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I think everyone saw the story last week which was widely reported in the news of the Rhode Island woman who was blown explosively from her beach chair into the rock jetty.  After all the heightened alerts surrounding the July 4th everyone was alarmed.  Was it a bomb?  Was it prankster teenagers with nothing better to do? Police were called to investigate and no explosive residue or other tell-tale “bomb” signs were found.  The Beach was evacuated and nerves were rattled.rhode12n-1-web

I saw from Dutch Sinse (my oft quoted Earthquake and volcanic source) commentary what he thought of the incident.  He  also referenced other incidents in the story below.  You may remember that I included the Indian Hills Golf course incident back in June….but now I found the actual video which is ever so much more interesting! See below!

Dutchsinse:  Now we know… after yesterday’s blast from below the Rhode Island Beach… these are large methane explosions!  Natural gas which comes from deep below the surface….

Yesterday the underground explosion sent a woman flying like a cannon ball… or actually more like a “blanket toss” where the surface displaces upwards quickly, sending anything on the surface flying:  A large blast from UNDERGROUND happened along the shores of Rhode Island…. the blast was reported to feel like an earthquake followed by a GAS explosion.

One woman tossed high into the air from the beach, and landed on nearby rocks.

This is obviously an underground methane explosion.

This event now marks two different methane “blasts” in the past few weeks. The first large methane event was along the shores of Lake Huron just North of Detroit Michigan.

Both areas where this methane has released reside on the Northeast portion of the North American Craton.

To have two areas blast or geyser off methane in a few weeks time, both in the Northeastern edge of the craton, means we’re seeing a beginning of the “methane event” that experts have warned about.

If things continue on this path, we shall see several unmistakable methane blasts, geysers, and even large scale releases.

I have my suspicions on the true cause of the “wildfires” in North Canada and Alaska. I believe the “wildfires” are nothing more than versions of what we just saw on the beach in Rhode Island. Methane explosions which are leading to forest fires in the pine forests of North Canada and Alaska.

Post Glacial Rebound Effect (PGRE) is the culprit of these methane releases.

In perspective, scientists who are “worried” about large methane releases call it an ELE (extinction level event). I don’t know if we’re at the beginning of the full methane “event”.. but if we start seeing more of these kinds of “explosions” and more events like the Geyser of Methane off Lake Huron… then we might want to take a harder look at the scientists claim about a Methane ELE.…/explosion-rocks-rhode-island-beach-…

This is a similar incident that happened in the same general area two years ago and freaked out the residents and made the news:

In June of this year and previously reported by is this Methane Eruption which he referenced above:  from under the water hazard on the Indian Hills Golf Course in Canada:

Siberia and the Arctic seem to have a lot happening in Methane events.  Find the links below if you need to scare yourself any further!FIGURE1

If you care to read a lot more on other methane eruptions and scientific commentary you can read this entire article which appeared in the Artic News two years ago:

Other intense reading, if you care to go to school on this topic:

So you may be asking, gee whiz Sally, this is all very interesting but what’s the point?  I’m so glad that you asked! Obviously, I am not a scientist, or volcanologist or anything of the sort.  However, one does not really have to be in order to know that when plates start scooting around beneath us that pressure shifts and areas that were not seismically active th (139)are now squeezed. Not unlike the kid that jumps on one end of the air mattress and the other end blows a seam letting the air escape.  We usually correlate volcanic eruptions or earthquake with seismic activity.  However, as we see from the stories above once things begin to move around, interesting and often toxic things are released that we need to be aware of as possible red flags that activity may be accelerating.

We know from the much quoted verses in Matthew 24 and companion verses in Luke that th0XKRC1HJJesus himself said that great earthquakes ( and presumably related seismic activity) would be one of the obvious signs for us to know that the End of the Age would soon be arriving.  Therefore, endeavors to follow and bring it’s readers information that is seldom reported in the news relating to all things shifting and squeezing beneath our feet.

As always, these articles are not intended to freak folks out or to bring fear to our hearts.  Merely to suggest thCE45VMPFthat- based on actual scripture– things are happening! And, should your area be affected by a major seismic event that you have a plan, and adequate preparations- both physical and spiritual- to sustain your family should things go sideways for an extended length of time.  Please recall the passages listed above where Jesus compares these events to a woman in labor.  A twinge here or there at first…but as the labor progresses these contractions come closer and closer together and are much more intense in nature. thMLH1UBDN

That’s all for now!  Keep looking up!  Luke 21:28



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