In the late 70’s the rock band AC/DC recorded a hit tune called Highway to Hell.  thTW23ZUB6While I am not, and wasn’t then, a fan, that theme song for full-on Rebellion does corroborate scripture (Matt 7:13):      Living Easy- Living Free, Season ticket on a one way ride.  Asking nothing, leave me be–taking everything in my stride.  Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme,  Ain’t nothing I would rather do, Going down, party time,  My friends are gonna be there too! I’m on the Highway to Hell.”   There are several more verses but you get the drift.  He wants to do what he wants to do. Nobody is the boss of me! It’s that ol’ sin nature that doesn’t appreciate God or anyone else telling us what to do.  Everyone of us is on that wide road, traveling in a hand-basket to Hell if we have not accepted Jesus as our personal Savior.  And while many of us have gotten off that Highway to Hell, and recognized our need for the totally undeserved grace of Jesus: we still  may either have an area of, as yet unrepentant, rebellion or during our sinful pre-saved days may have left open a door to the demonic that needs to be closed and locked.  Additionally, in the previous post, Chipmunks in the Kitchen,thAJ09JL8Twe discussed the scriptural concept of Generational Curses that our ancestors may have given Satan’s forces legal access to our lives and we are totally unaware of that activity. (Please note that Generational Curses are not as cute and cuddly as the endearing Chip and Dale!)

From Genesis to Revelation we have outlined the fact that disobedience and even Ignorance of God’s Word carries a price. th1RSKSDDIWhile we often want to “blame” God for awful things once they happen in life, very often we find that He has repeatedly tried to keep us from the path that inevitably leads to destruction and we chose to ignore every sign and signal, our eyes firmly planted on our own agenda.  If we bother to acknowledge Him at all we are pretty positive, based on some long ago disappointment or heartache, that God’s way is too intolerant. thUGNG3XHDChristianity is too old-fashioned, embarrassing, too narrow-minded and is bound to be a hindrance to our favorite pastimes,careers, relationships and probably require all our time and money, which we don’t have enough of as it is!! As we swallow that lie from the pit of hell, Devil 2it never dawns on us that not making a decision for being totally committed to the God who Loves us...is really making a very loudly broadcasted decision.  That is the crux of Idolatry which we talked about last time, isn’t it?  We must be ALL IN!( see post: Burn the Ships)

The other day on Facebook I saw this little quote that carries a huge, truth punch by Christian author, Timothy Keller:”The gospel-centered way to change one’s behavior is by changing what you worship.”  Worship or Idolatry, then, is anything that keeps us from transforming ourselves into looking like Jesus.  Any little bit of darkness that keeps us from looking like The Light. thV2Z1S1J7

Take any old sin out of the Old or New Testament and really examine it and it boils down to idolatry: putting your wishes, feelings, time, problems, ailments, money or desires above the plans of Jehovah God.  That’s why,when quizzed by the Pharisee lawyer about the Greatest Commandment, Jesus answered with what He said was the first and greatest Commandment to Love the Lord your God with all your whole heart, soul and mind and then that flows into the 2nd to Love your neighbor as yourself.  If you have your priorities correct with God in the Top Spot  Everything else will fall into place and all the doors will be firmly closed to anything else.

thGEFT77SQWe are all familiar with the tragic story of the Titanic.  A boatload of people from all walks of life, board this shiny new, unsinkable ship, thinking of nothing but their bright plans when they arrive in America.  Along the way, they wham into a big, unseen iceberg with devastating consequences.  Before they could wrap their head around what was happening, everything was going down and the band was playing Nearer My God to Thee!  Our lives can be like that, too.

thZAQ3V1R9We can be sailing along, living our lives,  totally unaware            (probably because we aren’t looking) that serious things are lurking just out of sight, beneath the surface, that can impact our lives and have us taking on ice water in alarming quantities! What can we do?

As I ended the last post I promised to give the simple “extermination process” to bolt those areas of access and remove the demonic oppression that may be making you sick and keeping you in poverty or addiction and you don’t even know it. thAUULGVH0This is a process for those who HAVE truly accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  If you are reading this and haven’t yet acknowledged that Jesus is the Messiah, the Anointed King of your life then you need to take that step first before deliverance.  Casting demons out of someone  without first(or I suppose immediately after deliverance) back-filling with the Presence of the Holy Spirit, is pointless.  First, they have legal authority to be there and Second, if you do throw them out they will just come right back with a bus load of their friends.(Matt 12:45)   Many believers, due to erroneous teaching or ignorance, are under the impression that Christians are impervious to any activity of the demonic. thIDGM0TZ0 Created in the Image of God, we are made up of 3 parts Mind, body and Spirit or Soul.  As a believer, your Spirit now belongs to the Lord, sealed by the Holy Spirit.  But, as discussed in earlier posts your actions can leave the other 2 parts, your mind and body open to “demonization” This can manifest in mental illness, fears, and every sort of disease imaginable.  So,I don’t believe that true Believer’s can be possessed but they can certainly be oppressed and demonized.

 Initial steps that we have been discussing the past few posts are to make things right to those who you have wronged and then talk to God and ask God to forgive you if you have: placed other things or folks or relationships ahead of him, If you have had unforgiveness,  Anger issues,thXW587BPA involvement in the occult (including newspaper horoscopes and Ouija boards at slumber parties), Cheating God by not tithing (Malachi 3:8-12), not honoring your parents or are in current disobedience to them  (scripture doesn’t say to obey or honor only if you agree with them, or to only obey  and honor if your folks are “practically perfect” in every way!…but it does promise you a long life if you do!) Ephesians 6:2; unrepentant habitual sin. disciples 1Jesus always meets you where you are…but remember, he always told folks to go on and sin no more!  Nothing is so big, so ugly, so deep that the blood of Jesus can’t make it clean for you! True repentance is to change the way you think and turn away from the things you are doing that displease or disobey Him and go home!

In Chipmunks in the Kitchen we learned that the oaths and pledges that we or our ancestors made can have serious results in our own lives.

thB24V6PA1 We need to slam that door, renounce and revoke the LEGAL authority that those pledges gave to the demonic.  The following is a prayer to take care of this issue If your pledge was to something other than Freemasonry then just substitute the names:

Father God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ.  Your Son.  I come as a sinner seeking forgiveness and cleansing from all sins committed against You and others made in Your image.  I honor my earthly father and mother and all of my ancestors of flesh and blood, those whom I am related to through the spirit by adoption and godparents, but I utterly turn away from and renounce all their sins.  I forgive all my ancestors for the effects of their sins on me and my children.  I confess and renounce all of my own sins.  I renounce and rebuke Satan and every spiritual power of his affecting me and my family.

thOBPBGP1ZI renounce and forsake all involvement in Freemasonry or any other lodge or craft by my ancestors and myself.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  I renounce and cut off witchcraft, the principal spirit behind Freemasonry.  I renounce and cut off Baphomet, the spirit of antichrist, and the spirits of death and deception.  I renounce the insecurity: the love of position and power, the love of money, avarice, or greed, and the pride that would have led my ancestors into Masonry.  I renounce all the fears that held them in Masonry, especially the fears of men, and fears of trusting in the name of Jesus Christ.

I renounce every position held in the lodge by any of my ancestors or myself, including “Master,” “Worshipful Master” or any other.  I renounce the calling of any man “Master”, for Jesus Christ is my only master and Lord, and He forbids anyone else having that title.  I renounce the entrapping of others into Masonry and observing the helplessness of others during the rituals.  I renounce the effects of masonry passed on to me through any female ancestor who felt distrusted and rejected by her husband as he entered and attended any lodge and refused to tell her of his secret activities. I also renounce all obligations, oaths, and curses enacted by every female member of my family through any direct membership of all women’s orders of Freemasonry, the order of Eastern Star or any other masonic or occult organization.  I do this, Father, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I would encourage anyone who has suffered sexual abuse, been involved in homosexuality or engaged in  hetero-sexual activity outside of the sanctity of marriage to th09BUEDCWpray a similar prayer repenting of the activity, forgiving the abuser if that was the case (not asking you to condone any abusers hideous actions but to just let that go so that you can be free! See: Slam that Door) And just as we did above; to renounce and revoke any legalauthority to the demonic that we soaked up, by sleeping around with multiple partners. I would be extremely specific with each name of each partner.  Our society has grown increasingly nonchalant about sexual impurity.  God knew that it created dangerous soul ties and open doors to the demonic so he asked us not to participate to save us from that danger. Soul ties are strongholds, or possible entryways and open doors which exposed to every demonic entity that each one of your previous sexual partners had operating in them and to every demonic spirit that any of their previous partners may have had.  You can see how this can be damaging in a non-linnear progression of creepiness!thVIH7O90D

Lots of partners may mean lots of problems.    (In addition to any sexually transmitted diseases that they may have had! )  Slam those doors and keep them locked!

This is a BIG BIG topic and important.  Let’s discuss some things that you can do that are repellant to the demonic world at large:

Jesus 5

#1  Demons don’t like the name of Jesus Christ.  It is in His name that they are defeated.  They retreat and tremble at his mighty name.  Mark 16:17, Acts 4:30 Eph 1:20-22, John 16:23-24 , Luke 10:17.

#2 Demons cannot stand praise music.  Play it at home all the time.  Play it outside your children’s rooms every night. thJ5W1O39UI believe it torments the demonic who were once in the Heavenly choir that Lucifer led.  It is a constant reminder that they made a fatal mistake in following Lucifer into rebellion. Besides this is non- optional, We should be praising God all the time! In every circumstance! Psm 149:4-9,     1 Thess. 5:16, Phil 4:4.

#3 The blood of Jesus ( discussion and pledge thereof) will torment demons but they do not have to obey by the blood.  It is for protection, cleansing, forgiveness, and healing.

thIA6N6KNG  The holy, unblemished, spotless blood of the Lord Jesus will torment demon powers.  however, it is the commands in the NAME of Jesus Christ that they must obey.

#4   They do not like the anointing oil.  Application of anointing oil often makes the demons scream when the anointing oil is applied.  It carries with it not only Holy Spirit Authority but the promise of healing and demons are generally the source of sickness. (James 5:14-15)

#5 They do not like the word, “holy”.  Anything holy will torment demon powers.  Holy angels make demons nervous.  Just the mention of the Holy Spirit makes them weak.

#6 The name Jehovah causes them to fear and tremble.  It is a good tool in a deliverance situation to command demons to come before the throne of Jehovah God and speak truth in His presence.  They will not lie to Jehovah God.

#7 The Word of God is the truth.  Demons are all liars and they hate the Word.  Remember Jesus when tempted by Satan used nothing but the Word to combat this temptation.

Fill yourself up on the Word of God.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God  Romans 10:17.  More Faith is GOOD!

#8  Demons are confused and troubled when you pray in the Spirit.  They are accustomed to being able to sit in on gift of Holy Spirit 4every conversation and even listen to our verbal prayers.  Remember, praying in the Spirit is part of the Armor of God.  Use it all the time. Ephesians 6: 11-18

#9  If you are not baptized in the Spirit you need to do so.  This is the empowerment step that should come directly after the Salvation step.  You can be saved without being fully empowered by the Holy spirit. thDYPV41HT This is why there are so many churches where you do not see the Gifts of the Spirit operating today.  No empowerment, no discerning of Spirits makes you easy pickin’s for the demonic.  Email me if you need further info on this.

OK, Step one was repent of your sin, extend forgiveness where it needs to be given, ask forgiveness of others where you need to do so. and shutting down any legal authority of the demonic in your life.  That shuts the doors to keep them out.  Now the one’s that have already taken up residence need to be dealt with.

Step 2 then would be deliverance.  Satan is real. Demons are real.  Demons cause illness and crazy behavior and even suicide. Read the Gospels.  Jesus dealt with this every day of his ministry.

th (39)I believe that this is a problem which will become more prevalent and more serious as we approach the end of the age. You cannot counsel them out, or medicate them out. This is a supernatural battle and supernatural weapons are needed.  Fortunately, we have been given those and they work! But, I digress.th (40)

Just repenting of the behavior or praying the prayer to renounce the authority may not be enough to get them to leave.  It will stop their friends from dropping by and adding to the party.  * I recommend getting together, if possible, with a group of Spirit-filled believers who know what they are doing,  to come together in agreement for this step.  Caution:  do not lay hands on the person seeking deliverance!  All that is needed is the Name of Jesus and the Authority to use it.  Essentially you are going to be commanding IN THE NAME OF JESUS, any demonic forces to leave, they cannot stay, and they are forbidden to return or to bother anyone else on the way into the abyss. Sometimes this is a process that will need to be repeated until all the sneaky critters are dispensed with. untitled (23)Different deliverance ministries may have some variations on this theme and that’s OK.  Unlike scary Hollywood movies, it is rarely super dramatic.

thJAN2BTBF The name of Jesus is Demonic Kryptonite (so to speak)  Every knee in the Spirit world must bow to the name of Jesus. And someday soon Every Knee on earth will bow to his name.  Deliverance is something that I believe every Christian, and for sure every pastor,should know their way around, and every Bible believing church should have a deliverance team! It should be normal Christianity 101!

During Deliverance, be listening to the prodding of the Holy Spirit.  He may be prompting you with information such as  forgotten areas of unforgiveness or anger which have given legal access to the demonic in the person seeking deliverance. Have the person deal with that step so that you can proceed.

Deliverance and healing go hand in hand.  Jesus did it all the time in his ministry and gave us the authority to do the same thing.(Mark 16:17 Matt 10:7,8, Acts 1:8) We have a Big God with a Big heart and He doesn’t want you in bondage to the demonic or sick, addicted or depressed!chains 3

This blog started not long ago without a particular agenda.  Launched on the idea that just like in my novel in progress, those Civil War folks were on the cusp of  a looming Fever Season, a time of real trouble, and we are too. (1Peter 5:8) It is Fever Season!  Time is short, we have a serious commission from our Lord to get the Word out and get people saved.  This is no time for the body of Christ to be locked in the belief that God does not work miracles anymore, or that Christians can’t be demonized, or that we should be sick and pitiful just like the rest of the world! Armor of God 3Jesus did not leave us defenseless to just hang on by the thread of the Good News until we get to heaven! We were left as Warrior Missionaries and have Power given to us by our Lord which He is expecting us to use  every single day until He returns. (Ephesians 5:16-20)

Please Note *The person needs to really want and be seeking deliverance.  In the case of children, I would say that their parents, or whoever has the authority over the child needs to really want it and be seeking deliverance.  Deliverance for children often requires that the parents make some serious changes and slam some doors and repent, as well before you can move on to the deliverance of the child. Devil 4  Be forewarned, sometimes the people who need it most are comfortable in and accustomed to their misery that they don’t really want to change.  If they don’t want it, or they don’t really want it for their children, then sadly, you probably can’t help them.

This has turned into a veritable Titanic Oceanliner- load of information  and I apologize for that. Feel free to write or contact me for help or additional information or deliverance.  This isn’t the ministry that I had anticipated going into but as I said above, Jesus tasked us all to cast out demons and heal the sick in addition to teaching and preaching.  I can’t take the easy and leave the tricky bits for someone else! thZKH5JAEN

Much of the info in this post comes from When Pigs Move In by Don Dickerman.  He has a powerful deliverance ministry in the Dallas Fort Worth area if you need help and much of this information is available on his website www.dondickerman.net

I also listed some excellent resources at the end of Chipmunks in the Kitchen so if you missed that you may want to go back and check those out as well.






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  1. Don Korb says:

    I can just hear (even some very close to me) them attempt by their justifying words try to squirm around the TRUTH of this well explained topic. Yes, even poo poo these things that keep “The Abundant Life” at bay from us! What would keep an educated person from renouncing evil associations that clearly affect our lot in life as well as our health? One word, pride! If we really thought through THE LORDS PRAYER, line by line, (wham bang, we prayed it again) we’d KNOW what “deliver us from evil” means… Who am I talk’in to?
    Myself! I’ve had to renounce some dumb associations I was involved in wether for real or for kids fun. Who convicted me? The Holy Spirit – When I asked Him.

    • misssally65@gmail.com says:

      It’s very difficult to confront the fact that one has stumbled into something dangerous,even with the most innocent of intentions. Easy enough to remedy once one sorts it all out! Thanks so much for following along so faithfully!

  2. God Almighty is working through you Miss Sally! Keep it up. I will put on the Armor of God!

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