6 1/2 Spiritual Fitness tips for 2018:

The advent of a new year is not only a marker of passing time but a traditional opportunity to give up bad habits and launch a fresh start with renewed resolve. Judging by the volume of Nutrisystem, Weight Watcher and Jenny Craig commercials on TV this time of year, everyone is consumed with shedding the tonnage accumulated over months of sloth!

Physical fitness is a good thing but often the more important spiritual fitness is completely overlooked. Rolls of unsightly Spiritual cellulite may keep us from achieving what the Lord needs us to be doing. Out of shape believer’s drained, disconnected and distracted will be useless to the King. While not ready for the Olympics in either category, I do have some hardcore, New Year’s fitness tips percolating and hope you will take them to heart and then relay your ideas for additional ones I overlooked.

*Burning Daylight– Believers need to assess how we are spending our time and jettison those time-suckers that have no true value or kingdom purpose. Time is getting shorter by the day to achieve our portion of the Great Commission. We need to get crackin’! (Matt. 28:18-20: Ephesians 5:16; Col.4:5-6)

*Rose-Colored Glasses– Too often Christians go through life thinking everything will continue as it always has. Tomorrow will be just like it was today…there is no need to be concerned. I’m saved. I’m going to heaven, therefore I don’t need to get bogged down with any depth that may cause offense to others or cause me to feel bad, fear for the future or worst of all, feel a need to repent and change! Your rose-colored glasses may be keeping you from rightly assessing the times. Take them off and keep your head on a swivel. (1 Peter 4:7; 1 Thess. 5:6-9; Rev. 3:2)

*Don’t just wear the name tag– We’ve all been to big luncheons or work functions where everyone is wearing one of those peel off –stuck-um name tags. These helpful identifiers in the short term acknowledge that we really don’t know any of these people. If you are merely checking a box by showing up for an hour Sunday morning’s, perhaps you are just wearing the name tag. Christianity as described in the Word is an action word. Paul tells us this is essential to not neglect coming together with other believers (Hebrews 10:25) especially as we see “the day” approaching. I don’t know about you but I see that day approaching!!!! Meeting with fellow Christians is not intended to be a personal B-12 shot to feel good for an hour, nor is it intended as a mere educational Bible lesson. That regular gathering is supposed to be a full-blown nutritional edification of the Body through praise and worship to the head, Jesus- and uplifting operation of the necessary Gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to uniformly have us operating in top shape, ready to go back out and DO something for the Kingdom that week. Are you just wearing the name tag or are you ALL IN?

*Speed Dating is not a relationship– this is related to the item above, but is more personal than what is happening with the full Body of Christ. Like online dating, speed dating removes participants from the vagaries of life, immediately getting down to brass tacks. All involved presumably want romance and relationship but with no wasted time. In five minute increments a large pool of people can intensively meet others of the same mindset and decide whether or not they are attractive to one another. You may eventually find Mr. or Mrs. Right in this fashion, but real relationship is still a long ways down the road!

People in REAL relationships know one another. It takes extensive time and effort, laughter and often-times pain, hugs and lots of forgiveness. Those people trust one another because of this knowing. They know what the other likes or dislikes. They know what hurts that person or brings them joy. True relationship takes time to develop and slugs through good times and bad. It involves talking, sharing and listening. It is based on expectation and long-term planning. Do you have an acquaintance or a real relationship with Jesus? This year get into the Bible and stay there. Get praying, praising and listening. If you haven’t done so, ask Him for the filling of the Holy Spirit to empower that relationship and all you do.

Relationship- real and deep, overflowing and MORE- is what we want with Jesus, the Messiah.

*Don’t leave home without it! This is the hook from a vintage American Express ad campaign. The inference being that if you don’t have anything else, their amazing credit card will solve your problems. Christians often think that once saved, they can’t be harmed by Satan’s ploys. Accurate, viable teaching on spiritual warfare is often scant or completely lacking in our churches. If we couldn’t be effected by the dark side then why was Paul so adamant about always putting on, not just partial bits, but the full armor of God? This line item is related to the first whereby many are just coasting along without much cogitation on nor understanding of the times. We must keep our head in the game. We must not neglect preparing for successful tactical warfare or Biblical eschatology to adequately prepare for what is coming. Don’t leave home without the full armor of God! (Ephesians 6:10-18)

*Testimony– One isn’t required to be a doctoral Bible scholar to talk about Jesus. Tell others your story. Not only how you came to know Jesus as your Savior, but what He does for you every day. If statistics are true, there are scads of people out there who are lonely, riddled with fear and anxiety, depression and hopelessness. (1 Peter 2:9)

Remember, each one of us was headed for hell before someone told us about the awesome power of the blood of Jesus. You hold the key to snatch people- your friends, neighbors and family- out of hell’s handbasket. We are called to tell people our story! Don’t make it harder than it is supposed to be. This year, just tell people your particular, awesome story and let Jesus do the rest! (Revelation 19:10)

It’s a new year, it’s a new day and it’s OK for Christians to evaluate, reassess and change things that have gotten whonky. We are NOT SUPPOSED to look like the rest of the world! Dump your delicate, offended feelings. Forgive people that did you wrong. Repent, get rid of the stupid things that waste time, money and effort. If you have addictions or stuff weighing you down, now is the perfect time to deal with them. Jesus came and died to set us free—so get fully free from those things. Choose JOY.

It is healthy to evaluate the way we live our lives from time to time. We should make sure that we haven’t grown accepting and easy with sin. We need to assess and pray that we are attending the local church where the Lord wants us to be and coming under wise and Godly leadership.

In 2018, determine to be totally tuned in to the heart of God, equipped and ready to roll. We are burning daylight-get moving!




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The Viewfinder

I haven’t posted for awhile and I appreciate your patience. I am so grateful for all those who wrote, asking when I would be back:thSWO26CP6

Any time trouble, terrorism or trauma pops up at home or abroad, everyone quickly retreats to their various political corners and begins making arguments, hurling accusations or loudly calling for immediate infringements of civil liberties.
Here’s the truth. Whether it is happening on the streets of Charlottesville, Chicago  –London, Syria or North Korea- the source is identical.
As members of the human race we like to keep everything in our lives easily labeled. Naughty or Nice; Alt- Right, Alt Left—Liberal or Conservative, Libertarian;  old -school Fascists or Communists. Our categorical system makes us feel organized and secure, but the premise is a spun sugar mirage.
As Christians, you and I need to work really hard to maintain a Biblical worldview.
That doesn’t mean we expect everyone around us to blindly fall in line with what is preached—but, it ought to be the preeminent paradigm lens, the viewfinder through which we personally evaluate the sticky bits of life and our messy world. (The only proviso being, to have a Biblical Worldview one must know the Bible!)
We may sit in our living rooms or coffee shops and debate swamp conditions, elite pedophilia exposed in Pizzagate, crazy racists, revisionist history and potential global nuclear war from the ground level but as Christians it is essential we maintain that Biblical POV from a higher and broader and much more stable perch.
Current world-wide and homegrown political upheaval is a serious stress fracture spreading like a subterranean fault line. These headlines are the physical symptoms of a spiritual issue deeper and more serious than what the news brokers bombard us with nightly.
A Biblical Worldview shouldn’t need definition nor explanation, but I feel that it must in the current climate:
I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.
I believe that it is true and given to us to be followed as a workbook for life until Christ returns.
I believe that belief in Jesus is the only way to achieve eternal life. He is God- He died for me- He rose again and He lives.
I further believe that we need to ask for and receive the Baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit which empowers and authorizes Believers to achieve the work that every Christian is called to do until Christ returns.
I believe that miracles, signs and wonders and every single gift of the Holy Spirit is for today and essential to our Christian lives and testimony.
I believe, whether we acknowledge it or not, that we are involved in supernatural warfare. Satan is real, he knows his time is limited and he doesn’t want anyone—including you- to be a successful, soul winning, miracle working Believer. He hates you and me and wants us all to either die or go back to sleep and continue to be useless!
Because I actually believe the Bible, I believe what Jesus and Paul and John and Peter all said would happen as the end of the age approaches. You should too!
In Matthew 24:10- 12 Jesus says something very chilling in his answer to the disciples following a laundry list of serious geo-physical and worldwide signs he shifts to: And many will be offended, and will betray one another, and will HATE one another. He mentions many false prophets and that many will be deceived. And because iniquity or lawlessness will abound, the love of many will wax (gradually grow) cold.
A secret power of lawlessness is described by Paul in II Timothy 3 and he hits it again in II Thess. 2:7. He hammers home the hard truth and serious signs. Note that this Timothy passage begins with KNOW THIS when it begins to talk about perilous times and rampant, unmistakable signs in society to watch for in the last days. KNOW THIS! Read it memorize it and teach on it! These are supposed to be easily recognizable to those IN THE KNOW!
Paul and Jesus were not talking to the world at large, they were talking to believers, the faithful, to the church folks: This is what it is going to look like when that time is approaching.
Here’s the point folks: Time is short. I believe it’s really short. We must grasp and understand that things worldwide will have to be really, really bad on a number of fronts for a deceptive world leader to be ever be accepted.
I can wring my hands and talk till the cows come home about the ineffectiveness of a do-nothing congress, and then gear up for pre-season football or plan my next vacation and check my 401K as though everything will go on forever just as it always has…yawn.
OR, I can act like NOAH who also found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He looked past what was considered normal by his neighbors and saw what was happening in his society.  He identified massive supernatural, spiritual rebellion, depravity and lawlessness. He didn’t just look away or throw up his hands and say, “Oh well, everybody else is doing it, I guess they were just born that way. Ya can’t fight city hall!”
Noah saw the pervasive, fallen-angel genetic manipulation occurring, recognized it for the life-ending cataclysm of humanity it truly was, believed God and obeyed when he was told to act. It took him over 100 years to get the job done. He kept to his course, preaching repentance all along the way. He maintained his Godly POV and kept his alignment with the truth God told him, accepted it as such and therefore, at the end his entire family walked off the boat…they weren’t perfect but they were preserved.
I am an American, I have certain rights and liberties which I hold very dearly. I believe that the government needs to live within its means and protect our citizens, and stay as small as possible. I think abortion is murder and I’m not afraid to say that the practice is barbaric and pagan at its core. I pray, daily and sincerely for whatever President and leaders are in office and I continue to vote for the ones most likely to agree with me on those points I listed above.
However, this is not my home. As a pilgrim passing through- my home is with the Lord. I am called to spread the Good News of Jesus, and share with people every aspect of this amazing hope and blessing.  Our faith is not in any particular place, specific earthly leaders.  Our hope and faith rest solely in THE ARK, Jesus the Messiah.   Like Noah, we as Christians all have a powerful calling but not necessarily a popular one. .
Christians are supposed to be doing stuff! Big stuff– and we are to stay attuned to the supernatural/ spiritual because we are supernatural beings having a very temporary human experience!
In light of that:
A Spirit of Lawlessness is not just evidence of nutty, angry or immature people running amok in the streets. It is a release of a demonic spirits on any land which has willfully and vociferously stepped away from the Laws, teaching and Word of God. A Spirit of Lawlessness is sourced from the pit of hell and plugs the ears of people so that they cannot hear or receive truth, it travels with a twisting leviathan spirit that takes everything rational or reasonable said and twists and spins it into lies and propaganda. Its blinding power is so pervasive those in its clutches no longer recognize sin for the killer it is, nor or able to recognize the road home.
This Spirit of Lawlessness is the same one who slithered into the Garden and skillfully asked, “Did God really say that? Is that what he really meant? Well, that’s just mean!”
If scripture is to be believed, this Spirit of Lawlessness is going to get worse and we need to armor up, plant our feet and get ready.
I don’t say any of this to scare people.  I say this to wake up Believers who are more concerned with summer entertainments or home décor than they are with repentance or the eternal destination of their own children. Recognize the times. Recognize the signs and the signals. WAKE UP!!!
We cannot continue to keep hitting the Believer’s snooze button. This is an absolute call to action: Encroaching darkness and lawlessness shouldn’t terrify us or paralyze us- if you truly know who you are in Jesus.  It should merely be the cold wash cloth in the face of the slumbering Bride. Lawlessness rising ought be the redundant, piercing cry of the alarm clock letting the true Body of Christ know that the time is up. There is an urgent need to constantly be praying in the Spirit, to pick up the pace, light those lamps and spread the oil. Eat your Wheaties, take your vitamins, polish your armor, put it on-all of it– and answer the shofar’s call!



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Forgotten Knowledge

The Lord has been dealing with me lately concerning ” Forgotten Knowledge”.  It breaks his heart and he calls me again and again to teach old school. I mean Hebrew roots, Old Testament and first church, old school!  This series concerning the Nephilim, the offspring of the Fallen Angels and demonology may freak us out, but we need to know!  Ignorance is not bliss-it is just  stupid and willful ignorance. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we live and operate on a battlefield. It is a fight to the death. It is a fight for our minds, our spirits and our bodies and those of our loved ones.  The church has allowed the forgotten knowledge file to overflow with topics which were intended to click together spiritually to give us the complete picture of who Christ is, who the enemy is, and who we are and what we are capable of doing thru his power.

Hearkening back to the old adage that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it, I must concur. Those who don’t quickly grasp that scripture is not only true but a cautionary history, a life manual for newly adopted royalty, as well as an essential military manual and prophetic end- times guidebook will inevitably be required to take the final exam whether they bothered to open the book to study for the big test or not. Those who never bother to glean the forgotten knowledge topics for themselves may be saved and  heaven-bound but I fear, inadequately armored, and will go down on the battlefield never understanding what happened!. The 7 Feasts of the Lord, the Gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of the Tabernacle, the testimonial voice of the blood, End Times prophecy as a reality- are just a few of the items that the church has largely set aside. As the body of Christ has normalized sin, they have by equal measure abandoned any real discussion of repentance, and the yawning possibility of hell and the power of the Messiah’s blood in exchange for happier, more entertaining, less offensive topics.

The origins of this important Nephilim study begin immediately out of the gate in Genesis chapter one. Without a full working understanding of these original chapters one will not fully understand what Adam and Eve lost and the enormity of what Jesus was bound to reclaim for us at the cross.

 The danger here is The Church or the Body of Christ- conveniently, as a generic whole, does not believe, teach or think much about the supernatural, good or bad.  This leaves the demonic to largely operate at will and completely under the radar! Other than Christmas or Easter, Equal Opportunity deficit preaching has also stepped away from teaching on the supernatural aspects of Christianity. Eschewing the need for the Holy Spirit, His precious gifts, power and fruit of the Spirit are incredibly considered fringe studies by many and heresy by others!

 Jesus’ final encouragement to his team, was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, to heal the sick, and cast out demons and raise the dead. The Gospel of the Kingdom is the good news that the Power of heaven is available to us right now. Supernatural power is needed to defeat a supernatural enemy. It is essential, basic Christianity to be Saved by the Blood of Jesus and to then ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This gives you the ready access to the supernatural realm you inherited as a child of the King.

References for the Nephilim Study:

Chuck Missler, has an excellent Genesis study as well as one called the Return of the Nephilim.

L.A. Marzulli author of The Cosmic Chess Match. Has many books, DVD’s which pertain Nephilim and end time prophecy.  He has documentation and DNA evidence of non-human Nephilim remains from around the globe. He has lots of eyepopping youtube videos available for free. I can also recommend his book . On the Trail of the Nephilim .  

Everyone needs to order the new DVD just out in theaters across America called: Is Genesis History? Google the title and it will take you to the site, you can watch the trailer and order several- it’s that important. It does not talk about Giants but is a wonderful science- based source for proof of the Biblical flood.

Steve Quayle has a fascinating website to peruse and many good books. He also has youtube video’s you can access for free.

Authors Tom Horn and the late Chris Putnam discuss this Nephilim issue at length and outline the Vatican’s involvement- and actual Vatican interviews regarding Alien research. Exo-Vaticana-It is just one of their excellent, well cited resources. Frequent guests on prophecy shows,  talk radio and Christian TV, they have many books available and should be found all over Youtube for free research and additional information.

Though conjecture, many of these authors see modern day Nephilim activity exhibited via Alien/UFO sightings and abduction stories and have all sorts of interesting data to back their claims.  Of course this is speculation but Hollywood seems to be grooming the public through a massive media blitz which makes one wonder. These Christian authors and media personalities posit that the “coming great deception” of Matthew 24 could be Fallen Angel-demonic-Nephilim technology masquerading as aliens could someday show up, “saving the world.”    Nephilim/Aliens offering answers, world peace or “alien technology” to solve all the world’s woes at an opportune, post disaster, moment. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that such a glitzy deception- especially after decades of TV, movies, gaming and comic book preparatory prequels would be enthusiastically received by deluded earthlings. This exchange of a mark, or chip would be offered in exchange of some oath of allegiance to the new friends.

 Such technology could conceivably offer some sort of genetic mutation that would guarantee  disease-free, perfect health or several hundred years of fantastic , trouble free longevity.  It is easy to see people lining up swapping allegiance for such a perk, never understanding once that DNA upgrade occurs, they are no longer in the image of God but in the ante-diluvian, “cannot-be-redeemed class.” Could this be the mark of the beast? I don’t know but it’s worth considering.

Additional speculation amongst these listed authors are viable concerns of a resurgence of the giants, such as the Giant of Kandahar out of Afghanistan and other curious tales coming both from the Northwest Territories in the Arctic and Antarctica.  I will let those interested, do their own research into this growing category of concern.

 Taken directly from the scripts of recent Iron Man movies I am reading headlines right now- of R&D in military technology to upgrade soldiers with trans-human tech- creating super soldiers. Developers of this technology who harbor qualms admit other countries are working toward the same development and not to follow suit seems foolhardy. Sounds like the exact plot points torn from Terminator series scripts!  There is military trans-human and robot technology afoot actually designed to feed on the flesh of enemy soldiers! (Trunews.com archives 3-20-17 episode discussing the rise and normalcy of Cannibalism)

For those who think Giants are, if anything, a long-gone, historic worry. I encourage you to google THE GIANTS OF KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN and watch the incredible Youtube account told there.  For those pressed for time I will summarize: A few years ago, ( they give the actual date in the account)  an Army unit went missing and another was sent to the remote area where the original team was last heard from. Near this place, bones were found outside of a large cave, They could smell the horrid stink before they actually saw the giant emerge from his cave.  Big battle ensues before they finally succeed in killing the giant. Details are given of his height, weight, and characteristics of red hair, double rows of teeth, six fingers on each hand, six toes on each gigantic foot. The whole affair was, hushed up, sworn to secrecy, the body of the giant put in a huge cargo net and helicoptered away. This is a story which was commonly known in Army circles and has now been released on video—well worth the time to listen to it.

This account seemed credible to me and I am keeping it on my back burner as I watch for other hints of the Nephilim in the news.   The Catholic Church has a huge telescope atop Mt. Graham which the Apache nation considers a portal for the gods- searching for alien life with the expectation that they are coming. There are scientists at this moment in Switzerland operating CERN hunting down the “God Particle”, and opening a doorway or supernatural portal for something to come thru. Their “scientific” work is surrounded by pagan symbols and ceremonies. You can’t make this stuff up. The Book of Enoch tells us that Nimrod was erecting the tower of Babel, ascending in that supernatural knowledge to become like the fallen ones. The same lie that banished Adam and Eve from the garden was that of “being like God”. It was deceptive in the Garden and it is deceptive today at the end of the age. Satan is consistent, at least!

I am not trying to praise the devil or give the demonic undue attention. I hate them, and am pointing out the danger because most people have forgotten what they look like!

 You may be thinking Lordy, Miss Sally this is so OUT there I don’t even want to think about it!  Me either! However, to ignore specific and critical knowledge of the enemy is extremely foolish. It was put there for our enlightenment, and for the express purpose that we, the Church, would not fall into false doctrine, doctrine of demons or to be deceived. If we weren’t to encounter, cast out and be running into such beings then WHY are we told to always wear armor and why would we have the Spiritual Gift of Discerning of Spirits available to us? I’m serious, WHY?

I don’t claim to know all the answers here, but I hope I have spurred your curiosity to look back to the rebellious beginnings and know that fallen angels and the demonic are real; and what Jesus may have indicated when he compared those days to ours. Along with Satan, the demonic clearly understand they are eternally doomed and have an agenda to take as many folks as they can with them: They steal, kill and destroy.

All the disciples who followed after Jesus wrote of the demonic, the enemy and the spirits of antichrist, infirmity, death or unrighteousness, religious and many more. These aren’t just dramatic or poetic words.  They are actual spirits that will deceive you, blind you, keep you from your destiny, steal your children or your spouse and keep you sick as a dog. That’s what they do and they have had lots of time to get good at it.

I believe when Paul spoke of powers and principalities, he was writing to people who were familiar with the topic.  He was talking to a group who understood the reality of demonic forces. Notice if you will, as Jesus, who is to be our example offered deliverance to individuals all the time. Occasionally people did not believe he was Messiah and considered him blasphemous. However, other than temple or synagogue leadership, NEVER ONCE  was he met with a crowd of people who objected, or tried to tell him that there was no such thing, or that nice Jewish people couldn’t be affected by the demonic.  NEVER ONCE- EVER.  We are collosally arrogant in the 21st century to think we are too sophisticated to believe in such things!

Where have the Nephilim gone? Does it really matter? We are called to be armored up and to be ever watchful. Recall Joshua and Caleb after viewing giants in the Promised land during their spy mission and didn’t care. Those two soldiers stood on the promises of God, that the land was theirs to occupy that the Angel of the Lord would go before them.  We, like they, are called to occupy the land- whether it is full of everyday problems or actual demonic, scary giants. 

I only know that Jesus says repeatedly that these will be deceptive times and even posits that the Elect (that’s us) could fall for this coming deception.  It behooves us to consider it all; to study and show ourselves approved; and be able to recognize our enemy in whatever form they take. It is then we will be capable to occupy, to stand,  as overcomers, when this battle is done!




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Fee Fi Foe Fum

A favorite movie of mine is Father Goose.  Cary Grant stars in this off-beat WWII comedy set in the South Pacific.  Against his will Grant is coerced by the British Navy to go to a strategically placed, small island and report on Japanese aircraft movements. (Somewhere along the line, for comic relief, Leslie Caron and a boat load of school girls show up.)

Because the enemy can be tricky to identify and different aircraft would indicate different origins and objectives, the British Navy gave him a big poster of silhouettes of various Japanese aircraft.  With this information he should be able to easily identify the bad guys from the good guys flying overhead- and then call in the type and number of enemy aircraft from his remote jungle hut to aid the allies.  A generation or two later, military aircraft moved to stealth technology.  Not too many years ago, at an airshow, I saw a new generation fighter. The super sleuth combination coating of Teflon and glass on streamlined fighters rendered them invisible to radar and, at least at that time, virtually undetectable.

Giants  in Bible times were easily identifiable foes back in the day. The fact that they seem to be tied to cannibalism also made them very unattractive neighbors.  Even in long remembered faery tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, they sniff and say,“Fee Fi Foe Fum, I smell the blood of an English Man.!”  After reading through this study, we may no longer think this a work of fiction!  That giant met his comeuppance when the magic beanstalk was chopped down. As we learned in the previous post, only the body died.

Identification, Speculation and Guesswork:

In my fictional example of Father Goose, Cary Grant had previously been blissfully ignoring the effects of a World War happening all around him.  He had thought he could skate by, operating on his own terms, doing his own thing on his own boat. He believed the machinations of the superpowers had nothing to do with him. Without warning, however, he was thrust into the fray and activated. He was suddenly required to rearrange his thinking, call upon all his skills for survival and protecting a bunch of goofy civilians…while falling in love with Leslie Caron.  All this came as a side car to his primary directive of identification of the enemy in the air and physically engaging them before their escape was made.

Remember the original Matt. 24 chapter- Jesus is comparing the days of Noah to what will be occuing when it is time for him to return. Like our friends in Father Goose, the overcoming church needs to rapidly enlarge their thinking and consider there may be much more to overcome than is commonly, traditionally taught and preached. I am not necessarily tossing out any teaching of the coming Anti-Christ, but broadening the scope to say that there could be more chaos and drama occurring than previously anticipated.  I’m not in any way trying to engender fear, only preparedness for the unexpected.  I am especially concerned for this scenario within a 21st Century “Ecclesia” or church, which has largely discarded the need for or dependence upon on the power and person of the Holy Spirit.

I believe I stipulated that scripture says the fallen angels are in chains- however, the book of Enoch says only the 200 who were dallying with the easy earth girls so…not sure precisely what the picture may actually look like. With giants over time, in the cross-hairs around the world, I think it may be safe to at least consider the Nephilim may have changed their tactics, upgraded their technology, improved genetic modifications and gone into stealth mode til the time is right and an end-times, call to action is precisely timed.

In the past few posts we have covered seldom trod territory, tracing these Fallen angel-Nephilim roots and their progeny.  We went back to the beginning, Pre-Creation and started with the rebellion, we tracked the sin of Adam and Eve which lost them their keys of dominion over the earth. We began exploring what happened to these demonic Nephilim offspring post Flood of Noah as King David finally eradicated them from his sphere of influence in the Holy Land.

Throughout the Gospels  Jesus was regularly casting out demons prior to healing the sick.  Please don’t miss the connection there- though technically they weren’t Christian’s they were acknowledging him as Messiah. There are a lot of Christians who truly believe that Christians cannot be bothered, at all, by demons.  This springs from a faulty premise that any demonic issue is full blown POSSESSION.  I would agree that a real believer cannot be possessed, as their spirit is possessed/owned by the Holy Spirit.  However, as I have stated before, your mind, emotions and will (soul) and your body are easy pickings and we often give legal access- unthinkingly- for such action through our words, oaths, behaviors and lack of repentance or extending forgiveness. I speak to sick Christians regularly, who truly believe that the demonic can’t make someone sick, or crazy or forgetful or so tired they can’t get out of bed. What’s worse, is that they are in such agreement with this false teaching- that they won’t agree to receive prayer to fix the problem!  But, I digress!

 In this study in Matthew 24 that the Days of Noah may have a deeper, more sinister, meaning than commonly considered as we come to the precipice of the prophetic end-times.

Both Matthew 24  and the parallel passage in Luke 21 state in addition to various folks claiming to be Messiah, wars and rumors of same, signs in the heavens and seismic issues.  There is also quite a bit of chat about those enduring to the end will be saved…that if the days were not shortened no flesh would survive and men’s hearts failing them for fear.  Pretty sobering and no matter what your “rapture” paradigm is we may ought to think that life could begin to go dramatically sideways prior to that twinkling of an eye moment!

Dr. Chuck Missler is generally considered a pretty serious Bible scholar, a line upon line, precept upon precept teacher of the word.  In his www.khouse.org archived newsletters from September 1997 I found this tidbit tying in the prophetic “Governmental powers” dream of Nebuchadnezzar into our current topic:


The Miry Clay of Daniel 2

The famous dream of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel Chapter 2 appears to lay out all of Gentile history until God ultimately intervenes and sets up His own kingdom.

The various metals which make up the image in the dream are well known to serious students of prophecy.9> Even our common expression, “the idol has feet of clay,” comes to us from this classic passage.

But what is represented by the “miry clay” in this image? It seems to be strangely mixed-but not completely-with the iron in the dream. The term “miry clay” refers to clay made from dust,10 a Biblical idiom which suggests death.11 )

When Daniel interprets this for us he makes an especially provocative allusion in verse 43:

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.  Daniel 2:43

As he switches to a personal pronoun, they, “shall mingle themselves with the seed of men…” This is extremely suggestive when viewed in light of the warning of our Lord in Luke 17:26, ostensibly directing us to look more closely at Genesis 6.

Just what (or who) are “mingling with the seed of men?” These would seem to refer to some beings who are not the seed of men themselves!

Could this be a hint of a return to the mischief of Genesis 6? It staggers the mind to consider the potential significance of Daniel’s passage and its implications for the future global governance.

Are these “aliens” so prolific that they constitute a political constituency?

Will there be UFO incidents as part of a carefully orchestrated program to lead us toward a political agenda? Or has it started already? Are the UFOs, and the increasingly widespread abductions, part of the preparations for this scenario?

UFO Abductions?

There seems to be a growing concern within the psychiatric community from the strange (and far too frequent) reports from people who claim to have been “abducted” by the occupants of UFOs. These reports are too bizarre to accept, and yet too frequent-and consistent-to ignore. What is particularly disturbing is the estimate from some national polls that as much as 3% of the population may be involved!

Perhaps the most well-known researcher in this area is Dr. John E. Mack, who is professor of psychiatry at The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. A contributor to over 150 articles in professional (peer-reviewed) journals and a former Pulitzer Prize winner, he certainly appears to have impressive credentials.

He has been involved in almost a hundred of these cases personally, and has shocked the professional community by declaring that he believes these beings may be real and that they appear to have an agenda to develop a hybrid race!12

At a professional conference on abductions at M.I.T., Dr. Mack asked the provocative question, “If what these abductees are saying is happening to them isn’t happening, then what is?”13

Could all this involve a return to the strange events of “the Days of Noah?”…Dr. Mark Eastman and I have just published a new book, Alien Encounters, which attempts to explore the Biblical implications of the increasing reports of UFOs and their occupants, and their potential prophetic significance.

Could this 20 year old teaching carry weight and indicate ongoing genetic experimentation or manipulation of some sort by abducted subjects?  Lots of people are wondering and considering these and other possibilities. Personally, I am voraciously sorting thru opinions by lots of seriously minded folks and storing all these tidbits in my noggin in case they need to be evaluated as situations develop.  Please remember, Jesus mentioned Deception and “Don’t believe such information” 6 different times just in Matthew 24.  He was clearly telling us these soon coming situations are going to be EXTREMELY TRICKY times.

I do not understand all of this and freely admit it! Educated Guesswork, continued Bible study, evaluation of the news of the day, and a lot of extracurricular reading have left me with multifaceteddeveloping ideas of what” Extremely Tricky, Deceptive Times” may entail.  I was sharing with friends just yesterday that when I read the Genesis flood account I am struck by the fact that only 8 folks were saved and carried through the Genesis flood. That’s a really, really small remnant who sought God’s face, were righteous and perfect in their generations. I add those thoughts to the Matthew 25 parable of the 10 virgins and all those other parables Jesus told, of action and preparedness.

Do you have a relationship with Jesus?  I don’t mean a far away remembrance of “Yes, I walked down the aisle when I was a kid or went to church all my life” sort of thing.  Do you KNOW him.  Are you walking with Him?  Is Jesus your Master and King? Have you asked for the empowerment of His Spirit? Would you recognize his voice if he told you to build an Ark? Would you drop what you are doing and start chopping wood? Seriously, would you?

Jesus HAS told you in his book, that there are days coming that will look like the days of Noah.  This, at best, means violence, lawlessness and oblivion to the things of God.  at worst, it could mean a resurgence of Fallen Angel Technology and the possibility of  cannibalistic Giants hunting again in the earth in conjunction with Anti-Christ world governmental build-up, and prophesied geo=physical disasters!

As the time comes for Jesus to return as the Conquering King to defeat a demonically powered Anti-Christ- Will you heed that warning?  Will you pick up those stones from the river bed and be ready to meet the Giants on the battlefield?

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Where, Oh Where, Have the Nephilim Gone?

We are the midst of a teaching on the Fallen Angels who once upon a time, rebelled against God and sided with Lucifer.  This action got them booted from their heavenly realm and landed them in and around earth.  As they intermarried and perpetrated  knowledge they possessed it began to create some toxic issues and God acted:

Please note that Genesis 6:4 also tell us that there were giants in the earth in those days, AND also after that!

A brief recipe:  The Bible teaches a human being is made up of body, spirit and soul.        (1 Thess. 5:23, Hebrews 4:12)  The body is the physical part of man, the spirit is the non-physical part and the soul (Greek psuche or psyche as we say in English) is our mind, emotion, will– our personality.  When a person dies physically, their body decays- dust to dust- and their spirit returns to God who gave it. (Eccl. 12:7)

The hybrid Nephilim, had a combo-plate make up of both physical and spirit nature.  As such they were able to survive (after a fashion) the deaths of their physical bodies.  As hybrid spirits not part of Godly creation, Nephilim had no where to go when their physical existence ceased. After the flood, those particular Nephilim were physically dead, but their spirits would not have been destroyed.  We see a similar dilemma expressed to Jesus by the “Legions” at the Gadarene’s in Mark 5; Luke 8:26.

1 Enoch 15:8 (Apocryphal writing) explains what became of the departed spirits of these cross-breeds:  And now, the giants who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth and on the earth shall be their dwelling.  Evil Spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy watchers ins their beginning, primal origin they shall be evil spirits on earth and Evil Spirits shall they be called….And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy and attack, do battle and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble:  They take no food but hunger and thirst and cause offences….these evil spirits shall rise up against the children of men…because they have proceeded from them.

We have arrived at the POST FLOOD portion of our story and can extrapolate from what we have learned: Once dead, any hybrid creation releases their spirit and become demons, also known as evil spirits, unclean spirits, familiar spirits, divining spirits, lying spirits.  Lev. 17:7; Deut. 32:17;II Chron. 11:15; Psalms 106:37; II Kings 22:19.

Before you freak out and hide under your bed, remember, Jesus gave us authority over all demons. Luke 9:1-6; Matt 10:7-8;Mark 16:15-20; Luke 10:9,17-20; Acts 3:1; Acts 5:16; Acts 16:16-18…There are more, but I think you get the idea.  This is a necessary ministry function which we should be operating in on a regular basis as did the early church. We have the authority. USE IT!

Jude 1:6 tells us the Fallen Angels are now chained up.  A worldwide flood would have destroyed the physical bodies of the hybrid Nephilim, animals and rebellious folks, leaving these “evil”  spirits seeking new embodiment. Fallen Angels are immortal which would leave them around to pop by for future visits if they didn’t all get chained up immediately.  Since we see new “Giant” problems of all sorts of nations,numbers and stature size cropping up later, it begs the question as to precisely when fallen angels were locked up or if ALL these spirit beings were locked up.

We do know Satan, the chief fallen angel, isn’t locked up.  He is called the Prince of this world by Jesus in John 14:30. Nor did Jesus argue with Satan during the temptation in the Wilderness about his ownership of those earthly kingdoms he was offering to Jesus.  

While much of the meaning is lost in English translation, we see  Nephilim issues popping up in Gen. 10:8 with Nimrod at the Tower of Babel: The verse states, Nimrod began to be a mighty one. This is also the time when God confused the languages, divided folks them into 70 nations, and the drifting apart of the continents ( Gen. 10:25)  began as precautionary measures.  It is about this time we see more “Nephilim hints” as the Lord explains to Abraham why he has to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah….it isn’t only the homosexual thing running rampant.  Later, we find the Nephilim again, pre-positioned in the Promised Land when in Numbers 13, Moses sends the spies in to scout the land, once more trying to impede God’s Messianic plan.

You can take this one to the bank: In the Old Testament, this is ALWAYS the reason the Lord calls for utterly destruction of a particular enemy- men women, children, and animals. ALWAYS! This is the very reason King Saul lost his crown.(1 Sam. 15:23)  Whenever you see The Lord mandating a wholesale slaughter in scripture, you need to think hybrid/bad DNA problem.

Soon we see the shepherd teen, David step to the forefront: He has been called, and anointed by the Holy Spirit. (1 Sam 17) Rather than cower in fear like the rest of the Hebrew Army, he grabs 5 rocks and the first one takes down Goliath. Please note, Goliath has 4 brothers who were no doubt at the scene! David was confident he could deal with the entire family, and eventually later in his reign did just that..

The Days of Noah- Perhaps the most direct prophetic reference involving these things was the peculiar warning of our Lord Jesus Himself:

And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. Luke 17:26

He also warned in Luke 21:25,26:  And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

I believe these giants- and other curious Nephilim sub-sets ( I don’t know if they were all giants.  Some of the names of these tribes mean long necked ones and lizard faces.) such as the Rephaim, Anakim, Emin, Avvim, Zazzumin and Horites mentioned in scripture recognized this new warrior and the anointing of the Lord which David carried. They began to flee the area during this era-and begin to crop up in the Western Hemisphere. Native American  oral history, legends, drawings.   Mysterious burial mounds such as the Serpent Mound in Adams County, OH and other places. Burial sites have unearthed gigantic skeletal remains and equally scaled artifacts.  Native American Indian  Zuni and Pueblo culture recalls stories of ferocious, cannibalistic giants. Eventually these enormous enemies were killed but the stories say the giants could leap very long distances. They generally had red hair, double rows of teeth, and six fingers and six toes on each hand. Zuni and Pueblo elders suspect the disappearance of the Anasazi people may have been linked to these voracious cannibals.

Many of the skeletal remains found over the years in America were well-recorded by local newspaper accounts, photographic evidence and local scientific/medical examination beginning after the civil war when settlers began to migrate further into the frontier.  It is a consistent and familiar story in the early 1900’s reporting the Smithsonian Institute sent representatives to collect such specimens.  They were never displayed or seen again. Why?  One can only guess these incredible finds did not jive with the accepted Darwinian Evolutionary Theory and even worse, gave credibility to the Biblical Record. Who knows.

Are some of the sensational finds fakes or frauds? Certainly could be. Are some of these Fallen Angel and Nephilim culture discoveries evidence of pre-flood civilizations?  Probably. Are there examples of Fallen Angel technology and massive architectural structures in various places around the world? Yes, I believe so.

Though not an exhaustive list, additional scripture references for Nephilim related topics:Deut 2:10-11, 20-23; Numbers 13:33, Genesis 6, Josh 21: 11; Josh 14: 15; 2 Samuel 21:20-22; Gen 14:5; I Samuel 16:14-23.

When Jesus points out in Matthew 24 that the end times are going to be ” as it was in the days of Noah” I think that we can, based on the above study, deduce he was talking about something much more serious than a non-spiritually aware population. This could certainly be a reference to the strange genetic manipulation “seed” issue again.

I think since historic Bible times the Nephilim have been busy. Lets break this down so there is no misunderstanding. Scripture tells us the Fallen Angels are in chains.  It doesn’t specify if ALL are in chains, but since it doesn’t specify, I will assume they are all locked up. Nephilim are the hybrid offspring of the Fallen angels and humans. I will go a step further and speculate that when hybrid-Nephilim mates with another hybrid-Nephilim you could have compounding or spiraling weirdness for many generations.

 Nephilim apparently inherited many “supernatural” qualities and abilities. They however, did not inherit the immortality of the Fallen Angels, and can be killed.  Who then are the devils or demons we see referenced all through scripture? There are several theories, but generally it is thought the demonic or “devils”  are the disembodied evil spirits of the Nephilim looking for a human or animal host. Perhaps the hierarchy listed by Paul in Ephesians 6:12 are the demonic generations of purity from those original Fallen Angels, with each generation having less power.  I’m just guessing.

It’s almost Passover.  Easter is around the corner. Perhaps you are sitting at home thinking,” Miss Sally, WHY on earth are you teaching this crazy stuff?  This is not only Crazy, it is so negative, so creepy and scary!  Let’s just go to happy church and talk about how much Jesus loves us!”  Folks, we all had best understand the circumstances in this passion play which directly necessitated Jesus going to the cross!

 Perhaps at this point in our Nephilim study you may be wondering- what am I to do with this information?  What does it mean for the church or for me personally? All good questions!  While it often is, no part of Bible knowledge should be shelved or marginalized. It all seems to interconnect sooner or later, doesn’t it?  It is very important to understand the “rules of play” we as Believer’s operate under while on this earth.  And finally:

We have an ever-shortening window of opportunity to influence this dying world.  Like David the shepherd kid, when push comes to shove, we must be able to spiritually, historically and physically understand what we are really battling and is going on. We must be able to quickly recognize our opposition in whatever form it takes.  Next time this demonic Hybrid  pops up it likely won’t be HUGE and easy to spot.  We must understand who we really are in Christ and what we truly inherited.  We must step boldly into our authority over the demonic.  It is critical in these times that we, like  young David, have the rocks in our pocket along with the anointing and willingness to confront the Nephilim and take them down!

Next time our discussion continues with post: Fee-Fie-Foe-Fum!


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Return of the Nephilim

This is Part 2 of  The Nephilim series.  If you missed last time go back and read “What the Heck are Nephilim?”  Our strange tale really begins to get strange in Genesis 6. And the author tells us what is going on. 

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them …the “sons of God” (fallen angels) saw the daughters of men, that they were fair and then took them wives of all which they chose…..

Vs 4) And there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became MIGHTY men which were of old, men of renown.

And God saw that the wickedness of man WAS great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Lest there be any confusion. In these Nephilim posts I am doing my best not to be sexually inappropriate or graphic about the depth of nastiness happening in this factual account… it’s tricky to navigate.  Please do not mistake Texas folksiness as flippancy or as nonchalant comedy in this examination, I assure you I do not!

This is a seldom taught, often glossed over, or explained into the ether passage of Bible history. It is imperative to fully understood this Old Testament situation and  because Jesus was pretty explicit concerning the deceptive nature of what was coming in Matthew 24. An interesting  New Testament study would be to count how many times we are told to NOT be deceived and to keep watch!  If we don’t understand the” days of Noah” activity in the Old Testament we won’t have a prayer of  recognizing it here in the end.

The first hurtle Bible study students must jump is a belief that the book of Genesis is true. It isn’t a metaphor or an origin fable, it isn’t a belatedly created history of the Hebrew people. It is true.  Some details are a bit sparse, and we may not understand it in every detail, as yet, but I approach this account as absolute truth.

Second, one must grasp the supernatural aspects of this account. God is a supernatural, Eternal Being. He is All powerful, all knowing and Omni or all present. Satan/Lucifer and fallen angels are none of these things. It is important to point out the difference between Eternal, having no beginning or ending- and immortal or never dying. There is a vast difference between Creator and Created. Angels, both good and bad, were created by God to be immortal beings who have supernatural abilities designed to serve God effectively. They have abilities and knowledge which we don’t fully understand, but need to try to do so for this study.

 Jesus shared in Mark 12:15 that there is no marriage/sex in heaven. Answering a question, He stated folks in heaven will be as the angels in heaven are. This is often a penalty flag thrown at me early in any Nephilim discussions. “This can’t be correct, Miss Sally, as angels wouldn’t have been having sexual relations.  Jesus did not say angels were anatomically deficient. He did say the angels in heaven didn’t participate in those “marital” activities.

We are NOT discussing Heavenly Angels. Fallen angels clearly tossed the rule book out when they decided to rebel and follow Lucifer.  Just like these created, fallen beings; when we, as humans, enter into rebellion and step away from any memory of the love, promises and Glory of God, it becomes increasingly easy to talk ourselves into anything! Freed from any restrictions known in their previous abode, with legal dominion restored to Satan and his cohorts- and with lots of  free time on their hands, I think they plugged in the Marvin Gaye, 8-track tapes and had a good ol’ time.

In this study I refer to the Book of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees which are quoted in the New Testament, and corroborate Dead Sea Scroll finds. I prefer when possible to stick to the Bible but do use these Apocryphal sources as supplemental, historic reference.  Enoch offers details on this portion of history and says only a certain number of fallen angels were involved with this activity.  The other fallen ones, however were freely sharing supernatural “magic” and all sorts of ” mysterious knowledge” with the new neighbors. Jubilees 5:12 and I Enoch 7:1 both include the disturbing fact that Nephilim are devouring “flesh” and drinking blood. Innocent shed blood always sends a cry to heaven as we saw in the Cain and Abel murder.

Terrifying in its brevity Genesis 6: 4  gives a description of the goings on. The text underlines Giants, Mighty Men Old and Men  of Renown and” great wickedness” which turned the stomach of Almighty God.

The word interpreted here as Giants, ( Strong’s #5303 Nephilim) carries with it a broader meaning in Hebrew. The root word, Nephal means fallen or cast down. This has led to confusion that Nephilim were also fallen angels.  I believe this term means that the offspring of the bad angels and the daughter of human men were now equally as fallen as the “B’nai Elohim” (sons of God Strongs #1121,#430 ) or their angel daddies.

Mighty Men of Old and Men of Renown indicates they set themselves up as demi gods. Pagan stories and legends emanating from Greek, Roman, Viking and Egyptian mythology likely are not complete works of fiction but pre-flood tales remembered of Fallen Angels and their strange offspring, the Nephilim. Hercules is said to be the son of Zeus and mortal woman, Alcmene, who caught the lustful eye of this mighty one.  If we look at legend some were worshipped,  some consulted while others were isolated and feared by all.  Many of the half man-half animal “gods” of Egypt, and Greek Mythology- I believe are not just some product of a freakish imagination but a horrid genetic mutation born of Fallen Angel lust meeting animal DNA.

Vs. 8 Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord

In vs. 9 we see why! Noah was a just man (this is a legal term) and “perfect in his generations!”

This doesn’t only mean that he was a nice fellow and not participating in the neighborhood shenanigans. It means that he and his immediate family had not been polluted by this “otherworldly” genetic problem. It wasn’t just genetic–it descended into stomach curdling sin, lawlessness and violence.  It was a HUGE, PERVASIVE GENETIC PROBLEM!

God created Adam in HIS OWN IMAGE. This is why Lucifer hates mankind. WE have something he did not. Understanding that polluting the DNA pool would damn creation just as it had Lucifer and his fallen co-horts, these dark beings got very busy. Misery loves company.

Additionally, Lucifer, once an archangel, was no dummy. As I stated in the previous post He heard that first Messianic prophecy in Genesis 3:15  from the Lord’s own mouth: that the “Seed of a Woman” was coming to destroy him! The counter-plan must then be to destroy, manipulate or eradicate the “seeds” to throw a wrench in the works the Creator’s Messianic plan of redemption.! Its a military strategy which Satan employs over and over as time goes on.

When God said the wickedness was GREAT, he wasn’t whistling Dixie, nor was he exaggerating or being heartless and mean. He had a nasty, growing problem running amok on this earth. Vs. 11 says the earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence. Something had to be done.

We know angels were created, immortal spirit beings. They were not made, as humans were, in the Image of God. Humans defiled by fallen-angel DNA become something altogether different than human. They are, as such and under this Genesis 6 plan, NOT REDEEMABLE: Not eligible for the plan of salvation. File this thought away, as it becomes important later on in this study!

Noah and his family were the last remaining ones on earth who were NOT defiled by pervasive, otherworldly genetics. The Ark was the “salvation plan” to carry the remnant through- only for those still created in the image of God and the animals not yet defiled. Eeew.

Still, Noah preached for over 100 years while he and his son’s obeyed the Lord and build the ark to the Lord’s specific instructions. No one listened. No one repented, No one cared. Jesus tells us in Matthew the neighbors went on with their lives as usual, going to work, having dinner parties, getting marrying etc. They had been told. Aside from Noah, I think it was common knowledge and EVERYBODY was aware, that Methusalah’s name meant “When he dies it will come.” That’s why the Lord allowed that fellow to live longer than anyone else ever had! It is always God’s heart for people to be saved, and move into a place of relationship, safety and kinship with him!

Remember these people were living extraordinarily long lives. You can do the math on the roster given in Genesis. There is massive overlap between these generations. They knew folks who had personally heard Adams stories. They weren’t stupid or without knowledge of what was right, they just decided to do their own thing and were extremely attracted to the power they saw in the fallen angels.

Most are familiar with the  story of the flood.  At 600 years old Noah and his family have completed the ark and prepared for the critters. When all was loaded God verbally told Noah and family to go aboard, then He sealed them in. Don’t miss the powerful imagery. Only God knows the timing. There is only one door, one way to salvation and The LORD and only the Lord can make that promise watertight! The family was in the ark for a week before it began to rain. There is always a point where God turns folks over to their own reprobate minds. Based on what we have been learning, I think this is the very thing Paul is referring to in Romans 1:17-28

A horrendous flood ensues and the world as they knew it was over! Interestingly, the Genesis flood account adds no helpful information as to what happened to the fallen angels at this point.  We have scripture in the New Testament assuring us that these bad actors are now in chains in Tartarus awaiting judgment.(Jude 1:6;1 Peter 3:19-21; 2 Peter 2:4-5) But, it doesn’t give us an actual time when this incarceration began.

Supernatural beings are not subject to flood waters. All that was destroyed in this world-wide flood were the offspring with the polluted DNA and everything and everyone who had fallen into their violent, wicked influence. Meantime, this is the point where the Lord shortens the human life of men to 120 years, so mankind hopefully won’t get into so much trouble.

This is not the end of our Nephilim trail, however.  Remember- Genesis 6:4 says there were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that! The search continues and the story gets stranger in the next post- “Oh Where Oh Where did the Nephilim Go?”


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What the heck are Nephilim?

I received an email from a friend and long-time Feverseason follower who once heard me teach a Genesis study.  Having gone walkabout this winter, he moseyed over to East Texas and begun a discussion about the mysterious “Nephilim” with some Christian friends.  This was new information to them so he asked me for some help and I was glad to oblige with information on this important topic! Figured it was a good time to blog on it, as well! Let’s travel back in time…

Most are familiar with the oft quoted verses in Matthew 24. This is the passage where Jesus is responding to questions about the end of the age and  His-Jesus/ Messiah’s return. We all know the signs- wars and rumors of war, the earthquakes in different places and so on. Further on down and just past the parable of the fig tree is this intriguing link to the Old Testament in Matt. 24:37-39

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark.

And (they) knew not until the flood came and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

This passage is often equated to the rapture While there are similarities let’s be very clear. People have been eating and drinking and getting married and going to work every day since they left the Garden of Eden.  Something more definitive and dark was afoot “In the days of Noah.” Jesus was pointing to this activity as a red flag- a sign of the times.  The flood of Genesis, was an unavoidable cleansing to spare a family of 8 souls and the animals.  It was an across-the-board global judgment-save for a small and pure remnant. ( 8 is the number of new beginnings)  Matthew 24, refers to the situation on earth prior to Jesus return and  final judgment at the end of the age (more a wheat and tares reference.) Since Jesus was pretty specific about this end-times Noah reference we need to flip back to Genesis and review of exactly what had been happening so that we can be aware of what to look for, nowadays.

Prior to Genesis 6 there is a LOT of action. An enigmatic gap yawns between wording in Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 and then, we see The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit- (the trinity) having a conference. Creation commences.

Somewhere, I believe, between verse one and verse two lies the rebellion of the Archangel Lucifer. Isaiah 14:12; and Ezekiel 28, offer details of this tantalizing story. Extra Biblical sources such as The Book of Enoch, and the Book of Jasher (which are quoted by folks in scripture, giving them credence) shine extra light on activity in this dark window of time.

Apparently, based on all the above references, rebelliousLucifer, who may have once had the earth as his territory, got uppity between Genesis 1: 1 and Genesis 1: 2.  God gave him and the angelic beings who sided with him, the boot from the heaven to the earthly realm. (Clearly I am reading between the lines and as it doesn’t contradict any scripture I can find I will run with it.)   For a long, undetermined time there was utter darkness  – then one day Light began to return to the earth and from the chaos came CREATION.

I am fighting the urge to dive into a full blown Genesis study but will summarize: Adam and Eve had been given full dominion over everything that moved, got snookered by Satan whom they should have immediately ordered out of their garden, and as a result of their disobedience of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of Good and Evil, lost their immortality, lost their Garden home, and lost their authority over the earth.  Now someone else had legal dominion on earth.

An important plot point, Satan was standing right there to hear the first Messianic prophetic statement The Lord delivered in Genesis 3:15.  Since few people use the word enmity anymore, I will put a Texas spin on this promise: …”And I will put a perpetual feud to the death, between you and “the woman” and between your seed and her seed; Her seed is going to boot stomp your snake head into the ground, and you will just nip his heel, like an annoying Chihuahua.”  Vernacular aside, the meaning is unmistakable. The blow delivered by the seed of the woman- Jesus, is fatal, the other wound or “bruise” delivered by Satan, is a very temporary wound.

One doesn’t have to be an obstetrician to see there is a lot of talk of “seed” in this verse.  Satan understood something “genetic” was to be birthed which would eventually boot-stomp his lying face once and for all.  The only woman at time of this prophetic statement was Eve, so I think everyone around (except God) assumed this prophecy pertained to her.  Fast forward a little bit to Genesis 6 which Jesus flagged for us.

Genesis 6:4 tells is packed with information. The fallen angels began to mix it up with the girls on earth- Resulting in a hybrid creation called Nephilim which is interpreted here as Giants. “Mighty men of renown” seems rather an dramatic understatement. The fallen angels were creating a real problem genetically, culturally and righteously.

Lest we think that any of this came as a huge shock to God, leaving him flailing around to come up with a viable plan B for his ragamuffin, earthly creations, I offer the following as an example of his amazing plan set in motion before Time began.

Often we skim over Old Testament, genealogical references thinking them rather tedious. However, it behooves us to pay attention. Names and Numbers are important and have constant meaning in scripture:

6 is the number of Man or humanity….we were created on Day 6

7 is the number associated with Messiah. The Lord rested on Day 7, Jesus is our REST. There are 7 Feasts of the Lord, 7 years in a Shemittah cycle….and so on. It represents fulfillment.

10 is a number generally represents Completion and also judgment or waiting. There were 10 plagues in Egypt for example, before Pharaoh let the Hebrew people go. There are 10 Commandments.

I often point to the importance in this blog of Personal Name meanings in dreams just as they are in scripture; the following is a prime example:

If we string the names of the first 10 generations listed in Genesis between God and Noah we see an amazing message which should blow your mind, letting us all know what an awesome God we serve:

God……………………………The God


Seth…………………………..Is appointed

Enosh……………………….. A mortal man (of)

Kenan…………………………sorrow is born!

Mahalael…………………… The Glory of God

Jared……………… …………. Shall come down

Enoch……………………………instructing that

Methuselah………………….His death shall bring ( also interpreted- When he dies it will come)

Lamech…………………………Those in despair

Noah…………………………….Comfort and Rest

It is the story of Messianic salvation laid out prior to the coming flood! Reading: The God/ man appointed a mortal man of sorrow is born! The Glory of God shall come down instructing that His death shall bring those in despair, comfort and REST.

God is so good- and he was good before we knew that we needed Him to be!  Truly Amazing Grace! I  also don’t think this was a huge ” state secret” at the time.  I think it was rather common knowledge and that’s why when the Lord told Noah to begin building a big boat, Noah suddenly began to understand what “it” was that was coming, once grandpa Methuselah kicked the bucket!

We will pick up our fascinating tale of what was happening in the days of Noah and the ongoing tale of Nephilim- in the next post!








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The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou Part 2

Proverbs 25:2 says “It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out.”  If you are reasoning,”Well, I’m not royalty, so perhaps I shouldn’t try to ferret out the meanings of things which the Lord has concealed. Scripture also proceeds to identify believers in Jesus as priests and kings: 1 Peter 2:9; Rev. 5:10; Rev. 1:6 to name a few.  Now that we are qualified, let the search begin!

Biblical Dreams can often be puzzling for this  very reason, they are concealing a  mysterious “matter.” They are intended to be. These dreams originate in heaven and the interpretation is sourced there as well. The joy of discovering both- of seeking His face- can be like striking a match in a dark room and suddenly finding a treasure!  It was right there and you just didn’t realize it. Personal messages delivered in the dead of night from the King of Kings should get Christians extremely excited not skeptical!

 In the previous post I laid out a seemingly “nutty dream” which was sent to me by my sister. If you missed it, you need to back up and check out the “The crazy dream of Amy Lou” or you won’t know what on earth is going on! http://www.feverseason.com allows you to scroll forward and back.

We will pick up the thread of the meanings where we left off in the lingerie department!

As you recall, the ONLY requested gift by the King was said to be red silk, ruffled underwear!  Keep your mind out of the gutter and let’s sort this out.

RUFFLED– I see this as a description of something completely outrageous! Also noted, is that one generally only sees ruffled panties in toddlers. Rhumba panties or bloomers. So, speaks of childlike quality.

RED is a symbolic color that speaks of the redeeming blood or power of Jesus, but can represent sin or anger depending on the context.

SILK- fancy, rich, expensive, opulent. This is not a description of utilitarian, or plain-Jane, Granny panties!

PANTIES– or underwear in dreams is a metaphor for intimacy. Underwear is generally unseen by the world. Its covers our most vulnerable parts. In a marriage scenario for instance, this sort of attire or lack thereof is only revealed to one’s spouse.

In a dream, if we see grandpa wearing bright blue, long-johns it may be speaking of historic or generational, prophetic or revelatory intimacy, if we are seeing filthy dirty underwear this may be a call for cleansing power of Mr. Clean- the Holy Spirit, so that intimacy with the Lord can be restored. Little kid, cotton, training underwear speaks of basic, first steps of intimacy that probably needs maturity. You get the idea.

SIZE 6– Six is the number of man or humanity. Man was created on the 6th day of Creation. (Genesis 1:26)  The entirety of day six brought us to the unveiling of the day of Rest on Day 7. A gorgeous introduction to the Messiah.

Let me pause here to dive a little deeper on this number. I often teach on the Feasts of the Lord and Feast #6 is Yom Kippur.  That is a feast of judgment. The one day of the year where the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies and sprinkle the Blood on the Mercy Seat for Israel.  It did nationally what Passover did on a personal level.  At Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement or Covering…the people waited outside, fasting and hopefully repentant to see if the sacrifice and the blood would “cover” their sins for another year.  When Jesus died on the cross, he became our Passover Lamb, and his blood was the only accepted covering on the Mercy Seat.  In Amy’s dream, the Bridegroom -the King is telling us that the only gift, the only covering or sacrifice he wants or will accept is a covering of open intimacy-true relationship. Intimacy so close that one cannot tell where one starts and the other stops.

We can extrapolate this dream concept out and wonder, if the only appropriate, acceptable gift isn’t forthcoming then will that wedding take place? Hum? Something to think on.

1 Cor. 1:20 tells us that the wisdom of God seems crazy to those who don’t know him. Hearing this dream without breaking it down with prayerful consideration, certainly could make one think “Silly ol dream, I must have eaten some funky cheese or just watched a Victoria’s Secret ad  on TV right before bed or something!”

Not unlike a TV commercial which grabs our attention with unbelievably loud music, I believe the striking setting and outrageous aspects of Amy’s dream also served to etch it into her memory. It was so kooky and out there- it hooked her so that she would remember it with absolute clarity.


What is LILY, RULER OF THE PEOPLE-The KING really telling his BELOVED  church in order to be ready for the impending marriage? Marriage in Hebrew is contractually, a blood covenant, where two become so close they are one flesh. Inseparable. It’s a very powerful picture of how the Lord feels about us. So, we need to pay particular attention here:


In the dream, BELOVED is not climbing or taking advantage of the power/ mountain. She is happy to stay put, mingle with the other looky-loo tourists and window shop. She knows what is             ”in-store”, and what is available should she finally make up her mind. She clearly recognizes what an earlier generation gave/taught/passed along her is clothed in traditional dressing.

Suddenly, she is made aware- hearing the news that the wedding which she never really thought would happen- is about to be happen!  Beloved and Princess are to host a pre-wedding, bridal “shower” a really lovely symbol of the Holy Spirit all thru scripture.

BELOVED- is aghast by the request for this shocking, highly personal, possibly inappropriate, rather out of control-out of the box “gift” request of ruffled, red silk underwear!

There was no gift registry, no other gift options or compromises were provided. The gift was to be these ruffled red silk fancy pants or nothing. Nothing  whatsoever was left to the discretion of the hostess.

Size 6 was specified for the purchase: indicating a svelte, fit, killer-body would be the recipient!!  I tossed in a few other ideas on #6 above which all build together to create a very fit, strong body of Christ.

Beloved, in the dream, is so shocked by all this information she forgets to be grateful she doesn’t have to guess at acceptable ideas. Beloved begins to ask other questions in order to avoid saying, “This is soooo simple! All we have to do is obey and do what the King wants and asked us for!”  It has to be this simple, doesn’t it?

Final Analysis:

This was Amy’s dream and she was an active participant. In this instance, I was the Princess and seemed to just be the narrator passing along the pertinent information. So, the dream was sent for and the message which I consider extremely important was crafted and  delivered especially for Amy Lou.  However, it  could and should have much wider, “wake up and smell the coffee” – ” get in the game” implications for the modern day church.

The Princess is one who understands her Royal relationship and authority to the King.

The Groom- Jesus is the sweet smelling Lily and the King of Kings. He is telling us the wedding is coming up quickly. Princess is joyful and matter of fact. Beloved is shocked beyond words!

The bridegroom is telling her/us something vital. Please hear Him: “Beloved, in order to participate in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit- the Bridal Shower- you need to bring the only appropriate gift I find acceptable- RELATIONSHIP!!! ”  Only outrageous, Opulent, child-like, rich redemptive intimacy with him will do! This opportunity for closeness, acceptance and intimacy was purchased at a great price on a big ugly cross!

No more looking in the windows and flirting around the edges. No more explaining away the Holy Spirit or why we no longer need to fully embrace and step into His power.

Because of the names of the characters involved this reminds me of the passage in Song of Solomon 5 and 6. The bride groom has been away a long time. He returns and starts banging on the door. The bride is sound asleep – like in a coma-and won’t rouse herself to let him in. She throws many lame excuses while he’s knocking. Finally hauling herself out of bed, she opens the door only to find he’s gone! This, belatedly, throws her into a frenzy, running up and down asking folks if they have seen him!

It’s a really scary tale. Just as the more commonly known, Parable of the 10 Virgins. Jesus shares this story in Matthew 25 just after his answer to what will be the signs of your return. Oil/rain, obedience and preparedness play into all of these scenarios as well as Amy’s dream!

It is time for all the individual “Beloveds” to enter into the full power and Kingdom governmental authority (The MOUNTAIN of the Lord.)  Our inheritance requires POWER! Our mission requires POWER!  It requires a willingness to change and a teachable spirit! It calls you to be sopping wet in the rain of the Holy Spirit. It shouldn’t be shocking. It shouldn’t be laughable- it shouldn’t make us uncomfortable.

A good friend called me the other morning, after reading part one.  An avid researcher, she pointed out that before Zermatt was called Zermatt it had a different name, Praborgne. It means essentially the same thing, but rolls off the tongue more beautifully.  Early on a “romance language” was spoken there ( French?)- before the German colonists came and renamed it Zermatt.  The operative word which fits nicely into the dream breakdown, is “romance”. Romance which yearns for that soulmate,  closeness of hearts, the one-ness of spirit with the husband/lover/ King and the intimate awareness of that powerful mountain. Early on the church did have that heart and relationship and fully embraced His power.  It was later that the “language” began to change, things were renamed, explained into a box or became just a memory on the shelf.  A powerful little message derived just from the name of a small town in a country known for it’s non-committal behavior….and nice watches.(It is getting late!)

From that easy, level meadow in Zermatt you will never get the full effect of The Matterhorn- unless and until you put on the gear, and embrace the supernatural strength and power to climb it!

There is no more time. No more fence sitting, no more window shopping or prim” church as usual”. It’s time to enter in and fully commit to our ENTIRE inheritance. To grab hold of everything available and in store for you to have. He has told you what you need. Now, you/we/ the body of Christ all need to go get the outrageous, misunderstood GIFT of the Holy Spirit in order to be ready for the wedding!

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The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou

Amy is my big sister. She called recently with a crazy dream. It was so fantastic and strange as she received it, she awoke laughing. She relayed it to me to see what, if anything, I could make of the dream.

First, for new readers, let me just say dreams and dream interpretation are probably the most frequent means of Godly communication that we see in the Bible. I am not saying that every dream has the same Prophetic stature of Daniel, Joseph or David, only that we should deem them important and the source is the same and supported by LOTS of scripture. God doesn’t change and He still chooses to operate this way. The only time of absolute quiet in our lives is when we are sleeping. It is then the Lord can speak without fear of interruption.

Second, as with all Gifts of the Holy Spirit they have nothing to do with me. I receive dreams and interpret dreams as a function of my willingness to have the Holy Spirit working thru me. Before that time, I could never recall dreams if my life depended on it. I’m not super spiritual or holier than thou…I’m just willing to be used and this dream thing is apparently important to Him so it’s important to me.

Third item and important in this particular dream: When you see someone, pop up in a dream who isn’t generally on your radar, chances are this is a red flag that their NAME has meaning for your dream interpretation. It’s not personal. Usually the first thing I do is lay out all the characters and look up their names.

Now let’s take a look at Amy’s dream which she considered beyond ridiculous:

Amy and I are in Zermatt, Switzerland. (We actually went there together once in 1977)  There were many tourists meandering around the picturesque alpine town and the two of us are looking around and window shopping. Amy saw a doll just like the one that our grandmother had brought us from her European trip when we were kids.

As we were shopping, Sally tells me, matter of factly that our mutual friend, Sue T. is going to be married! Amy is astounded at this joyous news and Sally tells her,” It’s true, and we are going to throw her a bridal shower!”

Amy is really surprised and taken aback and wants to know what we should get her as a present. Sally replies, “I know what to get her. I have spoken to her and she told me EXACTLY what to get:  All she wants is bright red silk panties with ruffles. She could care less about the traditional gifts like china or kitchen stuff—Sue already had all that. All she wanted was the red silk underwear!”

Flabbergasted, Amy can’t believe it. She asks, “Well, how would we even know what size to buy?”

I reply, “Sue already told me the size, Size 6”

Amy is asking where this wedding is to take place or where the shower is to be. Who are we to ask ? Will the people come to Switzerland or what? I don’t answer any of these details and just keep repeating, “Sue told me exactly what to get—or exactly what she wanted.”  The End

Amy said that whole thing was so goofy, she woke up laughing as this dream came to an end.

Let’s break this down:

Setting: We are in Zermatt, Switzerland. Switzerland is known for its neutrality. (And, for secure banking.) I am going to scoot out a limb here and also note that John Calvin who was influential during the Protestant Reformation was born in France, but lived and died in Switzerland. With the absence of financial dealings in this dream, I am focusing on the neutrality of Switzerland and speaking to a generalized peek at Protestant “traditions” that have arisen out of protestant “Calvinist” teachings.  Primarily, Switzerland doesn’t get involved. They don’t make commitments in conflicts or wars. They stay off the battle field. That is their overshadowing claim to fame. Zermatt is a scenic little meadow town at the base of a towering fourteener called the Matterhorn. This is the starting place, the jumping off place for folks who want to or are inclined to climb that mountain- or you could say, for those interested in climbing to greater heights.  In real life, people who come to Zermatt fall into two main groups- the looky-loo tourists or serious mountain climbers!

Bridal Shower: Though not featured, it is a major point of discussion. A bridal shower is a celebration of the impending wedding. This is a specific and common, end-times reference.  A Shower is an unexpected, rain event and pictures the necessity of being drenched by the Holy Spirit prior to the full -blown Wedding Event.

Name meanings:

Sue- short for Susan, means LILY

T. ( sorry, I redacted the surname name to protect her privacy)– Her last name is a derivative meaning Ruler of the People

Amy means BELOVED and thus symbolic of Believers or “The Church”

Sally means PRINCESS

If we remove the personalities from the mix with no gender, no personal history. Sue is no longer my school chum,  orFeverseason reader- she is just LILY, the Ruler of the People. So what does LILY tell us? We are all familiar with the hymn lyric, Jesus is the LILY of the Valley and the Bright and Morning Star. This could be the recognizable dream reference. Lily’s are very sweet smelling flowers which Jesus tells us to consider in the book of Luke. In 2 Corinthians 2:14-15 Paul says our goal is to be so close to Jesus that we start smelling just like him!

“Thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession to Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. For we are to God the aroma of Christ.”

However, the surname specifically identified is T. According to my resources the last name is a derivative of Theodoric which means RULER OF THE PEOPLE (King) SUE in the context of this dream, because of her name, represents KING JESUS!

AMY is no longer my big sister, she is BELOVED. 1 John 41-8; 1 John 3:1-2; 3 John 1:2, Romans 1:7; James 2:6, 1 Cor 15:58– all use “Beloved “ as an endearing synonym for the Church- for Believers.

Sally is no longer the goofy little sister, shopping buddy or neighbor and school friend of Sue. Sally is a nickname of Sarah means PRINCESS. A princess is a child of the King. A princess understands who she is and who she represents, and also should be a member of the family of believers.

As I go thru the dream again, I will jettison the original names, genders etc… and use the Meanings:

Set in Switzerland which is known for its neutrality, Beloved and Princess are walking around and window shopping at the base of the high mountain. Beloved recognizes and recounts the memory of the doll – something she received from a previous generation.

Windows are divine revelation. We’ve talked about that in previous dream discussions.

“Window shopping” speaks of being on the street-in the world- while peeking in at the richness, resources and wares available in the stores. Part of the understanding of window shopping is that you are not entering in-for whatever reason- to commit, or take advantage of what you are seeing or looking for.

Beloved – is looking in, but never making a purchase. She sees and recognizes a doll as identical to the gift the gift as identical to the one her grandmother in a previous generation gave her. Grandmother, though not seen in this scenario is a picture of previous generation of the Church or Body of Christ. (Our Grandmother was also named Sarah=Princess, by the way)

A doll is ordinarily something little girls are given in their youth to play act, practice to be a mommy in training. The dolls Amy/Beloved is referring to were actually little dolls dressed in native costume from. Dolls dressed in “traditional” costumes.

I really believe that this particular sliver of the dream means that we were given something really, really important from the early church, an “old” loved generation of the body of Christ and we put it on the shelf and didn’t play with it.  We closed the door of the doll cabinet and forgot about it. Or,  one could look at it a different way and consider, that a more recent generation of our forefathers in the church gave us a gift- a  “tradition of men” to play with and we took that and cherished the thing dressed in traditional dress clothes more than the purpose of the Gifts found in the Bible. We set the Holy Spirit on the shelf and only take him down when it suits us.  Either interpretation is incredibly sad and heartbreaking. With that gift originating from Neutral Territory- the power component of the Bride of Christ began to go down the drain, to Satan’s delight!

Princess soon tells her the joyous news- LILY-Ruler of the People is soon to be married. And, we are hosting the bridal shower!

Totally flabbergasted by this impending news, BELOVED is at once concerned about what to offer LILY- Ruler of the People- as a gift.

 Miss Princess states-rather emphatically that she has it right from the source, the only gift required or wanted is: Ruffled, Red Silk panties!

We will check out the meaning of the shocking and expensive red panties in the next post called the The Crazy Dream of Amy Lou Part 2!











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Many years ago, shortly after my grandfather died, my grandmother thriftily rented out the upstairs of her Littleton, Colorado summer home and moved into the basement apartment. One summer when I was in my teens, I accompanied Baba on her seasonal trek from smoldering Texas to cool Colorado.

No one ever came to visit Baba with an expectation of a lazy, relaxing summer vacation! In her heyday, Baba had been a school teacher in a backwoods, Louisiana one-room schoolhouse. She knew how to keep kids busy while simultaneously teaching important life skills.

One evening, she directed me to get supper underway and so I did! In my Dallas home we had an electric stove. My grandmother cooked with gas. I had pulled all the necessary ingredients together for the meal and went to turn on the stove. This stove was old-school. One had to light a match, and turn the knob and light the appropriate burner. An exciting little swoosh was supposed to follow and a ring blue flame would magically circle the burner! Easy Peasy!

Ordinarily this was not a problem, but on this day the darn thing wouldn’t light. I didn’t know what to do, so I meandered off to find my grandmother. “Woo Hoo! Baaaabaaaa! Where are you?” Once located, I explained my dilemma and she came to assess the situation. Leaning in to get a better look, she lit the match. FLASH—KA-BOOOOOOM!

My little Baba was blown off her feet and clear across the kitchen! Miraculously, she was surprised but unhurt. And, eventually her eyebrows grew back!

While enormously relieved I had not blown my grandmother to smithereens, I did learn some valuable lessons which carry some equally explosive spiritual comparisons!

  • Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!
  • Just because you are unaware of something, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful or important!
  • Just because you have always “cooked” with electricity doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn to “cook” with gas.
  • Sometimes what you don’t know can get you killed!
  • It is a good idea to read the entire instruction book to understand every critical aspect of operation.
  • Just because it is powerful, and unfamiliar, and may seem out of control, doesn’t mean it isn’t essential to getting a hot meal on the table for a lot of people.
  • You can know how to cook. Perhaps you have been cooking for years in the bland, traditional, non-exciting way. You can be totally familiar with the recipe. You can be using all the right pots and pans and have all the ingredients on hand and prepared–you can believe in Jesus and know you are going to heaven.  However, if the pilot light isn’t lit, you aren’t really cooking and have no idea of the untapped potential at hand.
  • Sometimes one has to get a toothpick and clean out the little bitty holes that clog up the burner in order to get things flowing and working. If you need to forgive some folks, do so whether they deserve it or not.  Angry at life?  Surrender it.  Stinking thinking? Start rejoicing!  Addicted to something or stuck in sin?  Stop it, confess it and ask the Lord to forgive you-then move on to the good stuff!
  • Once all the clean-up work is done, NOW it’s time to light a match and turn on the gas.  Pray and ask your Daddy for his powerful gift of the Spirit.  He would never give you something that wasn’t wonderful.  If it weren’t important, he wouldn’t tell you to wait for it!
  • This isn’t a one shot deal, like Salvation.  One has to turn on the gas and use it every day.  If you get low or run out, you have to call up and order some more from the Gas Man.  He will come whenever you call and fill up your big tank. Whenever you use up what you have, ask for more!
  • Don’t overthink this.  It’s supposed to be simple so that everybody can cook!
  • Just because a previous generation has forgotten to impart a section of essential information to the next does not mean it has to blow up in your face! You may dance back to the Good Book and learn a few things for yourself—right from The Source.
  • Procrastination can be very dangerous.
  • Once you’ve started cooking with gas. You will never be satisfied with the old way of doing things.

Additional references:

Luke 24:44-49; John 4:13-14 and 23-24; John 20:22-23 & 30-31; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 9:17

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Happy Anniversary!

It occurred to me the other day that this is a big anniversary for me,almost to the day. Seven years ago I traveled to a Bill Johnson-Randy Clark School of Healing Conference in Loveland, CO.

Allow me to tell you a wonderful, true story:

Though I had been a Christian for as long as I could recall, I was quite new in my knowledge of the Holy Spirit. One Sunday morning, at the First Baptist Church of Lake City I was privileged to hear a personal testimony of a gentleman who spoke of a Randy Clark sponsored meeting where he had received healing for stage 4 prostate cancer. This led him to a true relationship with Jesus, and then cascaded into a mini revival of his entire family coming to know the Lord. I was completely intrigued! I had never heard an actual testimony of  actual healing offered in a Southern Baptist Church before!

I wasn’t suffering from any similar, dread disease, however, our Sunday School class had been reading through Bill Johnson’s incredible book, When Heaven Invades Earth which really revolutionized my thinking and I wanted to go and hear him speak. His teaching and expectation was so unlike what I had known my entire church-filled life. I wasn’t going to miss whatever it was!

I went with no agenda, other than to hear this pastor who authored this good book and observe the goings on! I was looking forward to this seminar, but had no expectations other than to take some good notes on my fact finding mission.

I was to meet two other ladies from my church. They were staying in a nearby hotel and I was staying with my daughter who lived just down the highway in Erie, CO. That morning, I erroneously parked on the wrong side of the large church complex where the meeting was to be and was really hustling to get to the other side, get myself registered and find them in the crush of people.

The quick march in from the far parking lot left me breathless. I have had asthma my entire life. The tell-tale crackle beginning in my lungs did not bode well, I knew. I was armed with an albuterol inhaler, as I never left home without one in my purse, but hoped if I sat quietly my lungs would simmer down and I would not need to use it. If not, I feared the ensuing, goose-like, honking cough that would follow for the next hour.

With no sign of my friends, or yet the speaker I had come to hear, the program commenced.

Gorgeous worship music began and I sat apart from the mob of people where I could keep an eye out for my friends. Soon, I forgot to look for them. Interspersed with the music, occasionally someone would take to the podium with a Word of Knowledge specifically identifying a particular ailment these folks had “heard” the Holy Spirit was waiting/ and wanting to heal. This was new territory and very strange to me, but I watched. No one accosted them or touched them at all. Nothing spooky or out of control was going on, that I could see from my vantage point. It seemed, if a person rose in response to this “Word”… apparently, they were healed!

The real program had not even begun. A few more songs were sung and someone else took the microphone and told the audience, most of whom were still entering to find a seat, that if you had Asthma or any sort of lung problems, to stand—that the Lord wanted to heal that, too! I had nothing to lose- before I could talk myself out of it, I stood up. Half a mile away, at the podium, the speaker prayed and “released” healing for asthma and IMMEDIATELY the crackling in my lungs stopped. My breathing relaxed and became easier and fuller. IMMEDIATELY. GONE. DONE. That was seven years ago in an unfamiliar church, without anyone laying a hand on me. From the podium, a stranger stood and faithfully reported a Word that the Lord wanted to heal asthmatic lungs. I grabbed hold of that word, took it for me and never looked back.

In seven years I have never had another asthma attack. I think Satan likes to try to fake us out and make us think that our healing wasn’t’ real and once or twice afterwards I began to get a little wheezy. I stopped right away and rebuked the heck out of that wheeziness and proclaimed that In Jesus’ Name and by HIS STRIPES I had been healed. It never came back, and I haven’t missed it!

That’s not all! In addition to being healed from life-long asthma, In that moment, as a free bonus prize I also lost all my migraines, allergies and recurrent lung infections. I feel, seven years later that a significant portion of my life was restored to wholeness. I am still amazed! amazed, awed, grateful!

That’s not all! Later that evening, someone else proclaimed a Word about broken bones. Many years prior, I had fallen from a very tall ladder. I was so bruised and banged up at the time that I didn’t realize I had broken some fine little bone in my right foot. It eventually healed, but if I ever wore inappropriate shoes, or walked too fast or too far, I could feel it give way. That morning, as I walked quickly in from the far parking lot…in my inappropriate foot ware, pop went that little bone and my foot was aching. When that Word came up, I stood up in receipt of that one, too. Why not? Immediately, the pain was gone and in seven years I have not had that little bone in my right foot give me any trouble!

I’m sure that Bill Johnson spoke eloquently at that conference, and I recall vaguely that Randy Clark taught a lot of amazing things throughout the weekend, and many people received incredible miracles.

But, Seven years later. I remember with clarity, only what happened to me! God is so good. He loves to heal people, and show how good he is and how much He loves us! Seven years ago, he showed a wheezy, little Baptist girl that He still does the big stuff! Regardless of what you have heard, The BIG STUFF is for us today! He still heals, His gifts-every one of them is still in operation and very necessary.  Now, this awesome story is just one of many wonderful testimonies of His goodness which I keep in my back pocket to share!

Why did he heal my  wheezy ol’ lungs and my bum foot? I couldn’t say. However, I have often considered that for me, it was a symbolic thing. The free, deep breath of God– that Holy Spirit from his heart that propels and anoints us to go and spread the gospel. In Romans 10:15 Paul writes    ”How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the gospel of peace…” With these incredible gifts I received exactly seven years ago this week, I now have the breath, the beautiful foot-power and the joy of the Holy Spirit to do just that!


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Revival Word

One night, a few weeks ago I was awakened in the night when I heard one word spoken close to my ear. It was just one word, spoken with irresistible enthusiasm and bubbling expectation: “REVIVAL!”

I sat bolt upright in the bed, wide-awake and looked at the clock: 1:11 am. One is God’s number, Remember, He is the Alpha and Omega. Three times is a confirmation, in my mind. It was many hours before I went back to sleep as the reverberations of one, power-packed word still bounced around in my heart!

Revival is a word often misused. Folks use “revival” as a euphemism for any quick spurt of church growth. This definition may include gospel music and a visiting evangelist or enthusiastic traveling pastor to preach nightly for a few weeks. A jump start to a sluggish battery or a shot of B-12 to a lethargic congregation is a good thing. However, that is not an all-caps, REVIVAL!

If a big tent in the parking lot is not the definition of a revival then what is? Whether we are talking personal, church, citywide, or beyond; real, honest-to-goodness REVIVAL is based on identical, “uncommon” denominators.

I belong to a small worship group. This funny, disparate family of prayer warriors has met for over 7 years to “soak” to worship music and pray. We pray, by name, for each pastor in this town, and their spouse and families. Sometimes we pray for salvation for those leaders, if we think that step is lacking. We pray specifically for the spiritual leadership of our little town to be protected, for wisdom and understanding cracked open and for them to ask for and receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Not stopping there, we ask for this entire mountain valley to be flooded with the Holy Spirit. Then we move on to pray for similar things for leadership further afield or closer to home.

After these many years of specific prayer we are just now seeing things begin to move! The ice is beginning to break up and there are early, tentative signs of something wonderful busting out!

Prayer and worship then is a critical component of invitation for heaven to literally invade your family, church, your town or your country. You don’t need an overwhelming majority to make things happen, you just need a remnant of hungry, faithful people who are sick and tired of “church as usual”. People who know that they know that they know there is something MORE and something critical is missing!

Repentance. Nobody likes to discuss it or admit they need it. But, I believe it is the missing ingredient holding true Revival at bay. For ourselves as well as the church, we must be in alignment and agreement with the Word. On any level, if we find we are clinging to some old feud or bitter disappointment it is time to surrender it. If we discover ourselves comfortably cuddling up or returning to the same old sin, compromise or addiction (which in no way has Jesus at the heart of it) it may require deliverance to break free. All that un-forgiveness, offenses and muck need to be burned down—confess it and ask His forgiveness. Revival needs a clean and plumb foundation.

Before I move on, I want to toss one more, big steamer trunk on this repentance wagon. I know I beat this drum a lot. However, this is serious stuff so I want everyone to press in and listen hard. The Bible with testimony by Jesus and the disciples and then the first church were very clear about needing faith in Jesus and only Jesus as their Messiah for eternal salvation. They were equally clear that with that faith in Jesus was the firm understanding that as a separate step after water baptism was a specific need to request or invite, if you will, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. (Read the book of Acts a few times, without concordance or notes.)

Many, like me, were taught, “The body of Christ no longer require any outward manifestations of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t work that way anymore. We have the completed text of the scripture which obviously explains why we don’t see any people getting healed, or we don’t hear testimonies of miracles in church any more. Taking that old tack: if we don’t see “manifestations” anymore it must mean that God has changed.” It absolutely couldn’t mean that the church has veered away from some critical element which was allowing the early church to move powerfully. This is dangerous thinking that makes me cringe!

Finding no clear scripture to substantiate such tradition, I am obligated to label it for what it is, false doctrine. If a “church doctrine or tradition” flies in the face of everything Jesus did, the apostles taught and the first church emulated then it needs to be surgically removed because it is a cancer on the body of Christ that will continue to metastasize. (Deut. 4:2; Deut. 12:32; Proverbs 30:5-6; Rev. 22:18-19) When we perpetuate such thinking, we are perpetuating deception. It really is the doctrine of demons designed to suck the power from the pews. (1 Tim 4:1; Mark 7:8)

When/If we eschew the Gifts of the Spirit, which are intended to keep the body of Christ operational, whole and energized, we are squelching the Holy Spirit, and defying the plan of God. VERY Serious stuff. By default, one is stating they are smarter than Jesus, the son of the living God. He didn’t make a move without the Holy Spirit. Not one miracle or healing happened before he received the Holy Spirit. Let that percolate around in your heart a little bit!

Back to our simmering word “REVIVAL!” We need then, worshipful prayer to call it into existence. We in our personal lives or the wayward body of Christ, need a basketful of repentance resulting in changed behavior, pure doctrine and righteousness. Jesus, in John 4:24, states God is a Spirit who is even now looking for those who will worship in spirit and in truth- that sounds like REVIVAL to me!

No matter who you are, what you think or what denomination you belong to: Lack of these elements is ALWAYS the reason why testimonies evaporate and church people stay seriously ill. It is the reason your spiritual life has turned to dust or your family is in shambles. If your church has become a parched wasteland, dying on the vine, then these are the paddles needed to apply to the heart of any matter, to ZAP it back to life!

After 3 and a half years of ministry Jesus had 120 core believers who were free and unafraid to obey Him and go to Jerusalem and WAIT. By now, they understood something amazing was to happen on the next “appointed time” which was The Feast of Weeks—Pentecost.

The days between Passover and Pentecost are called counting the Omer- or sheaves of wheat. The Feast of First Fruits (resurrection day) was a celebration of the Barley Harvest. Jesus ascended on day 40 of the omer count. Pentecost is exactly 7 weeks and one day from Passover. For the final 10 days his group met to finish counting the omer-the sheaves-until the celebration of Weeks-the first fruits of the wheat harvest. Revival isn’t just to fire you up and make the church feel good. It is intertwined to a coming harvest. (Ex. 34:22; Deut. 16:10)

The 120 met and worshiped and prayed, and repented and fasted and worshipped and prayed some more—in one accord – in agreement-all together on the same page, waiting for what they totally didn’t understand. They only knew Jesus told them they needed what he HAD and Jesus had to go so that they could GET IT! Moral: Sometimes you don’t totally “get it”…what the Lord is trying to tell you… but you just need to obey anyway!

Now, don’t lose track of what is happening here: These people had known, walked and dined with Jesus for years. They were believers. They knew him as Messiah. They witnessed his miracles and experienced his agony. They were eternally saved. They had also seen and spoken with him since his resurrection. The only thing they did NOT yet have was the essential, mandatory, supernatural ingredient necessary to pull off the mission Jesus had called them to do. It’s that simple.

Holy Spirit arrived with power and fire and hit them like a ton of bricks! Those 120 rolled out of that room, super-charged and completely changed. Peter began to preach in a totally new and fearless way. The power of the Holy Spirit manifested before a huge crowd of temple-going, faithful, orthodox Jews. The effect, the change, the manifestations and subsequent fruit which sprang from that event- are to this day undeniable!

After THAT, there was no more “synagogue as usual” my friends. Get ready! True revival arrives on the wings of worship, prayer and repentance and invitation. In the wake of His undeniable and necessary power-NOTHING is ever the same!







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The Greatest Show on Earth

In 1919 two competing operations merged to create Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Bailey Circus and soon billed itself as the Greatest Show on Earth. Last week news reports stated that the historic circus has come to the end of an era. This wonder of family entertainment will be was closing its doors after completing a 2017 farewell tour.

Annual circus attendance was a highly-anticipated event at the Rutledge household as I was growing up. Wedged between siblings, spellbound as I clutched a warm, aromatic bag of peanuts, I was constantly assessing future job options. While tempting, I knew I wasn’t destined to be one of those girls spinning in big hoops above the center ring…spinning makes me sick! However, I did have career aspirations of becoming the lady in the twinkly outfit, riding that awesome elephant. Also captivating my pint-sized attention was the Ring Master. This fellow stole the show the entire night. He made people laugh and kept the circus acts seamlessly on track. As an additional perk, he wore a red twinkly coat and a very stylish top hat and never needed to risk life or limb. Yep, this was undoubtedly the job for me!

As with most kids, the goofy “what I want to be when I grow up list” was a process of constant evolution. Just as I knew the elephant riding lady job came with a spangled outfit and large feathers, I also deduced that this job came with monumental amounts of poop and the possibility of being squished. I moved out of “The circus life is for me!” phase pretty quickly!

We laugh at such notions now and somewhere along the line stepped into career path we enjoy, are good at, or one which provides a salary allowing us to live indoors! We may change hats a few times along the line; following our dreams or better opportunities and that’s alright. Flexibility is a good thing!

Having embraced and embarked on the path of following Jesus, some may be in a quandary as to what ”following” entails. No longer is it, “What I want to be when I grow up-but, what does the Lord want me to be? Beyond obvious Bible study, we may generalize and set a good “Christian example” or raise our kids according to Godly principles. I certainly am not arguing against that! There is that feeling there must be something more, a meaningful contribution, a larger purpose or a higher calling now that I am a recipient of this amazing news of Christ and what He did for me!

We often think of the big dogs like Billy Graham, who ministered to zillions of folks on TV or in huge stadiums. Aren’t they the ones really out there working for Jesus? The pastors of mega churches or those that punch out books as though they were God’s little PEZ dispensers- these are the special few, the worthy ones, the qualified and extremely photogenic- bringing in those sheaves!

“Ministry” is a funny and easily misunderstood word. A look back to the book of Acts can show us exactly how the early church and the disciples interpreted Jesus’ ministry views. The first church didn’t consider “ministry” only something for Peter or Paul. Those fellows were certainly powerhouse leaders, who maintained an Apostolic covering to keep the early churches on track. But, the general idea in all those First Century new churches seemed to be: This is an all hands on deck, let’s go get this REVIVAL moving! I’m available, USE ME!

With less concern about how big a splash we are making or whether our contribution will change the world; our entire focus must be, “Is what I’m doing today- this very minute, pleasing to God?”

Ephesians 4; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:18-20; 1 Corinthians 12 all reveal a paradigm of loving action- of big or small readiness. Where ever I go, I should be ready to be supernaturally and joyfully operational at a moment’s notice! I may find myself down the street at the Country Store or the Holy Spirit may waken me with instructions to go further afield. I’m good either way, because I’m available and I’ve told Him so.

Neither Billy Graham nor I was called to be famous, we were only called to be available. The details come on the fly. Larger missions probably require more character. However, both Joy and Availability qualify me for the small and the large. Both are equally significant because both require obedience and that all important, teachable spirit.

Stadiums and pulpits are not required to share the love of Jesus, or embark in discussion about the amazing power and Good News of the Kingdom (which encompasses much more than just salvation thru Jesus). A spontaneous testimony of personal healing to someone who is sick or scared is frequently an empathetic entrée letting them know I serve a King who is still in the Miracle Business! It is all significant to Him.

Only availability and readiness dictate whether the Lord has me joining the circus or blogging in Hinsdale County. If his plan calls for it, He will pave the way for me to lead a Revival in a large stadium. Each job, at it’s core involve (or should) personal willingness not only to share Jesus and understand the requirement of the Holy Spirit empowerment. Following Jesus, means embracing all his “normal operating procedures”, to perform demonic deliverance, speaking in new tongues (personal, powerful prayer language or a specific foreign language supernaturally provided by the Holy Spirit, in the moment) as well as healing the sick. Mark 16: 20 summarizes…And they went forth and preached EVERYWHERE, the Lord working with them, and CONFIRMING the word- with signs following.

While on this earth, not only is “the world our oyster“as the saying goes; but this dark world really is our Circus …and those ARE our monkeys! Both the glib Ring Master, the lady riding the elephant, the ticket seller and the fellow hawking peanuts will participate in the Greatest Revival on Earth! This season is coming to an end. Just like the Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Bailey- This Circus of life doesn’t go on forever.



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Broken Wings and Battered Hearts

 “Broken Wings and Battered Hearts.” I heard this phrase, audibly, one night as I slept.  It came without dream or explanation.  Sans music, this phrase could be lifted right out of a Merle Haggard tune. Perhaps the Lord was up late writing twangy County Western songs and I just caught the overflow on the chorus!  Just the one phrase, acknowledging brokenness and heartbreak.  Everyone of us knows a verse or two of that song, don’t we?

Feverseason posts in past weeks have laid out some important dreams that I, and other Christians, have received.  Occasionally, I wonder if readers believe I make stuff up, or attempt in some dramatic way, to be ultra-spiritual.  ” Look over here,  I’m so special because the Lord is sending me special messages.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As with all spiritual gifts they have nothing to do with us. Each instance is unbelievably humbling to me.  Yet, if we learn to gracefully two-step to this supernatural country song, in tandem with one another’s spiritual gifts, the “overcoming church” not only catches that heavenly rhythm, but also joyfully receives an operational plan from our King.

For example, this random phrase. Broken Wings and Battered Hearts:  Though it’s an extremely relatable, potential lyric; what does this snippet of Spirit-born message really trying to teach ?

Broken wings: like those of a bird who may have hit a window or been blown out of their nest too soon, keep us from flying.  Without functional, strong wings any bird is destined to flop on the ground.  This is not their natural habitat.  While grounded, they are unable to gain altitude and unable to have the advantage of the higher vantage point.

As believer’s in Jesus we are intended to fly. It is the Holy Spirit and only the Holy Spirit who provides the uplift, the supernatural vision or hearing necessary to operate in that realm.  We ought not be accepting as” normal” the chains which shackle us to problems, sin or traditional doctrine thus keeping us from our intended Royal Destiny.

We reside in a crazy, mixed up world and stuff happens.  Folks betray us, children suffer, life disappoints us, accidents happen and old age sucks. If we marry this sad fact to “traditional” church doctrine which has grown resistant and highly suspicious of any operational gifts of the Holy Spirit we then concoct a recipe for perpetually broken wings!  Assuredly, we may be saved but we have grounded ourselves and our wings are clipped.

Without reliance on Holy Spirit sourced, “inside” knowledge Christians are operating blind, without benefit of radar, navigation or instruments; smashing into life or  blowing off course in a storm. (Is. 40:29-31) They may still be breathing, maybe sitting in church each week– but their faith wings have been crushed by circumstance .  A complacent, deceived, lukewarm church has left broken Believer’s earthbound, unable to fly-believing a lie that they shouldn’t fly- and powerless to fulfil their destiny. ( Rev. 3:14-22)

Earthbound is not where eagles or hummingbirds are intended to linger. Birds sidelined with wounded wings not only have restricted vision, they will be an unbelievably easy target for hungry prey.

Some Christians are blissfully ignorant on the topic, others wary or distrustful of loss of control. Some folks labor under the lie that any gifts (beyond pastoring or teaching) are unnecessary since the completion of the canon of scripture.  However, this IS the purpose of His gifts.  It is these precious, priceless gifts which are to keep the beautiful body of Christ, healthy, unbroken and soaring.  When we inevitably hit a wall these gifts will supernaturally identify the root, fix the problem and keep us moving and operational till the harvest is done (Ephesians 4).  This is why and how we can rejoice in any circumstance! (Phil. 4:4)

The signs, wonders and miracles we see happening in scripture were not JUST to endorse Jesus as Messiah. They give a glimpse of a Loving God, who intended to keep exhibiting His Amazing heart along with the saving message of Jesus to the unsaved world.  Consequences of seeing such wonders was/is to instill faith in the viewer. “If that kid could be raised from the dead, or grow new eyes- then surely I can be healed of  anything!!”  Yahoo!

By the same token, if Peter or Paul healed broken wings-the Apostle’s faith was also buoyed each time they saw soaring results.  Not because THEY were powerful–but because the King of Kings was making himself known through their hands, through their voices, through their feet as they carried the gospel from town to town.

It is past time for the Body of Christ to step completely into agreement with all the Bible says about this matter.  We must embrace what was taught to and by the disciples and what we saw happening in the first church. Veering from this original understanding of what Jesus intended, and scripture substantiates, may be tradition in your church, but it is dead wrong.

The result of side-stepping God’s Word means we don’t remember who we are.  We, corporately, have forgotten how to fly.  Each day we continue to look like the rest of the world: broken, addicted, angry, bitter, unforgiving and battered is a day we are not following in His footsteps.  Jesus paid the blood price for us to be healed, saved, free from bondage, released from slavery and deep darkness. Jesus bought our freedom and sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to FLY! (Luke 10:19)

The honest-to-goodness followers of Jesus, had best claim that inheritance, and begin to heal the broken wings and broken hearts of our brothers and sisters. We can’t achieve our destiny, our Kingdom-decreed purpose on earth until we move into that place of  complete repentance and healing. 

Its getting late, there is no time to wallow in brokenness, accept sin and dysfunction as normal nor to continue following off-track doctrines (2 Tim. 3:5) which eviscerate our flight plan.  This is the time when our vision needs to be clear, our trajectory obedient and unimpaired, and soar!

For further study:

1 Cor. 12; Ephesians 4.  There are tabs on this website entitled Holy Spirit 101 and Holy Spirit 102 which give copious amounts of scripture and additional insight on this essential topic.  Acts 19:2- Fly!









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The One with the Yellow Jackets

In the early morning hours of February 4th I had a very vivid, Godly dream:

In the first scene, I saw from afar, my OHV ( Off Highway All-Terrain Vehicle) driving slowly along a farm trail .  On one side a barbed wire fence was visible such as you would see along the edge of someone’s property.  Bordered  on the other side by a large field of what looked from my somewhat distant perspective, some sort of grain.  The vehicle slowed to a stop alongside this beautiful field.

In the next scene : My Point of View has changed, now I am sitting by myself, in the passenger seat inside the OHV.  Suddenly there are hoards of swarming yellow jackets covering the windshield, and presumably the rest of the OHV.

Then, because this vehicle has a removable cover and doors,( not tightly constructed like a jeep) the yellow jackets began to find ways inside the vehicle.  Along the edge of the windshield there came burrowing inside,hundreds of yellow jackets, buzzing furiously and glomming up on top of each other as they entered my vehicle.  I don’t mind telling you that I was starting to freak out!

I was sitting there, a mass of indecision.  As yet, there had been no direct attack  or stinging…just the horrible noise of agitated, buzzing insects.  In my mind I am picturing massive attack followed by fatal, anaphylactic shock, I was considering my limited options:  Just open the door and run like crazy!  Or start swatting bugs as fast as possible. Stay really, really still and don’t move until they lose interest and go away. My sitelines were diminishing as they covered the windshield.  However, it was the noise which was dreadful. Immediate “bolt and run” seemed my best option.

Before I could take any decisive action, I heard a voice (always helpful in dreams and definitely cuts down on any interpretive confusion!)

“Don’t Move!” says the authoritative voice, of what I assume is the Lord or a messenger thereof.  ” Just open the door and command them all to leave.”

 I must have done exactly what The Voice told me to do, although I have no memory of taking this action in my dream. In that moment all I felt was immense relief and immediate quiet.  No more threatening buzzing!

Next thing I know,  I hear and receive further explanation: ” It is the workers coming to the harvest field  that have stirred up all the yellow jackets, the demonic!”

In the next scene, there is a tall and narrow canvas possibly 2x 6 feet tall. ( just guessing)  It was a big picture painted on the canvas.  So, here’s the BIG PICTURE:

Painted with a brilliant blue background was a tall, powerfully, athletic woman in very shiny, full-body armor.  Bearing no resemblance to my 60-year-old grandmotherly self, this picture was painted in a Marvel Comics animation style of a tall female ready and waiting for battle, completely outfitted in armor glowing in the sunlight, and carrying a huge shield emblazoned with a red cross on the front.  The other hand was resting on the hilt of a very long, very huge sword and the woman was standing in thigh high ripe wheat.

The final words I heard, clearly stated by the very loud voice announced, ” Warrior Woman!”

I sat straight up in the bed and stayed wide awake for a very long time!

Is this a dream telling us that time is short to share the Good News of Jesus and Gospel of the Kingdom?  Yes!

Is this a dream which enforces who we are in Christ and how we need to operate?  Yes

Is this a dream that reminds us that the demonic has only what power that we offer them in fear or ignorance?  Absolutely!

Is this a dream which should encourage us into authoritative action in whatever field of influence we are dropped?  Yes, Indeed.!

Should we expect a rising up-tick in demonic activity as we prepare for the greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world?  You betcha!

Big Picture?   As Warrior Men and Women we are driving up and wading into the greatest harvest of souls ever seen, we need to understand that the demonic doesn’t always wear a red suit and carry a pitchfork. We need to get serious about our mission while operating our Father’s Business, remember who we are, and keep our heads on a swivel!



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Storm Warning 2

What follows is the Interpretation of the Dream entitled Storm Warning, outlined in the previous post:

 Now The Breakdown:

I like to step back from Godly or Biblical Dreams and determine exactly what the big ticket item or major theme elements are. There are different kinds of dreams that the Lord gives us and sometimes there are several different sorts of dreams swirling around a common theme.

So, the main theme in my estimation, is that there is a really nasty storm coming. Storm can be literal or figurative. I’m guessing this is Spiritual/Supernatural and it’s BIG and it’s BAD. Judging by the visceral reaction of the pastor as he looks out the window, it scares him to death.

Timing: I think it is significant that Chris received this dream on the morning after the National Election. This event could be setting into motion a national “storm” or profound shaking, or repercussions that are even now on the horizon, but as yet is mostly unseen.

Participants: It is important to note that often in dreams people participating within those dreams are merely there because their name (first or last) actually means something significant and it that meaning that has a role in the message. However, I believe that in this dream Jay is really Jay- the pastor of your Gunnison church. The dream includes Chris, but it is essentially a message—a specific wake-up call or warning message to his pastor.

So, let’s look at the various elements in this important dream:

As my friend enters the church he sees that the entire aisle is covered in what appears to be white cottonwood fuzz: I believe that this is important on several levels. White is a picture of purity, holiness or righteousness. These cottonwoods grow along the river or waterways. You don’t find them thriving anywhere there is not a source of consistent water which is a profound spiritual picture in scripture beginning in Psalms 1.

Secondly, the seeds are released by cottonwoods- as anyone in Lake City knows only in a specific season- (here it is the end of June into the first weeks of July) and are carried by the wind where ever it takes them. Another deeply beautiful picture of the work of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 13) Seeds are what a picture of the possibility of new growth of a new generation of equally well-planted trees taking their sustenance from the Rivers of Living Water.

To have such a powerful symbol lining the center aisle of your church, in my mind, is a very good thing! It means that you are doing something right and it is very pleasing to God.

The 2×4 clean spot:

Numbers, of course, have consistent meaning in Scripture. Most Christians are familiar with 7 being a number associated with Messianic fulfillment. 7 is the number for divine perfection, Rest, Spiritual completion. We are to rest on the 7th day, the 7th year. Every Shemitah cycle is 7 x7 then the Jubilee is the following year. The 7th month in Judaism hold all the final three Feasts of the Lord—Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles. You get what I am saying. Numbers matter. And, Ancient Hebrew was once a pictographic language. Easy to read and heavy with symbolism. Every Hebrew letter correlates to a corresponding number, by the way. See Hebrew4Christians.com if this is new information to you

Two is a number which aligns with the second Hebrew letter Bet which means house. It also is a number with is associated with witness or agreement or testimony. Wherever two or more are gathered together…. You get the idea.

Four is a number which in Hebrew lines up with letter number four is Dalet. The Hebrew picture looks like a little closed tent. The bent shape of the dalet is said to symbolize the needy or impoverished person.

If you multiply that equation which our dreamer saw- he stated it as 2×4 which equals # 8 !

The number 8 in Hebrew is Chet. It looks like a little doorway or Portal. The letter of life. The word Chayim means life. It is also the number for New Beginnings. You will recall that Jesus was brought to the temple in Jerusalem on the 8th day which is commonly a reference to the last Sabbath day of the Feast of Tabernacles.   Also a number associated with Grace and wisdom. Chet is also the letter of light. According to Hebrew4Christians,” Chet is also the letter of light since Vav represents the yasher-or light that descends from God and Zayin is the Chozer the light that ascends or returns to God. Ancient rabbis considered that letter, Chet the doorway of Light from heaven. John 17:22-23

A picture version or numerical recap might read: Entering the House of the needy or impoverished multiplies or equals the doorway to life and light. Aha! Lest we forget, Hebrew reads the opposite direction: Light and Life are multiplied when the impoverished and needy enter the His House.

I just love that kind of thing so I tossed it in for free- because I think it shows how awesome our Lord is!

Most often the #8 is associated with New Beginnings and as I see this pathway of white fuzzy seeds with a totally-clean-vacuumed clean spot I see that as—you and your church are on a Godly-righteous path but have now arrived at that spot of NEW BEGINNING.

In his dream there is a vacuum cleaner sitting there. To operate a vacuum cleaner- which is a mechanism for achieving cleanliness- in this case within your church- then in order to function and work properly, it must be plugged in at all times, to a power source. The power source is the Holy Spirit.

If the overall theme is: There is a HUGE SCARY STORM A-COMING then a complimentary theme would be: In order to step into that New Beginning- Are you completely plugged in to THE power source?

Windows– In life, windows are clear panes to look from the outside in or the inside out. They allow us to SEE stuff.

In dreams, windows are indicative of the same. They are an avenue for GODLY REVELATION. Little windows equal small revelation, while big windows equate to Big Revelation.

Here we have two big windows. Or, Godly Revelation squared! You may want to re-read the portion above on the # two. Two is a witness or testimony. For instance, if in God’s word, he repeats something several times – One should take copious notes because it is confirmed to be a vital Biblical prophecy, truth or principle. Seeing double windows is a repetitive, confirming “visual” that it is either going to happen or it is VERY IMPORTANT, or probably both!

Note, later in the dream, the entire congregation is driving around surveying the aftermath of the storm in a vehicle made entirely of glass windows. This dream message therefore, is expected to be understood and important to the entire body of your congregation and possibly for the Body of Christ at large as on-going- on the move-revelation.

Chris arrives just as worship is ending and Jay is just stepping up to preach. Good time to mention that it is worship that ushers us into the throne-room of God which is the best place for clear and awesome revelation!

Jay, the pastor, then steps to the podium to preach buy then goes and sits in the drummer’s seat and looks out the window.  He is wearing a telephone head set. The Revelation of God (times 2) he is seeing clearly out those windows takes precedent over whatever he had planned for that sermon. Excellent secondary theme to live by: Always follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

The Drummer’s seat: I don’t want to put too fine a point on this. Not every single element in a Godly dream needs to mean something. However, historically, the drummer in battle would set the pace for the marching army. Recall if you will the old movie, Ben Hur where Charlton Heston was a galley slave rowing for the Roman Empire. The drummer set the pace depending on what was happening on the sea battle and to achieve success–the rowers were to follow that signal drum based on what was happening in the battle.

For believers, God is the one who sets the timing. He is the leader who sets the heartbeat of what is to happen in Spiritual warfare. Pastors need to remember they are sitting in God’s Drummer’s seat.

Chis tells us that as Jay sits in this drummer’s seat he immediately takes in the scene thru the 2 big windows. HORRENDOUS is the how he expressed the STORM.

Jay can suddenly can see what is coming and Chis tells us that the congregation can’t see what the pastor is seeing in that moment. Chris only sees that sweat is suddenly pouring off of his pastor.

The Horrible Storm: I’m going to say this is a dark, Supernatural warfare of a storm with the proviso that Spiritual Storms can and do often arrive in tandem with equally terrible circumstances in the natural.

This storm is bearing down and Chris just “knows in the dream” that Jay is not expecting this and Jay also knows that he has not adequately prepared his congregation for this eventuality. (It is always very handy in Godly dreams when the participant just KNOWS something, the only thing better is when there is a Voice Over telling you something to accompany the scene!)

* Here is the warning and the big take-away from this dream: Jay sees the coming storm. Jay, the pastor, recognizes it immediately for what it truly is and means. Concurrently, he belatedly realized he had not done the groundwork of preparation for his flock!

He is sweating bullets. Fear, Regret, worry, anxiety over not really being prepared or having been taken by surprise? Yes, but let’s take note and see what he immediately does:

He calls on his headset–asking for an IMMEDIATE Weather Report. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate spiritual weatherman. Jay is now completely reliant on the Expertise and Leading of the Spiritual Weatherman. We have to know where to turn for answers when we are faced with crazy, bad, horrific, unexpected spiritual warfare.

Too many pastors and spiritual leaders don’t want to appear negative, or scare their congregations.  Perhaps they rationalize, “Hey we are going to be raptured out before anything really bad happens so therefore, I don’t need to focus on scary Revelation or the possibility of persecution or bad things happening.” Until we get orders otherwise, we are ON the Battlefield and we better be armored up and plugged in to THE source of power.

Change of scene—As the scene switches we now see the entire congregation along with Chris and Pastor Jay who is driving them around town looking at the aftermath of the storm damage.

I have already discussed the significance of the glass vehicle: Vehicles, cars, boats, trains, ocean liners or tricycles can all represent your ministry or your life or the mission of the church. A row boat or bicycle may represent a small or more personal ministry whereas a train or huge vehicle represents something which impacts or moves a lot more people.

Now, this glass  ministry vehicle is seen motoring around what Chris believes to be Gunnison. I don’t necessarily believe this has to be THAT town, but is more than likely representative of something broader. ( I didn’t get anything specific on exactly where or how widespread the coming storm was.)

Buildings (foundational structures) are down and trees are uprooted. Something serious has happened here- and everything has been turned topsy-turvy! However, look what happens now!! The church, your church is NOT DAMAGED, adversely impacted nor affected. Watch this! Just the opposite! NOW that entire body is MOVING TOGETHER in REVELATION Knowledge. Thru the storm and after the storm, you are moving!!

AND– What is happening while this move is happening? Chris and Jay and perhaps the others, are ordering cocktails all over the place. Wherever they go they order drinks!

When you stop laughing, don’t get confused and please don’t misunderstand this type of seemingly ungodly reference. In “dream language”- this is a picture or euphemism- of the Holy SPIRIT.

As your church body is MOVING thru this Storm Damage you are constantly dependent, reliant and ordering more and more of the Holy Spirit. You must stay topped off. (Notice neither of the men are seen holding or drinking actual intoxicating beverages). WE are called not to be drunk with wine but TO BE FILLED by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is much more important to be so sloppy, over-filled while in the midst of something horrendous than when everything is hunky-dory!

During this time we see that the State Trooper is watching and looks to be disapproving. I can go two ways with this element of the dream. The “state trooper” I think, could represent the accepted governmental or “state” authority. They don’t approve and they don’t get us. They, in the world, have no understanding of the power source you depend on and it makes you suspect in a dark world.

OR—It could be representative of people who frequent your church OR members of other mainline churches who may be legalistic, are under the influence of religious spirits and are always disapproving or suspicious of things of the Holy Spirit. Could be both.

But, please note that everyone who wasn’t reliant on the Holy Spirit incurred damage or was uprooted. They may “state” or verbalize that they are “troopers” or Christians and part of “the army” but really have no true understanding of what things or weapons of the Spirit are. This is pretty serious stuff!

We see the State Trooper in two different scenes where there is potential “ordering of lots of Spirits” happening. Which, as I said before, really flags this dream element’s importance. This “trooper” is watching how you move and react and operate in the aftermath of the coming storm. He does not appear until after the storm. He wants to see how you “drive” after being under the influence of the Spirit.

This is something to definitely keep in mind.   When the lukewarm church or those who have been stuck believing pervasive bad doctrine that the Holy Spirit and His gifts are not necessary or important come thru that “coming horrendous storm” one of 2 things is likely to happen.

One– They will either fall away in great numbers from the Church (which is prophetically accurate according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; and 1 Tim 4:1)  OR they will watch and witness those that are operating in actual HOLY SPIRIT POWER as did the First Church in Acts and fall in love with King Jesus in a totally new way.

Some Christians who have never seen anything powerful have absolutely no expectation of what being attuned and really plugged in to the Power source can do for people in REAL LIFE application.

I think it is important to note that in this dream, Jay knew that state trooper fellow and said, “Sometimes he comes here.” Some folks like to flirt with the Holy Spirit but are merely curious or are not fully committed…or, have not asked for or yet received the Baptism in the Spirit.

The pastor was concerned that Chris was “under the influence” and shouldn’t drive with the “trooper” watching. Sometimes we are reluctant to operate in the gifts around those Believers who don’t believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. We don’t want to make others uncomfortable or perhaps we just don’t want to have to go there. I think we are missing a powerful, illustrative, teaching moment for those who just don’t know what they don’t know!

Chris replies that if he can’t drive, he will call his father in law. In reality Chris’ father-in-law, Adrian Finlayson, has been dead and gone for 35 years. I think in this instance this element means that Chris will rely on his Father (in the Law) that is a complicated “dream” way of saying The Lord. Calling on the Lord.

However, the dreamer, loved and respected his real life father-in-law and thus, it made this reference easily recognizable for him. By the way, that name, Finlayson, means son of the light-haired warrior. It’s another warfare reference.

Another subtle, yet important element involved is that after the viewing of the devastating storm damage Chris and Pastor Jay are at the Coffee Machine in the place of fellowship at your church. What does coffee do? It wakes you up it gets you moving and keeps you from falling asleep! A coffee machine is a mechanism which causes all that to occur and can keep lots of people bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in a Spiritual “java” sort of way!

So let’s review:

There is lots of Holy Spirit revelation to be had here: Confirmed and double portions of it.

Pastorally, it is your-and our- responsibility to teach- NO HOLDS BARRED- preparedness and readiness for MAJOR prophetic, incoming spiritual warfare “storms” so that you can MOVE powerfully in the aftermath with Holy Spirit revelation. We should be aware that other folks of varying spiritual awareness will be watching how we react in the tough times as well as the good ones. And, we need rely on His voice and let God set the pace for the battle. We are to remain under the influence of the Spirit- totally saturated.

** This is not the time for anyone in the body of Christ to be dithering about in things that have no eternal purpose. Be watching and remain wide awake so that you will see when the horrendous storm is coming!!!

A new (and thankfully shorter) DREAM will be posted on Sunday! Hope you will be watching for that!

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Storm Warning

Here’s the Deal:

Regular followers of Feverseason.com know that I often write about dreams the Lord has given me. Other times, folks send me dreams that they have had and ask me to interpret them or confirm to them what they are thinking that the dream means.

I consider it a privilege and love to do so as it always exhibits the enormous heart of God for his people. If they give me their permission, those dreams may wind up as a blog post for your enlightenment.

The following is a dream that was sent to me by a local, long-time Feverseason reader. I have changed the names at his request. This amazing detailed dream should be a heads up to all of us, especially those in leadership, pastoring or teaching roles in the body of Christ:

Chris’s Dream 11-9-16 (Early Morning after the National Election) 

The Dream as reported to me:

In the dream, Chris walked into his actual Spirit-filled church in Gunnison. The long walkway (center aisle) was covered thickly with lots of cottonwood fuzz (seeds). There was one clean portion about 2×4 ft. vacuumed and perfectly clean. This element jumped out at him because everything else was a mess with the cottonwood fuzz. The vacuum cleaner was sitting there in the clean spot.

Chris arrived there just as worship was ending and Jay, his pastor, got up to preach. He first stood at the podium to preach as usual and then sat down in the “drummer’s seat” where he could easily see out of the two windows in his line of sight.

Jay was wearing a telephone head set and was looking directly out of two big windows (which are not there in real life). Through these windows he could see a HORRENDOUS STORM COMING.

Sweat was pouring off of Jay as he saw what was coming. Immediately he called for a weather report on his headset to determine the magnitude of the storm he saw coming.

Chris “knew” in his dream that Jay was sweating because he had not prepared the church for this kind of storm. The situation/Storm was totally unexpected and the pastor was taken by surprise.

Change of scene:

The scene changes to after “The Storm”—the entire church is driving around in a huge glassed in vehicle. Jay is driving. They are looking at the storm damage.

There is lots of damage—buildings down, trees uprooted.

Jay and our dreamer, Chis are ordering lots of cocktails. They are never seen drinking or even holding these beverages, but there is lots of requesting or ordering going on.

Chris notices that there is a “State Trooper” watching them, and looking very serious- from a distance.

Change of scene:

The scene changes and Everyone is back at the church. Just Chris and Jay are at the coffee machine talking, although others members are around.

However, they are at the coffee machine in the fellowship area.

Not drinking coffee but instead ordering 2 more cocktails.

The “state trooper” is still watching and giving Chris a “look”

Jay expresses concern about Chris driving (presumably after all these cocktails!)

Chris responds “If I can’t drive, I’ll call my father-in-law. (in actuality, Chris’s father-in -aw has been dead 35 years, his name is Adrian Finlayson and Chris always really liked him and got on well with him-back in the day!)

Chris then inquired of Jay if, “The state trooper comes here often?” It looks like Pastor Jay knows or recognizes the State Trooper because he replies, “He comes sometimes.”


End of Dream



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Location, Location, Location!

Today there are lots of shows on TV featuring cute couples fixing up houses and flipping them for profit. Like that old Barbara Mandrell song, “I was Country before Country was Cool”, my husband and I had no clue that what we were doing would someday be trendy!

Though never professional real estate flipper’s we had lots of enthusiasm but no viable skills- taking the attitude of “how hard can it be?” and set about try stuff. Occasionally “How hard can it be” proved to be pretty hard, especially while living in the midst of the chaos. We would generally find the worst house in the best neighborhood and set about, over time, to make it as wonderful as we could.

 During those years we moved often and flipped lots of houses. We taught ourselves skill sets and how to use scary tools, and undertook projects into the wee hours of the morning, making improvements while the children slept. In the process we removed a lot of old, filthy, ugly aspects of dated real estate we had purchased. Looking back on it all, we didn’t always knock it out of the park, but usually came out on the plus side financially and had a lot of fun along the way. Good times!

Of course, there is a sermon in this story. Jesus is after all the ultimate Fixer-Upper! And for some inexplicable reason he chose to purchase us. From the point of view or perspective of the house, everything was fine. You and I didn’t realize how raggedy we were on the block!  We thought we looked great, unaware that we had long been tagged for ultimate demolition and that our days were numbered!

As He enters thru that open front door, we are suddenly, painfully aware of our garish paint and that the carpeting of our heart is so nasty no one would willingly walk across it. In spite of the pitiful condition of my real estate- complete with faulty wiring and toxic plumbing- Jesus made an incredible offer for us and signed it in blood.

By comparing ourselves only to those others, equally doomed, in our neighborhood, we had no comprehension til we met The Builder, what a sad ramshackle mess we were! He begins where all beginnings should start with that cracked, and faulty foundation. He jacks us up and straightens us out and pours us a new foundation with his name stamped on the cornerstone.

The purchase complete, He immediately moved right in with the mess, peeling paint and suspicious smells. He alone had the vision of what this house would look like when he was done.  The man with the plan, Jesus wasted no time, rolled up his sleeves and set to work on the transformation of His dream house.

Brand new windows were soon installed to let the revelation stream in. And a new roof protected what lay beneath. Room by room, the Fixer Upper steadily made quiet changes. He ripped down dusty drapes, peeled hideous wallpaper, He sliced up the tri-colored shag carpet and carried it out chunk by manageable chunk. Jesus patched the holes, and replaced needed drywall which had suffered through years of rough treatment. He added His signature crown molding and changed the locks on all the doors. Along with crates of trash and clutter he found, Jesus and his hard-working helper, Holy Spirit cleared the attic and basement of dangerous critters, eradicating all sign of pests and vermin.   He rewired the house from the ground up, removed the lead pipes and had the water tested. He installed a new mailbox, replaced every light fixtures and gave us state of the art electronics, complete with lovely finishes and top of the line appliances. In this kitchen amazing things will soon be prepared. Next he begins to change the landscape planting new trees and flowers. New paint, in and out, gave us a fresh, new face. He took the time to oil every hinge, and make sure that every single thing was level.

When complete. This once shaky house is totally new. Nothing looks the same because nothing is the same! Now, I am His habitation, His tabernacle! He has moved in and over time placed his stamp on every aspect of this redeemed purchase. The aroma of his anointing fills every room; and with this changed atmosphere anyone who comes down the street or visits this house can tell it is different.

The value has gone up astronomically and soon begins to affect the whole neighborhood. Jesus is a carpenter after all and when we open that door to the ultimate Fixer Upper, nothing will ever be the same.

For further study:

Romans 12:1-2; Psalms 51:10; Isaiah 43:19; Jeremiah 25:11; Psalm 103:1-5; 1 Cor. 3:11-13; Psalm 11:3; Ezk. 36:26; 2 Timothy 2:19; Isa. 58:12

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An Unexpected Guest

In October, I had a brief yet important dream.  In it, I was standing in the sanctuary of a little church that I recognized.  Let me say up front that I in no way believe this dream to be specific to any particular church.  I feel the Lord was giving me a birds-eye view of what is routinely being unpacked  in a broad host of modern day churches- transcending denomination, location or size. I do however, believe it is a warning  which the Body of Christ needs to immediately awaken to and heed:

In the dream the lights were out in the church and no one was there.  It was clear that a move had just happened as the aisles and the raised podium platform were cluttered with cardboard boxes and packages, as yet unpacked.  In the center of the platform and perfectly centered amidst the boxes was a large (maybe 2 1/2 or 3 ft. high), barrel-shaped pot with an ancient-looking patina that had once been white.  From my point of view, this pot looked ceramic and old with what looked like worn glaze or limestone leaching blotching the surface as we often see in old flowerpots.  This vessel had clearly been around for a long, long time.

In the fading light, I watched as something began to slowly rise up from this vessel.  Extremely tall, and seemingly made from a black tangle of spider webs or licorice-like vines, he rose casually, unfolding as it came up from this container.  Incredibly, this disturbing man stood straight up – it’s feet still in the big pot.  Showing no surprise at arriving in a church sanctuary, this being began to stretch and slowly look around as though he were taking stock of his new home.

Eventually, its glance fell on me and rested there. assessing me.  No words were ever spoken, no threatening moves were directed at me as I observed him from just out of the scene. In the dream, I was startled he could see me. However,  I wasn’t afraid, I was mad.

Head cocked to the side, it looked me in the eyes for a long time.  Eventually he smiled with a cocky look  projecting his message, “I belong here, I am at home, and you can’t do a thing about it.”

At this, I abruptly woke up.

 I don’t think this dream is difficult to break down.  This “Church” which could be any church, had just moved in.  Or, one might even say, The Church had experienced, or wanted to experience “A MOVE”.  They had brought their assorted boxes of hymnals and supplies and along with them came this oversized, antique treasure front and center.

The large white pot contained a religious spirit.  The oblivious congregation, thinking it beautiful and familiar, brought it along. Front and center placement indicates that it was important….dare I say, the MOST important thing.  The “religious traditions, the doctrinal castles which have been built over the ages had become more precious than the Son, more valued than redeeming blood, and had eclipsed the worship due the King of Kings.

A religious spirit was the problem Jesus identified as poisoning the Temple worship and priesthood in his day.  Not happy with the actual Law of Moses, Priests and Levites had built empires of doctrine, kosher strictures and boatloads of extra legalisms which eclipsed the heart of the Father for His chosen people; robbing them of their true destiny.

Traditional correctness became more treasured than actual heart righteousness or relationship with God.  Jesus, confronted wrong hearts and motives, easily stripped their religiosity and called them out.  He labeled their sin for what it was; and their religious “hypocrisy” as whited sepulchers. (Matt. 23)

There is a brutal lesson to be learned from the conflict of Jesus and the “Priesthood” of his day.  Clearly in love with their lucrative social standing, these fellows ignored their calling and totally lost their way. These religious elites were so married to man-made traditions, so glued to the itinerary they missed the fulfillment and blessings of the Word of God -which they should have joyfully identified! Sadder still, they missed their opportunity to experience the glory of the Living God and worst of all, they totally missed their Salvation- Jesus the Messiah! It is good to remember: Rampant unchecked religious spirits equate to wholesale spiritual blindness!

In my dream this dark spirit locked eyes with me.  He knew who I was and what I thought about him.  He didn’t care.

Any demonic spirit operating legally in your life, that of your family or your church must be recognized and authoritatively dealt with in the Name of Jesus.  It is our calling and responsibility. Until that happens this religious spirit is free to continue to sow offense among your deacons and committees.  He will encourage gossip and disrespect in Christian ranks.  He is accomplished at punching up discontent and fomenting rage when a sermon runs too long or teaching grows too powerful. He despises worship music and prefers those songs which merely sing about God not to Him.  He is fully aware that it is true worship which will bring folks into the throne room and stirs the Spirit of God.

This creature’s primary objective is to whisper lies, “God no longer heals”, ” Don’t be silly, Believer’s can’t be demonized”  Don’t preach on that, the people aren’t ready for anything too deep!  He slyly insinuates that church is irrelevant and “all religions lead to heaven”. This sticky spirit loves to erode the Gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom.

All demonic spirits have only one desire: to emasculate the people. Once truly saved, he can’t destroy you. However, he wants nothing more than steal your destiny, to have your church to be an entertaining , social club and everyone inside harmless, clueless and devoid of power.

The Lord intended for me to see this religious spirit’s condescending look.  In my dream, he transmitted clearly that he thought I was powerless to change his insidious mission.  He was wrong.


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Defining Moments

I am sometimes asked about the wisdom of mixing current politics and religion.  To be honest I sometimes ask myself about the wisdom of this path!  There is ever a siren song of fame, broader appeal, more hits on the FB page if I would just tone it down, lay off all the Holy Spirit stuff and be funnier. Unfortunately, I believe the time for hemming and hawing is over. We are living in a world where the politics and honest-to-God Christianity have clashed. People- most people- even sweet Christian people- are completely oblivious. Oblivion is nice but it can get you killed.

The headlines ARE fulfilling Biblical scripture almost every day. Not to connect those dots is dangerous!  We cannot afford the luxury of pithy phrasing, amusing anecdotes, or the polite, vague response.  That cheats our neighbors and wastes precious time. In a time where Biblical knowledge is at an all time low and pastors rarely even give invitations to come down the aisle and accept Jesus in their hearts- we also live in a society where folks are afraid to speak out against sin and to call their nation back to Bible-based righteousness.  What’s a girl to do?  If not me-who?

If the clock is ticking down and I believe it is– how can I wait on others more qualified, more loquacious or famous to do the job?  I once had a very vivid  Godly dream where the Lord told me to be bold as I stood in the center of His hand. That’s motivational and I therefore leave the fallout and the popularity polls to others. There is a choice we all have- to either slink down the road less traveled as unobtrusively as possible or to step out boldly on that path and ‘splain  what we know to be true about Jesus as plainly and often as we can.

As a student of history it has long been my intent to do a post on the terms which continue to be bandied about post-election. In less than a week we will all experience the upcoming Presidential inauguration. Serious and repeated calls for civil disobedience and mayhem have been issued by oppositional groups.  Additionally, Paris Peace Accords are gathering of 70 nations have now begun.  The goal seems to be powering through an official two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.  My fear is that in this final week of Obama’s Presidency, he will attempt to double-down on his abhorrent UN abstention on the anti-Israeli resolution. My concern is that in his final moments in office President Obama would like to establish a legacy moment and rush through a vote in the UN  mandating official Palestinian statehood.  This could force Israel into an international court defense when they vociferously object. This surely places America in a precarious, dangerous place going forward. Gen. 12:3

 It seemed an opportune moment for this” definition” post.   I am not endeavoring to be controversial although I’m sure some will think that I am.  I believe a primer of sorts could clarify confusion over semantics and political theory:

 A Republic: Our country was originally created to be a Constituational Republic which operates under the Rule of Law as defined by the founding fathers in the US Constitution. This system has at it’s core, inalienable rights, limited powers, civil liberties and freedoms which are became the envy of the world.

 A Democracy: A democracy is  Rule of the People. “People Rule” may or may not chose to follow the law. A Democratic Republic attempts to balance both the rule of law with the rule of the people. A shared trifold system of protections with Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches were precautions against one branch taking too much power. The electoral college system was insurance to prevent one or two populous states from always holding sway in national elections.  United States of America and Israel are examples of  modern Democracy in action.

Monarchy:  System of Government run by a ruling King orQueen or conglomerate of a Royal Family. America was started as a colonial enterprise under English Monarchy in the early 1600’s. Modern day Saudi Arabia and Jordan have acting Monarchy’s.

Constitutional Monarchy:  Many countries moved from absolute monarchy’s to a parliamentary system or constitutional monarchy while maintaining a royal family either as figure heads or with limited powers such as Sweden or England.

Theocracy:  System of government where priests, prophets or judges rule in the name of God or a god. Ancient Israel operated as a Theocracy from the time of Moses until the King Saul.  According to the Bible the earth, in the Millennial Kingdom will be a Theocracy with the nations ruled by the Lord. World Atlas identifies theocratic countries currently as Vatican City, and Islamic Caliphates such as Iran and Afghanistan.

Christianity:  Belief that Jesus is the promised Messiah.  Only through  personal belief in Jesus( and only Jesus). Christianity is based on the belief  sinless, Jesus gave his own life- died on the cross, was buried and rose from the dead  for our salvation so that we can receive eternal life. He’s not a prophet, he’s not a good guy that taught good things, He claimed to be God,the King of Kings and he is coming back soon. One cannot be born a Christian: it is a definitive decision and act of faith to follow ( action verb) Jesus.

Judaism:  The belief in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob who gave with covenant promise the land of Israel to his chosen people. Christianity worships the exact same God, believing that Jesus is/was God incarnate. Early Christians were all Jews believing Jesus was in fact the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies. One can be born a Jew and live without believing in God or following the tenets of the faith. Most of the world’s Jewish population now lives in Israel and America.

Islam:  The belief in Allah, a derivative of the ancient moon god which is why the crescent moon is depicted on their flag. Mohammad is the prophet who received the “angelic” or supernatural revelation in a cave and wrote down the writings.  What began as a religious ideology quickly morphed into a rigid militaristic regime.  One of the 5 pillars of Islam is belief in the One true god however, this is NOT the same God that Christians and Jews worship. The religion split into two groups with some variations in ideology following Mohammad’s death and subsequent power shuffle.  The Sunni, which is the largest denomination, and the Shia includes primarily Iran, India, Pakistan are the two main off-shoots of this dispute.  Barack Obama was raised as a Sunni Muslim.  It is widely understood that the clearly stated goal of Islam is a world-wide Caliphate which will be under the rule via Sharia law.  As demographics in Europe are tipping in their favor, there are areas which local police fear to tread and sharia law is being practiced to the exclusion of the law of the land.

Socialism: Merriam-Webster defines Socialism as a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.  England’s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher is famously quoted as saying the problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you always run out of other people’s money.  She had a good point.  The former Soviet Union is a good example.

Progressive: Progressivism seems a spiffy re-packaging of old school liberalism  and more palatable communism.  At it’s core Progressives believe in some level of redistribution of wealth, and more government control into all areas of our lives. Often linked as Progressive Socialism or Progressive Democracy, The Heritage Foundation defines as following:  Both Socialism and Progressivism use government power to control economic outcomes. The methods they use, however, are different. Socialism, strictly speaking, involves the government’s ownership of the means of production in a society. In a socialist economy, there are no private corporations that manufacture goods. All factories and companies belong to the state. Progressivism, by contrast, allows private ownership and control of corporations and manufacturing (thus a private economy and markets), although it does subject them to extensive government administration mostly through heavy regulation as well as other controls.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton claim to be Progressive Democrats.

Libertarians: Merriam-Webster defines them as persons who believe they should be allowed to live with little or no interference from the government.  Liberty being the key word.  Libertarians generally seem to be reluctant to become embroiled in foreign conflicts and hold to the limits which the founding fathers placed in the Constitution to keep the government from growing too big for it’s own britches. Recent presidential candidate, Rand Paul is a Libertarian as are noted economist Thomas Sowell, and actor Kurt Russell just to name a few.

Communism: Oxford dictionary cites this political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publically owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.   Merriam-Webster states Communism is a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products ( such as land, oil, factories, ships etc) and there is no privately owned property.  Communism is a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian/Leninism that was the official ideology of the USSR.  Notable Communist leaders include Mao Zedong of China, Vladamir Lenin, Trotsky, Joe Stalin, Che Guevara and the recently deceased, Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Capitalism: An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.  A capitalist is someone who has capital to invest trade and leverage resulting in prosperity, jobs and opportunities and tax revenues for the government which has been democratically voted on by it’s people.  I want apples- you raise apples- I trade you money or barter for apples.  You get what you need- and I get what I need. You plant more trees and grow more apples so that next year you can sell more apples to people like me.  Everybody is happy. Free-Market Capitalists generally maintain that government’s job is to create an atmosphere where business can flourish and opportunity is thereby not over regulated.

Fascism: Wikipedia identifies Fascism as a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe, influenced by national syndicalism. Fascism originated in Italy during World War I and spread to other European countries such as Nazi Germany. Once in power Adolf Hitler turned Germany into a fascist state. Fascist was originally used to describe the government of Benito Mussolini in Italy. Mussolini’s fascist one-party state emphasized patriotism, national unity, hatred of communism, admiration of military values and unquestioning obedience.  With the advent of WWII, a “military citizenship” and ideal of a perfect superior race arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. Hitler killed an estimated 6 million civilian Jews and any others he didn’t like in concentration camps and gas chambers.

Islamic Fascism:  Actual belief in the written Koran and the military standard therein that there will be Jihad until all the world acknowledges the superiority either by conversion or payment of the dhimmitude, of Islam.  There is no middle ground, reasoning with or making of diplomatic treaties with a religious/military fascists who have the scripturally endorsed belief that it is perfectly permissible to lie to “non-believers” to achieve the goals of world-wide Islam.  Additional stated goals are to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Stalinism:  This is a moniker applied to the ruthless, dictatorial style of Joseph Stalin who rose to power shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution. Joseph Stalin’s goal was to turn the Soviet Union into a modern military industrial power. Deaths attributed to his regime thru execution, gulag detention etc…conservatively range from 4-10 million.  When deaths caused by the Great Soviet Famine (1932-33) are included the estimates soar from 10-20 million.

Dictatorship:  A system of government where one powerful person rules the country autocratically and commonly very brutally.   Hitler, a fascist; Stalin a communist, and currently North Korea’s Kim Jong Il are all considered dictators.


misogynist: Often used instead of “rude and obnoxious”. It is defined as someone who does not like or is prejudiced against women.  This term is regularly hurled at anyone who tries to repeal federal funding for Planned Parenthood or objects to their selling for profit, murdered baby parts.  Ironically, anyone who tries to represent the rights of unborn baby girls gets no brownie points this side of heaven.

xenophobe:  Intense dislike or fear of folks from other countries. Anyone advocating for secure borders is immediately smacked with this label and additionally dubbed a racist or a bigot.  One can love people of other countries and respect them and their culture and still believe that they ought to make application to come into the country legally.

Islamaphobe:  Someone who fears Muslims or those that follow Islam.  Americans have a hard time with this one because it seems unfair.  We like to be fair and we like to wave our “freedom of religion” and melting pot credentials. However, unlike Christianity, Judaism, or most other isms, Islam’s religio/militaristic teachings the belief and intention to have world wide domination of Islam, and rule with Sharia Law.   It is wise to be wary and limit immigration of the followers of Islam. Europe is now reaping the wild wind of their own lax immigration policies.  Not all Muslims follow “radical” or real Islam however the percentage who do are extremely dangerous to any freedom minded, peace loving society. Islamic leaders repeatedly state their desire to destroy Israel, our ally and the only democracy in the Mid-East. ( Psalm 122:6; Genesis 12: 3)

Where Politics meet Religion:

While these political ideals often cross-pollinate it is important to know your history to prevent falling into traps which have failed spectacularly in other times and places.  It is also salient to note: One can be patriotic and love their country, support the ideal of a colorblind police force and the idea of a strong military without being a fascist.  One can promote favorable trade deals without being a Nationalist or Protectionist thug.  Those who value individual liberty and constitutional restrictions against Orwellian “Big Brother” intrusiveness should be valued as Patriots and Watchmen on the walls – not ignorant “Deplorables”, clinging to our guns and Bibles!

Somehow, Americans are growing comfortable with the incremental mission creep of  Federal Government- believing they hold the answer to any woe, and every issue.  From Cradle to Grave only this nanny state is qualified to sustain us and we, in turn must gladly hand over greater portions of our hard earned cash and liberties for that dubious privilege.

Ironically, the further we goose-step away from those wonderfully crafted documents  designed to preserve our freedoms and skip toward “progressive” socialism Americans appear completely oblivious to the fact they are losing the very “thing” that made them unique.

While I agree Americans should rigorously guard their rights: I have real concerns that some have confused Anarchy with Civil Liberties without the understanding that such disparate actions lead to very different places. It is increasingly common to see ridiculous demonstrations of violent rebellion, lawlessness and disrespect to authority.  Is a call for mayhem and civil unrest at the upcoming inauguration truly reasonable following a democratically held national election? Is the clarion call to march in  large cities across this country in support of abortion “rights” on January 21st a valid expression of true personal liberties? The Bible assures us that the Lord hears the cry of innocent blood. Murder of the innocent is a very big deal and included in the 10 Commandments. To nationally endorse it and the church, as a whole, to look the other way is reprehensible!  Beyond the spiritual darkness summoned by this practice, I have real concerns that we are prostituting our hard-won freedoms by such supportive marches. Who will March and support the Civil Rights of the murdered babies who will never live to embrace their own “Women’s Rights”?

Why is there a hue and cry over the repeal of a failed healthcare policy which no one can afford and has deductibles so astronomical no one can use them?  I understand the desire for affordable healthcare. I am not convinced that it is within the prevue of government to provide or guarantee, but let us set that aside for now. ACA is the perfect illustration of the chaos stirred anytime government gains control.   Governments are not in business to produce anything.  They have no paradigm nor incentive for efficiency. They have, however, snookered the public into believing they are!  Wholesale intrusiveness is not merely bad ideologically, but is not sustainable and the 20 Trillion dollar national debt is proof in the pudding!

Wanting to enforce a country’s border sanctity should not be a radical fringe idea in a post 9-11 world.  Nor is a reluctance to import thousands of immigrants from war torn portions of the Mid East, who cannot be vetted. It seems a basic, lowest common denominator for the safety of those already here. The Mid East situation is indisputably,really bad. This ought not necessarily translate into residency or citizenship as an automatic perk.  Surely help, nearer their country, with financial aid of oil rich nations is a reasonable option. When the conflict ends they can go home and rebuild.

Let all Americans be cautious of labeling the brash or rude with the hideous brush of Stalin or Hitler just because you don’t like someone’s style.  Stalin brutally killed upwards of 20 million of his very own citizenry and Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race and conquer the world.  Try to keep things in perspective unless and until someone qualifies for membership into that exclusive club.

There has never in the history of this country been a perfect President of the United States. We’ve had lawyers, professors, gentlemen farmers, slave holders, professional politicians, womanizers, diplomats and generals leading our country at various times. Like them or not we are called ( 1 Tim 2:1-4; Proverbs 21:1; Romans 13:1;1 Peter 2:17) to pray for our national leadership: that they would be given wisdom and Godly revelation and a hedge of protection. They need it and it is difficult to despise someone that you are lifting up in prayer on a daily basis!

 Now we have a builder-business man who doesn’t play by the usual rules and is not fettered by political correctness. It may be wildly uncomfortable, even for those in his own party,  but the choice has now been made and it’s time to get to work.  These are serious times and there are serious issues to be tackled.

If one can’t support the choice at least respect the office.  I think we can all agree that Trump is good at building things.  What say we give him that chance while we pray for for our country!





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