What the heck are Nephilim?

I received an email from a friend and long-time Feverseason follower who once heard me teach a Genesis study.  Having gone walkabout this winter, he moseyed over to East Texas and begun a discussion about the mysterious “Nephilim” with some Christian friends.  This was new information to them so he asked me for some help and I was glad to oblige with information on this important topic! Figured it was a good time to blog on it, as well! Let’s travel back in time…

Most are familiar with the oft quoted verses in Matthew 24. This is the passage where Jesus is responding to questions about the end of the age and  His-Jesus/ Messiah’s return. We all know the signs- wars and rumors of war, the earthquakes in different places and so on. Further on down and just past the parable of the fig tree is this intriguing link to the Old Testament in Matt. 24:37-39

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark.

And (they) knew not until the flood came and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This passage is often equated to the rapture While there are similarities let’s be very clear. People have been eating and drinking and getting married and going to work every day since they left the Garden of Eden.  Something more definitive and dark was afoot “In the days of Noah.” Jesus was pointing to this activity as a red flag- a sign of the times.  The flood of Genesis, was an unavoidable cleansing to spare a family of 8 souls and the animals.  It was an across-the-board global judgment-save for a small and pure remnant. ( 8 is the number of new beginnings)  Matthew 24, refers to the situation on earth prior to Jesus return and  final judgment at the end of the age (more a wheat and tares reference.) Since Jesus was pretty specific about this end-times Noah reference we need to flip back to Genesis and review of exactly what had been happening so that we can be aware of what to look for, nowadays.

Prior to Genesis 6 there is a LOT of action. An enigmatic gap yawns between wording in Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 and then, we see The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit- (the trinity) having a conference. Creation commences.

Somewhere, I believe, between verse one and verse two lies the rebellion of the Archangel Lucifer. Isaiah 14:12; and Ezekiel 28, offer details of this tantalizing story. Extra Biblical sources such as The Book of Enoch, and the Book of Jasher (which are quoted by folks in scripture, giving them credence) shine extra light on activity in this dark window of time.

Apparently, based on all the above references, rebelliousLucifer, who may have once had the earth as his territory, got uppity between Genesis 1: 1 and Genesis 1: 2.  God gave him and the angelic beings who sided with him, the boot from the heaven to the earthly realm. (Clearly I am reading between the lines and as it doesn’t contradict any scripture I can find I will run with it.)   For a long, undetermined time there was utter darkness  – then one day Light began to return to the earth and from the chaos came CREATION.

I am fighting the urge to dive into a full blown Genesis study but will summarize: Adam and Eve had been given full dominion over everything that moved, got snookered by Satan whom they should have immediately ordered out of their garden, and as a result of their disobedience of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of Good and Evil, lost their immortality, lost their Garden home, and lost their authority over the earth.  Now someone else had legal dominion on earth.

An important plot point, Satan was standing right there to hear the first Messianic prophetic statement The Lord delivered in Genesis 3:15.  Since few people use the word enmity anymore, I will put a Texas spin on this promise: …”And I will put a perpetual feud to the death, between you and “the woman” and between your seed and her seed; Her seed is going to boot stomp your snake head into the ground, and you will just nip his heel, like an annoying Chihuahua.”  Vernacular aside, the meaning is unmistakable. The blow delivered by the seed of the woman- Jesus, is fatal, the other wound or “bruise” delivered by Satan, is a very temporary wound.

One doesn’t have to be an obstetrician to see there is a lot of talk of “seed” in this verse.  Satan understood something “genetic” was to be birthed which would eventually boot-stomp his lying face once and for all.  The only woman at time of this prophetic statement was Eve, so I think everyone around (except God) assumed this prophecy pertained to her.  Fast forward a little bit to Genesis 6 which Jesus flagged for us.

Genesis 6:4 tells is packed with information. The fallen angels began to mix it up with the girls on earth- Resulting in a hybrid creation called Nephilim which is interpreted here as Giants. “Mighty men of renown” seems rather an dramatic understatement. The fallen angels were creating a real problem genetically, culturally and righteously.

Lest we think that any of this came as a huge shock to God, leaving him flailing around to come up with a viable plan B for his ragamuffin, earthly creations, I offer the following as an example of his amazing plan set in motion before Time began.

Often we skim over Old Testament, genealogical references thinking them rather tedious. However, it behooves us to pay attention. Names and Numbers are important and have constant meaning in scripture:

6 is the number of Man or humanity….we were created on Day 6

7 is the number associated with Messiah. The Lord rested on Day 7, Jesus is our REST. There are 7 Feasts of the Lord, 7 years in a Shemittah cycle….and so on. It represents fulfillment.

10 is a number generally represents Completion and also judgment or waiting. There were 10 plagues in Egypt for example, before Pharaoh let the Hebrew people go. There are 10 Commandments.

I often point to the importance in this blog of Personal Name meanings in dreams just as they are in scripture; the following is a prime example:

If we string the names of the first 10 generations listed in Genesis between God and Noah we see an amazing message which should blow your mind, letting us all know what an awesome God we serve:

God……………………………The God


Seth…………………………..Is appointed

Enosh……………………….. A mortal man (of)

Kenan…………………………sorrow is born!

Mahalael…………………… The Glory of God

Jared……………… …………. Shall come down

Enoch……………………………instructing that

Methuselah………………….His death shall bring ( also interpreted- When he dies it will come)

Lamech…………………………Those in despair

Noah…………………………….Comfort and Rest

It is the story of Messianic salvation laid out prior to the coming flood! Reading: The God/ man appointed a mortal man of sorrow is born! The Glory of God shall come down instructing that His death shall bring those in despair, comfort and REST.

God is so good- and he was good before we knew that we needed Him to be!  Truly Amazing Grace! I  also don’t think this was a huge ” state secret” at the time.  I think it was rather common knowledge and that’s why when the Lord told Noah to begin building a big boat, Noah suddenly began to understand what “it” was that was coming, once grandpa Methuselah kicked the bucket!

We will pick up our fascinating tale of what was happening in the days of Noah and the ongoing tale of Nephilim- in the next post!








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