String of Pearls

My grandfather was the sweetest man.  Roy Moreland was tall and lanky, and kind of quiet. I can’t recall a time when he wasn’t smiling or making others do the same.string-of-peals-1

He always could be counted on to keep the grandchildren laughing by telling funny stories or threats of “counting our ribs.”  Any time of the year, when they would come to visit us in Dallas, he would spend hours each day walking many miles for his health and entertainment…or perhaps to avoid an ever-growing honey-do list composed by my grandmother.

He enjoyed his solitary walks, and while I’m sure he kept note of his surroundings, he would also, watch his feet. At the family dinner table each evening, he would report how much money he had discovered during his daily constitutional.  Lots of spare change seemed to always be in Granddaddy’s path.  He wasn’t particularly seeking it, but he would always pause and pick it up as he went along. As a little kid, this seemed magical and the sums, which often added up to several dollars, were magnificent and motivational to my young ears!string-of-pearls-2

The other day  I was looking back through a big ol’ pile of dream journals and notes- dating back to 2010. I was looking for something specific at the time- which I eventually found. During the massive review, I realized I had missed something rather startling.  Viewed individually I had seen the dreams one way, viewed as a whole, I was now seeing themes and commonalities I had, heretofore, overlooked.

My “Miss Sally” dream review was quite educational.  I noticed that from time to time in my dreams, I was actually offered, discovered or given, “pearls”. string-of-pearls-4  Not all the time, and not in any regular distribution, but often enough to now catch my attention.  Once I even received an entire “dream” necklace.

Please don’t misunderstand.  This isn’t a prideful observation, or a proclamation of any sort that “I’m so spiritual, the Lord is sending me spiritual pearls of wisdom.”   Like my Granddaddy in the 1960’s, just out for some exercise, watching the path, he came across items of value.  He wasn’t on a treasure hunt, he wasn’t out with a metal detector, or panning for gold.  He was a retired Entomologist, who was trying to stay in shape.  But, he was cognizant enough on his travels around the neighborhood to be watchful of his footing.  He noticed, as he walked, glints of quarters and nickels and dimes on the pavement, as well as the occasional dollar bill, and stooped down and collected it.


Totally bypassing Miss Sally and her many foibles as I  snooze soundly; Dream Sally is actually paying attention! These pearls often were not the real focus of the message, but a little side treasure-bonus.  Once, while many other things were going on- a gigantic oyster opened up and a HUGE pearl was awaiting me as I walked by. I did note, each time I saw a pearl in a dream I’m moving, following, I’m watchful or seeking and I never pass it by un-noticed.string-of-pearls-6

I wish I could say the same thing about real life….but, Halleluiah, the Lord isn’t through with me yet!  The nice things about Dreams and Visions is that the Lord can skip over our objections, excuses or life’s many distractions and drop a large or small, fresh water or salt water- pearl of good stuff on us, which in wakeful reality we might just waltz right on by.

I told you all that- to tell you this: This very last day of the Feast of Tabernacles is a time of open heaven, of rejoicing for the Messianic King who is coming again soon.  As sunset approaches, this holiday is an actual pearl.  Jesus in scripture THE Pearl of Great Price of Matthew 12:45-46.string-of-pearls-10

The Feasts are not like an actual Thanksgiving Turkey day feast – but a “Hey, don’t miss it! Divine Appointment”.  These Big repetitive dates (which The Lord called HIS FEASTS) are all a  connected sequence of prophetic messages.  A fabulous string of  7 very large pearls for Believers- the Bride- to collect and thus avoid missing the first or second coming of Jesus, the Messiah- the Bridegroom.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be more important or carry more value than this particular string of pearls! No  current political drama or personal angst or travesty should overshadow the importance our carrying the message of  THE Pearl of Great Price.


Pearl one is Passover the actual day that Jesus was crucified- the Lamb of God.  Pearl two, is the Feast of Unleavened Bread when Jesus was put in the Grave.  Pearl three represents the Feast of Firstfruits, three days later, when Jesus was raised from the dead by the Power of the Holy Spirit,  Pearl four, the Feast of Pentecost the fulfillment of Jesus’ Promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out with fire on the people in Jerusalem and beyond.

We ought to be annually expectant for the arrival of the next enormous pearls 5,6, & 7 which will complete our unfinished String of Pearls: The Feast of Trumpets,string-of-pearls-5 Yom Kippur and Feast of Tabernacles which are a bright visual  prophetic picture of the Rapture of the Church, Judgment of Nations and the establishment of  Messiah’s Kingdom. Every single one is a message and promise of JESUS.

As Believers, we should be keeping our eyes peeled for those expected and beautiful events- those pearls to roll into view.  This loosely strung- string of pearls analogy is also a reminder to Believers that time is ticking and we want everyone to receive that message, and to see those pearls that are already strung while there is STILL TIME.

These Good News pearls aren’t for keeping – they are to share and give away to as many people as will look at them.

What a tragedy if there is someone I know who never had an opportunity to hear this story or claim this treasure trove of pearls or recognize these prophetic blood-bought pictures. I can’t control who will accept the Pearls. With an ever shortening time, all I can do is keep watching for the King and  asking the Holy Spirit to lead me to the ones who are seeking that String of Pearls and pray you do the same.

string-of-pearls-8For further study: Leviticus 23, John 3:14-21; John 7:37-43, The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard& Marvin Rosenthal.; Matt 13:45-46, Matthew 7:6; Rev. 21:21.  As I have stated in previous posts, there is not a more commonly discussed form of Godly communication than Dreams. Beginning in Genesis and continuing thru Revelation.  Godly dreams will always align with scripture.  If they don’t agree with the Word, then they are from a different source who loves to lie and counterfeit everything the Creator does.

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The Show to Come

I had a dream a few weeks ago, just at the end of September.  It was long and detailed and has been flirting at the edge of my consciousness ever since.Sleepers 2  Periodically, I come back to those carefully recorded “dream notes” and go over it all again, hoping the Holy Spirit will continue to reveal more fully the meaning of it all.

While I won’t share the entire thing at this juncture.  I will say that the  oft repeated phrase in the dream was “the show to come.”  In the dream, there was a lot going on- with most of it geared to the preparations for an exciting, soon-coming event.  The expectation and thrill was contagious.  In one of the scenes, I realized that my clothes were much too plain and ordinary for this event and so I unfurl my full length, voluminous skirt on the table and began to paint it with flowers.  I had a vague creative plan to start at the top with a narrow floral thing and broaden it as I swooped downward across the front– but as I picked up the brush, dipped it in the paint and got the project under way, it soon began to paint itself!painting-2

Without benefit of the unnecessary brush, pictures and shapes I could never imagine began to blossom amongst the simple flowers I had started to paint.  Eventually, the entire garment was completely, fully embellished, supernaturally in fantastic technicolor. I knew, in this dream that I had little to do with this project- but I was fully aware that it wouldn’t have happened had I not initially picked up that brush and begun to move.


As so often happens in dreams: Then, I just knew somehow, that on top of all this color and beauty, I needed to splatter it all in bright blue paint.  As I did this, it splatted all over the beautiful fabric and all over me, and all over the people who were gathered around to watch as I decorated my outfit for this “show to come.”


Dreams from God, just like those we see in the scripture are mysterious. As the most recorded means of communication between God and man in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, we should not be surprised to receive them and should treasure them when they come to us. Ordinarily, you have to sort them out. Sometimes with prayer the meaning can immediately jump out.  Sometimes, when reviewed many months or years later, the notes from a long ago dream may reveal something totally new to the recipient, even when we thought we had the meaning at the get-go!  Scripture tells us that in the end times that everyone is going to be receiving prophetic dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit- so it would behoove us to begin to be receptive and get around the learning curve on this topic. (Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:16-18)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.  One of those 7 feasts of the Lord which I often teach on from Leviticus 23.  I often say that these 7 Feasts are the framework or tent poles for the entire fabric of Messianic Prophecy. thN5ZJDNUK Tabernacles or Sukkot is without a doubt, the ultimate Show to Come.  It is the Feast that celebrates the restoration of the Messianic Kingdom.  It is a weeklong joyful party bookended by two Sabbath days..  At Yom Kippur He was our atoning Lamb.  At Sukkot Jesus is our Joy and he is our Sabbath Rest.  Everything, as one studies this amazing holiday, is wrapped in incredible Joy, celebration and light.  Jesus is the Light of the World!   I welcome you to go into the fall archives and read past posts from Tabernacles I have written if this is a topic new to you.

The “show to come” in my dream was not identified.  It could be preparation for the Rapture – the marriage supper of the Lamb or it could be some earthly extravaganza, of which I can only imagine.  I knew that I needed to be prepared, I knew everyone was extremely excited, I knew that I needed to be expectant, and, just like we read outlined in Matthew 22- I needed to have the appropriate clothing for this gig. Ultimately, I knew that without the bright blue spatter all over it, my outfit wasn’t complete.paint-4

Like Joseph’s coat of many colors in the Bible, a multi-colored garment can be a symbol of prophetic anointing or a representation of the Glory or Promise of The Lord, as we see with the rainbow to reassure Noah after the worldwide cleansing of the flood. It can be all of the above. Blue is a color of royalty and heavenly revelation.

I like the idea that I was tossing it around like confetti.  It stuck to me, to my clothing and got all over everyone that was near me.  Everyone was delighted to see the glorious splatter happen, and no one moved to wipe their faces or clean their clothes of these droplets in my dream. It fell like blessings.

There IS a show to come. The King is coming back and he’s coming soon. And while we wait for the ultimate show- every day should be “showtime” for each of us.  Who will notice our fabulous supernatural adornments, the unique heavenly colors emblazoned on our lives as we wait with expectation for Jesus to return as promised?  Who  in our sphere of influence will be hit with glorious, Holy Spirit spatter paint as we go about our day to day lives and accomplish what we are called to do – To preach the gospel of the Kingdom ( much more than salvation) as we cast out demons ( yes, Christians can have demons) and heal the sick!  We are each called and imbued to be a glorious, “package deal” while we await the fulfillment of these final three Feasts of the Lord: Trumpets, Yom Kippur and the Big #7– Tabernacles.

It IS all about the Joy!

th29CQNWITFor additional study:

The Divinity Code by Adam F Thompson and Adrian Beale; The Feasts of the Lord DVD’s by Mark Biltz; Mark 16:16-18, Matt. 10:1,8 ; the Book of Acts, Matthew 22.

Previous posts on The Feasts of the Lord available in the archives: Pulse Points, Fly Away Home, Escape Plan, Feast on , Countdown, The Big Picture, The Ad Man, Let the Shofar Blow, Masterpiece, Hamburgers, Huts and a Belated Blood Moon.

If you have been dreaming, would like to share it or just need some help or a sounding board, I am happy to help!





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Keep your eye on the ball

Many years ago, my sister, Amy and I took tennis lessons along with our good friends and neighbors, Sue and Nancy Tilley, at a nearby recreation center.  Dressed in our little white outfits, we learned the rules, practiced our volleys and backhand while endeavoring not to melt in the Dallas heat and  While none of us were particularly athletic, these are fun memories. The only thing I recall with any clarity, these many years later, was the instructor repeatedly shouting, “Keep your eye on the ball!”

Falling sway to passing distractions makes it all too easy to lose sight of the ball, miss the advantage and, in nothing flat, lose the game.  “Keep your eye on the Ball” is a simple rule to stand you in good stead whether playing ping-pong or raising children.  It’s a valuable maxim if one is struggling to remain married or voting for a presidential candidate.  Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t lose sight of the real deal, the true issue on the clay courts of life!tennis-lesson-6

Thirty days out from the most pivotal presidential election in American history and a few days prior the second debate between the leading Presidential hopefuls, a video clip is released of Donald Trump, many years ago, having a private, vulgar conversation about women.

Defending indefensible behavior is a waste of energy.  He has apologized several times.  Does The Donald need his mouth washed out with soap?  Yes, indeed. This has been a big and hopefully educational,”shame on you!” moment from long ago.  I will suggest a remedial course in charm school  be wedged into his busy schedule!


However, let us analyze a bit, before moving on. Since he has been running for this office for over a year, I find it extremely curious, and hope that you do as well, that only NOW are we beginning to see the resurrection of assorted damning clips or emails.  In a tight race, this video has conveniently and completely overshadowed the expected WikiLeaks email dump by the elusive Mr. Julian Assange; emails revealing Hillary Clinton’s true political leanings and extremely situational ethics.  The old girl just aced the serve, slamming that ball so fast and tight across the net Donald didn’t  even see it coming and it, ironically, hit him right in the family jewels!

I have seen lots of chatter this week from outraged Facebook folks or media pundits ranting about “objectification of women” and prevalent “rape culture.” thUQND4YMJ  If you have perchance, been in a coma or preoccupied with the weather channel all week, Mr. Trump, unaware he was being recorded, some 11 years ago, said women ( beautiful and often married, allowed him do whatever he liked ( this is the sanitized version) because he was a “star” and presumably filthy rich.  This is a grown man saying that he likes women and they like him. Tacky? Absolutely. Juvenile and crude?  Sadly, yes. Coincidental release….hardly.

We are seeing the reluctant Republican elite, at the publication of this story scream like little girls seeing their first mouse!  So horrified to hear cocky locker room talk, they are running from a nominee they never liked or understood, like rats from a burning ship.  In fact, it makes me wonder if they may be responsible or in cahoots?  We will likely never know. Yet, are they willing to throw a national election just because they are shocked or offended? Are you?

The Jeb Bushes and John Kasich’s are still stinging from the knowledge the john-kasichAmerican people didn’t want them, didn’t like them and did not want more of the same do-nothing politics. jeb-bush The Grand Ol’ Party despised Trump because he wouldn’t play by their intra-party rules, and his rhetoric threatens to rock the USS Status Quo.  Some of these Senators and Congressmen ( Democrats and Republicans) have been in Washington for over 50 years, enriching themselves, changing nothing, while America sinks lower into a morass of debt and decay. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the parties.  People are frustrated, broke and mad. Trump gets that.  For whatever reason, he sees it, addressed it, and promised to fix it.  Trump has proposed change and finds himself in the unique position whereby he does not need to pimp himself out to big-dog puppet masters. Running, thus far, on his own money which he earned himself- he is not beholden to big donors and it scares the folks who are!

Did you miss the information recently released where Hillary Clinton accepted large sums of money as donations to her Clinton Foundation before seeing foreign supplicants when she served as Secretary of State?  This is much more serious than stupid, guy talk but nobody bats an eyelash. Washington politics are intrinsically toxic and corrupt and so deeply entrenched- nobody even cares.  If this doesn’t alarm you, it should.

Here is the ball. Don’t Blink: tennis-lesson-4 I hope you will take the message to heart because time is critical.  We have weeks to return the focus to real issues, where it needs to be.  You and  I are not shopping for a husband. I am not looking for someone to date my daughters, nor am I on a pastoral search committee.  This may come as a shock to my readers, but women have been throwing themselves at powerful, wealthy men since the dawn of time and that is unlikely to ever change.  Grown men, both rich and poor, anonymous or famous, Christian or Atheists will undoubtedly continue to behave badly and say stupid stuff regardless of political party, upbringing or objections on my part.  Only repentance and a continuing relationship with Jesus has the power to change peoples hearts and character.

Just a refresher in case you took your eye off the ball:  There is no argument. Mr. Trump is not a perfect man nor a perfect candidate. He is also not a perfectly scripted, professionally rehearsed politician.donald-trump-2  That’s not what America needs right now.  If I were looking for a potential soulmate from the dating pool, I would undoubtedly have a different set of traits on my “must have” list.   However, we are shopping for an effective President of the United States. We need someone who is confident no job is too big, or too hard to be tackled. We need someone unafraid to get in someone’s grill and tell them what needs to happen. We need someone who can bring in a job on time and under budget for a change. We need a negotiator with a big, Teddy Roosevelt-style stick.  This candidate will NOT be maintaining or complacent with Washington steam-rolling Politics, as usual. He has terrified the movers and shakers and they are after him now, with a vengeance.

Will he be a perfect president?  I’m not sure America has ever had a perfect president, so I’m not certain what that will look like until we get to the Millennium Kingdom.  Trump’s not perfect, but I’m praying for effective and frugal.   Trump is just learning to play this game and he seems to play best when everyone thinks he’s done.  We are down to the end of the match. It’s 40- Love.  It doesn’t matter what what he said over a decade ago in a stupid private conversation. That makes him human.  The critical BALL to watch is this and only this- he has identified essential priorities for our foundering country:

This is a battle for Supreme Court judges.  Trump HAS incredibly released his list of conservative folks that he would consider for the Supreme Court.  People who actually honor the Constitution. This is huge and completely unprecedented.  A BIG BALL for Christians and conservatives to focus on and keep lobbing it over the net to inform dumb people.

He launched his campaign with a promise of expeditiously securing our borders and doing something to control ILLEGAL immigration and eject criminals and gang members who have entered this country.  Why is this shocking to people that he wants to follow the laws that are already on our books?   Why is it bad or heartless to want to know exactly who is coming across our borders?  I keep my doors locked on my home–if you want to come in, you knock on the front door, tell me who you are and ask if you can visit.  This isn’t bigotry its common sense safety.

He has come out against partial birth abortion.  Can he get established legislation on abortion changed?  I don’t know, but nobody else has shown the spine to even try and perhaps he can keep abortion from being federally funded with my tax dollars.  Maybe it’s time for people to consider if we had not aborted over 60 million innocent, inconvenient lives since the mid 1970’s we would have that many more people paying taxes and funding Social Security in the 21st century. Ironic but true.

He backs Israel publically and isn’t afraid to say so. Well that’s refreshing! Aced it!

Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals that will bring GOOD jobs back to the US.  His recurrent theme is  turning the tide on $20 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt.   People must begin to grasp the serious consequences of rampant debt. Being a debtor nation has already eroded our international influence and ability to improve circumstances in this country.  Left unmended and unaddressed this debt will change life and prospects in America- not only for ourselves but for following precious generations.   There is no such thing as free college,  free healthcare or a free lunch.  Some day, some one, somewhere pays for every decision we make or don’t make in the voting booth.

Let us not forget, in the latest barrage of media smack-talk about Trump, that Hillary Clinton has said and done plenty of questionable stuff.  She has said shocking things herself that received little media coverage.  In an ABC News Interview in August 2014 Ronald Kessler author of First Family Detail  clinton-book-2-first-family-detailwrote of interviews with various Secret Service details guarding the first families over the decades.  He stated, by far, the worst detail agents identified was the ongoing duty attached to former first lady Hillary Clinton. “It shines a light on her character Kessler said.  ” She claims to be a champion of the little people and she’s going to help the middle class.  And in fact, she treats these people around her , who would lay down their lives for her, like sub-humans and I think voters need to consider that.”

More recently former Secret Service Agent, Gary J. Byrne who spent years on clinton-bookPresidential family duty during the Clinton years recently wrote in his 2016 released book, Crisis of Character, “Hillary Clinton is now poised to become the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States. However, she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office.  From the bottom of my soul, I know this to be true- So I must speak out.”  Obviously, I don’t know the author, but his narrative rings true as he outlines horrible personal stories of the first lady’s treatment of her security detail that should curl your hair and make you wonder why on earth this woman is so angry.  I encourage you to read the excerpts available online or buy the whole thing.  You can’t make this kind of stuff up!

Over the years  everyone has seen Clinton lie about her lies and then lied to Congressional committees and the FBI while deleting emails and taking hammers to her lost electronic devices. If I had said and done a thimbleful of the things she has done, I’d be writing this blog from behind bars for a long, long time. American’s don’ t like double standards and I hope they see that she doesn’t have to play by the same rules as they do.

Keep your eye on the ball:  This election has two- and only two- viable candidates. Neither is up for the Goody-Two-Shoes, Good Behavior Award.  It isn’t pretty, but this is the ball  in play.  We have a Democratic candidate that proposes to maintain and enhance the programs, policies and expenditures of President Obama and another, who proposes to shake things up.trump-vs-clinton

If you decide to stay home because Trump has a potty mouth and years ago blurted something despicable– then by default, you will be voting for more of Obama’s globalist ideology and voting for bigger and bigger government with a side order of shrinking civil liberties.  You will own it.  Do not be deceived. Not voting in November is a vote FOR Hillary Clinton.  Voting for Gary Johnson or whatshername Stein or Bozo the Clown is a vote FOR Hillary Clinton. You may think you are standing on principal, retaining your delicate Christian sensibilities- but you will have helped to give us all Ms. Hillary R. Clinton, as well.

I have heard recently that Trump has become a Christian, making a heartfelt profession of faith.  I hope its true, but really, none of us know whether that is sincere or just rumors to assuage a jittery wing of the party. For pities sake, I have people in my own family who’s faith and eternal destination I am unsure of!   All I really know,  via publically stated stump speeches is at least he doesn’t despise Christians!!!!  Right now, that’s good enough for me- and sadly, a much better position than Believer’s have held for the past 8 years!


Don’t let the repeated, sexy distractions the Clinton camp or the bloodsucking media gleefully lobbed over the net fool you.  Please don’t be that gullible.  He may be have a big mouth with a bigger ego, successful men often do.  We’ve had those fellows in the White House a few times and they’ve been surprisingly effective.

We have two choices before us and only two. This may be our last opportunity to stem the tide of sliding progressive socialism and preserve hard won liberties and opportunities for the next generations.   I’m looking for somebody who can FIX  real financial and temporal problems and get Congress off their collective fannies to get something accomplished and choose solid Supreme Court Justices. Justices whose influence will far outlast the fleshly, flawed big-mouthed but penitent Mr. Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office.




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Don’t lose the WOW!

A friend of mine that is not a believer, recently told me that I seemed really stressed out and intense of late.  This made me think a little more seriously about what and how I am living my life.

th (87) I am busy, as are we all.  I have a job, a blog, I read and track a lot of news sources.  Added to this, I have friends and extended family all of whom come with varying degree’s of melodrama on any given day.  Every one of us spins lots of plates and deals with a lot of things, which sadly, probably doesn’t stop until we die.

After some careful introspection it occurs to me that stress is not the same thing as worry.  That intensity is not necessarily an attitude of belligerence or anger. Sometimes our message or discussion of these times may (and probably should) instill fear in others who choose not to see what is happening around them. However, as a Christian it can also be easy to lose track of the track; To miss the forest for the trees so to speak.

th3HEBRZ7V If we lose sight of the joy of knowing Messiah because we have become totally focused on everything surrounding his return or the cares of this world then we have robbed the people in our sphere of influence of something critical.  We can become so intense in sharing the lateness of the hour, and the signs of the times with those who are not saved that we forget to impart the internal peace and joy of knowing the Savior in any hour.

On the brink of the 3 Fall Feasts of the Lord, we need to focus on our soon coming King.  He comes, this time, not as the suffering sacrificial Lamb, but as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  We should be watching for that arrival of the Bridegroom, our little lamps full of oil–in joyful anticipation.

In our 21st Century western culture we often confuse happiness with joy.  Joy as you may recall is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Happiness is circumstantial.  I got what I wanted for Christmas, so I am happy.  I received the job promotion that I was hoping for therefore I am happy.  Don’t misunderstand, Joy and Happiness may often walk hand in hand.  Joy in the Hebrew, and all through scripture is a euphemism for what comes to us because of relationship or position with the Lord.  (Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 16:11 and many more.)



Joy transcends situation or circumstance.  It is a function of my salvation and new-found status as a child of the King.  Messiah-Jesus Loves ME!  He redeemed me with his blood.  I now wear His righteousness.  I have THE JOY of the Lord.  I will spend eternity with Him.  Wow!  Joy encompasses the Wow.  As we go about our busy lives we must always remember to radiate that Wow in the midst of an increasingly dark and fearful world.

The Feast of Trumpets begins at sunset tonight.  The King is Coming!


References for further study:

2 John 12; Hebrews 12:2; Isaiah 9:3; Isaiah 12:3

Previous posts on the fall Feasts of the Lord for you to peruse if you are new to this site: Let the Shofar Blow, Fly away home, Masterpiece, Escape Plan,  The Awe of it all, The Day…There are probably more and all these posts will give you many references from scripture and books to build your knowledge.









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Another Countdown

“Sally, what happened with the Shemitah?”  A curious acquaintance approached me at an art gallery gala the other evening, wanting to know why the sky had not fallen last year at the culmination of the Shemitah.  While I never predicted such a wholesale collapse of the economy on a certain day, I can see how folks could misconstrue, as some kind of “end-times astrology”, the blood moons and historic look-back at Israel and Shemitah postulation.   I took a few minutes in the midst of the fancy cheese and elegant artwork to give this friend ( and you) a quick overview of items I considered the result of incremental removal of our hedge of protection and blessing we have enjoyed in this country.

The stock market did take a big dive last fall.  It rallied ( and I’m glad) I’m hoping that we don’t have another crash in the next few weeks as the Jubilee closes- following the artificial heights induced by the IMF and our Federal quantitative easing. Sometimes when disparate things occur we don’t connect those dots as we do when the NASDAQ dramatically plummets.  For those who chose to look, recent headlines include: extended, deep drought, huge wildfires, increasing volcanic and earthquake activity, the selling of baby parts from abortion clinics without censure, A US treaty and lifting of UN sanctions with Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel,  alarming tensions with Russia, China and North Korea, incurable mosquito borne illnesses not to mention unprecedented flooding, rising racial and ethnic unrest as well as a rising spirit of  lawlessness.


I am not predicting anything, but hurricane season is not over yet and we are about to embark on the first national election following recent un-Biblical Supreme Court decisions.  With something short of two weeks left in the Jubilee Year and in the absence of any measurable repentance of the Church in the United States, or national repentance- we, as Remnant Believer’s, need to be ready for anything!  I think it was Evangelist, Billy Graham who is quoted as saying if God doesn’t judge America he is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!

A brief review:

In the Old Testament the Lord told Moses to keep the 7th day “holy” with no work being done.  The 7th year was to have been a Sabbath year of rest, with the people resting, the land resting and debts released.  Every seventh, 7th year was a Shemittah Year where the land was restored to rightful owners, debts forgiven, slaves freed in addition to no crops being planted.  This 49th year of restoration was to be followed by the Jubilee year.  Leviticus 25:23 outlines the restoration of economic structure of Israel’s society as it had been when God brought them into the Promised Land.  Tribal identity was maintained, land remained in the hands of small landholders and people were set free to develop their own businesses.  Similarly, each of the 7 prophetic feasts from Passover thru the Feast of Tabernacles is a prophetic calendar of Messianic action. Each consecutive, 7th period of rest is a growing, expansive picture, eloquently describing the provision and peace beyond all understanding-of the coming Messianic Kingdom as well as the restoration of Israel.

The basis, I am sure, of my friend’s question at the Art Gallery is that in times past, the last day prior to the Seventh year cycle or the Jubilee- has often resulted in economic shaking and judgement of nations.  Following the Lord, as outlined in Deuteronomy 26-28,  would result in National blessing and provision beyond measure for His covenant people while disobedience, idol worship, giving their children over to the fire of Molech etc…and not letting the land rest (trusting that God would provide) would produce the OPPOSITE.  The recurrent Old Testament theme being that continued wandering or outright rebellion from the Lord results in growing warnings followed by gradual removal of the blessing.  We see that it took many years of rebellion in Judah before the Lord finally allowed the Babylonians to overrun the land, destroy the first Temple and take them captive for the exact number of  Sabbath years (70) they had failed to keep.

After a cursory study some may see the lack of catastrophic, civilization-ending events as proof that Godly covenant is no longer as persnickety as it was in Bible days; that faith as Karl Marx called it, really is merely the “opiate of the masses”. It could also mean that I am a false teacher or other Messianic Rabbi’s and Prophecy authors’s got things terribly wrong.


I believe like the star of Bethlehem, or the sun standing still in Joshua 10:13 are just two examples of  amazing heavenly signs supported in scripture. The Lord blesses us with understanding of not only his Word, but also those signals in the heavens  in conjunction with a repeated and uncommon emphasis on keeping the Feasts of the Lord.  It gives us an appreciative glimpse of His mathematical precision and prophetic beauty. His is the only definitive calendar.  I may not understand a lot of things; however, I see further delay on this clockwok, as proof of God’s enduring mercy (II Peter 3)  Every day we are blessed with is another lap or two, a little more time on the clock to save more souls!

That being said, I wasn’t expecting, nor teaching, a huge collapse of life-as-we-know-it last fall, I saw the culmination of the 4 blood moons, and Shemittah shakings as something akin to the new years ball dropping in Time Square or NASCAR “final lap” flags being dropped to alert the drivers in the race. These are signals to let us know time is running out, Harvest time is here, and we had best get crackin’!

The first three Spring Festivals were fulfilled to the day with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  Pentecost marked the arrival of the promised Holy Spirit. As yet unfulfilled on this prophetic framework are the 3 Fall Feasts. These are a picture of the Second Coming of Messiah, Jesus. Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles all happen in the 7th month of the Jewish calendar called Tishrei.  Based on a lunar calendar of  approximately 28 days, each Hebrew month begins on a new moon.

It is interesting to note the PREVIOUS month of Elul, leading up to the fabulous,  7th month of Tishrei, is special in it’s own way. It behooves us to break this down a little further as we can see the lateness of the hour in Matthew 24 and note from my headlines above that many precursors to the end of the age which Jesus described are already in play.

A cautionary tale:

The infamous “Golden Calf incident” outlined in Exodus 32-34 describes that the Hebrew people had to wait an agonizing additional 40 days while Moses returned up Mt. Sinai. The people, during this time, had no assurance The Lord would forgive them of their grievous sin of idolatry. I believe it made an impression on them. God did forgive them and Moses returned on Yom Kippur with a new set of Commandments.

th (20)

A  tradition soon arose to remember the cautionary tale of sin and uncertainty: Beginning with the first day of the 6th month of Elul, each morning, a priest would ascend the wall of the temple (except the Sabbath)and give out one special series of  blasts on the shofar.   The rams’ horn is sounded to call everyone to a national, holy convocation. A blaring reminder to everyone in earshot that time is incredibly short- The Feast of Trumpets is just around the corner and the Day of Atonement can’t be far behind!

The shofar in Bible history, is only blown for three reasons: to call the people to a Holy Convocation ( prayer meeting!), to the coronation of the King or an urgent call to battle. We are now in that month of Elul: Repent. Tell the Lord you cannot find your way in the wilderness of life without Him. Turn away from flashy idols made with human hands. Examine your heart and turn your eyes from the world and back to the King of Kings.  Time is short. 28-27-26-25  Another day marked off the calendar with each shofar call.  It is time to prepare for the King’s arrival !  Remember to always seek HIS FACE! (Is. 55:6)

Today, Sunday September 25th- is the 22nd day of Elul. The Feast of Trumpets arrives October 3rd.  I believe this framework of divine appointments shows that on some fine, future Feast of Trumpets, Jesus will return for the second time in power and glory.  The Bible dictates that at Trumpets the shofar prophetically blasts 100 times ! (10 in Biblical numerology represents completion or wholeness: 10×10  would be complete completeness or Maximum Wholeness!  A state only attainable through the Blood of the Lamb!  10×10, by the way, was the dimension of the original Tabernacle’s Holy of Holies.)

Great Good News!

You may wonder why I consider this information significant since we are, after all, not the nation of Israel. Its a good question.  While I am not Jewish and we are not Israel, America as a nation was established as a Christian City on a Hill by men mostly in Covenant with the Lord.  Paul explains in Romans 11 that because of the incredible love of Jesus I don’t have to wonder if God will forgive my sins.  My sins have been covered and remembered no more. In this NEW Covenant; Gentile- non- Jewish Believers have been grafted into that Olive Tree of Israel and as such are also adopted into that Covenant of Promise.  Jesus tells us that he didn’t come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it! If we don’t “get” the Old Testament we are missing much of the grand significance of our Godly inheritance.

The daily blasts of the shofar during the month of Elul  should be seen or remembered as wake-up calls to a wayward, sleeping nation.  Wake up! Are you ready for the King?  He is coming and he is coming soon!

References for further study:; Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal; Mystery of the Shemitah by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn; The Feasts of the Lord DVD series by Marc Biltz,  The Four Blood Moons by John Hagee ; Studies in our Hebrew Roots DVD by Pastor Marc Biltz available at; The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall Jr.

Lev 23; Lev. 25; Ex 23; Deut. 16, 20 ; Deut. 26: 16- Deut. 28.; Ephesians 2:12-18; Romans 11:11-31; John 3:16-17






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The Hit List

reporter-clip-art-2Most of my readers know I wear many hats. In addition to writing this blog, I also work as a reporter for the newspaper in the small town where I live.In that capacity I generally cover nothing more fascinating than small town news and rarely do I come across anything earthshattering to the world beyond our mountain valley.

Last week, however, I heard there were several families in our hamlet who had been contacted by the FBI and told their names had appeared on the ISIS Hit List.  This greater list of several thousand names has been reported upon in the National media mostly because it was discovered that the list was known to authorities for many months without informing those of the list of the potential danger.  Many on the list are Christians.  ISIS  has previously published a list of military family targets, but not being persnickety in whom they hate or target, this list includes Jewish folks, as well.isis-guy

Rather astounded that our tiny town had more than one on the list, I thought this would be an incredible news story, grabbed my notebook and began running down the rumors. I wanted to give these locals an opportunity to give their testimony to a secular audience in a secular newspaper. These are weird and goofy times and this, in my mind, is a stellar opportunity to report on your life and how you may have earned such dramatic mention.  I thought Christian believers finding themselves in this situation might be eager to announce that the only thing a person should fear is NOT knowing Jesus.  It’s a powerful story to consider especially on a weekend where bombs have gone off in New York and New Jersey.

I was ultimately stonewalled on the story.  All those involved confirmed the validity of the news, yet none would be interviewed (even anonymously)  even for the blog.   The subjects had been told by the FBI not to talk to the media in an effort not to “spread the fear” which was, obviously, the ISIS goal.

I don’t wish to convey any criticism, whatsoever, of those who find themselves on the ISIS Hit List.   It must be as shocking to have the FBI knock on ones’ front door  as it is to discover one has been named on such a list.  I can appreciate not giving publicity to bullies and terrorists. I have reluctantly, let the matter drop as the topic for a news  article.  It does however spark my interest as a jumping off point for a Feverseason post.


It has crossed my mind and perhaps yours as well, that all this governmental secrecy may be only reluctance to have more anti-Islamic press circulating weeks before a presidential election. Having done some due diligence on the matter I am curious to know how these disparate folks arrived on said list. How the authorities are convinced it is indeed an ISIS generated list and not some high school nerd with a weird sense of humor.  If indeed terrorist generated- why did my neighbors make the hit parade when other more outspoken persons and pastors who often speak against Islam are not.  Let us set my jaded suspicions aside and give the authorities the benefit of the doubt in this instance.  This ISIS Hit List has reminded me of a few things more important and weighty than a newsy headline.

untitled (8)

First, The list is out there.  It has been circulated, allegedly by ISIS.  The deed is done. Supposedly, if you are on the list the FBI would have informed you by now.  The “fear” work is already done–especially for those having that dubious distinction of inclusion.  Second, are Americans so jittery mere discussion of the existence of an ISIS List will send them into a swoon?  Would not an open and honest airing of the topic result in a unified public ANGER at being threatened in such a way followed by action?  Third, is silence on the issue less a fear of public panic or of public outrage at lax border and immigration policies by leaders of both parties which now reap the realization we don’t  know who may be in our country willing and able to commit these or other heinous acts?


Finally, is our “correctness” and fear of offending some minority group or faction so entrenched that Americans and/or the Body of Christ won’t rise up in outrage at ISIS- this violent, pagan entity threatening peaceful people in our own backyard?  I get that we don’t want to give them free advertising–But, where is our outrage? Where is our big stick of days gone by? Where is a viable leadership plan?  Laying low, practicing our Lamaze breathing while trying not to spread panic is not a plan- it is what you do when there is no plan!

Recall, if you will , a similarly terrifying situation with a young shepherd, David. Sometime after his anointing by Samuel to become the next King of Israel, David stayed busy tending the family sheep while his older brothers are called to fight in Saul’s army.

isis-david-shepherd His folks send him to take snacks to his brothers and find out how things are going. David arrives at the Israeli camp to find that the entire army literally paralyzed in fear.  The Philistines are all lined up across the battlefield behind their champion, Goliath. He’s a giant, he is big, mean and scary. He comes out every day and says dreadful things about the God of the Israel, their king and the caliber of their army.  Goliath asks for one warrior to come fight him to settle the conflict- In essence, this battle would determine not only the fate of two nations but would show everyone who really was the preeminent god.  It was perceived as a serious challenge and it scared the army and the Israeli King to death.


David arrives on scene, hears the smack talk coming from Goliath. Strangely, the teenager isn’t terrorized, he isn’t shaking in his little sandals.  He gets mad! And he has trouble understanding why others aren’t equally outraged. Look it up and read the whole story in I Samuel 17.  It’s a doozy!.

What is the difference between this young shepherd, his brothers, a professional army and the King of Israel?  Just off the top of my head:

1) David had an anointing

2) David had the experience of that anointing in action, He had killed a lion and a bear with his own hands, while guarding his flock.

3) He was accustomed to acting on his own in solitary situations and wasn’t hindered overmuch by what others thought.

4) He had a personal knowledge and trust in the POWER of who His God was. He had spent his spare time meditating on the Word of the Lord.

5) He knew that he was the anointed of this selfsame God.

6) Please note that David wasn’t surprised to see the Nephilim. Giants according to Genesis 6 were the demonic offspring of fallen angels and easy earth girls. They keep popping up throughout Hebrew History and were known to have superhuman abilities.  Know your enemy!

We all know the story.  He picks up 5 stones – Goliath has 4 brothers, after all.  David kills the Giant, then proceeds to chop off the giant’s head with Goliath’s own sword the entire Philistine army runs for the hills , now chased by the newly empowered and freshly motivated, Israeli Army. David had seen the exact same giant as the rest of the crowd.  What was the difference?

His life and actions were in agreement with who GOD’s Word said that HE was.  Today’s American Christians need to remember that.  The Army , David’s older brothers and Saul had all come into complete agreement with what Goliath was saying.  David, heard the same words from the same giant, but he was in agreement and empowered by who God said he was.  David was no longer the dopey kid brother, the useless delivery boy.  He was God’s anointed.  A slayer of lion’s and bears. His reputation and testimony empowered an army, defeated the giant and set the enemy running. It also changed David’s life when he stepped into his God-given destiny.

I can’t do anything about American leadership- other than vote in November- which I plan to do. I can’t do anything about people who won’t talk to me about a news story. Nor, can I force the FBI to answer my questions. It is fruitless for me to stew about motives involved- good or bad.  That is not my job. My job is to be bold and to use my words to God’s purpose:

Don’t be afraid of terroristic words, deeds or lists.  Don’t be  ‘fraidy cats who are fearful of speaking out against bad policies, bad people, un-Godly legislation, horrible situations, political corruption OR a compromising church that looks more like the folks they are called by God to change.

Bible stories are not fictional tales to entertain kids in Sunday School. isis-giants-nephilimThey are true and intended to infuse young and old with a vision of actionable faith in a living, loving GOD.  Like young David, we are supposed to know who our Father God, hopefully long before we hit a battlefield. We are to understand our anointing and move IN IT every day- right now- as we live out that inheritance.  We are supposed to know who we serve, not to stand idly by and let Philistines or Giants threaten us, or make us feel foolish or powerless.  We are called to keep our armor on and be on that battlefield swinging that sword and send the enemy running!

If we don’t have a bold, comprehensive understanding that Christianity is an action word than we have a fundamental identity crisis.  I follow Jesus.  It is not supposed to be easy, or comfortable.  Christianity requires faith and heart. It could cost you friends or family, careers and at some point American lives may well be in jeopardy. Jesus told us PERILOUS times are coming!  I believe him.  Tough, ugly times inevitably will come to America.  The enemy won’t always be easily identifiable as ISIS members wearing black masks   We need to know who we are, and what our function is in the world.  If I encounter any sort of giant hurling threats at me and mine- I have been given authority and training over the demonic and can take care of that problem.



Remember, you may not be on this latest ISIS Hit List- but are you active and threatening enough to be on Satan’s Hit List?  Sooner or later, if you are doing this Christianity thing right, there will be a giant or two or three on the field in front of you and you had best know what to do.  The world may be scared of black hooded terrorists like ISIS and their paper lists; but we serve the Lord of Hosts and we know what to do to big-mouthed giants.


1 Sam. 16 and 17;  Genesis 6:1-6;  Ephesians 6:10-18; Matt. 24:8-13; Luke 21:12-19; Numbers 13:33; Exodus 23:20-33





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It has been a while since I posted on . I want to thank folks for their prayers.  It has been a full summer with more than the usual amount of family drama.  I believe things have simmered down enough that I now feel comfortable getting back to work. I have missed the writing and appreciate so many readers have contacted me to see when I was going to start again– Thanks for waiting!

After so long an absence, I have been giving serious consideration to my re-launch topic.  While there is much going on in the world crying out for commentary the Lord continues to lay on something on my heart which I believe to be a pivot point with meaningful impact on many of the topics on my list for future posts; so, it is there I will begin:thuhgwj81i

Recall brassy Lois Lane and freckle-faced Jimmy Olsen of the fictitious Daily Planet in Superman Comic Book lore. They honestly believe they know everything about co-worker- the dull, bespectacled and nerdy Clark Kent.  Ever on a quest for a late-breaking news these hard-working journalists never connect those coincidental dots or listen to Kent’s voice, and recognize his true identity. Likewise, I believe the modern day church has incrementally photo-shopped their perception of Jesus/God/Holy Spirit and Scripture to make their faith explainable in the tangible natural realm, conforming to a box that matches their own limited experience. Not only have many mainline Christians grown skeptical and selective of what they teach, for the most part they have discounted any current necessity or dependence on the supernatural– then wonder why no one thinks Church is relevant or very interesting.


Some denominations take a liberal slant intimating the Biblical record is flowery speech, rich in poetic imagery used by an ancient people to try to formulate their origins or victorious historic accounts. The other extreme, more Evangelical in outlook, will adamantly defend the entire canon of Scripture as inspired, accurate and true- then vociferously maintain God no long works in that way. The miraculous certainly happened back then, but there is no need now for confirming experiences nor powerful glory which may disrupt the Sunday Morning program. Of course, there are variations falling within these two but the unifying thread seems to be draining any supernatural expectation from the Christian faith.

Both ideas are perilous and exhibit a shocking lack of knowledge as well as avoidance of the Prophetic.  The first example is all too common, maintaining Jesus was a prophet whose teachings are useful for moral society or maintaining stable family life. The latter grants a historic nod to the powerful character of God but hinges, doctrinally, on the supposition that God has a changeable nature. Convincing themselves this must be true because WE the people change all the time,  they transfer that inconstant nature onto the God we supposedly worship. This has God being made over into our image rather than transforming our minds to be more like Jesus. Very dangerous territory.

It is not my job to determine who is really a Christian and who is not. It is my obligation however, to point out that if you claim to be a Christian you must follow the real Jesus. There must be actual relationship developed that changes your life or we are left to wonder if it was a true salvation experience. superman-5Like Lois Lane, the American Church, by in large, seems too comfortably sophisticated or hard-nosed to recognize what she needs to SEE to achieve the powerful, earth shattering, bad-guy busting, Pulitzer prize winning, life changing, scoop of the Ages! Amazing, powerful relationship and true love is sitting right there, unrequited, just for the asking.

Belief that Jesus is the Messiah with the power to cover our sins and assure eternal life is supernatural, is it not? To think Jesus only a prophet, or nice guy relegates him equal status with Buddha or Mohammed, yet complicates matters by simultaneously making him a bold-faced liar. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. He claimed to be GOD and because of a supernatural, incomprehensible LOVE for us allowed himself to be sacrificed and raised from the dead by the supernatural, resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. He also claimed he was coming back. Are you ready?superman-6

Belief in Jesus also comes with a supernatural identity crisis. To fully walk into that new identity I MUST scrape off the old sinful nature and begin to understand, grow into and embrace his righteousness and those supernatural gifts and life altering traits. We are supposed to look and act and do what our Superman told us to do!

Additional dangers of these oppositional stances quickly cascade like falling dominoes. Without reliance on the viability of Scripture the Body of Christ is rudderless.  More than kind words of a loving Savior, it is imperative to grasp, factually, the Bible is a supernatural book that was divinely inspired and holds keys to knowing our supernatural God. It is powerful, prophetic and important and grows more so every day! If we as a denomination, pastor or Christian pick parts we are comfortable believing from those we find harsh or unnecessary, not only are we idolatrously placing ourselves above God- we need to clearly understand we do so at our peril.

If  Believers grow comfortable defining Jesus outside of the supernatural realm, denying the need for complete submission to the Holy Spirit, then they likely downplay the reality of the enemy and the veracity of yet to be fulfilled prophetic activity, as well. Rather than always equipping ourselves with the full armor of God, instead we question the existence of a spiritual battlefield as well as the one that opposes us waiting to destroy us.superman-11

The repercussions are many and the stakes can be eternal. My fear is this wholesale denominational aversion to fully accepting God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and the Word as essential, supernatural truth to be followed and obeyed will become the Kryptonite which renders the professing American Church untrained, useless and totally without discernment-spiritual or otherwise.  Such willing blindness is a position of disobedience and comes at a critical, deceptive time in history. It can, however, be turned around.  Wake up! WAKE UP! Is there oil in your Lamp?   THE KING IS COMING!!!



Revelation 3:14-22

II Tim. 3:5

Malachi 3:6

Matthew 24

Matthew 25: 1-13

Psalm 29

Mark 16

John 3:16-17

John 1:1-14


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Run Anyway

th3DTL1SBLI turned on the TV last week and they were interviewing someone expected to place well in the 2016 Boston Marathon.  I had never heard of this particular athlete, but I thought,”what a champ!”  It was only April of 2013, three short years since those wretched, muslim brothers,  punk Chechen refugees America had taken in ,who put together a couple of pressure cooker bombs and blew another hole in the fabric of American life.thK4SA79JN  Two homemade bombs made by creeps who hate us, in the space of a few minutes ended the life of 3 innocents,  injured 264 folks and drove home the idea (again) that being in a big crowd is a risk, attending a concert or a cheering runners at a Marathon finish line could tragically put you or your family in harm’s way.

We could spend many hours discussing lessons learned or not learned from 9-11, or the Boston Marathon or more recent, similar incidents. We as a nation should become much more wise about immigration policy, we should become more savvy about the roots and actual content of Islamic teachings concerning anyone who is not a follower.  However, rather than become bogged down in motives, and political gobbledygook, I prefer to concentrate on the flip side: the response.thU3MOQ8D1 The Boston Marathon folks didn’t cave in to the palpable fear. They never stopped holding the race. They got wiser, more watchful and ramped up security but they never stopped running.  And people signed up and came back the very next year.  Bravo.  Like the Boston Tea Party, an excellent metaphor for American Spirit.

I never ran a marathon, I never ran a 5K.  In my younger days, high school and college, I never participated in track events but I liked to run.  For me it was always a solitary effort I could mold to my own timetable, set my own pace and spend time thinking.  It wasn’t a thing of beauty, I was never a contender for the Olympic team…but I was out there.  I liked the hot Dallas wind in my face, the slam of one foot in front of the other as I made my way around the streets in my neighborhood after school. I quit running after I had kids, the logistics were tricky to overcome and I found other ways to get some exercise.  To me, those memories of running are always linked to  the carefree days of childhood where gallons of energetic joy propelled me and my friends  tothSHZ4ZZTO always move as fast as we could. top speed on bicycles, rollerskates, the occasional runaway wagon.  Oftentimes, bare feet on sizzling pavement motivated us to move more quickly to our next neighborhood adventure. It represents easier times.  Running represents Freedom!

I salute the marathon contestants who swallowed the fear last week on April 19th.  They overcame the memory of horror and choked the streets of Boston scrambling to find their pace in the multitude.  I also salute the lover’s of the race, Boston Strong,  who ignored their unease and turned out to line the route, cheering those runners on.thTQW90M4V

Paul likens the Christian life to a runners race. He also tells us we may face terrorism. Satan’s calling card. Be prepared for that.  That’s why it’s called Spiritual Warfare! We are going to have good days.  We are going to have really bad days. Occasionally we will trip on a curb or catch our toe in a hole and we may faceplant in spectacular fashion. That’s OK, you weren’t chosen for this team because you were a gazelle. You were chosen for this team because you want to be FREE rather than in bondage. Get up and keep moving forward.  Inevitably you pull a muscle and may be out of the game for a while. Sometimes the weather will be dreadful and the race delayed.th8A8QPXEB

Occasionally, someone on your own team will shove you off the track.  Get over it!  Maintain focus. Some fear being asked technical  or even sarcastic questions to which they don’t know the answer. Just tell people your story- how you became a runner.  That keeps it simple and real. You see, those who believe they will never be “good or scholarly” enough to speak up for our faith are consigned to the sidelines. These folks, though they wear the runner’s suit are always stretching but, choosing fear over power, never hit the bricks.  In those times, just tell people your personal running story- how and where you were when you jumped into this race – that keeps it real. It’s always good to keep training and learning so you improve- but it is not supposed to be tricky or hard.  It’s just a race with Jesus. A race to Freedom. Knowing where your race will end and helping others to see the value of that finish line is the goal.

Thankfully, we don’t have to be perfect or the most knowledgeable, smooth or eloquent to be on this team.  We just have to start. We have to be willing to tie on the running shoes every day, put one foot in front of the other- regardless of proficiency or stopwatch- and join that race, following where the Holy Spirit leads.  Shove your fear, your hesitation or excuses out of the way and Run Anyway!

th (101)

Verses to ponder upon:  2 Timothy 4:7; Hebrews 12:1-3; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 2 Tim.1:7; Ephesians 6:12; John 8:36, Galatians 5:1




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Pass on Over

Passover is coming right up on Saturday April 23  Over the centuries much of Christianity has forgotten that our faith has Hebrew roots.  Jesus was Jewish and the disciples were Jewish and the followers that wrote the New Testament were Jewish.  If we, as 21st century, American Christians don’t understand the significance of what the Israeli Jewish Jesus was doing, saying and fulfilling then we are missing much of the proverbial boat!thO4FV40FU

Jesus was crucified on Passover.  This is the first and foundational Feast in a line of the 7 Feasts of the Lord.  Passover is first mentioned in Exodus 12:  The Hebrew people have been in bondage for over 400 years, Moses has been confronting Pharaoh to let the people go and we have seen terrible plagues come one on top of another as this process goes forward.  Now, in Ex.12 the Lord is giving the instructions, very explicit and clear instructions to Moses on how to proceed with this Passover thing because the ultimate judgment on Egypt is about to come.

A male lamb, perfect with no blemish, wound or deformity must be killed, the blood caught in a bowl and then “painted” in a certain manner on the door posts.  The Blood of the Lamb is the only thing that kept death from visiting the house on that first Passover night in Egypt.  Houses that obeyed and killed the lamb and placed the blood on the door posts had no deaths.  The homes of anyone, Egyptian or otherwise who did not have the covering of the blood had death of all the firstborn when they awoke the next day. Imagine the terror.

This is a deep, rich study I will boil down to it’s most important picture words.  Jesus is the Perfect Lamb.  It is His blood that was pictured on those doorposts in Egypt.  His blood covers the sin and breaks the bondage of slavery and gives true freedom.  Those that were not covered by the blood saw death.  Egypt, throughout scripture is a picture of the world, the flesh and bondage.


Let me point out Ex.12:11.  They were to eat this specific meal dressed in their traveling clothes , bags packed and running shoes on their feet.

First, you have to hear the Word, obey and come under that cleansing blood of the Lamb, Jesus. He’s the Messiah. Then, you are expected to move on from that doorway of Salvation, take actionable motion from that spot and go where the Lord leads you.

 Did all those people understand the why’s and wherefores of what was going on as they obeyed what Moses told them to do, according to what he had heard from the Lord?  No. And I will, in full disclosure say that some had enough faith to obey and put the blood on the doorpost to get out of Egypt but they didn’t have enough faith to follow the Presence of God all the way to the Promised Land.

thC0GX4F3S However, at this point, they had just seen amazing divine protection for their well-being through every plague.  There was light in Goshen, no frogs or lice in Goshen.  The water didn’t turn red and nasty in Goshen.  But they listened and obeyed, took a valuable perfect lamb and killed it slapped the blood on the doorposts and roasted it without any broken bones and fed on it and bitter herbs that fateful night, while breaking and eating the unleavened, matzah bread.

Afterwards, they were ready to roll-ready to move the minute Pharaoh said to get out.  This prophetic picture meal imparted more than remembrance of Hebrew history and Messianic symbolism.  As they went, scripture said that not one of them was ill!  Think of that! Millions of people of all ages.  Not a sniffle or a tummy ache, no heartburn or broken bones. None of their clothes wore out, none of their sandals broke a strap or wore holes in the bottom.  NO one was sick. No one needed anything. When they were thirsty- Moses hit the Rock (another picture of Jesus) and water poured out.  When they were hungry, Manna or quail dropped out of heaven for them every morning!


The blood of that Lamb and partaking of that meal bought them much, much more than they ever imagined.  It bought them supernatural health and provision just as every drop of blood Jesus shed along the way and on that cross on that Passover Feast-that divine appointment 2000 years ago bought for you.  Are you covered by the blood of the Lamb?  Are you partaking of the divine health and incredible provision that His Kingdom provides?

Paul tells us that many in church are sick, hurting  and even dying because they are not keeping the Lord’s Supper correctly. It is not only a deeply symbolic picture- it is powerful and profound resource we are to tap into and understand.   What we call Communion today is a part of that Passover Meal.  We are told that whenever we partake we should remember Him-Jesus-the Messiah.  This is his body-this is his blood.  He shed it for a purpose and salvation is just the beginning of those wonders.

Are you keeping Passover? Are you feasting on all the Lord has for you?


For more information and reference material on Passover and all 7 Feasts of the Lord:

Exodus 12, Lev. 23, Deuteronomy 15-16, Ex. 15:26, Psalm 105:37, Isaiah 53:4-5, Deut. 8:4, Deut. 29:5, 1 Corinthians 11:23-30, Matt.26:17-20, Mark 14:12-25, John 13, and Luke 22:7-20

I have written in more detail about all the Feasts, both Spring and Fall and invite you to view previous posts on these incredible Divine Appointments- from last May: Countdown, The Big Picture, The Ad Man;  from fall 2014 : Fly Away Home, Escape Plan, Feast on and Pulse Points.

The Feasts of the Lord– Rabbi Mark Biltz: DVD and study notes available through

The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal

The Meal that Heals by Perry Stone





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Kansas City Rub

My husband, like many men, likes to Bar-B-Que stuff. th (100) He’s good at it.  Having spent many years living in and around Kansas City, he favors specific spicy rubs but, is not opposed to the occasional pummeling of a suspected, inferior, cut of beef  or a leisurely marinade to infuse flavors and ensure the tenderness of a selection about to grace our table.

Cooking is not really my “highest and best use,” as they say in real estate.  So I am always happy to abdicate those duties to Mr. Moore whenever possible.  Most of us, I would think, are familiar with the steps needed to prepare and tenderize a steak, but many have never even considered the most expeditious steps to tenderize our tough ol’ hearts.


Why, Miss Sally, whatever do you mean?  Well, just as the steak needs preparation to ready it for the dinner plate; so our hearts need some preparation to come before the Lord and to be used effectively as his Royal heirs.  Instead of specific salts and spices rubbed into the grainy surface of that steak, we must press into our hearts something very different.


In our local Bible Study I have been teaching through the Gospels, revisiting in more depth the familiar passages of the life and ministry of Jesus, I have been impressed with the absolute necessity of several things…which denote citizenship and ready us to tap into that Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus said was at hand- right there and ready! I’m not talking about working your way to heaven.  However, just as the Priests needed to do some concrete things before approaching and entering the Tabernacle, so do we.

First comes that old bug-a boo, I’ll call this one the “Kansas City Rub” of repentance. Lot’s of believers are happy to confess their sins but they never bothered to Repent.th4PMAX6C3 We often get easy and comfortable in the middle of this messy world.  Realizing that all of us are  sloppy sinners and we will continue the need to lay  un-Godly things down, walk away from stuff we pick up and change the way we think and act.  Awareness that we are hopelessly drowning and that Jesus is the Messiah- our lifeguard and is the ONLY one who can “fix” that sin issue and save us from drowning. People, we aren’t ever called to blend in.  We are called to stand apart , salted, spicy and ready for His service!

As he punches through our preconceived “religious” notions in the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount,th (99) Jesus, our Messiah is tenderizing our hearts showing us that our ONLY righteousness is what we claim and inherit through him. Our humility is birthed when we know without a doubt that He is the Only Way and He alone sits on that throne of the Kingdom.  It is the hungering and thirsting after his righteousness that in turn feeds our joy, and builds our faith.  All these nails that he hammers home in his seminal, introductory sermon all devolve into: We are nothing on our own understanding, and we have access to everything because of His incredible/undeserved Love for us.

I have spent much effort lately, speaking of the importance of paying forward the undeserved forgiveness we received through Jesus- to those we encounter in life.thSJV5QYBZ  I have harped on it of late, because Jesus does so all through the Gospels.  He does it, I assume, because he is so familiar with human nature and knows we like to cling to our stupid anger, pamper the bitter, unfair wounds we have incurred and let them fester. It is SIN.  Forgiveness is critical.

From time to time, I have come across folks who have a problem of feeling worthy to come before the Lord.  They listen to those persistent voices of past sins or a lifetime of dissipation or dysfunction and cling to those beggars rags of low self-esteem and unworthiness.

angry 2 Picking at the scabs of such old wounds are some of Satan’s favorite tricks to keep us useless; segregated from our blessings. To keep the focus on ourselves, our actions and OUR worthiness when truly, our vision should always be full of the King and the worthiness of Jesus.  My righteousness, entirely, comes from King Jesus.

Jesus never came to save the perfect folks.  There aren’t any.  He came to save the drowning, unworthy, hopelessly lost sinners. He came for messed up people who can’t stop their addictions,  adulterers, he came to love and forgive the ones who slipped and fell, who had an abortion or two or three, those who hate their lives, who crave joy, who have never known a peaceful or safe (258) He came to bring peace to your chaos. He came to bring joy to your loneliness.  Jesus came  with healing in his wings to repair the sick and broken and to rescue those who have hurt others or are hurting themselves. He came to offer a new family to those who never had a kind word from their own, earthly family. Do not compare yourself to others and rate your worthiness on that  flimsy scale. One wades into tricky, unscriptural, waters when you begin to sort SIN into your categories of what is able to be covered and what is too dark to make the list.

If  there is a “perfection” qualification for Salvation, we would ALL be in lots of trouble!  Only Jesus had to be the perfect Lamb and he chose to lay down his life as your Passover sacrifice.  Jesus 2He already knew that Sally was a hopeless, hot mess and that’s why he came!   Listen carefully, because I think there are a lot of people that this speaks to on some level: If you chose to continue to cling to such ideas as, ” I don’t believe Jesus can really forgive me” or “what I have done is too heinous to be forgiven”; Then make no mistake, you are really saying you don’t believe what He said ( LIAR) or that his sacrifice/ His blood was not powerful enough or sufficient to cleanse you and do the job properly. (NOT THE MESSIAH)  In essence, you choose to focus or worship your unworthiness instead of worshipping Yeshuah- Jesus. If I am talking to you, It could indicate that you never truly accepted Jesus as your Messiah. You need to sort that out pretty quick. It’s serious.

As a variation on this theme, some parse their sin and think,”Yes, I’m saved. However, my past is so yucky that God can never use me in service.”  I’ll just sit here grateful to have squeaked through the gate, look miserable, whip myself, while all the truly qualified do His field work.  This could be unbelief, lack of teaching or it could just be laziness:SOS 2 Accepting the prize of salvation but, not wanting to work in the King’s service.   This is something like a woman claiming to be “a little bit pregnant.”  You either are or you aren’t..  There is no half way. His blood sacrifice covered your sin-washed it away as though it had never been! You are a NEW creature!  This is a big concept but it is basic Christianity 101.  Wake up and smell the coffee folks !  Grasp and embrace the fullness of who you really are in Christ!  You can’t do more than take baby steps until you do!th (69)  You either believe that the Lord saved you according to his promises or you don’t believe it. He’s seen it all and loves you anyway. Bring your life into full alignment with what God says.  That’s the only criteria that matters! You need some more of that tenderizing, Kansas City Rub!!

Worship and Thanksgiving are the verbalization of honor  which Jesus laid out in the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer. thFUHG39JC Receiving the full packet of the love of God is truly the change agent that tenderizes our hard-heartedness, and breaks down the toughness that we pick up living in this old world. After true repentance, Praising the Lord  totally yields us, in humble amazement, to the incredible saving power of the blood of Jesus and the transformative, weaponized power of the Holy Spirit which takes over our tender “Messiah-turned” hearts- and sends us out to revolutionize the world around us with that LOVE.

Verses:  John 3:15-21; Acts 4:10-12,;Matthew 5,6,7 18 , Psalms 119:11; 139:23; Psalms 28:7,;27:3; Mark 8:7, 10:5, 16:14 and hundreds more.


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Fire beneath the Ice!

From time to time, I report on dreams and visions that I, or other Christians, have had.  I think it important to know and to teach others, that the Lord still speaks to individuals in the same way that we see from Genesis through Revelation.thMLH1UBDN I believe that dreams and visions, just like words of knowledge or wisdom are part of a prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit. I do not wish to imply that I have such dreams or visions all the time but when I do it is profound and meaningful to me.  When I feel they may be profitable or intended to share, I pass them along to Feverseason readers.

In reporting on dreams and visions allow me to remind readers who may not know; Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit have nothing to do with me. While I welcome them, I do not call them forth, control them, concoct them nor embellish them. th4DDZVZN7 Like a Western Union telegram they  arrive as a unique message or visual from the Father. I always want more of whatever the Lord has for me and pray for more revelation of Him.  Matthew 5 and 6 tell us that we should seek first the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus teaches in the beatitudes that those who hunger and thirst after his righteousness will be filled.  I’m counting on it.  I treasure each precious resource he sends me and try to pick all the meat from each bone.  I record them, pray for any aspects thereof that may be cloaked or confusing and suggest others do the same.

Last week, as I was praying in the Spirit,I had a vision.  I was observing what appeared to be a broad frozen river of ice. Beneath the thick ice I could see , not water moving but, the wavering of flames and thethFYCZS53U blurred image of a large heart amidst the flames.  Embedded in the ice, there was a huge metal wedge and I could see an enormous sledge hammer swinging down striking this wedge. The wielder of this hammer was just out of my sight. With every strike I could hear the distinctive ring of metal meeting metal.  Everytime the hammer met the surface of that wedge I distinctly heard the word, BREAKTHROUGH!

With each strike of the big hammer, the ice cracked, chunks loosened and flew aside, little shards flew up and away.  The flames were clearly visible, not melting the ice but moving, as if alive, beneath the fracturing ice.  From my observant position, I could barely make out the shapes of the pulsing chambers of a large heart moving underneath the opaque surface.


Wham- Breakthrough! Wham- Breakthrough! Wham- Breakthrough….the cracks in the ice lengthened in spidery patterns, and plate sized ice sheets shook lose and began to move freely. I realized somewhere in the midst of this vision,  as I was praying in the spirit, this hammer was striking to the beat of my (99)  This knowledge was so startling that I stopped praying in tongues.  The vision immediately  fizzled away.  Hummm.  I begin again and soon it returned as before.  Hammer meets wedge in startling force of  power, chipping and splitting the ice. Breakthrough, Breakthrough, Breakthrough.

I fell asleep to this rhythmic ring of hammer slamming against the wedge. And woke up still thinking of this Breakthrough hammer on the thick ice. (I will save my thoughts on the absolute importance of praying in the Spirit for another day.)


We, as Believers, are often encouraged to pray for revival. We regularly pray for a return of our nation to former Biblical roots. However, before we can, as individuals or a nation, see revival, renewal or restoration there must be repentance.  Before we can see wholesale repentance of churches, individuals or nations we must breakthrough the glacier, that hard- hearted shell of rebellion and  spiritual confusion that has firmly encased us.

Like gradual, communal cataracts that gradually formed on the national vision and eventually will totally blind a nation, so we have come under thickening layers of ice as we have turned our hearts, minds, eyes and  National consciousness from the Lord.

Breakthrough is coming! It takes work, it takes focused effort.  The power of the Holy Spirit is cracking away the cold hardness on thZU4LQ6JDour land and it won’t be long before the ice is shaken off and the fire released to flow on that river in my vision. The fire in this vision, I believe, is the incredible,thJDX7I9Q9 manifest revelation of the love,presence and power of the Heart of God.

Breakthrough is coming and it is coming as the Body of Christ prays that hammer down.  The heart of God is to be released and revealed in power and fire as we- his kids- pray it down from heaven!




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Training Day

Haven’t we all, at some point, taken a new job or promotion and then not received the training you had been promised or expected? You snagged a great sounding career opportunity, only to discover it to be a constant exercise in frustration. Not only are you unfamiliar with the computer software, objectives, method or vocabulary: but you have quickly determined your background has not prepared you for what you are expected to accomplish!

thJPGFZBDUPerhaps  the interview process gave little accurate understanding of actual job expectations or clarity of mission from management.  It happens.  You hate to tell anyone but you are in over your head, doggy paddling for all you are worth! How on earth can you successfully meet those expectations without the tools and training needed?  That’s just it, you probably can’t!

th (90)

This situation is not unlike classes I took many years ago at Baylor.  Those dreaded language requirements! I muddled by Latin 101 and 102…slugged on through 201 and 202.  When I arrived all perky and fresh-faced for day one of Latin 301 I abruptly face to face with the brutal realization that I was operating under a delusion!  Thinking myself prepared with an appropriate knowledge base, I soon discovered my basics weren’t even basic.  All that earlier classwork seemed to have fallen out of my head (it is a dead language after all!)  Clueless,th0IPVC808 Latin was quite literally, all Greek to me!  I dropped that class, signed up for Spanish 101, and never have felt such an overwhelming sense of relief!

I come across folks all the time who hold similar misconceptions about the Bible knowledge and Christianity. The assumption, often being, once they accept Jesus as their Savior, they automatically have it all figured out.  Or, a childhood full of inspirational Bible Stories, an inspirational experience at youth camp,  a few years in a parochial school will gelling into a ” I have it all-down-pat” doctrine.  It is more likely only to give you a very basic framework of introductory knowledge.  Christianity 101 is not a desired place to slam on the breaks and shelve the whole topic of who and  in what do you believe. Many rely totally only on Sunday morning to see what the local pastor is hearing from God?

This is not some course you just can drop at the registrar’s office in favor of underwater basket-weaving, after discovery there are more expectations involved than walking down the aisle and saying a prayer with the Pastor. It is a career calling that should never be deemed beyond your understanding! This is often the “easy out”  tossing the entire burden of teaching and growth on your pastor or teacher.

I don’t expect to meet someone- a new neighbor or someone at work and expect to instantaneously-magically know their personality, what motivates them, makes them tick and their life story. th (124) No, that takes forever.  I may know them pretty well after a few weeks if I take a lot of time and invest in that relationship.  I may make initial assumptions that later prove to be totally false.  It takes time, study and investment in  relationships whether a potential spouse or a bestest buddy in grade school.  Why do we think  a relationship with Jesus, the Son of the Living God, can be understood from a Christmas Card or a Christian movie that you saw one time. But, people do!

Many conclude personal Bible reading to be incomprehensible to common folk and therefore leave all interpretation or study to “experts” in the pulpit. Our faith foundation is treated like the aforementioned required College Language credits. Required yes, but continually replacing the deeper ones for the baby steps!  In some cases the Body of Christ has opted to keep wearing safe wading-floaties rather than prepare  them with necessary deeper waters skills. th (143) Our gathering together as faithful believer’s ought not to be thought of in the same way as club membership; drop in to socialize, eat cookies, hear a generic pep-talk, and to see what’s on the agenda for coming months. That’s the Rotary Club!

Church, by the way, is not the be all and end all.  The intent of an organized body of Christ whether it is a mega church or a small meeting in someone’s living room is to worship the Lord and to strengthen us.  It is the spiritual equivalent of a supernatural vitamin drink fueling us to return to a dark world for the real work of Christianity!

Don’t misunderstand, Paul tells us that we must not neglect assembling together in Christ (Hebrews 10:25). This body-building intent is an opportunity not only for solid teaching but for  mentoring members to operate in spiritual gifts. This regular gathering should sow an expectation of powerful things of God to happen, as well as hearing personal “family” testimonies  describing what the Lord is doing in their lives “out there”.  It boosts every single person’s faith to hear and see those RIGHT NOW happenings!

 Heartfelt worship is an audible invitation, ushering us into the Presence of God. If all these things aren’t happening where you go to church then go find another one.  Life is too shortthJ5W1O39U to hang around hoping things will change.  Never become at ease with something not aligned with scriptural examples. (Rev. 3:16)

Old and new Christians, often tell me,” I gave it a whirl and tried to read the Bible.  I just don’t understand it!” They, slap the book shut and throw up their hands in frustration.   There are lots of different, really good translations.  All without thee’s and thou’s of 16th century English involved. Ask around, and find one with a good concordance and explanatory notes.  You probably didn’t learn to ride a bike without some help from Dad and training wheels! Find a Bible Study and dive in.  Find a little devotional book that gives you a daily, easy to digest, bit of God’s word everyday.  Pray the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding. He rewards those that seek, hunger and thirst after Him. (Matt. 5:6, 6:33)  Don’t think unfamiliar lingo is required secret code for exclusive club membership!  Not so! Original disciples were fishermen. Jesus hung out with tax collectors, ex-prostitutes, housewives and regular business folks just struggling to make a living . There was not a rocket scientist in the bunch, and they flubbed-up plenty before they got it all straight! Before long and with the power of the Holy Spirit, they changed the world!

Loving Jesus and realizing He loves you, is Good News- simple and duplicable!  Early followers were folks, working a job until they had an encounter with Jesus. We don’t have to know it ALL to serve him or share his love message with others!  Doctoral degrees are not necessary to “lock into” what Messiah did for us out of Extreme Love- or what we should do now that we have decided to follow him.

Building a  life-long relationship does take time but, the pay off is worth the trouble. With study of God’s word comes faith. Jesus 5 As we learn to trust him, our expectations increased.  If Jesus could heal the sick and he tells his followers that they will do greater things than he did….then hey! I should be expecting to see exciting things happening in my life every day, as I follow Jesus down this path!  Many who have taken the  important step to repent and Believe; don’t recognize  the need and take the necessary steps to BECOME a disciple? To truly “know” him?

Knowing Him means to know his Word. It is part of our armor in Ephesians 6, and part and parcel of the  process to test spirits and rightly divide the Word of Truth. (2 Tim 2:15, 1 John 4)  If you don’t know for yourself, how can you be aware if a teaching does not totally line up with Scripture? Satan’s calling card is partial truth and twisted scripture. If you heard a false teaching or slippery deception, would you be savvy enough to catch it?   These are tricky times and discernment is becoming more important every day. Just do it.  It’s Training Day!







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The Bunny Hop

Everywhere I look the past few weeks there have been commercials for new Easter dresses or cute little patent-leather leather shoes,th539ZQGLL Easter Baskets and Cadberry chocolates.  While temptimg in the extreme- All these things stir those childhood memories of wearing of wearing pretty little hats and white gloves and large family dinners at thXWD7PT0LGrandmother’s house on Easter.

But let’s be honest here. A celebration of chocolate Bunnies, polyester pink grass and hidden eggs has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus but are customs that stem directly from the pagan worship of Ishtar and Tamus. thGWWH8HY5 Long ago Emperor Constantine “declared: the Roman Empire as instantaneously a Christian Nation it was deemed expedient to “Christianize” many of the dates and celebrations already celebrated and now declare those Pagan Holidays as Christian Holy Days.  th09MCREGTEasy Peasy. Suddenly the spring fertility rites involving Prolific rabbits, colored eggs, phallic worship and  related symbols are stamped “Christian holidays”.  Where once there were little hot crossed buns marked with a T for Tamus- suddenly they are marked with the cross of Jesus. thISQXMS2V

What could be easier?  Add to this the added bonus of achieving anti-Semitic goals of easing the “look” of Christianity from a very Jewishy feel to something more glorious and “religiously organized”.   Satan’s fingerprints are all over this!

Like it or not, Jesus was crucified on the Feast of Passover.  He was buried and in the grave during the Feast of Unleavened Bread and then he rose, victorious, by the unmeasurable Power of the Holy spirit on the Feast of First Fruits. thDJD78USJ Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.  And in the Old Testament the Lord proclaimed that these were not Jewish or Hebrew Feasts.  He said very clearly and slowly, using easy to understand terms:  These are MY Feasts and you are to keep them forever! Lev. 23:2, Deut. 15, Is. 33:20

When we hear” Feasts” we think a big-excessive meal followed by pie! Thanksgiving Turkey or pineapple glazed Easter Ham.  No, the Hebrew word used here is the word ‘moed’. thWO07GQRA

This word means Divine Appointments in God’s Day-Timer. 7 times a year- to rehearse, teach and review- so that that the Jewish people wouldn’t miss the first coming of Yeshuah the Messiah and that they wouldn’t miss the arrival nor the significance of the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost.

Likewise, you and I don’t want to be so focused on the Easter-egg hunt on the front lawn at the church that we miss the next set of Divine Appointments. th (95) Don’t get cocky and think it can’t happen! Easter is being celebrated today but the Feast of Passover, the day that Jesus was actually crucified, begins on April 23rd.  I don’t want to steal your fun or rain on your Easter Parade.  But, we as Believers are to be set apart. th2INWTNMG We the Body of Christ are to come out of the pagan worldly mix.  We shouldn’t have our kids wonder one day…well if the Easter bunny and Santa aren’t real then maybe Jesus isn’t either!  It all must therefore,  holiday fun and games and feel-good myths!

We must not shy away or forget the essential Jewish Roots of Christianity. These specific dates had a specific purpose and easy to read pictures!  Christianity was not something new, concocted in the upper room by 12 guys who just saw their Leader die.  No it was the specific fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy and therefore the Completion of the Jewish faith. th33NU6C9G That is why many Jewish Christians today call themselves “Completed Jews”!!  Christianity is not something new or separate.  It is the culmination of the Plan to redeem what had been lost in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned.

By buying into the commercial aspects Easter and forgetting the Empty Tomb we are forgetting those first 3 important Feasts of the Lord but, by mixing and mingling our faith with the counterfeit Pagan aspects of Easter we have shifted the focus from the Throne and the Word of God and are at risk of entirely missing the final three Feasts of the Lord which clearly identify His second Coming in Power.

This resurrection story should not be confined to one weekend a year but recalled daily by the faithful.  Ever cognizant of the Amazing Grace Jesus extended to each of us – ever mindful to remember the blood that mercifully covers our sins.thIC0BGY66  That cross is empty and the stone is rolled away revealing a totally empty grave.  The same incredible power that raised Jesus from the dead is now housed in me- in you!  That message is still as powerful today as it was for the two convicted criminals that hung on either side of Jesus.  They watched and listened as innocent Jesus asked the Father for forgiveness for all of his enemies while hanging bruised and bloodied in the relentless afternoon sun.  One, in the power released by that forgiveness, realized that Jesus was the Messiah and received that blessing of forgiveness.

Jesus 2The other criminal did not. One fellow is in heaven today with Jesus and the other one is not. We are all, every one of us totally lost with a death sentence of hellfire on us until we realize that we are hopeless and receive His forgiveness!  Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and has the power to save us! Don’t wait-do it now!

He is Risen.  He is Risen Indeed!  But we must not forget, or neglect to teach our children that the angels rolled that Stone away from the grave on the Feast of First Fruits…that specific prophetic picture that shows us that Jesus- Yeshua is the Messiah and He is the First Fruit of the dead…He is Alive and he is coming back  soon to fulfill those final 3 unfulfilled, Feasts of the Lord! Be ready- Be watching!





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Bird Trouble

Some folks have Bats in the Belfry.  I’ve got  Woodpeckers on the Peaks!thYPJYWX65

It seems every year,when the hint of elusive spring is just entering the Lake City Colorado consciousness I begin to hear insistent noises!

This tapping is not that of a regular, large woodpecker.  They are much larger, red-headed birds whose endless jabbing sounds like highly-motivated Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on your door.th68VG3ZNP  I had a dad-gum-endangered woodpecker tear a softball sized hole in my garage years ago in Tucson. What I have now is a darling little bird. If you saw him perched on your birdbath you would think him completely harmless and the cutest little thing you have ever seen- seemingly incapable of any damage or destruction. You would feel compelled to whip out your camera for a candid shot and post it on FaceBook for all your friends to coo over it’s cuteness!

Looks can be so very deceiving!thH013X5VI  I looked him up, and the perpetrator of this crime is a Lesser black and white Colorado Wood Pecker.  This feathered, sharp-beaked menace has taken an obsessive liking to the siding on our house. Often days will go by and I won’t hear his calling card. I relax and begin to forget all about him, thinking he has found tastier homes to pillage.  Then, when I least expect it and at random hours of the day, exactly where the two wide planks of the eave come together he swoops in and starts his  dedicated work.  Peckedy Peckedy Peckedy! Lengthy pregnant pause…Peckedy-Peckedy!

Reminiscent of some old Donald Duck/ Chip and Dale Cartoon, I jump into my shoes and run outside in my pajamas and yell at this very Bad Bird!thUUY3PIDY   He leaves off his second-story work, cocks his little bird head to one side to curiously observe my caterwauling and fist-shaking.  Unimpressed, he returns to his drilling which has now grown into an observable, widening, much lighter spot against the stained cedar surface.  I have to admit, this little fella has a powerful Protestant work ethic! Once begun, he is  totally committed to this sweet spot.


I look around for something to throw.  Bad Bird has craftily chosen to work right above the large picture window in the stairwell of our home.  If I chuck anything substantial I am likely to bust out a pricey window.  I try a few pine cones but they are not heavy enough to do the job. The only other handy, natural resource in abundance in my front yard is snow.  I begin making soggy snowballs and hurling them, one after another, in Bad Bird’s general direction( while yelling un-Christian things about his heritage)  He stops once more and gives me a look which indicates he isn’t impressed with my aim or my geriatric efforts.  I try again, and finally lob a sizeable snowball way up there just below the scene of the crime!  Slightly shocked by my improved pitching arm, he  finally decides to relocate to a near by pine tree or the local coffee shop to do some Chillin’ and re-think his strategy!

Victorious, I return inside and resume my contemplation of the universe.  I try to pour myself another cup of coffee in celebration of my mighty deed, only to discover that my right arm is pulsating in muscular agony from the snowball fight and it is entirely possible that I have completely lost a rotator cuff in that snow drift!

Several remedial aspirin later and after icing my chubby little arm, I feel triumphant.  I may have incurred some war wounds but I vanquished the Bad Bird and preserved the integrity of my house on the hill.  As I sit back down at my computer and prepare to get back to work- there it is again!

Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy.  Now, it seems to be in stereo!  Bad Bird One is back in his favored spot but he brought his extended family for good measureth (91) and they are now operating in syncopated rhythm on assorted and inaccessible points of the house!  Stay tuned for further episodes in this ongoing saga!

Often our spiritual health and well-being can be similarly rattled. We are rolling along – seemingly doing well.  Then all the sudden, out of left field, comes an angry outburst, a pesky unresolved past issue-problem-addiction-area of sin- pops up and starts pecking around our edges looking for a foothold. Such strongholds or areas of weakness are tested by the enemy periodically, as he taps our defenses looking  for a good entry point.

 Rather than yield the entire issue to the King, who is supposedly on the throne of our life, we try to deal with it ourselves. We can fix this our way.  We try to be strong.  We try to ignore it or hide it. We think perhaps will-power and self-discipline may win out this time!  We attempt to tamp what ever it is down or slap a stalwart smile on it. If I ignore it hopefully it will just go away.

Maybe you took some action. Perhaps you acknowledged the problem issue and asked for God’s forgiveness but you didn’t  completely scrape it off your shoe and walk away, you stayed in that relationship, or maintained those unhealthy friends or habits that you knew you shouldn’t. You have opened those doors to pecking birds.thQACCJ183

Or worse, you accurately identified the real issue, turned away from that sin and even asked the Lord to forgive you.   All really good! However, you forgot to go and make it right to the person that you angered, hurt or offended or who offended, angered or hurt you. (Matthew 5:22-26, Matthew 18,1 John 1:9)  By not forgiving and obediently following Jesus’ example you have legally opened the door for the demonic, the tormentors and accusers of those Matthew passages to have free entrance into your life.  Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy.

Eventually you may have made the rounds of doctors, or gone for counseling or added some sort of anxiety medication to deal with the fallout and stress.  Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy.  Maybe you began to get the idea that this may indeed be a spiritually rooted issue and asked for prayer and flip on that worship music. Mission accomplished, you think.  Peckedy-Peckedy-Peckedy Peckedy-Peckedy.  Understanding that we received undeserved, unmerited Grace and forgiveness from Jesus means unequivocally that we must offer, extend and restore the exact same thing to others.


Will you take the time to fix the real problem and be obedient or wait until an entire flock of Pecking birds comes to destroy your house and build a nest on your head?

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Prophecy Watch: The Mosul Dam


Prophecy Watch: It has been a while since I have posted any Prophecy Watch reports. I will admit that the news is so full these days that it is increasingly difficult to choose what to report and what to let slide when making editorial decisions!

 The Euphrates River has ever been a Biblical landmark.  Genesis notes it as one of the boundaries of the Garden, Abraham haled from that region along the river bank. The Prophet Daniel on the heels of the handwriting on the Wall episode, prophesied to King Balshazzar the night before, the Euphrates would dry up and be used as vehicle for the enemy to overtake the Palace.  Revelation 9:14 and Rev. 16:12-15 give us some specifics on yet to be fulfilled happenings in and around the Euphrates River.  When I begin to see these sort of headlines popping up in various sources (including UN reports) then I, as a Believer sit up and take note:

Mosul Dam reported at imminent risk of Collapse


Iraq’s Mosul Dam — the largest in the country — is currently at risk of collapse, according to recent claims by U.S. officials.

Some observers have voiced fear that the Iraqi government — which currently has its hands full fighting Daesh– would be unable to take the necessary measures should the 30-year-old dam collapse.

Mahdi Rasheed, undersecretary of Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources, however, insists the claims are exaggerated.

“The Mosul Dam is functioning properly,” he told Anadolu Agency. “Rumors of its imminent collapse are unfounded.”

Rasheed said the dam had been subject to regular maintenance since 1986, going on to stress that the government had carried out repair work on the dam following its recapture from Daesh in 2014.

“An Italian company has been hired to repair damaged parts of the dam,” he added.

Daesh overran Mosul — Iraq’s second largest city — in mid-2014, briefly capturing the massive dam.

“Iraqi security forces, with air support from U.S.-led coalition forces, have now been deployed to protect the dam,” said Rasheed.

The Iraqi government had previously said that some 400 Italian troops would be sent to the area to secure the dam.

By Haydar Hadi

Mosul dam is at risk of collapsing and ‘causing a catastrophe of epic proportions’ which would kill up to 1.5 MILLION people warns US ambassador

  • Governments urged to move quickly to prevent breach of the dam in Iraq
  • The dam was built on an unstable foundation that continuously erodes
  • Weakened when ISIS seized it briefly in 2014 prompting maintenance lapse
  • Fears collapse cold unleash 45ft waves devastating Mosul and flooding Baghdad

Governments have been urged to move quickly to prevent a breach of Iraq’s largest dam, which would unleash a wave as high as 45ft, devastating Mosul and flooding much of the capital Baghdad.

After hosting a meeting with Iraq’s UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim to hear briefings on the potential disaster, US Ambassador Samantha Power called on all UN member states to take immediate steps.

The dam in northern Iraq was built on an unstable foundation that continuously erodes, and a lapse in required maintenance after ISIS briefly seized it in 2014 weakened the already flawed structure

‘It is crucial that all UN member states quickly get informed about the magnitude of the problem and the importance of readiness to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions,’ said Power.

The ambassador described briefings by technical experts, engineers and representatives from UN aid and development agencies as ‘chilling.’

‘In the event of a breach, there is the potential in some places for a flood wave up to 14 meters high that could sweep up everything in its path, including people, cars, unexploded ordnance, waste and other hazardous material, further endangering massive population centers that lie in the flood path,’ said Power in a statement released by the US mission.

Kurdish Peshmegra forces guard the dam, which is in an area close to land controlled by ISIS fighters 

Power said repair work must be undertaken as soon as possible and Iraqis must be well informed about the best evacuation routes.

Italian firm Trevi has been selected to carry out crucial repair work on the dam, which is currently protected by Kurdish peshmerga forces.

A UN aid appeal for Iraq has received only eight percent of the $861 million requested, compounding concerns about badly needed assistance.

Read more:
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Beyond this point there be Dragons!

Prior to the Renaissance it was thought the world was flat. There was real concern that over-adventurous sailors might sail right off the edge. Hand-crafted maps of the day showed safe coastline routes.thFTN39COJ Beyond a certain point, the mapmakers painted sea dragons or terrible goblin-like creatures that awaited those that ventured too far. This cautionary tale, complete with fancy artwork, was intended to remind those bold, apostolic captains to stay in the accepted routes, the safe waters close to shore. Motives of those mapmakers may have been pure and heartfelt but they were eventually proved totally inaccurate and based on nothing but repeated traditions and fear of the vast unknown.

Those pioneering souls who knew better or suspected the curvature of the globe and disagreed with the flat-earth folks paid a price.  They were mocked, jailed, sometimes ex-communicated or severely chastised. thIHM3AZSF Today we may laugh at such backward nautical ideas,  but we are still afraid of change.- Still afraid to go off the map!  Many lack the faith to embrace the full map. Or they lack boldness to compare it to the original map.  Aren’t many still reluctant to stray from the shallow comfort of church doctrine or traditions to venture into the deep water where God truly intends for us to be? All through scripture we are called, lovingly, to be trusting fully in Him, soaking in His Word, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit and following obediently to His voice. (2 Tim. 3:5) Didn’t Jesus tell us that the Holy Spirit would lead us in ALL Truth? (John 16:13)

Mobs of people followed Jesus all around the countryside.  They followed him – not because they totally understood everything that he was teaching- but because they had seen and heard that he could DO AMAZING, UNHEARD OF STUFF.  Based on what they had seen and heard him do they now had a real, viable expectation that he could and would do the same thing for them. He healed them all and he cast out their demons and he raised folks from the dead.  He promised that his followers- faithful believers that followed his example, would do the same and even greater things than he! (John 14:12)  Why do Christians stand around, chewing their cud, and blindly accept that things like this are not viable for today?

It is a conscious decision we each must make to continue on the same tired cow-path or resolve to follow the Holy Spirit to higher roads that actually leadthT7UD3AMJ somewhere new and fine.  Some of us approach such a jumping off point with trepidation.  Change is scary, especially when we see that all the other cud-chewing cows have continued blissfully in theirthQK6XP1DM deeply entrenched cow-path.   If you fear a lack of control or fear following the Lord where he wants you to go then is He truly Lord of your life?  Is He?  Are you a-feared of the unknown at the edge of your map?


I know I am mixing my metaphors, however, allowing ourselves, by a careful study of God’s word, to be led from the safe, non-confrontational, “no-power- evident-nor-expected” path to a different route: His Path;  He will inevitably reward that step of faith. He will lead you through those uncharted waters to new and powerful places. Or, lead you to a precipice where we are not only blessed with rarified air but to a marvelous vision that those others will never see. You may be compelled to take a running leap of faith and hang-glide in the power of the Holy Spirit in amazing new directions! (2 Cor. 5:7, 1 John 5:14, Eph. 3:16-17, Psalm 119:30)

Whether serving Him here in my own neighborhood, at my desk writing, or called to overseas missions it is the exact same course to be plotted!  That faithless “map”  was drawn in permanent ink by  folks who have no vision or understanding of the gifts and promises of the Holy Spirit or why they are necessary for us today, right now! Fear is the flip side of faith.  They cannot co- exist in the same vessel.thGPZZFUTO

 You see, the world and the apostate church fear the dragons at the edges of the “comfort” map, the traditional map. As obedient Believers, we must realize that the Dragon is already all over our map and operating in our midst! He is seeking to devour and destroy anyone at any time. He wants you to fear that deep water-the deep things of the Lord. ( Acts 1:8, Romans 8:11, Luke 24:49) He wants to keep you from entering into the powerful things of the Lord. ( John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8)thJGO8Y29Z

You and I are called to be different. (1 Peter 2:9, Phil 2:15, Romans 12:2, Proverbs 1:15) We are called, in scripture-based faith, to set our rudder and hoist that sail fearlessly. This Dragon is already completely defeated.  He flees before the King’s Ship of State.( James 4:7)  I have signed aboard this crew and am called to cast off on this incredible, exploratory expedition.  It matters not where I want to go or where I think we should go.  It only matters that my sails are unfurled and full of the wind- with the steady Ruach– of the Holy Spirit at my back and in my sails. (Acts 2, 1 John 2:19-17, Acts 19:2)








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Islamaphobic or Realist

This is a really strange story that I have had tucked back in my holding pattern for some time.  thCC2T6ZM0It is a topic I have not heard discussed in main steam media here in the US. I am sure this post will generate a lot of controversial mail but honestly, whether one is pro-Islamic immigration or against, this is a matter that needs to be analyzed and prepared for by any invitational nation.  Discussing the actual repercussions of a serious health issue in a specific religious group should not result in being labeled Islamaphobic!

This is an election year where legal and illegal immigrationth (85) as well as the wisdom of refugee status have been widely discussed. People argue about the need for us to be welcoming to fleeing refugees from war torn regions regardless of our concerns.  The hot topic of massive Muslim immigration to countries in Europe is generally accompanied by alarming stories of crime, rape and violence. President Obama recently chastised us for objecting and assured us that we will be accepting thousands of these refugees, whether or not the individual states agree.  This is a huge, controversial issue on many levels5a96984a34dfb56e0a329fd75e63e954yet the discussion  thus far has been primarily focused on the need for screening for dangerous characters, overwhelming a particular countries housing or welfare rolls, economic concerns, and worries of losing ones nation’s national voice with such diverse new demographics.


Those are all valid and serious concerns to be weighed carefully by any country.  However,  the following article and additional sourcing, introduces a dark issue of which there is little discussion or awareness here in the west. The preponderance of genetic abnormalities in this “religious” population as described below are liable to totally overwhelm any state or nation’s capacity to adequately care and deal with the long term implications of these poor souls.

This seems to be a self-inflicted genetic issue confined to a specific demographic which insists on ignoring longstanding science on the topic.  Perhaps, the mullahs and leaders of some of these Islamic countries would be better served to leave off hateful rhetoric and saber rattling threats and regardless of what Mohammed did in his lifetime, educate their people to stop this custom and widen their tainted gene poolthCLFQR5LD .

That being said, the sad fact remains that the repercussions of widespread, close-cousin inbreeding are many and far-reaching. In an age where Health care costs, and long term therapies of all sorts are rising. Regardless of what Bernie Sanders and Hillary promises voters there is no such thing as a “free” anything.  “Free services” aren’t really free at all and the government has no money of their own to spend.  It is ours, yours and mine, no matter what party you vote for. thK1SX92NLNo matter what the other social costs attached to massive refugee issues, this is a problem that is going to be expensive for a long time!

The implications of admitting large numbers of a single religion where the rates of birth defects and insanity may prove to be dramatically and notably higher in proportion to the general public carries thOAUWW2ZY with it a cost  much greater than just educating , housing or worrying about Sharia Law coming to your neighborhood.

We don’t live in a one-issue vacuum, either.  Religious objections aside, there are other looming expensive problems we face in America such as a 19 Trillion Dollar deficit, failing infrastructure, unbelievably low “real” employment numbers, and an aging population of Baby Boomers who already wonder how Social Security math will equate with a much smaller population to sustain the program.homeless-young-iraq-war-veteran-begging-on-34th-street-in-new-york-D9PEPM  America currently has a massive preponderance of it’s own long-term disabled of all sorts and ages, mental health patients and sick, aging veterans that are already woefully, if not criminally, underserved in this country. Why are they underserved? Because that kind of endless, high intensity care is really, really expensive and very hands on.

Even setting aside all of the other valid objections to this issue and with the full realization that this is a difficult issue to find information or statistics about, we as a nation need to fully count the “true” cost of inviting this type of burden–that seems to be accepted and still ongoing in Islamic populations- in an already precarious era in our history.

Half of world’s Muslims are inbred due to generations of incest on by

A never-spoken-about problem with Muslims is their inbreeding as a result of their long and deeply-ingrained practice of marrying first cousins — a practice that has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses.

More than 7 years ago, the UK’s environment minister Phil Woolas had sounded the alarm about this “very sensitive” issue that is “rarely debated”. Referring to the culture of arranged marriages between cousins in the Muslim immigrant community, Woolas said: “If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there’ll be a genetic problem.

Woolas, whose views are supported by medical experts, said most cases occur in immigrant families from rural Pakistan, where up to half of all marriages involve first cousins. Woolas said: “If you talk to any primary care worker they will tell you that levels of disability among the . . . Pakistani population are higher than the general population. And everybody knows it’s caused by first cousin marriage.”

The problem is made worse by generational inbreeding. As Woolas put it, “Many of the parents themselves and many of the public spokespeople are themselves products of first cousin marriages.” That would explain why research for BBC2’s Newsnight in November 2005 showed that British Pakistanis accounted for 3.4% of all births but 30% of all British children with recessive genetic disorders.

Indeed, an entry in Wikipedia confirms that “Cousin marriages in Muslim majority countries are often preferred and even encouraged in some regions,” and points to the fact that prophet Muhammad himself had married cousins.

But the problem isn’t exclusive to Pakistani Muslims as Woolas seems to imply, but is pandemic among Muslims across the world.

Nicolai Sennels

According to Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into Muslim inbreeding, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred:

  • 70% of Pakistanis are inbred.
  • 67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred.
  • 64% of those living in Jordan and Kuwait are inbred.
  • 63% of Sudanese are inbred.
  • 60% of Iraqis are inbred.
  • 54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are inbred.
  • 25-30% of those in Turkey are inbred.
  • In England, at least 55% of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins.
  • In Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

Sennels points out that cousin marriage was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in the Muslim world. This practice of inbreeding will never go away in the Muslim world since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all matters, including marriage.

Sennels warns that massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to Muslims’ intelligence, sanity, and health. (Similar effects were seen in the Pharaonic dynasties in ancient Egypt and in the British royal family, where inbreeding was the norm for a significant period of time.)

Below are the consequences of inbreeding:

1. Birth and birth defects:

  • 100% increase in the risk of stillbirths.
  • 50% increase in the risk that the child dies during labor.
  • The risk of autosomal recessive genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy is 18 times higher.
  • The risk of death due to malformations is 10 times higher.

2. Physical and mental retardation and illnesses:

  • The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of mental and physical retardation and schizophrenic illness.
  • The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of schizophrenic illness, i.e., insanity.
  • Social abilities develop much slower in inbred babies. An academic paper published in the Indian National Science Academy found that “the onset of various social profiles like visual fixation, social smile, sound seizures, oral expression and hand-grasping are significantly delayed among the new-born inbred babies.”
  • Research shows that if one’s parents are cousins, intelligence goes down 10-16 IQ points. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70, the official demarcation for being classified as “retarded,” increases by 400% among children of cousin marriages.

child born with 16 toes

All of which would explain the following phenomena among Muslims (Source: Nicolai Sennels):

  • 1 out of every 3 Somalis are mentally ill.
  • More than 40% of the patients in Denmark‘s biggest ward for clinically insane criminals have an immigrant (i.e., Muslim) background.
  • One-third of all handicapped people in Copenhagen have a “foreign” (i.e., Muslim) background.
  • In Denmark, psychologist Sennels’ native country, “non-Western” immigrants (who are mainly Muslim) are more than 300% more likely to fail the intelligence test required for entrance into the Danish army.
  • In Denmark, Muslim children are grossly overrepresented among children with special needs. One-third of the budget for Danish schools is consumed by special education.
  • 64% of school children with Arabic parents in Denmark are still illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system. The immigrant drop-out rate in Danish high schools is twice that of the native-born.
  • The U.S. is not immune. According to Sennels, “One study based on 300,000 Americans shows that the majority of Muslims in the USA have a lower income, are less educated, and have worse jobs than the population as a whole.

Muslims’ average lower IQ means a lowered ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking, which would explain why:

  • The Arab world translates just 330 books every year, about 20% of what Greece alone does. In the last 1,200 years years of Islam, just 100,000 books have been translated into Arabic, about what Spain does in a single year.
  • 7 out of 10 Turks have never even read a book.
  • Only 9 Muslims had ever won the Nobel Prize, and 5 of those 9 were for the “Peace Prize.”
  • According to Nature magazine, Muslim countries produce just 10% of the world average when it comes to scientific research (measured by articles per million inhabitants).


Sennels concludes:

The troubling reality being referred to is the widespread practice of Muslim inbreeding and the birth defects and social ills that it spawns.

The tragic effect of the Left’s control of the boundaries of debate is that any discussion about vital issues such as these marks an individual as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist.”

A person who dares to point at the pathology of inbreeding in the Muslim community is accused of whipping up hatred against Muslim people.

But all of this could not be further from the truth. To fight against inbreeding anywhere is to defend humanity and to defend innocent babies from birth defects….

Let us keep in mind that Muslims are the first — though maybe not the biggest — victims of Islam….

In fact, it is the Left’s callous silence on this issue (and on so many others) that exposes who is truly “anti-Muslim.”

Additional sources:

Similar research was reported as far back as 2005 when the BBC Newsnight launched a investigation revealing that just British Pakistani’s who accounted for 3.4% of all births but have 30% of all British Children with recessive disorders. (

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Election Infection

We have been  embroiled in the midst of coverage for  the looming, important 2016 Presidential election for a long time. It seems that the campaign began the minute the previous election ended and it is emotionally draining for everyone.untitled (8) We have endured months upon months of campaigning, commercials, political phone calls, a chain of crazy debates,  Primaries and Caucuses, political promises, distasteful verbiage and vitriol and the constant bombardment of editorial commentary.  Red or Blue its crazy and exhausting out there and we still have 9 months to go!th (84)

It is critical to remember as we slog thru this process in an effort to salvage the leadership and direction of our country that:

*God is always in control! Daniel 2:20-21, Psalm 22:28

*A nation that refuses to turn back to Godly roots and principles will undoubtedly continue to elect the leadership they richly deserve. Romans 1:28th8W99K13M

*There IS a supernatural warfare element afoot right now. Ephesians 6:12

untitled (24)*Red Candidate or Blue– Ultra Conservative or Socialist-Nothing will change for the better, until we –WE the Body of Christ, Believers, the Faithful read and obey  2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people who are called by MY name will humble themselves, and PRAY and SEEK MY FACE and TURN from THEIR WICKED WAYS; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

National change comes when We, the Believers  sort ourselves out,repent, stop bending or diluting His message, stop accommodating and accepting sin (we always should welcome the sinner…but the church should be preaching righteousness).

thJYQHMU1ZRevival and REAL change–a Healing of the Land sweeps a nation when we uphold the statutes and principles of the King of Kings When the Church, the Christians turn from their wicked ways!

We should vote.  We should actively participate.  We should back the best candidate that we think can wisely turn this country back from the brink of economic ruin.  Of greater value, as we analyze this verse is to realize that the faithful must STOP blending with the world. We are called to be salt and light.  Our churches shouldn’t be entertaining those in the pews- but training up an army! To do so it is imperative that we turn away from our sin we have grown easy with in our lives, in our churches and our homes.

We tend to consider prayer as a fledgling, last resort. Often we relegate it to the same category as a bumper sticker.  Just a brief symbolic effort to verbalize our faith.  But if we have a true, close relationship with our Heavenly Father we need to call out to Him,  hit our knees and be fasting for our needy Nation. And don’t forget to be listening for an answer! Its important.

We don’t have to wait on the entire country to repent…this verse says that if we, the believers in God, Christians, will turn to him and seek his face and change our wicked ways then He will hear in heaven, forgive our sin and HEAL our land!

2 Chronicles 7:14  doesn’t say he will hear and mull it over and see what He can do.  It says he will hear.  He will Forgive our national sin and He will Heal our Land.  God is faithful and True.  He wants his kids to remember to vote but in all the confusion and bluster surrounding this  pivotal election don’t forget to  do your part and then yield it all to Him.



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Special Delivery

I was coming home from an errand the other afternoon.  We had received a little snow the night before–nothing major this time, just an inch or two. th0BM0QT7B As I was coming up Water Street approaching my driveway, before me was the Big Brown UPS truck.  It was stuck in the middle of the road.  The steep incline of frozen dirt road with  some snow and ice had brought the big truck to a complete standstill.  My car has four wheel drive and a set of good tires, I had no trouble at all gaining traction.  Not so the UPS guy. th8I768S2T He was revving his engine. His tires were spinning.  His back end was swaying one way and then the other.  He backed up a little bit and tried again.  I stopped downhill and gave him plenty of room, watching to see what he would do. I wanted plenty of room for evasive maneuvers if he started sliding back towards me!

Like the Little Engine that Could, Bill the UPS guy finally inched along, slipping and sliding, throwing rocks from his spinning rear tires, creeping and clawing until he finally made it up and over the crest of Water Street!  It was pretty exciting to watch.

Our Christian lives are often like that.  Sometimes it isn’t what dumped on us this week.thLLENIXQA  Life has a way of bombarding us with one storm after another. We think maybe it’s all been plowed out and don’t even see the dangerous ice that lies just beneath the latest “no-big-deal” dusting.

Christians know we are called to do stuff.  Important life- changing  eternal stuff!  Like that Big Brown truck we are intended and expected to daily deliver the goods. Sometimes we deliver to our families sometimes across state lines.  Some of us have international routes!  If we try to get the job done with only our own well-intentioned power and are soon waylaid by sloppy muck or slippery ice patch and can’t see our way clear to get up and over and on our way!  Life or Spiritual Warfare will obstruct our way in a million different ways. We get a little ice on our bumpy road, or the slush freezes in our rutted road and all the sudden- even with the best of intentions- we are going no-where fast.  We are spinning our wheels, delivering nothing and wondering if our auto insurance will pay for a Tow Truck!

UPS Bill had a job to dothAD93DRGX He finally oochy-scooched his way out of his immediate problem and got going again.  Believers must understand that unlike the UPS Corporation, our CEO has given us every top of the line, state of the art,  climate-appropriate tool to get our job done. th1IVLHP2B  We are not expected or called to go forth and deliver  Good News without the right tools.

UPS Bill as the regular delivery guy in Lake City, Colorado desperately needs a more powerful engine, 4-wheel-drive and studded snow tires, long pants, along with some good windshield wipers and an industrial strength ice-scraper!

As a Spirit-filled Believer, I need to totally comprehend that I have all the tools necessary to overcome anything that the world, the flesh or the devil tosses in front of me and to therefore forge ahead successfully in my calling. thOQSZ0CJS There are tools in my belt, and gizmos in that vehicle that I may not even know how to use yet!  That being said; my 4-wheel-drive only works if I remember to engage it!  I have to turn it on to get all those heavy duty, studded tires working in unison!  This Supernaturally engaged power of the Holy Spirit  also comes with a credit card: the Authority of the King’s name- to use until His Return. thEJ07D0SK

Combined, they are more effective than a Snow Cat and will get the job done and get us up and over every hill, every single time!  We need only to remember that we OWN the right tools and we need to regularly read the instruction book to know what they are for and how they function!  Get out there and Deliver!

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Old Friends

There is a quality amongst old friends.  We know them,  They know us. They know our weaknesses, our mistakes and shortcomings. They love us anyway. We know what they are thinking and can often finish one another’s sentences.  This sort of friendship doesn’t come in a day.  It grows from lengthy conversations and emerges and builds out of long relationship. thNTOF3TQD It is a relationship built on love,  mutual interests, possibly family or marital commitments, there have probably been times of separation or bumps in that relationship that took some doing to get over, but it is always there.thMY4UHPGJ

That’s OK. That’s what relationship is all about.  Trusting someone is a process.  It is a precious commodity that can be treasured or squandered, set aside for a time or held close at all times.

Trusting God is a little different.  It takes an effort on my part or yours to really discover and explore that relationship. Some folks have the idea that all they have to do is walk down an aisle and accept Jesus as their Saviour- and it’s all a done deal.

Jesus 5

That may be an acknowledgement of faith, an important step, but it is not yet a relationship.  Real relationship comes with closeness, with intimacy, with the funny stories of what you did together yesterday, what you are planning for tomorrow.  Real relationship is honest, and close.  Trusting whether you totally understand the whole deal or not.

Trust in a close friendship is based on what you know about that person.  You can base your trust in their past performance, your knowledge of their family, current behavior, their words and statements, the relationships they have with others like you, the goals and plans that they have expressed to you.  It may have taken you years or decades to establish that relationship and you can’t imagine life without that bond.

Fire and Rain 11

With Jesus we must develop those roots.  He isn’t a figure on a cross in church or an historical character that shows up in Easter movies.  He came and laid down his life for me so that I could have that restored relationship with him that was lost in the Garden.

hand of God 5 He already loves me and proved it with his lifeblood. It is a process for me to get to know Him.  Really know him.  Understand what he expects from my side of this intimate friendship.  And to trust him with my heart, my future,with my issues past and present, with my family.

I have to come to a place in that relationship, in our intimacy where I really believe that He has the answers and the power to follow through for me.  Not some fine day in heaven but today. Right NOW.  Jesus said time and again that  The Kingdom of  Heaven – of which He is the King ,the Messiah is right here, at hand, accessible.  Seek and you will find, Ask and it Will be given.  Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and then all this other stuff will fall into line. Matthew 6:33, 7:7

Jesus 1

This has been a rough month…or decade… for my family.  Maybe it has been for yours too. It is blissfully easy to rejoice and praise Him in the easy times, the good times, the coasting times.  But can you Praise Him when life gets ugly and hard and harder?  Can you Worship his Lordship and trust completely when you are exhausted and you don’t see any light at the end of your personal tunnel?  Will you fold up like a lawn chair in a stiff wind, toss your friendship aside and believe the lie that He isn’t real, or fair, or powerful or relevant enough in this day and age to deal or care about your personal problems?22720196

We must remember who we are in Jesus.  When we accepted the relationship with him.  Yes we were bought with a price but it purchased a deep and powerful, intimate relationship with Him as well.  A friend to turn to in time of trouble. Proverbs 17:17, Psalm 46:1,

Alarm clocks 3

My timing expectations may not be jiving with His. I don’t have the same point of view that my Friend does. Sometimes we have to wait and continue to pray and fast and pray some more for wisdom or understanding before we receive our miracle or  our answer. I am gift-wrapping my worry, and my concerns and hourly shoving them before the throne. I trust and stand on the Testimony, the proven word of God that Jesus is who he said he was and he CAN do what he claimed he could do even when I don’t feel it.

He’s my friend and we have a little history under our belts by now. He loves and knows my family history better than I.  Regardless of my partial understanding of current Hand of god 6circumstances I know He will come thru. Nothing is impossible in His Kingdom! He has my family- and yours- in the palm of His hand. Can you trust your old friend?

This is a small portion of what he told me for times like these! 2 Corinthians 4:8, Hebrews 12:2, Deut.31:6, Hebrews 3:1, Proverbs 3:-6, Phil 4:6-7, James 5:16, Proverbs 4:25, James 1:2-4, Psalm 27:1, 2 Chronicles 16:9




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