UP!!!
We cannot continue to keep hitting the Believer’s snooze button. This is an absolute call to action: Encroaching darkness and lawlessness shouldn’t terrify us or paralyze us- if you truly know who you are in Jesus.  It should merely be the cold wash cloth in the face of the slumbering Bride. Lawlessness rising ought be the redundant, piercing cry of the alarm clock letting the true Body of Christ know that the time is up. There is an urgent need to constantly be praying in the Spirit, to pick up the pace, light those lamps and spread the oil. Eat your Wheaties, take your vitamins, polish your armor, put it on-all of it– and answer the shofar’s call!



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  1. Nancy says:

    Oh, how I’ve missed your posts, Sally! Glad you’re back! This was excellent and clearly focused! Thank you! I will certainly pass it on!

  2. Don Korb says:


  3. Suzanne handley says:

    Well expressed sister ! Amen !

  4. Beth Middleton says:

    Oh so true & there’s still time to stand up for Christ, speak up don’t shut up & spread the Word!

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