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I think that most of us can agree that the Western World as a whole does not get Islam.  Our elected officials are clueless as well as ineffective. Our media stays politically correct rather than objective.  Our politicians lack understanding yet attempt to negotiate, placate and mediate.  I am assuming that President Obama has a grasp of the true Muslim mind-set as he was “raised”  in that faith and that was a vocal campaign issue for his Hope and Change run for the roses. However, this has not translated to common sense, diplomatic reason that I can see.

Americans have an fatal flaw.  We like to wave our flag and shout free speech and Liberty for all.  I like free speech and  freedom, religious and otherwise, as well as the next girl but we gotta keep this in perspective. Islam does not play well with others.th1O5DAQB1 Our rules  are not their rules and, ours do not compute in their playbook. In addition, our very lax immigration policies, and wide open borders have set the stage for disaster. Unlike immigrants of old -ones that come now expect expensive benefits and handouts.  Our ancestors that hit American shores relied on their own skills and efforts.  I could ramble on with other changes but will try to keep this train on the tracks.

Rather than take common sense precautions for the citizenry already established, we have settled for the equivalent of National Cataracts. th4QZR8D2Z We try to imply our freedoms to the citizens of the world before they reach our shores and impress Democratic ideals on those who have no foundation or understanding of it. With total disregard for the consequences, due to our national fear of being called bigots, racists or profilers we have become blinded to the real issue at hand. It’s a vision problem: 21st Century Americans generally like to believe or assume, that everyone takes “religious fervor” with the same grain of salt that they do! They become genuinely confused when others do not fall in line with this Nothing Really Matters philosophy of life.

th7MUTIN07The idea being, that it is nice for Christenings, Bar Mitzvah’s or the Holidays but not really relevant or important any other time of the year.  They have no problem ignoring their own Judeo-Christian roots and choose to worship their busy lives instead.  Thus occupied, they assume that everyone else’s religion( since all religion must be equally forgettable).  We, as a group, do not understand  unwavering FAITH in anything anymore- much less, the driving, demonically-inspired hostility of Islam to those that are not.

I have heard our President and other officials say, on more than one occasion; that it is lack of education, poverty and dreary prospects that make these Al-Qaida or ISIS thDG37LRAS“extremists” so focused or fervent. Bless their hearts if they only had a hobby they wouldn’t be so dead set on destroying us! Democratic Presidential Candidate ,Bernie Sanders says that it is Climate Change that drives this problem of terrorism.  Not only is this all a ludicrous smoke screen, it shows a shocking lack of discernment ( political, spiritual, or common sense)  I am afraid that this attitude will be- and already has been- a mistake with enormous consequences to Western civilization. I’m not trying to be political here.  These have been publically aired and printed statements by famous politicians. It begs the question:thMVF3IMFHDo President Obama and Bernie, similarly think that I, a dedicated, fervent, faithful follower of Christ believes the way I do because I am poor, uneducated and without prospects? Do they consider us dangerous, misunderstood victims of climate change because we really, really, really believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of the One true God?  It further begs the question as to whether fundamentalist, evangelical Christians will join radical Islamists on some secret Homeland Security list again, as separate but equal dangers to a lukewarm, godless society?

While I do believe that American’s( and others) need to become more educated in this in-your-face, false and dangerous religion.  I feel a more important priority would be to first really understand what Christianity is all about.

thSBNUXODV As it is Christmas time, this may be the perfect time to divulge that Christmas has nothing to do with Christmas trees, or Santa Clause.  Christmas is the first and most important piece of the reclamation project that God enacted to redeem us from our certain fate. Because Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan in the Garden we humanity, were all in desperate need of a new plan, a fresh disciples 1program. Before the arrival of Jesus- the perfect love gift from God- in that sleepy little village of Bethlehem we were all destined to certain wrath and the eternal separation from God.  With his death on the cross and resurrection from the grave 33 and a half years later, our destination was opened up to amazing and powerful possibilities.

God loves us and sent his son so that ANYONE who believes on him shall not perish but have eternal-everlasting life! (John 3:16-17)thKIMY7KH9 This is an awesome Christmas gift and one that we should never lose sight of.  It is a wonderful, hopeful, turn the other cheek message to pass along to everyone.  And it comes with full authority of sonship and benefits.  The Holy Spirit brings us power over the demonic, healing and understanding of his Word.

In a world that is doing it’s best to sideline, equalize or marginalize, downplay or squeeze everyone’s faith into a specified box this is a message of Love that everyone needs to re-read, and reevaluate.  This is not a “comparative religions” blog or a post that in some New Age mystical way,1417951815989.cached says that all this energy is flowing towards the same destination, the same god, a Universal good in a Star Wars battle with Evil.  That’s the lie.  The truth is that we have a loving Father that wants to be with us.  A loving Savior that came to sacrifice himself so that we could live.  The Person of the Holy Spirit is our personal power source to occupy and engage the enemy while we remain.  This is sooooo different that every other religionthDSVZ6IU2 that I have ever heard of.  It’s a Love letter with a plan.  It’s powerful and loving and always has the same goal.  To heal us, save us and empower us to be kind and loving and forgive our enemies as God has forgiven us.

With the full knowledge that The Western World may have forgotten or shelved this powerful message and  think that it doesn’t adhere to our modern, carefully-plotted  Marvel Comics, 2- hour- movie idea of Avengers uniting in concert to defeat a common enemy with whiz-bang, secret weaponry. Christianity is nothing of me or my puny efforts. Jesus did it all for me.  It’s done.  I just praise him and accept the challenge of following the Master. This may sound like puny or ineffectual weapons to engage in a fight fight to the death with the super villain, Satan, but this Love is unstoppable and undefeatable!

Islam is a religion that seems to say,Convert, pay a tax or die when they are in power and majority. This belief  is condoned and supported by the writings of the Koran.  Christianity tells us that we are already dead without Jesus our Savior: That we are to love our enemies as we love ourselves.  Therein is the proof of the Christmas pudding!

Here is an interesting,  informative and short article that I found floating around on Facebook that I think would be in keeping with this post  It does make a difference. And we need to know it!  five-fingers-of-Islam-e1426440402310http://drrichswier.com/2015/03/15/the-five-fingers-of-islam/

The Five Fingers of Islam

There have been many who have written about Islam. Some defend it, others criticize it. Needless to say Islam is a topic deserving of academic study, explanation and understanding. However, many do not understand, or want to understand, Islam. Daily, news stories focus on the slaughter of innocents by the followers of Mohammed. These stories focus on the five fingers of Islam that hold the sword that strikes at the necks of the unbelievers. These five fingers are: the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda and Iran. Are politicians missing the forest (the whole of Islam) because of the trees (the five fingers holding the sword)? Is the free world missing the big picture?

This column is provided to give a simple analogy that explains Islam. It defines Islam simply as a human body.

Think of Islam as your body. As your body is made up of billions of cells, so too is Islam made up of 1.3 billion Mohammedans (followers of Mohammed) called the Ummah (the Islamic community). The mind of Islam is shariah law, the heart of Islam is the Quran. Just as your body resists disease, so to does Islam. Islam protects itself from the the ideas and ideals (diseases) of the non-believers. This self protection mechanism is called “Fitnah.” Fitnah is anything that upsets or causes discord among the body of Islam. The Arabic root of Fitnah occurs sixty times in the Quran, while jihad occurs fewer than 30 times.

Bruce Phillips in his column Fitna is Worse Than Slaughter writes:

… I have come to believe that Fitnah is the most essential motivational component of Islamic theology, i.e., it is the cornerstone of an adversarial, confrontational worldview that inevitably leads to a state of perpetual conflict with the non-Islamic world.

In fact, fighting against the multi-faceted threat of Fitnah is such an essential part of a Quran-based worldview, that it is both the Strategy & Tactics and the ‘BeatingHeart’ of the Global Islamic Movement (GIM). Removing Fitnah from the world is so fundamental to Islamic ideology that every primary source contains extensive references to this concept.

The body of Islam is designed for one thing and one thing only to defend itself from Fitnah. The free world tends to focus on terrorism and jihad. These are tactics used to resist Fitnah globally. The free world is not at war with terror or jihad, the free world is at war with the body, heart and soul of Islam – Fitnah. In order to fight this war, and win it, the free world must first understand Fitnah.

As mentioned above, the mind of Islam is shariah law. The body is controlled by the mind. The more shariah compliant an individual, organization, or nation, the more dangerous and deadly. Those who resist shariah are causing Fitnah. If a daughter or wife violates shariah then the father/husband must fight this Fitnah (resistance). Hence we see honor killings, women stoned for adultery, and genital mutilation. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State, Saudi Arabia, al Qaeda and Iran are fully shariah compliant.

Some argue that there are peaceful Mohammedans. While the right hand destroys anything and slaughters anyone who causes Fitnah, non-Muslims wonder why isn’t the moderate follower speaking out? Just like the human body resists infection, so can Muslims kill Muslims who cause Fitnah. Speaking out against Islam is Fitnah. Does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing? Some argue that a radical Muslim wants to behead you while a moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you. That is Fitnah in a different form. A Mohammedan may wage fitnah without drawing the sword. He or she may resist Fitnah using different forms of jihad or by just keeping silent. Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.

As Phillips notes, “Removing Fitnah from the world is so fundamental to Islamic ideology that every primary source contains extensive references to this concept… According to the Quran, any effort by non-Muslims to oppose the advancement of Islam is considered a flagrant, abhorrent crime.  Also known as Fitnah, such crimes are seen as so egregious that people can be slaughteredhonor-killedbeheaded or crucified (and yes, all of these punishments are found in the Quran, with added endorsements and insights in the Hadith & Tafsir).”

QUESTION: How does the free world fight Fitnah? ANSWER: By causing Fitnah!

The free world must prepare itself to wage Fitnah. On December 28, 2014, Major General Michael K. Nagata, commander of American Special Operations forces in the Middle East, made the following public statement: ‘We do not understand the movement, and until we do, we are not going to defeat it.  We have not defeated the idea.  We do not even understand the idea.’

The idea is Fitnah. The sooner the free world understands this the quicker the threat will be met and defeated. As was done with the former Soviet Union, a united effort is in order to defeat this global ideology that will prevail if not stopped, as it was at the gates of Vienna in 1683. It is not enough to stop Islam, it is imperative to drive it back, to reverse it. This effort must be global and include waging political, social, economic, judicial and ideological Fitnah.

Fitnah is the cure, the disease is Islam.

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