Watcher from the Wall

Information is piling up so quickly these days that I find I must pause from other thSWO26CP6topics to attempt to disseminating all the world news- which in my estimation is, if not an actual fulfillment of Biblical prophecy- is surely a precursor or forerunner to the end times events laid out in scripture. I hope that you think so too. So, here we go around the world! 

*Last night in Garland Texas, a suburb of Dallas, at a admittedly controversial, Draw the Prophet Mohammad Contest, two Islamic guys drove all the way from Phoenix, armed to the teeth,11203168_10153809228539027_2687053581778498163_n to shoot up the offensive infidels that participated in this contest. One security guard was, unfortunately, shot in the ankle.  This is a similar, no- sense- of- humor reaction, to the satirical, weekly Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre in France early this year. Two Islamic Terrorists, however, met a very different crowd in Garland and learned the all-important lesson:  Don’t Mess With Texas!  Neither of these Islamic radical extremists will be bothering anyone ever again. thI9QWL83X Chalk one up for Free Speech! And, a hearty”well done!” to the Garland Police Officers.

*Hopefully, the ISIS terrorists in the two camps purportedly encamped 8 miles from the Texas border near El Paso are taking note! While there have been conflicting reports on this story,  the original Judicial Watch report claims that during recent Mexican military ops enough information was discovered  in several areas  including evidence and papers printed in several middle eastern languages to indicate that Islamists had been encamped for some time in that  area.  JW cited sources of Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Police Inspector for these claims of ISIS camps near the Texas and New Mexico borders. thB3QWJDL5 Since we have rather lost track of who has access to our international borders it is anybody’s guess as to where these folks may be now. I do have readers in that area.  I encourage you to check out and google the Rick Joyner ISIS vision he recently disclosed.  I recommend that you keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

*A little closer to my home, it was recently disclosed that the NORAD Military Command has decided to move back into Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs as they have become worried about the possible consequences of an EMP attack. th (14) I highly recommend that everyone read William Forstchen’s One Second After.  In novel form, it outlines what life will be like One Second After an EMP attack.  If you get prepared for that, you will be ready for anything.thYEP27O6J

* Speaking of EMP news: According to Peter Vincent Pry, Government reports now show that an EMP(electro-magnetic pulse) bomb or a naturally occurring Coronal Mass Ejection or CME from the sun could collapse our electrical grid and fundamentally change life as we know it. Pry, knows his stuff.  He is the executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and also Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both congressional advisory boards. img407516 He is the author of Apocalypse Unknown: The struggle to Protect America from EMP Catastrophe which is available on Amazon.  He has also written a series of fascinating Op-Ed pieces for the Israel National News.  You can check out this link which takes you to a list of all of his  Op-Ed articles.  Along with such luminaries as Newt Gingrich and professor William Forstchen, listed above, Pry has endeavored to rattle some Washington cages, raise public awareness that something must be done to harden and strengthen the American grid before it is too late.

No one likes to focus on these frightening possibilities but even more horrendous to me is the possibility that something devastating ( and preventable) may happen and my children, grandchildren or friends suffer and go hungry and wonder why I didn’t give them a heads up.  Consider yourself notified!  If nothing happens, hooray! We will have some supplies put by that will be cheaper than what stuff costs next year.  This isn’t merely the irrational fears and concerns of a woman that watches too much news.  These are issues alluded to in scripture with the much ballyhooed Matthew 24 verses of famine and pestilence and violence. Government reports on this related EMP topic recommend immediate hardening of our vulnerable grid have gone unheeded by more than one administration.  It is well past time for our do-nothing, grid-locked Congress to get serious about this, before it is too late. th118DEC8E Additionally, readers need to contemplate what they will do if the lights go out how they will flush their toilets, heat their homes or how they will operate if the ATM machines won’t work.  Mock me if you will, but these are viable, serious topics being bandied about by very smart folks that have been making headlines lately.  At least, the military is taking this threat seriously enough to retreat back into their hardened, deep mountain site so that a sudden EMP won’t be an issue for them.

*A new jumble of earthquakes from places as varied as underneath Dallas’ Northwest Highway all the way to San Francisco with a new swarm of earthquakes there…the largest being 4.0 have captured my attention.thKBBX3QOB  I had a FaceBook message from a friend in Michigan who felt the little earthquake there a few days ago.

Diverse Places indeed.  Continued aftershocks in Nepal are occurring even as the search and rescue attempts are drawing to a close and the body count nears 8,000 at last check.th7T2JJ7SL

Health organizations are, of course, now concerned with the threat of diseases such as cholera and dysentery as people are living outside in deplorable conditions.  Pray and send money.  I recommend Samaritan’s Purse with Franklin Graham who has a lot of experience getting supplies into tricky places.

* This morning’s UK Guardian newspaper reported  that according to the Jewish Agency for Israel there is a 40% rise this year in Global immigration to Israel in just the first 3 months of 2015.th3U4BOSU1  A huge influx of Jewish folks have wisely begun to leave France, Ukraine and other European countries and head back to their homeland.  This is a direct fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in Isaiah 11:11-12, Micah 2:12, Jeremiah 31:10, Ezekiel 39:27-28, Psalms 107:2-3.Ezekiel 11:17.

* 300 more Christians have been executed in Northern Iran by ISIS.  I don’t really know what to add to this statement.  We need to be praying for these Christians. 283E8A0800000578-3065517-image-a-10_1430591825406Do you recall that passage in Revelations 6:9-11 when the 5th seal was opened that all those martyrs under the altar were crying out for justice– Crying out for the Lord to avenge their innocent blood?  I always assumed, if I thought about it at all, that these were the souls of the early first century church that endured Roman persecution for so long.  They will, undoubtedly, be included there but we are looking at a wholesale demonic eradication of Christians in Islamic countries.  Where is the international outrage?  Where are the protests and public outcry for these innocent lives?  Jesus come quickly. Matthew 24:22

*  With Ezekiel 38:1-5 in mind I find this following story incredibly interesting :As a direct result of the Obama Administrations efforts to force through the Nuclear deal with Iran the International community is pouncing on the opportunity to make a profit while the sanctions are in limbo. 20 Following the announcement last August by a senior Iranian military commander that Tehran has long-range and mid-range missile defense systems similar to that of Israel’s Iron Dome; Now Russia reports that she is selling Iran a host of missiles to go with this technology. putin-pen-Reuters-640x480 It is feared that Israel will now see this move as a rapidly closing window of opportunity and act to stop not only Iran’s nuclear bomb development which Obama’s deal leaves largely intact but preemptively destroy any counter missile capabilities they may be establishing.

* Volcanic Activity is always an interesting prophecy gear to watch.  This week in addition to the ongoing eruptions in Chile, Japan and elsewhere.( See for up to the minute info)  the Axial Seamount started erupting. 284C0C6D00000578-3064887-The_earthquakes_were_recorded_by_William_Wilcock_from_the_Univer-a-17_1430732676976 This is an active underwater volcano located approximately 300 miles off the coast of Washington and Oregon.  The seafloor has dropped 8 feet indicating magma movement.  There have also been thousands of tiny quakes in the immediate region.  It is thought to be erupting after signs of magma were spotted near its deep sea vent.  Scientists aren’t sure whether this will be a full-blown eruption or if it is only a large intrusion of magma that hasn’t quite reached the surface.284C76BF00000578-3064887-image-a-19_1430738754617  Last year, as a precaution researchers “wired” the Axial Seamount to collect data.  I believe that this is particularly interesting to watch, because of the prophetic words given by such notables as John Paul Jackson, Bob Jones and Rick Joyner concerning their predictions of an upcoming, large, West Coast volcanic event.  Something to keep my eye on.

*Riots and Protests  around the country following Baltimore death of Freddy Gray have simmered down, somewhat, since the hasty charging of 6 Baltimore officers deemed responsible. It seems as though something dark has been released — a chaotic lid has been pried off the social equivalent of Pandora’s box allowing the escape of Spirits of lawlessness and anger rather than Greek insects! 622x350 I know that I am mixing my metaphors but I want to emphasize that once the” hate” Jeannie is released, it is a tricky job to stuff her back into that bottle.  Largely unreported and unlamented is the murder of 25 year old New York police officer, Brian Moore.  Rest in Peace, Officer Moore and God Bless your family.

I’m sure that there is more interesting stuff happening.  Feel free to forward me whatever you like.  I am always interested, as you know, to hear if people are having any interesting Joel 2:28,”Godly”dreams in these active End Times?   Don’t forget what Jesus said in Luke 21:28  “And, when these things begin to happen, LOOK UP…for your redemption draws near!”










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    Spot on Sally! Things are adding up and Jesus warned us to be aware of the signs of the times. Get ready!

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